Joint tattoos for a guy and a girl and for best friends

The topic of tattoos today is so relevant that with its help even demonstrate the stability of relationships and people's choice for life. It is a variety of paired tattoos, through which some confess love, others demonstrate the strong unshakable friendship. The semantic load depends on both the sketch and the definition of the owners.

To understand the symbolism and the emotional message of the tattoo, the sketch is chosen first, followed by the style of execution, colors, the presence of any additional symbols or inscriptions. The original and top ideas of such works for lovers or mates with descriptions and interpretations can be seen in the article below.

The most common paired tattoos

Paired tattoos can be both for a guy and a girl in the theme of love, family and romance, as well as for best friends in the corresponding performance. They may look the same, bearing a common meaning for two, or can be a single joint work, divided into two owners. Conventionally, paired tattoos can be divided into those that are chosen by lovers, spouses or just good friends.

Paired tattoos for lovers

Most often today, common tattoos are stuffed with young people in love, these are sketches dedicated to stable and strong feelings. The drawings can be small, barely noticeable, bearing a personal non-trivial subtext, and large and bright, demonstrating the confidence of choice and expression of feelings. The most relevant ideas are inscriptions, key and lock, hearts with arrows, cardiogram, puzzle and more.

Do you and your beloved already have a paired tattoo?


Lock and Key

Shared tattoos for two is the choice of couples in love, and the most common option is the lock and key sketch. It is easy to understand this choice, the partners thereby demonstrate loyalty and love, emphasizing that they have found each other, and no one can destroy their relationship.


Nailings in the form of inscriptions are also popular among lovers. This can be the word "LOVE", where the first syllable is written on the body of one person, and the second - on his chosen one. No less popular are runic confessions, quotes about love, as well as each other's names.

Two crowns

If a guy and his beloved have two crowns inscribed on their bodies, the regal objects will symbolize the exaltation of the other half, love and respect for him. Sometimes such sketches are perceived as an exaggerated self-esteem toward oneself and one's neighbor.


The heart is the organ responsible for feelings and love, which means that a tattoo with a cardiogram for two will symbolize the beating of hearts in unison, one life for two.


Another common idea for couples, when such an object is depicted in the same place, scale and color scheme of both the man and his chosen one. The meaning will be similar - young people have decided on the choice of the other halves, their choice is valuable and will not exchange it for anything.

For husband and wife

Double tattoo is also a choice of partners in a marriage relationship. For the spouses it is not only a symbol of unfading feelings and respect, but also a reflection of important episodes of family life. The most popular ideas are rings, swans, deer, wings.


One bird can be on the husband's body, another on his wife's. It is no secret that swans are the embodiment of devotion and eternal love. Accordingly, the man and woman demonstrate the stability of their feelings.


The husband of the master stuffs the animal with horns, his spouse - a female without horns. In the first case, the sketch signifies masculinity and strong spirit, and in the second - grace, motherhood, family values. Such images look cool both together and separately.


Another interesting option for spouses, when one wing is printed on the back of the husband, the other - the wife. The whole composition means that the family is a single organism, only together they are capable of flight, the accomplishment of great things and ideas.


A great option for couples who don't like rings and jewelry is a ring tattoo on the ring finger. This is another indicator that the partners are clear about their choice, ready to be faithful for the rest of their lives.


A popular symbol representing harmony between the feminine and the masculine. For married couples it is a talisman, representing harmony and peace in relationships.

Paired tattoos with best friends

Stylish tattoos for friends is also a fashion trend for modern young people. Their main purpose is to show support, deep respect, confidence in camaraderie and closeness of souls.


More often than not, close friends prefer to immortalize their close relationships with appropriate inscriptions. These can be words or quotes about friendship, each other's names or dates of events that brought friends together.


Cool and original will look tattoo in the form of two parts of a puzzle. The concept of such a naked sketch is simple and straightforward - these are two parts that acquire a deep meaning and completeness for the owners, but provided that they are combined.


Unusual will look two tattoo on the wrists of friends, complemented by inscriptions, such as date of acquaintance or date of birth of each other.

The sign of infinity

To emphasize strong friendships and the desire to keep them throughout their lives, young people can with the help of the same tattoo with the sign of infinity. To them, by the way, you can add inscriptions, names or important dates.


The birds themselves carry only positive meaning, and if there is a string in the beak of the birds, which joins together, if the friends become close to each other, you get an unusual tattoo. And the string can make a figure that connects into a heart.

