Couples tattoos: 80 great ideas for couples in love, sisters and true friends

Couples tattoos are an ambiguous step that puts the stability of the relationship. Such tattoos are usually done by those who are confident in each other. The semantic meaning of the paired tattoo is determined by the owners of

Paired tattoos: the symbolic component

There is such a number of tattoos, in the images of which the meaning is initially laid. Its symbolism is usually manifested by the combination of tattoos with each other. Looking at such natal drawings, one gets the feeling that its format was deliberately divided and deliberately made on different people. Full-fledged compositions on the body are obtained by combining drawings, but one by one such images look a bit flawed. Most feelings are expressed through a picture on the body. Choosing a paired picture, one should put in it a deep meaning, which would be equal in importance for both of them. One should not be irresponsible in choosing a paired tattoo.

Beautiful examples

From theory to practice. You can not only learn from other people's experiences, but also nurture your own ideas or simply improve on the ideas of others.

  • And the symbol is accurate for the sisters, and the location is successful. An optimistic version of a simple tattoo.
  • The images are different, but made in the same style. And also lift the mood of both the wearer and the beholder.
  • Subordination can also be in the tattoo, especially such a cute.
  • Simple hearts are an example of an uncomplicated, discreet tattoo, but they will always be a symbol of two hearts that love each other.

  • The story of how two sisters fit together - you're my soulmate, and there's no arguing that, even from a genetic standpoint.
  • A cool example of floral tattoos that, although placed in different places, can be so mesmerizing when displayed in pairs.
  • Three sisters want to "document" their kinship, but without making it too noticeable, here's a modest but very cute option.
  • You are the sun and I am the moon, but somehow we get along in one universe and help each other. The point, in general, is clear.

  • An example of how to make a whole image. But also when it's not combined, it doesn't look ridiculous or unconvincing at all.
  • It's a cool picture, the essence of which can be seen only when it is combined. But this is the effect that everything is designed for.

Bold tattoos for sisters: paired sketches in the photo

Very often today you can see a tattoo with the symbolic inscription "Sister" on the arm of a girl. In translation, this inscription means "Sister". Recently, it has become a trend to do one tattoo for two sisters. Especially this theme is common among twins. Many people are serious about the choice of drawing. Someone decides to make an inscription in the style of minimalism with an original font, and someone stuffs entire compositions in the form of girls with toys.

Paired tattoos for hearts in love

Many couples get the same tattoos. Very often the date of the wedding, the designation of the king and queen in the form of imperial headdresses or familiar images from a deck of cards for card games is used. Most of the paired tattoos express the feelings of lovers. Sketches in the form of bar codes, infinity signs, cardiogram lines are very topical. Most masters of tattoos recommend to choose generally accepted images as paired body drawings. Life can play a cruel joke with you, and certain circumstances will force you to break up. In such a case, connecting tattoos will be absolutely inappropriate. You should not put your partner's name, which in the future will be a reminder of the relationship. What if the memories become unpleasant?

Paired tattoos for friends: beautiful options in the photo

To prove the fidelity and loyalty of female friendship, many people decide to make the same meaningful tattoos. Very often paired friendship tattoos imply friendship, cooperation, common interests and experiences. In these paired tattoos sometimes unfolds a whole life story. Today it is very fashionable to make the same tattoo to several people, for example, all members of a musical group. In this case, a musical instrument is chosen, which the person owns and in the same style with the others is applied to the body. Sometimes true friends are bound for the rest of their lives by one hobby or passion. Those who ski, even if it is not professional, get tattoos in the form of skis, mountain slopes with ski tracks, cable cars and many other items associated with the skiing hobby.


There are many options for sisters to tie themselves with a tattoo as well, because the sketches popular for such a purpose fall into several categories.


Lettering - A popular trend in the art of tattooing, however, this word is associated not only with the topic of tattooing. The skill of a beautiful lettering, creating not only a verbal message, but also an aesthetic message, for several years already is actively demanded in different spheres. For this reason and in tattooing it has found active application: A beautiful quote, line from a song or book is now good not only in meaning, but also visually add points to yourself.

English inscriptions are the most popular, but this fashion seems to be waning. Lyrics from compositions by modern rappers, quotes by Influencers are beginning to seem more appealing. And it's not necessarily lyrics directly related to the theme of sisterhood. It can be a line whose motif defines the girls' values that the two of them want to follow, etc.


Where to go without them: from the signs of the zodiac to mathematical and physical symbols - The variety of symbolism in couples tattoos is represented by sometimes polar things. If sisters are also twins, they are more likely to get a tattoo of the signThey are more likely to get a tattoo of the sign they were born under. If they are both, for example, engaged in music, they can be united in the form of a tattoo small treble clef .. If they want to carry with them good luck, make a horseshoe. And if they want to carry a symbol that helps to open all the doors, it will be a key.

You have to be careful with symbols: some symbols are meaningful or can be good up to a certain point in time.

Sisters are less concerned, but it is still necessary to check your tastes and preferences and to predict whether the symbol will be boring in a few years. So, sisters often decide to make butterflywhich only becomes whole when the hands or other parts of the body are folded in a certain way. But everyone changes: and after some time the figure of one of the sisters may change, the tattoo is deformed, and the butterfly will no longer be what it was originally intended.

