Meaning of tattoos with angel wings: on the back, arm, neck for girls and men. Sketches + 120 PHOTOS

Wings tattoo on chest
Tattoo of wings on the chest
Wings. Tattoo depending on the area of application acquires different meanings. For example, on the legs it is called "wings of Hermes". In the area of the back and chest "angel wings" tattoo is popular with both men and women.

On the neck tattoo appeared in the 60's has the name "wings of destiny". For tattoos on the arms one of the names is "Ra", which is a reference to Egyptian mythology.


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The reason a tattoo is popular with many tattoo artists is because it can actually be extremely creative depending on the design and have a unique meaning for each individual user.

The tattoo can vary in color, size, be tiny and placed in an inconspicuous placeThe tattoo can vary in color and size, it can be tiny and inconspicuous, a constant reminder that the guardian angel is always there, or huge, covering the entire back, representing the power and ability to rise above the ordinary.

Tattoo with the wings of an angel

Tattoo with Angel Wings

Tattoo with Angel Wings

Tattoo with angel wings

Tattoo with angel wings

Tattoo with angel wings

In the world of symbols, wings represent not just the ability to soar figuratively, but are used to represent much more. The meaning-archetype is. divine gift - being an idealized model, we carry in our souls.

The wings represent spirituality, freshness of thought, imagination. They have always been personified with the sublime, the impulse that transcends the human condition and generally any condition of stagnation. It is dynamism, journey, dream, joy, the capacity for transformation.

For men.

Men's tattoos are more often found with a graphic monochrome execution of wings, with very large size, they emphasize the power of the bearer. The main meanings of the tattoo are:

  • Freedom of body, mind and spirit;
  • the desire to escape from the earthly bustle;
  • spiritual ascendancy.

Men who have suffered a difficult period in life, having a withdrawn character often reflect their feelings in a tattoo with a clear, broken contour of the wings and feathers like dagger blades.

The disorderly outline, rough and harsh silhouette of the tattoo speaks of the ordeal endured and the painfully unpleasant past of the wearer. Also, this symbol may indicate an irrevocable loss of life.

The drawing of wings on a man's body may be supplemented with some elements:

  • Skeleton;
  • bones;
  • skull;
  • weapons;
  • creatures of the afterlife.

Such plots suggest a risky, contradictory, non-standard character of the wearer.


1Wings of an angel with a halo - The memory of a loved one who is gone and now, perhaps, as an angel in heaven. The tattoo, simple in design, can become very personal if you add the person's name/initials or include a meaningful phrase.

You can change the color of the design: make the wings white with a gold halo accordingly.

Wings of an angel with a halo

2Angel wings with a cross - A popular motif for tattoo enthusiasts and a great way to stand out from the crowd. A tattoo can be a statement of religious freedom, a tribute to a deceased loved one, but also serve as a reminder of one's own experience of clinical death. A way to personalize the design is to put the person's name on the cross or the date of their near death. If desired, a crown of thorns can be added to the cross, thereby demonstrating the suffering one has endured.

3Angel wings with a red ribbon - A radical way to remember someone who suffered from a ruthless disease that claims thousands of women's lives every year (the pink ribbon is a symbol of the fight against breast cancer). Design options range from elegant and simple (black outline and wings) to a decorative painted design with detailing and captions. A tattoo above the heart tells us that the departed person is forever in our hearts; behind the ear, it means we're listening to what their spirit is "whispering" to us.

4Wings of an angel with a heart - a powerful symbol. The heart represents sincerity, mercy, love, both romantic and platonic; the heart is the receptacle of our emotions, our inner self, while the wings are a way of abstracting from everyday life, a desire for the sublime and transcendence. The combination of the two motifs is a way of expressing our individuality, our will to be independent from certain things and rules. On the other hand, it is one of the most famous memorial symbols.

Wings of an angel with a heart

Where to stuff it and in what style

This pattern will look good and appropriate on any part of the body. On women, large colored wings look most spectacular.

Often the prototype of the future tattoo are birds and bright butterflies, which emphasizes the incredible beauty of girls. The most successful style for the female tattoo of the wings - watercolor. Men suit the style of blackwork and realism.

Be sure that a tattoo done in good quality will make you over the moon. Beautiful wings will attract attention to you, give mystery and romanticism to your image. The owner of such a tattoo has nothing to do but feel the freedom and escape from the monotonous everyday life.

In time, the process of creating a new tattoo will take two to three sessions (anesthesia to help).