Humorous tattoos

Regardless of the nature of the relationship between two people, romance or friendship, a great idea would be humorous couple tattoos. The top list of the funniest couple sketches includes a plug with a wire, a bolt with a nut, and schematic symbols.

A plug with a wire

Small drawings in this format will emphasize, albeit in a humorous format, the strength of the relationship and the unity of the souls of two people.

Nut and bolt

Very unusual and caricatured can look couples tattoo as a bolt in the middle of the hairy legs and a nut between the smooth sleek legs. A more serious and neutral version would be a drawing with a nut and bolt on flowers, as an embodiment of a romantic relationship.

Schematic symbols.

One of the favorites of young people that with the help of tattoos demonstrate a romantic relationship are schematic symbols that are part of something whole, executed in a minimalistic style.

The meaning of the most popular tattoos under the chest

Large Rose Tattoo Under Breast

Often the applied tattoo has some secret meaning. Girls are most inclined to pick up tattoo designs with unusual meanings. Among the most unusual and fashionable options for a tattoo under the breast with meaning are the following:

  • Lotus - A symbol of femininity and attractiveness, signifying purity of thought and soul;
  • Mandala - A sign of harmony and unity with the universe. Depending on the chosen sketch, it can serve as a talisman and attract love, wealth, health or good luck;
  • BirdsAs a symbol for tattoos, can have very different meanings, depending on the selected subspecies. For example, hummingbird - optimism, swallow - loyalty, raven - wisdom;
  • Other flowers - are also chosen individually. Most often stuffed with lavender and roses, as symbols of mystery and love, respectively;
  • Inscriptions The inscriptions can be absolutely any: from the name of the beloved up to lines from a song.

A popular version of the tattoo, which combines the mandala pattern with another image (heart, moon, flower, animal). Thus it is possible to combine a few different meanings and meanings in one tattoo.

Usually, a symbol is placed in the center, which is fundamental for a girl. For example, the heart is love, the crown is power, the moon is femininity, and the sun is love of life.

What do such tattoos give to a man and a woman, a guy and a girl, friends?

In psychology and esoterics, it is believed that paired tattoos are the embodiment of the number 2. In the first place, it is both the struggle and unity of opposites. In psychology, it is said that people from different "poles" become truly soul mates. In the same way, it is necessary to understand the paired images on the body, which are connected in a single composition, if you add them up.

The number two represents cohesion, the union of the human mind and feelings. Therefore, separately images look mysterious and enigmatic, but together carry a clear and understandable story. It's always a tattoo with deep meaning and subtext, a cipher of the gamut of feelings, agreements and important events for two people.

Expert Opinion

Viola Madison

Tattoo master, 8 years of experience

If one of the partners (friends) is not ready to take such a step as tattooing, the second should not resort to such a decision either. Otherwise, it will create the effect of incompleteness and inferiority.

Who is suitable for a tattoo with the Indian deity

Tattoo Kokopelli (see photo in the gallery) symbolizes fun, good mischief, optimism, cheerfulness, fertility and childbearing. She is usually chosen by people of the creative professions, for which this image has a certain symbolic meaning. The deity gives musicians, singers, actors, composers inspiration, the ability to look at life from the other side, to go beyond the limits set by puritanical society.

The meaning of tattoos for men and women is the same. The owner of such a body drawing is a person who loves to travel, does not seek stability and constancy, but lives for today. He does not make special plans for the future and is not burdened by the past, believing that all the best is yet to come. Such a person is difficult to knock out of rut, because the problems and troubles he refers to are not serious and do not take anything to heart.

If you think that the glass is half empty, a tattoo with Kokopelli will help you get rid of pessimism and learn to see the joy of life in every moment.

Tattoo man with a flute

Are there guidelines for paired tattoos?

Before enlisting the services of a tattoo artist to get a paired tattoo, it is important to think through a few points:

  • The purpose and goal of the design - Think about what you want to say through this action, exactly how the tattoo should be perceived and interpreted, what you expect from it;
  • sketch - Examples of ready-made works on the Internet or in the catalogs of successful artists can serve as a source of inspiration, but you need to create your own author's drawing;
  • scale - Decide beforehand, how big and bright can be the composition on your body, take into consideration your preferences and pain threshold;
  • performance style - Important factor that distinguishes paired tattoos from other works, this is a single image style;
  • preparation and care - Before you go to the salon, learn the nuances of the preparation for the procedure and care of the injured area of the skin.

