Firebird tattoo - meaning for girls and men, places of application (on the arm, hip, back, stomach), beautiful sketches and photo ideas

Fairy tales attract many people, because they are mysterious and magnificent. Many of them we remember from deep childhood, and together with their characters grew up and developed. One of the most memorable characters from the famous fairy tale "The Little Humpbacked Horse" was the brightly colored Firebird. Its plumage, which shone brighter than the stars, was remembered by all children. This symbol of an eclipse of the sun carried over into the world of tattoos. After all tattoo of a fever bird which meaning we will consider below, attracts its simplicity, but also brightness!

Often, along with the Firebird tattoo artists use images of no less mystical birds, such as a phoenix, a peacock or a blue bird, symbolizing happiness. The Firebird tattoo is associated only with positive qualities. Often, girls stuffed such a bird on his back or stomach, men prefer to wear a mythical creature on his shoulder or shoulder blade.

Usually, the meaning of the tattoo of the fever bird is associated with the sun and fire. For Slavic peoples, this bird acted as a symbol of good luck and happiness. In ancient Rome, the Firebird was considered a symbol of the eternity of the empire, it was depicted on coins. Early Christians depicted the creature on tombstones, believing in the imperishability and immortality of the human soul.

Firebird, a tattoo whose value is difficult to overestimate, is a kind of talisman for the man. People believe that it prolongs life, gives longevity. This is one of the most beautiful and graceful patterns that have ever been applied to the body. Do such tattoos are black or bright, colorful, and they are drawn on different parts of the body.

Also represented by the tattoo symbolizes wisdom and a wealth of life experience. Some people associate the image of the Firebird with a strong spirit of a person who continues to go to the goal, despite all the obstacles.

The meaning in the world and ancient culture

In Slavic mythology, the glowing fire miraculous bird pointed to the riches buried in the ground and treasures of gold. On dark nights on the eve of Ivan Kupala it flew down, perched on those places where treasure could be found. Its glittering plumage, burning like a coal in the darkness, was often mistaken for the color of a fern.

There were legends about the feather of the Firebird, and to find it meant to make one's life richer and happier. It was believed that only a lucky person, whose soul was pure and whose thoughts were good, could have such luck.

In ancient Greece, the legendary bird was called the Phoenix and associated with the cyclic nature of the universe, the infinity of the world's existence. Folk myths tell how the bird, having grown old, soared into the sky to light its nest by lightning, and then was reborn, arising from the tongues of flame. The Greeks correlated the phoenix's periods of life with the movement of the planets, noticing how the celestial luminaries returned to the same positions in the sky over and over again.

For the Egyptians, the fabulous bird was the link between the worlds of the living and the dead. The phoenix was considered to be the embodiment of the soul of Osiris, a reminder of God's plan and its realization. The magical bird was associated with the hope of a long and prosperous existence in the netherworld after death.

In China, the fiery symbol in the form of the Fen-Huang bird was considered a harbinger of happiness, the coming period of prosperity and good luck, the birth of an unusually talented child. To see its image even in a dream is still a good omen for the Chinese, informing them that it is the most opportune moment to perform an important task. The sacred creature of legend was a sign of perfection, of generosity.

In Jewish culture, the wonder bird was called Milham and possessed the gift of immortality that God gave it. According to the legend, God endowed Milkham ability to infinitely reborn for the fact that she refused to try the forbidden fruit, in contrast to other creatures.


The swallow used to be considered a true symbol and amulet for sailors and people who worked away from home. In the modern world, its meaning is somewhat broader. Reliability, youth, happiness in the home, freedom, love and prosperity - all this refers to the swallow.

In addition, this bird is a symbol of spring and love, so very often its image is combined with other symbols. Often it is a heart and a variety of flowers.

If this particular bird appeals to you, we recommend that you make an individual sketch. Only this way you will be sure that the picture will have the necessary meaning.

The meaning of the tattoo for girls

The infinite cyclicality of life's periods The fever bird is not a bad idea for a tattoo with its image, which denotes rebirth, a new period in life. For girls, the image often becomes a landmark, reminiscent of a memorable event that turned over the consciousness. For each owner of the tattoo it was a different milestone, but in the end, life became better, more interesting and richer. For some, the fatal role was played by an acquaintance with a person, for some - the decision to study or move to another country. In any case, the tattoo is a sign of life change for the better.

