Tattoo with honeycomb: meaning for girls and men, places of application (on the arm, like sleeve, leg), original sketches and photo ideas

Tattoo appears on the human body not by accident. A body drawing always has a meaning. The image is a reflection of thoughts, hopes and facts of life. In some indigenous Pacific Islanders, the drawings on the body describe their whole life. The number of children and wives, occupation, position in society - all of this can be read from the tattoos.

Bee honeycombs attract tattoo lovers with their clear geometric shape. Impeccable hexagons as if promising to bring order in life and bring calmness and reliability in it.

What is the meaning behind such an image?

There are options for bee honeycomb tattoos in black and white. It is not difficult to guess that a full-scale picture with a large number of cells will have the greatest effect. The most successful is a colored picture with an unusual colored background.
Such a body image is popular among women and men at the same level. From it goes exclusively positive energy. Most often this symbol is printed on the shoulder, chest, shoulder blade, in more rare cases - on the side or back.

Choosing a black and white minimalist image (with a minimal amount of detail) is characterized as selfless and ready to make personal sacrifices to achieve a common goal. Almost always such people are in groups, are hardworking and do not imagine life without a hobby or his life's work.

In addition, tattoos in the form of a bee hive are often placed on the body of sociable and open-minded members of society. They try to find more friends and be constantly in the center of attention. The highest values for them are - loyalty, willingness to help in a difficult time of life. The above-mentioned things are characteristic of them.

This tattoo, located on the chest or shoulder symbolizes the wise person who seeks to do only good deeds, to go to success honestly. A person who chose this idea tattoo in the form of a clear pattern have a tendency to organize order around themselves. In them there is a desire to get away from understatement and to dot every "and", difficult situations are not exceptions.

The sketch sometimes includes a honeycomb in the form of windows into space. Out in the cell you can see planets, stars and other objects related to the space theme. This ornament has an interesting meaning, according to which this person is fond of the mysteries of the universe, wants to know better the structure of the world around him.

A bee on a honeycomb emphasizes that the owner of such a picture likes to work in a team, cares about the people around, wants to achieve equal working conditions for the entire team and justice. He is not afraid of certain difficulties and hardships, because this person will overcome them with dignity. Additionally the meaning of such an image means financial success obtained by hard work. Such sketches are characteristic of a businessman who invests a lot of effort and time in his own business. Usually, such a picture adds self-confidence to the businessman, and also heralds successful communication with clients and partners.

The sot has a ritual meaning, according to which the owner is fond of mystical things and the afterlife. He is probably interested in topics such as the reincarnation of souls, eternal life, and the interconnectedness of any object in the universe.

Meaning of the tattoo for girls

In women, the tattoo of a honeycomb means diligence and industriousness. Such a girl is faithful to her chosen one. She is a caring mother and wife. Her house is always a full bowl. Family for her is the main value and priority in life.

Interesting information about the meaning of tattoos with honeycomb

  1. Such a shape has a name in geometry - hexagon.
  2. In the tattoo pattern of a bee honeycomb on the body is invested with a good philosophical meaning. For example, it can mean unity with nature. To understand the exact meaning of a specific person is difficult, because it is usually combined with another image. A common example is the combination with a skull, heart, bees, etc.
  3. The number of honeycombs also has a meaning. If there are more than 6, then you are a sociable person who likes to be in the center of attention. An alternative interpretation is a person's professionalism in a certain activity, or the presence of a wealth of experience.
  4. Different coloring of the honeycomb means that this person strives to be perfect in all directions, or aspires to this goal.
  5. Bee honeycombs are rarely combined with images of flowers or hearts. Such combinations mean strong love, platonic, fraternal. It is not uncommon to use such a plot with bees, which emphasizes the importance of this person in the team, etc. You can see photos of such tattoos to make sure they are unusual and attractive.

Performance technique

Tattoo sleeve in the form of a honeycomb in a monochrome version looks spectacular in the Dotwork style. The sketch is applied to the body with a lot of small dots, which makes the image become convex and three-dimensional. Adherents of images, as close to the original as possible, can choose a sleeve in the style of realism. The composition can be decorated directly with bees. Blackwork tattoos are often used as a cover-up, i.e. overlapping an old tattoo, so a hexagonal ornament will be a great alternative to a tired image. Such a tattoo can be made part of a large composition and combined with any elements.