Important! All the listed tips and recommendations for applying paired tattoos apply to two people at the same time. The choice, the process of application, preparation and care must suit both the man and his beloved/wife/friend.

Who is Kokopelli

Kokopelli is a naughty Native American deity who lived in southwestern North America. It was depicted as a funny little man with a few hairs on his head and a flute in his hand. Kokopelli was considered a symbol of fertility, the patron saint of young families, and influenced human sexuality. He was prayed to for the birth of children and asked to grant wishes. The origin of the creature is uncertain, but some sources suggest that Kokopelli was originally an anthropomorphic insect.

Indians believed that on earth the deity took on human form and traveled the world helping mere mortals. The timing of his appearance was marked by a change of season and a sudden change in the weather. When summer met fall and winter met spring, Kokopelli was to be expected. The lovable creature had a cheerful disposition, a cheerfulness and optimism. He liked to break laws and common rules and regulations, but not as a vicious criminal. This was done to cheer people up and show them that they shouldn't take life so seriously. Humor and positivity are the key to success and prosperity.

Tattoo on his belly

How do I choose a tattoo design for a place on my body?

You can choose the sketch and the type of tattoo by the place on the body where you would like to stuff it. In the context of paired drawings there are the following subtleties of selection:

  • hands - On the hand perfectly will look tattoo halves, that is, when the two depicted half of the composition;
  • legs - Most often in such places are printed inscriptions, as well as the symbol of Yin-Yang and similar ideas;
  • back - wings will look coolest on this, also drawings in the same format and style of execution are appropriate;
  • chest - the heart is located in this place, which means that images with romantic connotations are most often placed here;
  • sides - Here are the appropriate nontrivial ideas of a purely personal nature;
  • the neck - On a small area, inscriptions and small symbols will look harmonious.

It is extremely important that the area chosen be proportional to the scale and complexity of the drawing.

History of the Tattoo Group

History of the band Tattoo

On October 4, 1984, at the usual night for many, in a simple family of a musician Sergey Katin an event happened that will go down in the history of Russian music forever. Sergey's wife Inessa, gave birth to their daughter. At the request of her father she was named Elena. Despite the fact that this was his second daughter, his father's happiness knew no bounds.

Even before she was born, he was sure that no matter who was born, his child would necessarily follow in his footsteps. And so it turned out. Lenochka was not yet four years old when Sergey began taking her to different athletic and musical groups to develop her plastics and creative abilities. At first it was figure skating, then rhythmic gymnastics and ballroom dancing. But Lena was not good at these disciplines (apparently because of her natural fatness), and so she did not stay in them longer than a year.

Although she loved to go swimming and horseback riding, she really enjoyed it. At the age of seven, Lena, like all ordinary children, went to an ordinary comprehensive school in her native city (Moscow). A year later she began in addition to study in children's music school N30 in the class of piano. Kind and fair by nature, Lena was liked by everybody. She was hard-working and studied well enough.

She loved to read, especially love novels. But for some reason among her peers, she had quite few friends. Much more outings with friends, she liked to sit alone at home and read her favorite book, and even better - to play the piano :). In '94 she became a soloist of a famous children's variety ensemble "Avenue". There she sang for three years, and then, at the age of 13, Lena got into the most popular and prestigious at that time in Moscow DVIA "Neposedy". Where she met Yulia...

Julia was born when Lena was already four and a half months old, on the 20th of February, 1985. She was born in the same city, in the capital of our Motherland. Her father, Oleg, was already quite a successful businessman, and her mother, Larissa, was just starting her career as a hairdresser. Julia was the first and, as it turned out later, the only child in the family. From childhood she was given a lot of time, even too much. They tried to buy the newest and best toys and dolls.

The girl grew up very kind, gentle and proper. But she always lacked something ... Parents made sure that the child developed harmoniously, and tried to captivate her anything. She changed many sports sections, but only tennis lessons with her personal trainer carried her away for several years. In 1992 she went to school.

And that same year I entered a children's music school in the piano class. But in third grade something happened that nobody expected. Julia had a nervous breakdown. The girl as if changed. She became very nervous and intolerant. It took parents more than one month to normalize their daughter's mental state. But her character changed a lot anyway.