What kinds of angel wings are available

The designs vary in the range of symbolic creatures. Wings of a seraphim or an archangel, a cherub or a fallen angel? Thus, seraphim symbolize the higher model of human aspirations. They prefer only a leading position, striving for dignity and glory. The seraphim wings tattoo is three pairs of wings.

The wings of an archangel. Archangels are at the top of the hierarchy of angels. Next to God, they are the most powerful spiritual and intellectual beings. One of the reasons why religious people prefer this image is because they believe that the spiritual power of the archangels can influence them. The wings, additionally depicted with a shield and sword - a constant readiness to fight evil.

The wings of the cherub. Their wings are small, so it is logical to choose this design to express love for someone, perhaps adding the name of the beloved to the tattoo (recall, Cupid is the most famous cherub, symbolizing love and destiny).

Cherub's wings

The wings of the angel of death Reminds us of the frailty of life, and thus symbolizes the connection between life and death.

Fallen angel

As we know, any antagonist can correspond to positive values. Fallen angels are considered "villains" in the battle of good and evil because of their rebellious nature.

Exiled to earth to live with mortals as a result of loyalty to the Archangel Lucifer.they can repent and find God's forgiveness. By illustrating the wings of a fallen angel, a person usually wants to express his dark side, in particular his rebellious nature. He is in a constant struggle between his bad nature and trying to conquer it, but always comes to his bright side.

On the other hand it can be an example of not following everyone, not wanting to be a puppet, not wanting to agree with some beliefs because the world says it is right or wrong.

A way to demonstrate your status as an unfortunate burdened person is to A tattoo of broken angel wings. It can be placed almost anywhere, but the right choice is on the back.

Another version of a fallen angel is the devil's wings. For this, the tattoo includes red or black, and the wings themselves are drawn in the shape of bones or rotting flesh. To strongly emphasize the devilish aspect, red or black horns can be placed above the wings. The tattoo looks great on the back, but works well on the leg or biceps.

Wings of an angel and a demon

The duality of human nature, its dark and light side, is best expressed in this contradictory image.

The tattoo design represents one wing of an angel and one wing of a demon and looks great covering the entire back. It is possible to depict the image in contrasting colors (white and black), symbolizing the antagonistic nature of the two beings; the wing of the demon can be made as dark as possible.

Angel and demon wing

Who is suitable for tattoos with wings?

Many who apply to tattoo salons (St. Petersburg), face the problem of choosing a tattoo.

Usually, the masters pick up tattoos not only on the image and meaning of the symbols, but also on the character of the person.

The tattoo with wings is suitable:

  • People who love speed.
  • A person who strives for something, who wants to achieve their goals.
  • A man who adores freedom, flight, independence.
  • Capable of showing masculinity, usually guys.
  • To someone who wants to emphasize their power, strength, and might.
  • To the man who wants to be protected by a guardian angel.
  • Girls, applying the sign in the interpretation of innocence, purity, femininity, tenderness. In this way, the lovely lady will only emphasize her positive qualities.
  • Kind people.
  • Those who wish to develop spiritually and self-improve.
  • To a person who refers to the four elements (fire, earth, sky, wind), or to magic.

In that case if you are afraid to transfer a large image on the body, it is possible to execute A miniature tattooBecause its meaning will be the same.

Note that even small wings, applied to the neck, will have positive energy and "wow" your life.

Color and location on the body

As for color choices, the creatures are usually associated with light colors, except, of course, for the wings of the angel of death. The preferred choices are pink, blue, white, and yellow.

Regardless of the type of angel wings chosen, it should be borne in mind that the beings to which these attributes belong symbolize the presence of spirituality on Earth and in the netherworld. Therefore, the tattoo deserves a special place on the body. The motif is tattooed in the lower or upper back, giving a real hint of the angel's wings. The image can be placed On the shoulders, neck, ankle, behind the ear, on the wrist on the inside or on the side.

The wings look great on the ankles.Wings look great on the ankles, especially if one wing is done on the outside of one leg and another wing is done on the inside of the other leg.

Tattoo of an angel: the meaning in the criminal environment, the photo tattoo

In places of detention, it is customary to apply tattoos that carry a certain meaning. Thus, the fallen angel with dark wings is most often applied to those persons who deliberately went over to the side of evil and do not regret anything. Also, this tattoo sometimes reminds the recidivist of some crime, where he lost his comrade-in-arms.

Fallen Angel Tattoo
Tattoo - fallen angel

Fallen angel tattoo on back of man
A tattoo on a man's back of a fallen angel

IMPORTANT: The flying angel tattoo likes to nabivat women thieves. This tattoo is supposed to protect them from bad luck in theft cases.

