Tattoo on the belly for girls - advantages and disadvantages, where to apply, cool designs and photo ideas

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Many girls seek to beautify their bodies. Tattoos are a good choice to reflect their individuality. Tattoo on the abdomen for girls, photos of which are on the site, are very much in demand. However, before you decide to take this step, it is necessary to consider everything. If you are choosing a place for a future tattoo, first weigh the pros and cons.

Pros and cons of tattoos

The female body reacts to tattoos in the same way as the male body. However, if the goal is to score a sketch on the abdominal area, then immediately there are a number of positive and negative aspects that will result from a long period of wearing the tattoo below the abdomen.

The main advantage is that after childbirth the image on the underside of the abdomen is able to cover all possible scars or scars. Many girls have unsightly skin lesions after childbirth as a consequence of a cesarean section or other medical manipulations.

A serious drawback is also associated with childbirth. After the baby is born, the skin on the abdomen becomes stretched and not elastic. The tattoo definitely spoils and changes the appearance for the worse. It is recommended to choose a tattoo after childbirth.

The skin at the level of the navel is constantly in contact with jeans or sweatshirt. A beautiful illustration on the body will heal much longer because of the constant friction with clothes.

How you can cover the scars with a tattoo: tips of masters

Sometimes it is impossible to apply a tattoo for some reasons, for example, medical contraindications, a psychological barrier or any other reason, then you can go the other way and overlap the disturbing defect with an "invisible" tattoo. Trust in this case, you need only an experienced and proven master, who will pick up the pigment, perfectly suitable for the color of the skin, because in general overlapping scars are exposed on the open parts of the body - the neck, face and hands. After applying such a tattoo there may be a difference in skin coloring when tanned, also this procedure is not particularly effective with large scars and relief scars. In such cases, the masters of the salons can offer you a different kind of tattoo.

Different ideas on the choice

Generally, men impose themselves tattoos more often than ladies, so to the choice of the image beautiful girls approach more responsibly and consciously. The most painful places and births are taken into account in most cases, so girls are often advised where to get a tattoo for self-expression and non-criticality.

Not every member of the female sex is capable of going for a real tattoo, so the patterns are often harmless, small and delicate. But if a lady is assertive and confident in her choice, the tattoo-master can nab and a large tattoo with threatening elements or an unusual picture in the form of text.


For lovers of minimalism and neat tattoos.

With the right choice of font and syllable, a woman will emphasize tenderness and sensuality, hardness and firmness.

Sexual tattoo

Tattoo in the form of text

In the 21st century, tattoos on the abdomen in the form of inscriptions began to play in great demand among girls. If you choose a small size, the letters will look minimally harmless, but also provocative and sexy. Practiced among young and middle-aged girls. Especially on the stomach, any quote or phrase invented out of your head will look creative and interesting if you make the text, taking as a basis:

  • ornate font;
  • minimalist style;
  • Adding a 3D effect.

It doesn't matter what typeface, what language or color it will be. It all depends on individual desires. Today's tattoo artists are able to adjust to almost any request, creating a unique art. But first it's worth getting to know a specialist, because inexperienced people may not like it, because of which you'll have to hide the pattern of the new tattoo.

How to choose the right pattern according to your style

Before you choose the picture itself, you need to decide on your style. As a girl you want to present yourself to others with his help. It will not hurt in this case the advice of the master tattooist. The right choice of pattern, as well as its match with the style and character - the key to the fact that later you will not have to regret and be ashamed of your decision:

Refined and glamorous personalities are better to pay attention to the vegetation and flowers

  • If the aim of the tattoo is to emphasize their sexuality or to express mystery, a small drawing in the form of a panther or a cat is the best option;
  • For refined and glamorous individuals it is best to pay attention to the vegetation and flowers;
  • If you want to create something memorable for yourself or to tell the world something special, a tattoo in the form of a hieroglyph or an inscription will help in this situation;
  • To give your image of innocence and romance, you can have a flower or a small butterfly.

To add to your image of innocence and romance, you can peck a flower or a small butterfly

Important! The application of tattoo on the body - no matter what part was a priority - is a very responsible and serious decision. It is necessary to think very carefully before going to the salon, weigh all the pros and cons. Understand why exactly it is done. Is it a momentary weakness or a full-fledged sober decision. Whether there will be no regrets in the future.

Painting a flower

Ideas for applying a variety of flowers to a woman's belly are the most standard option. From the look of it immediately emphasizes the beauty and femininity, also allows you to stand out from the crowd. Many girls combine tattoos with clothing that allows you to look as harmonious and fashionable as possible in comparison with others.

If a girl is going to decorate the lower abdomen with beautiful flowers, it will help hide stretch marks after a cesarean section or appendicitis. Often girls are asked to stuff them with a flower pattern in order to reflect their spiritual state, for example:

  • Pink rose means prestige, lightness and grace;
  • white symbolizes eternal youth and purity of soul;
  • red ones radiate the strongest love and respect for certain people.

Some beautiful plants reflect a number of positive qualities. Delicate lotus petals show freshness of mind, high intelligence, freedom of soul and body in general.

Modern patterns

The great popularity of women's tattoos appeared thanks to the oriental sketches, which include many colors, figures and curves. Such sketches look beautiful on all parts of the body.

Such drawings are made a little longer and more expensive, but the interesting textures and elegance justify the cost. Men more often look at the volume and color tattoos, which can easily be done on the tummy. But lovers of minimalism are mostly suited to patterns exclusively in black.

The most popular tattoos among girls are lotus flowers, geometric figures or mandalas, which emphasize oriental culture.

Modern pictures can perfectly cover damaged areas of the skin and give it a youthful look. Multicolored abstractions usually do not have a certain meaning, but look very beautiful and original.


Flowers are a symbol of femininity and beauty.

Each flower has a symbolism, if you want to give a tattoo a special meaning - learn the meaning of the flower.

Color tattoo

Miniature shapes.

Good tattoos should be sure to delight and look elegant and harmonious on a girl's body. But many people mistakenly believe that to demonstrate their original image necessarily need to include a large tattoo on the whole abdomen. Usually, self-confident ladies then strongly regret it. Even small patterns of a small size can arouse interest in a man.

Members of the female sex will have no such fear of choice, because a small picture can be quickly removed or overlaid with another illustration. In today's society, small tattoos have come to play a big role because there is a wide range of images to choose from, from multimedia characters to nature. A small tattoo will last much better after childbirth than a voluminous one.

Hidden meaning in illustrations

If you treat the choice of tattoo very responsibly, you can learn about what each picture symbolizes individually. To show their attitude to the world, girls often resort to drawing a variety of insects or animals, sometimes ancient. A photo, which will be a butterfly or the face of a wolf, can determine the meaning of the spiritual world of a person, in particular his character and attitude towards the world.

Girls often ask to have their lower abdomen painted:

  • the peacock, which symbolizes the freedom of its actions, nobility and natural beauty;
  • the cat, reflecting the secret world of the lady, the embodiment of femininity, happiness and prosperity;
  • the fox, which can play the role of a cunning villain or as a wise animal with quick thinking;
  • a wolf, to show how much a girl values family and freedom over her actions.

Every girl can afford to have a tattoo on her lower abdomen. This will allow you to hide ugly areas of skin or attract the attention of others.


For women

For men