Julia became more critical of herself and others, more determined. And what all the same happened? We can only guess... In 1996 parents take Julia out of school and she falls into a secondary general school ¹ 1113 with theatrical training. And almost immediately it is noticed and taken in already known to you DVIA "Neposedy". Almost a year before Lena came.

Julia came to "Neposedy" and immediately made friends with almost all children, and the leaders were just amused looking at how she purposefully achieves everything she wants. When Lena came in, they were already very good friends after a month, after the initial "hello-bye" routine. Julia and Lena became best friends who knew how to value their friendship. They never parted, following each other like tethered ones. No one believed that, having met at such an age, the girls could become such friends. But the fact remained. They became like sisters to each other.

Children's choir in which the "sisters" sang has always been and remains a "forge of personnel" for the Russian stage. And if anyone needed a new hero for the Russian show business, and even not lacking in talent, everyone knew: It is necessary to go to the "Neposedyami"! Yulia even managed to appear twice in the children's film magazine "Yeralash".

She got the main role in "Mannequin" and some other less successful reel. And one day Julia and Lena, along with a dozen other girls, were introduced to Alexander Voitinsky. Why were they chosen? Maybe because they were the most talented, maybe just because the girls grew up and needed to find a place (15 years old for a children's choir is already a decent age). Or more likely it was both. After introducing himself, Alexander invited them to a casting session.

There he asked them to sing a few songs, the first song at will, and the rest as he said. Julia really wanted to break through and so she tried to show all her abilities. She tried to play the notes as high as she could, but she only proved that she could not control her voice very well. Julia didn't make it.

Lena, on the contrary, did not even want to go to the audition, but she gave in to the entreaties of Julia and her father (who knew Voitinsky quite well) and went anyway. The first song, sung by choice, in no way showed Lena's best side. But Alexander, trusting his intuition, asked her to sing a few more, and hit the spot! Lena was exactly what he needed. But there were financial problems: Voytinsky did not even have his own studio (casting was held in a rented one from acquaintances for $300). Then Ivan Shapovalov came to the forefront... A native of Kotovo, Volgograd region, Ivan Shapovalov was preparing to become a doctor. In 1998 he graduated from Saratov Medical Institute, majoring in psychiatry, and worked as a child psychiatrist.

In 1992 after his acquaintance with mass psychotechnologies at a special seminar, medicine was forgotten. Shapovalov created the "Public Opinion Building Service "Context". One of its first customers was the pre-election headquarters of the future governor of the Saratov region, Dmitry Ayatskov, for whom Shapovalov came up with the idea of building a pre-election . The election was won.

From 1992 to 1994 he was engaged in advertising and marketing in the local financial and pension fund "Russian Capital". "My job was to make sure that as many distrustful citizens as possible became depositors of these companies."

- recalls Shapovalov.

In 1993, the companies' business expanded to Moscow. Shapovalov was sent to conquer the citizens of the capital. One of his first moves was to order an advertising clip for Slavia at the Aurora agency. "He was an uncommon young man who was very scrupulous about his work," says the general director of the agency.

Vladimir Filippov, the general director of Aurora, says.

The Saratov financiers' business in Moscow did not work out, and the capital's offices had to close in 1994. "I could not return to Saratov having lost," says Shapovalov.

Shapovalov says. Thanks to new acquaintances, he managed to stay in Moscow.The next three years Ivan Shapovalov spent in "free flight".

The first time he worked as a scriptwriter commercials. But then it did not seem enough. "Directors were spoiling my scripts, and I decided that I had to shoot myself." In 1996 Shapovalov received an order from the computer company R&K for a script for a commercial for Wiener computers. Having done that work, he began offering himself to advertising agencies as a director, but was rejected almost everywhere.

"He has a great marketing flair, but after he wanted to be a director as well, we had to part ways,

- says Ekaterina Selyavina, general director of the Muvi advertising agency, part of the group. At Muvi, Ivan Shapovalov worked as a copywriter with the brand "Drinks from Chernogolovka.

In 1996, Shapovalov got a job at the Russian Wine and Vodka Company (RVVK). For two years he did PR there. "He was a talented guy with unconventional thinking," recalls RWVK marketing director German Klimovsky. Yet in 1998, Ivan Shapovalov was fired. "For people like Ivan, the routine can't be of interest," Klimovsky says.