Floristic motifs

One of the most popular directionsBecause flowers, especially in the color tattoo, really look catchy, relevant, they have even become one of the symbols of the fashionable era. These can be branching plants whose parts are capable of intertwining - there will be an obvious sisterly connection, their intertwined destinies. They could be flowers or plants that signify the sisters' favorite places, or that visual aesthetic they both share.

I came across this story on one forum: for their 18th birthday, the twin sisters got tattoos in the shape of small cacti. It was how they wanted to syronize over their prickly personalities. The tattoo was colored, located on the wrist and attracted attention. But when one of the sisters got married, she wanted to somehow signify her new status. She decided to stuff a flower over the cactus, symbolizing that the thorn had finally bloomed. A couple of years later, another sister, also married, echoed her sister's idea - and again the tattoo became truly steamy.


The ideas for paired tattoos are sometimes amazing and mind-boggling. Let's consider interesting and unusual options:

  • Sweets - There is irony in this, an acknowledgement of one's own weaknesses, and even some metaphor relating to appearance;
  • avocado - a symbol of a healthy lifestyle and just a cute detail;
  • scissors - one of those two-piece items that are only effective when they interact - what a message for the sisters;
  • the fish - their heads can look at each other if the body parts with such tattoos, combine;
  • keys - are both a love of music (above all) and an acceptance of life with its white and black notes and such a different melody;
  • rose-colored glasses - willingness to love and accept one's frivolity and lack of desire to "finally become an adult."
  • two pacifiers in one bundle - a sign of love from birth and a desire to appreciate your inner child.

But the traditional cats, roses, dolphins and bats, seagulls and sunsets, planets, stars, birds, ships are also popular in paired tattoos.

Humorous paired tattoos: unusual ideas in color

If a person has a positive attitude in life and his surroundings are the same, he chooses a humorous drawing as a pair tattoo. Classic sketches are bolts with nuts, plugs with wires. You can portray a tea bag with a mug, cartoon characters of the present time. Sometimes there are such couples who have the faces of the main characters that were famous couples, such as Bonnie and Clyde, Beauty and the Beast, Simba and Nala, Mini and Mickey Mouse, Shrek and Fiona, printed on the body.

Paired tattoos: the best places to place them

Paired tattoos can be placed wherever you want. Very often couples choose open places to declare and prove to the world, "We're together!" The forearm, fingers, and in general, any part of the hand is a popular part of the body on which to try to get a couples tattoo. On the legs, in the ankle area also appropriate paired tattoos. Rarely, there are paired tattoos on the back, abdomen and thigh. Basically, in such places hidden from prying eyes, try to depict paired tattoos of persons very modest in nature.

Where is the best place to do?

Logically, in those places where the tattoo can be combined. First of all, this is the area of the hands: wrists, shoulders, hand, etc. On the legs also do: on the ankle, on the shin, on the thighs, in the area of the fingers. Joint tattoos, where the effect is disclosed exactly in the connection of drawings, is done strictly in these areas. If you want to make an image on the chest, for example, it will be difficult to achieve the merger of the figure.

It is also not uncommon for tattoos to appear on the neck. At the same time they are miniature, modest, not always noticeable at once. The date of birth in Roman numerals can be printed and on the fingers: for twin sisters such a choice is uncommon.

Paired tattoos: black and white options

It happens that paired tattoos have no meaningful connection to each other. They look like a full-fledged single tattoo. What these tattoos have in common is meaning. Black and white variants are most often found in the fashionable trend - the paired tattoo. The image is simply duplicated in two or more individuals. Very originally look paired tattoos in black and white execution in the form of animals, flowers and, understandable only to the owners, abstraction. To a greater extent the master of tattoos in the performance of paired black and white tattoos shows creativity, depicting the wings of love, a musical stanza, spectacular wild animals, bird silhouettes,

Fashionable paired tattoos 2021-2022: photo, examples of sketches, stylish tattoo ideas for two

If you have decided on paired tattoos, our selection will come in handy without a doubt, because we have found wonderful ideas for people with different tastes.

Our review is rich in stylistic examples, sketches of tattoos in different styles, options of colored and black and white tattoos.

Just for you trendy novelties and trendy variations of tattoos for two right now.

The best paired tattoo offers in 2021

Tattooing today is a common thing. Many people tend to think that the paired tattoo combines strength and energy into one. Native signs adorn themselves not only young couples, but also people of age. Drawing on the body has nothing to do with the social status of the couple who decided to make a tattoo of fate. Sometimes people think about and work through all the points of the drawing on the skin. But sometimes there are such reckless individuals who do creepy couple tattoos. Remember that many tattoo masters and those who get them believe that a tattoo can affect reality and change destiny. We suggest to see the most original and unusual paired tattoos on the photo. What if you choose something?

In conclusion, we would like to note the fact that paired tattoos are never done for the sake of decorating the body. Couple skin drawings are made under the influence of real feelings and relationships. They reveal everything that binds two people together.

What the Offspring Tattoo Means

A special bond: This type of tattoo is a symbol of the special bond and sense of interconnectedness that you feel with your brother. It is a sign of your commitment to each other and the special place you hold in each other's hearts.


Protection: Siblings always care about each other and love each other unconditionally. A tattoo, especially one with special words or a quote can be interpreted as a sign of protection.


Family Values: Not all families are as close as yours. Having family that is close means good support, which is important for success. Families that stick together should be proud of that and what better way to demonstrate that than with a tattoo that reminds you of your family's value?


Inheritance / Legacy: you should be proud of your family and your legacy - a tattoo can be used not only to show your love for each other, but also for your family legacy.


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