Watch this interesting video

Photo tattoo with honeycomb

What will be good for such a tattoo?

First of all, such an image is sure to beautify a person. The main thing is to find a good master, who will choose the most appropriate style and color scheme.

Secondly, the meaning of such tattoos is deep and characterizes the person in a good way.

Thirdly, this symbol has a positive energy, which is important, because the tattoo is made for life!

The meaning of tattoos for men

The image of the sot is suitable for an organized man, who has everything in life laid out in the shelves. If he does something, he does it perfectly. He is a good family man and can provide a comfortable life for his children and wife. Such a guy is ready to come to the aid of a friend at any moment.

The symbol of the bee in world culture

The ancient Greeks associated the image of the bee with Artemis, the goddess of female fertility, motherhood and hunting . In the myth of the birth of Zeus it is said that the supreme god of Olympus was nurtured by bees. Honey was also called the nectar of the gods.

In Egypt it was believed that bees came from the tears of the god Ra. The bee was revered as a symbol of the power of the pharaohs, the messengers of heaven.

In many ancient cultures (Indian, Greek, Iranian), which allow reincarnation, bees were associated with the souls of the dead. It was believed that the bee is a creature closely associated with the netherworld. The Bible says that in paradise the souls eat milk and honey.

The Slavs believed that bees were created by a light god, in contrast to bumblebees, which were created by evil forces. Our ancestors were sure that bees are under the patronage of higher forces, so it was strictly forbidden to harm these insects. Also, the Slavs endowed bees with special wisdom and a sense of justice: it was believed that a man who was stung by a bee, is a sinner.

In the Christian ancient apocrypha (non-canonical texts) bee associated with the image of the Virgin Mary: as hard-working chaste bee produces honey, nourishing man and giving him physical strength, so Mary gave birth to Christ - the giver of spiritual salvation.

The symbolism of the bee is extraordinarily versatile and very positive. The image of this small insect is present in absolutely all developed cultures. Briefly we can highlight the following meanings of the image of the bee:

  • industriousness;
  • fertility, motherhood;
  • family, the ability to protect and maintain the home;
  • the ability to stand up for oneself, to punish the abuser;
  • wisdom, spiritual purity;
  • justice.

How to choose a tattoo symbol?

In the salons offer a great variety of tattoo options, but the most popular today remains the style of newskul. Tattoos made in this technique are distinguished by the efficiency of the drawing and visual "convexity". Also, lovers of natal beauty often choose watercolor style: the work looks very bright, often almost indistinguishable from these watercolor paintings. Noteworthy and tattoos in the style of tribal, hotly beloved by men. Their distinctive features - brevity and abundance of patterns. Realistic sketches certainly impress with the beauty and naturalistic image, but today they are not so popular.

Experiencing difficulties when choosing a tattoo, do not hurry with the decision. Masters tattoo advises to look through more than one catalog before stopping at the "that" option. Approach the choice of sketch thoroughly, because the wasp tattoo - a symbol that tells about your character and aspirations.


If we look at our society from the outside, we see how much bees and humans have in common. We also hustle, we work, we raise our children, our whole life is spent in worries, just like the bees. From our language to our religion, our medicine to our artwork, almost every aspect of human culture has influenced our interaction with bees in some way. Today, as you may have realized, we're going to talk about another tattoo, this one
Bee tattoo.
, the meaning you can read a little bit below.

So, let's continue, The meaning of the Tattoo Bee.

Long before the Greeks and Egyptians built monuments to their deities, ancient cultures associated the symbol "Bee
" with something divine. Honey was, and still is, considered the "Food of the Gods" for many indigenous peoples around the world. Ancient Aegean and Near Eastern cultures believed that bees were the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, and many decorated the tombs of their loved ones with images of bees. The Maya paid their homage to the God Bee, Ah-Muzen-Cab.

Bees are present in the legend of the creation of the San people of the Kalahari. According to the legend, while helping the mantis cross to the other side of the raging river, the bee planted a seed in his body. Eventually the seed turned into the first man. Bees are often included in initiation rituals for young people in some societies. In the Sioux and Dakota Indian cultures, young boys put on a game of "War with the Bees.