Shapovalov retreated to his prearranged positions. By that time he had already worked at the Ark J.Walter Thompson (JWT), an American network advertising agency that was part of the WPP Group. Shapovalov, a senior copywriter, had time to make a presentation clip for JWT itself and a script for a Ford Mondeo commercial.

After the crisis, the advertising business temporarily fell into decline, and Ivan Shapovalov was once again on his own. "He did not understand what he wanted: he was engaged in problems of mass communications, he shot helpless political commercials," says composer Alexander Voitinsky, who met Shapovalov while working on an insurance commercial.

"I wanted to make music videos, but I was a stranger to the music scene," says Ivan Shapovalov.

Ivan Shapovalov speaks of that time. On the other hand, Voytinsky, who mostly wrote music for commercials, knew a lot of people in show business. So Shapovalov and Voitinsky decided to retrain as producers.

After spending their own $300 for a casting, they chose fifteen-year-old Lena Katina as their future star and recorded several songs with her. But there was no investor for the album's release. "Up to that point, Shapovalov was probably playing a supporting role."

- recalls journalist Elena Kiper, who co-produced
. But in 1999, he found an investor, Boris Renski, one of the owners of R&K.
"I offered Shapovalov the financial and administrative involvement of R&K. That was the actual moment of the formation of the group "Tatu"
, –
considers Boris Renski. According to the businessman, the initial investment amounted to $200 thousand.
When Ivan got the money, he decided he wanted to create something even more interesting than he had planned. After thinking it over he decided to take a second girl, the complete opposite of the first, and it just so happened that Lena's best friend Yulia was just right for this criterion. Then, after seeing their close friendship, he came up with the idea of creating a lesbian image for the new project. After that, not wanting to have anything to do with such "morality" and having at least some moral values, Alexander left the project, which, by the way, he does not regret even now.

From this moment on Ivan decided to name his new group so that the name would reflect the novelty, extreme, ambiguity and contagiousness of the project. "The first thing that came to mind: Virus! But that name was already taken, then what? ODS? No, that doesn't sound too good..."

Eventually Ivan came up with
and since the band had nothing to do with tattoos, they had to come up with a legend, like "Ta loves Tu", which suited the image quite well. By the way, almost at the same time Maxim Fadeev started producing a new band, the pilot name of which was also
But since Shapovalov announced this name first, Fadeev's band is now called Total.
The stars...
Those songs that were recorded when Alexander was still in the project (including Yugoslavia, Why Me, Robot, Count to 100, I'm Your Enemy and some that we don't know) were not suitable for the new image. Then Shapovalov ordered to the same authors (Valery Polienko, Sergey Galoyan and others who were unknown at that time) a song that would "blow people's minds". That is exactly what "I went crazy" turned out to be. Immediately after its appearance it was decided to shoot a music video. For the sake of the image girls had to change a lot: Julia had a short haircut and dyed hair, and Lena had to bleach her hair, and she lost 10 kg in two months!

The idea of the music video was conceived perfectly! At the beginning of the soloists are as if in prison, behind bars, through which the whole world looks at them as outcasts. But then they notice that their "prison" is the real endless world. And all the people behind bars are just prisoners of their complexes. And in the end, the girls leave together at dawn...

In October 2000, the music video appeared on MTV. The public was shocked, there were those who immediately recognized the Tatu

as the new heroes, and those who were strongly against such debauchery on television. But the fact, as they say, was in person, Russia lit up a new star! Journalists and fans were flooded with fans, and at all meetings with the media, including the first press conference at Yuli's school, the girls answer all questions and behave the same way: "Are you gay? - We just love each other... And why?
? - Tatu loves Tou. - Why so scandalous? - We sing about what young people care about, we want no one to hide their feelings. - How did your parents react? - They were very calm. Lena: And my grandmother says that if she had been younger she would have been a lesbian. - How did you two meet? - We've been friends since childhood. We sang together in "Neposedy". Yulia: I was kicked out from there "for unseemly behavior and corrupting the group". - Do you sleep together? - Yes. - Do you have boyfriends? - Lena: I have Yulia! Yulia: And I have Lena. etc. This kind of image did the trick.
become the heroes of all girls of 13-16 years old and the majority of boys, but among boys it is accepted to hide... In December, 2000 their first single "I went crazy" is released, which sold over 50 000 licensed copies, and the pirate production exceeded 500 000.