Religious meaning

The scriptures of the three major religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) - the Torah, the Bible and the Koran - contain many verses about the wings of an angel.

The spiritual world is usually expressed in physical terms to allow people to understand spiritual truth by drawing on the parallel meanings or relationships that exist between the two worlds. The wings serve to symbols of God's power, a metaphor for God's protection and the movement of righteous thoughts.

On the other hand, angel wings describe God's marvelous creation, namely, angels with the ability to travel from one dimension to another, equally good at fulfilling their purpose In Heaven and on Earth.. They received their wings as a gift from God. St. John Chrysostom once said about the meaning of the wings of angels, that they symbolize the sublimity of nature.

In Zoroastrianism.

The main (winged) symbol known as Farawahar is in Zoroastrianism. It represents the Fravashi, which is part of the human soul and corresponds to the guardian angel in Abrahamic religions. He represents the divine blessing given to man by Ahura Mazda at birth.

In the modern context there are several variations regarding specific meanings, but, in general, the figure in the center (between the wings) is commonly perceived as the human soul. The fact that it represents an adult is associated with wisdom. One of his hand points upwardcalling on believers to always strive for perfection and be mindful of higher powers; In the other hand Fravashi - ring, representing faith and devotion. The circle in which the figure is located is. the immortality of the soul or the consequences of our actions brought about by the eternal divine order.

The Farawahar tattoo.

And finally, the two wings. They consist of three main rows of feathers representing "good thoughts, good words and good deeds" - the foundations of Zoroastrian ethics. The tail also has three rows of feathers, embodying the "bad thoughts, bad words and bad deeds" over which every Zoroastrian strives to rise. The two ribbons are the spirits of good and evil (Spenta Mainyu and Angra Mainyu). Each person has to constantly choose between them.

The other wings are.

Wings, which have evolved into various mystical, magical, and physical beings over many times, have always occupied a special place in religious and mythological texts. An essential component of all winged beings is that they represent many ideas, but related primarily to freedom, dreaming, and faith.

1Fairy wings Represent dream and fantasy. They are made with an almost airy outline covered with feathers to emphasize the ethereal essence of the fairy. The best choice of colors are pastels, although earth tones can also be used.

2Valkyrie wings. - A symbol of female empowerment.

3Colorful butterfly wings. - A paradigm of natural beauty. Traditionally, the butterfly is closely associated with femininity and romantic love.

4Wings with a starare usually associated with the navy and sailors. But it can mean a long parting with a loved one who is serving somewhere. The tattoo is worn over the heart or on the wrist to serve as a constant reminder.

5Eagles - are majestic and powerful creatures, and by getting a set of tattooed eagle wings, it is realistic to demonstrate your affinity for this noble bird. An eagle's wing span can be designed to go over the shoulder blades or shrink to fit the body's constitution.

6Bat wings.: The animal is often used to represent fallen angels. One design idea is to have a tattoo above the shoulder blades and depict the angel's wings below. But there should be a clear parallel between the two tattoos.

At the same time, in other cultures bats are perceived in a positive aspect, in China, for example, they symbolize good luck and prosperity. You can make a coordinated design - bat wings with the signature of the Chinese characters "good luck" and "happiness".

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Tattoo wings on the back

A tattoo with wings is an excellent choice. Almost everyone associates wings with the image of an angel

The sign of the wing in the cultures of the peoples of the world

In ancient times, various peoples of the world had almost the same concept of the sign of the wings.

The meaning only changed from the creature to whom the depicted wings belonged. It could be positive images of birds, butterflies, angels, fairies, or negative - demons, dragons, evil spirits.

Let's list what the symbol of wings meant in different religions and regions of the world before:

  • Buddhist shamans used in their rituals feathers of birds and considered a winged horse a guide to the world of the dead. The wings were associated with the unity of the human world and the world of the dead.
  • In Chinese legends and fairy tales wings possessed the space horse, which symbolized the power of heaven, the spirit of life. In addition, the Chinese have always depicted the two lovebirds with one wing. Birds meant love, unity and loyalty.
  • In Greece. Wings from ancient times meant eternity, wakefulness, life, reason.
  • Christians depict deities with wings. It is a sign of light, life, love of neighbor, and justice.
  • Supporters of Judaism. - well as Christians, have winged divine beings.
  • And the Islamists believed that winged angels were the creators of the world.

Note that all deities were always depicted with wings, which gave the image lightness, spirituality, enthusiasm, liberation.


For women

For men