As a talisman, the image of a Firebird copes admirably with its function. Since ancient times, it is believed that the picture brings the owner longevity, good health, a positive attitude for many years. To make the amulet not only protected the owner, but also decorated, girls prefer to do the tattoo in bright colors, fiery red and golden-yellow shades.

Places to apply

The most popular place of drawing is still the hand: the shoulder area, the forearm, the whole sleeve. Often the leg is used as a decoration. Among girls, the common part is the thigh, it is the easiest to hide from unwanted glances, if desired, it can be extended to the shin. Men, even at the stage of sketching the firebird, prefer the calves more.

A voluminous, massive figure with quality detailing will turn out on the back. There you can apply all the fantasies and ideas of the customer, mixed with the skillful experience of the master in the studio. Effectively looks tattoo on the stomach and shoulder blades, often found in the female sex.

Nobody cancelled the aesthetic transformation: a drawing of any suit, size and color can cover scars, scars, visually correct body parts. In order to really like the chosen version of the Firebird, it's better to look closely at photos of other people's work, but to impose their own, adding their own elements, individualizing the order.

The meaning of the tattoo for men

As a symbol of prosperity, wealth, the Firebird is a common character chosen for the image in the tattoo of men. The sparkling beauty of the image as a magnet, attracts successful and enterprising people to the owner of the tattoo. Drawing of the Firebird is an ancient sign that helps to sharpen intuition, to guess where the "gold mine" is - the niche of entrepreneurship, in which a man will fully develop all his talents. Luck and good fortune always accompany the owners of tattoos, making them very wealthy people.

For intellectuals fascinated by science, research, for travelers exploring the world around them, the Firebird tattoo is a sign filled with special meaning. The Firebird is a symbol of knowledge that broadens the horizon and pushes apart the darkness of ignorance. Fire color tattoo indicates irrepressible energy of the owner, the incredible ability to work, curiosity and desire for new things. These men do not like inertness and stupidity, are not attached to the material goods, considering the main wealth of life experience and high moral qualities.

A little about the history of tattooing

If you have decided on a tattoo, you just need to know a little bit of history. So here are a few words about it. In general, tattoos - a very ancient art, which was developed already at the Egyptians, Greeks and then the Romans.

As for the Russian nationalities, the old historical mentions about tattoos are very little, in fact they are actually absent. Full-fledged tattoos began to be talked about only in the early twentieth century and were usually seen on sailors.

Today tattoos are part of modern society, and no one is surprised by a tattoo festival or convention anymore. A special role is played by the meaning that is invested in the drawing.


As you know, it is the stork is considered a symbol of the home, coziness and fertility. However, as for tattoos, the meaning of this bird can be different. According to some sources, the image of a stork is a kind of amulet, which clears the mind and gives peace of mind. Others argue that this bird brings good luck and contributes to the birth of a child in the family.

Owl .

For decades, owl has been considered by many people as a symbol of ominous power, as well as darkness and nightlife. At times, it was associated with magic, death, and even the afterlife.

Today it is believed that it means wisdom, prudence and fear, loneliness. That is why most often a picture in the form of an owl choose calm, peaceful and wise people who do everything measured. By the way, this tattoo looks great on almost all parts of the body. But most often it is depicted on the hands or feet.


Popularity of the drawing.

If you choose a flock of birds from the article, be prepared to see it in many people.


The place close to the wrist is very mobile, and the tattoo will float in any case. Turn to professionals who know this peculiarity and will do the tattoo a little further from the bend of the wrist.


Depending on the sketch, from afar the birds can be both a good interesting work, and look like a disease or incomprehensible scribbles.

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In 2021, the flamingo has gained special popularity among girls. And it is not surprising, because the bright, beautiful bird looks really stunning. Now its image is used as a print on clothing and accessories, many make various jewelry in the form of flamingos. Of course, the world of body painting has not bypassed this trend either.

It is worth noting that this bird is a symbol of environmentalists, so very often tattoos are done by active members of this community. Also flamingo means romance, dreaminess and positive perception of the world.


For women

For men