On May 16, 2001 the duo through Ivan Shapovalov's "Neformat" office signed a contract with Russian representation of Universal Music for the release of three albums. And on May 21st their debut album "200 on the counter line" is released! (information about it you can see in "Creativity"). In less than a year it sells an OFFICIAL circulation of one million copies!

Tattoo is taking the stage... Almost daily concerts are rolling in waves all over Russia and the former Soviet Union! Fans themselves travel from city to city to visit several concerts. Despite the fact that the concert program is repeated in every city, Lena and Julia are getting used to their own image and are shocking the audience by getting naked in between songs, down to their panties and T-shirts.

All this against a background of even more candid dancing as well is not very dressed girls from the dance group. When the audience is warmed up enough, Lena and Julia begin to invite guys and girls on stage and ... offer them a kiss, but only to M with M and W with W. Many do not agree. But some still kiss and it turns the audience on even more. After all the songs are performed to perfection, the girls do one or two more encore songs and leave. At EVERY concert there is a full house! Analysts don't even try to calculate what kind of income this kind of success brings... Universal thinks about foreign listeners and in August of the same year, for representations in other countries, the duo records choruses in English for their hits "YASSU" and "NND"... Just the beginning...

On September 6, 2001, according to the MTV Video Music Awards, the music video
video became the best video from Russia and won the Viewers` Choice - Best Russian Video! And in October the Russian-speaking single "YASSU" is released in several countries of Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland). In Europe, a natural hysteria sets in.
rumbles on every radio station and is constantly broadcasted on every music channel. October 2001 - the song "I Got Crazy" tops the national radio charts in the Eastern Europe! November 2001 - the single "They Ain't Gonna Get Us" debuted in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Poland. November 2001 - the album of the duet
"200 on the Crossroad" was released in Eastern Europe.

December 2001 - Russian-language version (!) of the duo's album "Tatu".

"200 on the counter" takes the first place in the sales charts of Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria! During the year 2001 the band.
toured dozens of cities, giving a total of over 150 concerts in Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovakia.

January 2002 - duet's album "200 on the counter line". "Tatu"

was acknowledged by Russian IFPI (International Association of Phonogram Producers) as the best selling album of the year! January 2002 - duet
starts working on their debut album in English for release in the US and Germany!

The duo's songs are re-recorded in English under the guidance of world-renowned producer Trevor Horn in London, and in Manchester, under the guidance of F.A.F./Cap Com Productions (producers of Moby, Rammstein, Sonique remixes). The album is scheduled to be released in the US and Germany in April 2002 by Interscope Records (the strongest record label in the Universal group of companies, releasing Eminem, No Doubt, Sting, Enrique Iglesias, etc.) and Universal Music Germany.

The debut singles for Western audiences will be "They`re not gonna get us" in America and "I`ve lost my mind" - in Germany. At the moment the re-mounting and filming of the video clips for the English-speaking audience is in progress. February 18, 2002 - the world weekly Business Week publishes a picture of the lead singers of the duo "Tatu"

with MTV Networks President Bill Rowdy!

February 2002 - releases an extended reissue of the duo's album "200 on the Crossroad". "Tatu"

in a new artwork with the new track "Clowns". The song "Clowns" is actively broadcasted on "Russian Radio", "Dynamite FM", "Hit FM" and "Europe+". March 2002. - the reissue of the album "200 oncoming traffic" broke all records in its first week of sales: 60,000 legal copies sold!

At the moment, sales of the duo's album "Tatu"

"200 on the crossroad" reached 1.100.000 copies! At the beginning of March the duo
went on a promotional tour to Germany. And this is just the beginning of the story! Ahead are tours around the world, new songs, new music videos and new albums. And it really was only the beginning...

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Ivan Shapovalov

Styles and colors that are popular for paired tattoos

In the context of such works, masters always stick to one style chosen by young people. More often than not, these are the following options:

realism - Suitable for drawings of hearts, crowns, swans or deer;

minimalism - is appropriate in the execution of schemes, small objects and symbols;

graphics - looks cool in the context of cardiograms, different mechanisms;

watercolor - bright format, reminiscent of a painting, it will fit any idea;

old-school - The colorful patterns in a classic design, suitable for hearts, keys, roses, etc.

The black and white color scheme is considered a classic in the field of body art, so it is appropriate for works of any theme and style. They create the main emphasis on the content and semantic load. Colored and motley options convey more to the viewer emotions, feelings.


For women

For men