" which is designed to teach them the traits necessary to become a man. Such as courage in the face of danger, and the ability to withstand pain.

Like a bouquet of fresh cut roses for their partner, the bee symbolizes love and affection. The Hindu god of love and desire, Kamadeva, travels much like the god of Love, Cupid. He makes a bow from sugarcane, and arrows from honeybees that unite lovers. The bees

are often seen as innocent and lovable creatures, which is why many cartoon characters in children's movies are portrayed as sweet bees.

Even our language has been sweetened by the bee. In ancient Greece, great poets and spellers such as Plato, Pindar and Achilles are rumored to have smeared their lips with honey to give them "Gift of eloquence.

". Although, according to another version, the sweet lips were the result of drinking too much Meade, a fermented honey drink. It was brewed long before mankind discovered how to make wine from fruit. In fact, the ancient Greek phrase "
to get drunk
", translates to "honey, intoxicated."

So, drink a heady glass of Mead, sing a sweet song to your loved one, and come up with your own Bee tattoo design.

Bee tattoo design options

Bee tattoos range from comical and cartoon
To sketches that look more realistic. The color scheme of the Tattoo Bee is usually pretty standard (yellow and black). However, tattoos vary in some design elements. Some artists prefer to focus on the subtle beauty of a single bee, while others tend to highlight the hive as a cohesive organism. However, there are others who prefer to create symbolism of these insects linked in the form of elaborate balls representing bees, rather than using a detailed image of a bee. Popular variations of bee tattoos include:

Trable Bee Tattoo.

In many indigenous tribes around the world, bees play an important role in daily life. They provide food (honey and larvae), materials for hunting and other important tasks (beeswax), and are a means of protection for local people. Given their status in human history, it's no wonder why so many indigenous regions pay homage to these tiny creatures by creating religious symbols and icons that glorify these winged babies. The Bee tribal tattoo is an extension of this practice and serves to represent a person's spiritual connection to the free-spirited, hard-working, team player that is the Bee. Read the article, what does a Tribble tattoo mean ?

Bumblebee Tattoos.

Bumblebees are heavyweights of the Apoidea family. They are bulky mammoths of the air, and the sound of their humming as they fly is instantly recognizable. It sounds like the hum of a live transformer. Bumblebees are known for their loyalty to a common cause, their ability to work in teams, and their hard-working nature.

Queen Bee Tattoo.

The Queen Bee always has the last word. They are the ultimate boss of the hive, controlling every movement of the thousands, if not millions, of other creatures around her. Queen Bees tattoos are reserved for chic, confident, girls who love to take responsibility for the world around them. And at the same time, despite their gentle nature, are not afraid to become tough and harsh, fighting back insolent individuals of the opposite sex. Queen Bee tattoos are generally worn by defiant, strong women whose nature is to kick ass first and then ask what happened.
It's not easy to find a tattoo design that fits your personality, style and looks fantastic on your body, but the task is not as difficult as it sounds. Before the needle touches your skin, think about what your new tattoo will symbolize, whether you will add other elements to the design. Give preference to a sketch that you would be proud of, even 15 or even 20 years from now. If you need inspiration, take a look at the other tau featured on our site and maybe you'll choose a different pattern.

After reading this short article, you've learned Bee tattoo meaning

Tattoo of the bee and now you will more clearly imagine this tattoo.

Men's colored sleeve tattoos

Those who think that beautiful men's "sleeve" up to the elbow must necessarily be black and white, just have not seen cool colored sketches. Full arm color tattoos are done in "watercolor" or "realism" techniques.

The most popular sketches for colored arm tattoos are:

  • Fish, mostly carp;
  • Japanese motifs: patterns, geisha, samurai, peonies;
  • Animals and birds;
  • Mythical creatures (demons);
  • Characters of video games or cartoons.

Beautiful look and black and white tattoos with the addition of colored elements. Mostly men choose red, brown and gray nuances to complement the sketch. Other popular shades are blue and green, less often orange.

Despite the popularity of bright and saturated colored tattoos, it is black and white tattoos remain the most fashionable and in demand among men of all ages.


For women

For men