Tattoo key for lovers and all others: meaning, options, photos

The tattoo lock and key is probably one of the most popular subjects. However, despite the popularity, you should not give up this idea, if it is really close to you. Completely unique sketches are extremely rare, a huge number of people wear tattoos with the same plot. But the execution may vary, it all depends on the style, colors and details used. In general, if you apply your imagination and the hand of a good master, even at first glance an ordinary idea can be embodied in an original and completely unexpected way.

Castle: general meaning

A lock symbolizes security, because you can use it to lock the door and not worry about the fact that at night the enemy or a thief will enter the house. Another meaning is longevity, because the guarded home will save from the evil intentions of ill-wishers. Also, the tattoo means the preservation of material values. Since ancient times, chests with jewelry hung a lock, which gave confidence to their owners.

This symbol is very popular due to the fact that it has many meanings and can be interpreted differently. The tattoo can signify the reticence and secrecy of the person. The holder of such a tattoo is a closed person and has a relationship with a very narrow circle of people. In order to enter the confidence of such a person, it is necessary to pick up a key for him. The owner of the tattoo does not like to make new acquaintances, with fear of others and leads a solitary lifestyle.

Also, the tattoo can mean that the person has suffered a great shock in life, because of which he chose to close himself off from the outside world and not have any contact with it. Such people can be alone for a long time and not interact with anyone. They live in their own world, which seems much more interesting to them than the outside.

Popular color schemes

  • The black and red color scheme is the most relevant for the lock tattoo. Looking at photos of the castle tattoo on the Internet, you can make sure that this tattoo looks equally good on people of all ages. And also it is suitable for people of any social status: from a girl student, to a stern biker man.
  • The yellow and black color scheme is very popular for tattoos with locks. The yellow color symbolizes gold. If the tattoo is well done, such a drawing creates the effect that the body is hinged on a natural lock.
  • Single-color lock tattoos are also common. Of course, the most popular color is black, less often yellow and red are used. Small monochrome locks prefer to do mostly girls and women.
  • Complex multicolored tattoos with a lock are found, but rather rarely. Usually for such drawings use black, red, white, yellow and green colors. Such a rich range of colors is chosen to attract attention. Therefore, such drawings are most often applied by young guys.

Important! Choosing a lock tattoo, it is necessary to understand that black will be present in the figure. Probably not many people think about the fact that over time, any paint fades and burns out. Therefore, if a person likes to take sunbaths, he should understand that his black castle tattoo in a few years will become gray, if it is not cared for. To avoid this, it is necessary to lubricate the drawing with sunscreen. In this way, you can extend the life of the color pigment, which is the basis of any tattoo.

Cartoon lock tattoo on the shoulder
Cartoon lock tattoo on the shoulder

Compositions with a castle.

In Chinese philosophy, the castle is the embodiment of mental health. It is believed that such a body drawing is able to hold all the negative emotions of its owner, not allowing to destroy his life. The owner of the tattoo gets an opportunity to keep the mental balance, not allowing envy, hatred and anger to affect his condition.

If the castle is depicted with wings, the meaning of the tattoo changes. The owner of such a naked picture demonstrates his superiority to others. He believes that he is subject to the knowledge that other people do not possess, so he looks down on them. Such a tattoo padding in order to show their exclusivity and arrogant attitude towards the "unenlightened". The owners of such a tattoo do not take into account the opinion of others and are always convinced of their own rightness.

There are tattoos of a castle with a skull. This picture means that its owner has finished a certain stage of life and turned the page. The tattoo can symbolize remorse for past mistakes and wrong beliefs. With such an image, a person reports a change in his inner world and the beginning of a new life.

Choice of style and location

Realistic works look great. By choosing this style, you can depict them with intricate decorative elements characteristic of Victorian jewelry. Images of keys and locks are also often found in the old-school style. They look very bright thanks to the contrasting colors and minimal use of gradients.

The history of this style goes back to the 19th century. It is believed that the first to do such tattoos were sailors. They painted symbolic images on their bodies of all that their lives, hopes and expectations were connected to. Heart-shaped locks were common, as they reminded them of their loved ones waiting on dry land during the voyage, which usually lasted more than a month. Often an inscription with the name of a loved one was added to the image.

Choosing a place for a tattoo, one must proceed from the shape and size of the sketch. If, for example, we are talking about a paired tattoo, the successful place will be the forearm - when you take your hands, the image will touch, which is very symbolic.

Often, heart-shaped castle tattoos are complemented by wings or lace. This is a purely feminine option. Such a work will look best under the chest. First, the sketch of such a form is simply begging to this place, and secondly, the symbolism of the image, if it is performed next to the heart, becomes even more evident. It is important to remember that doing a tattoo on this place will be more painful than, for example, on the shoulder or forearm. But, as they say, beauty requires sacrifice.

Variations of meanings

The castle can mean that the owner of the tattoo has clearly delineated boundaries of internal space and will not allow others to penetrate into it without consent. Such a person does not like uninvited guests and opens the door only to those with whom he agreed to meet in advance. In this interpretation, the tattoo does not speak of the closedness of the person, but reports on his principles of interaction with others.

Another variant of the tattoo is a lock with a key. Such a drawing is suitable for people whose profession is associated with the search for something: archaeologists, detectives, gold diggers, etc. It is stuffed as a talisman that will help you find what you need. Also, the tattoo indicates a passion for esoterics and mysticism. The owners of such a drawing seek to understand the meaning of life and find the secret knowledge. On the other hand, with this tattoo, a person can communicate that nothing is inaccessible and secret for him, and he will always get an answer to any question.

Other symbolism

The above-listed motifs of the image (sketch) of the castle do not exhaust its content. For example:

  • the combination of it with a key and a skull shows that the person is aware of his own evil and seeks to keep it under control;
  • The same combination sometimes expresses the transition from one stage of life to another;
  • The key without a lock rarely shows open access to the heart of the wearer, but mostly reflects ideas of independence and personal freedom.

The romantic connotations of this tattoo for a boy or a girl are unambiguous if it is executed in the Victorian style. Widely distributed options in color. The best among them are blue, red and pink shades, fuller and more accurately emphasizing the main idea. Everyone is free to experiment, because the exact and rigid boundaries of the castle stylistics does not provide. On our site you can also find out what other types of male and female tattoos mean.

The meaning of tattoos for men and girls

For men, the tattoo with a lock means rationality, focus on the result and saving strength. The owner of this tattoo does not waste his life energy in vain, purposefully and dimensionally moving towards his goal. Such men do not like meaningless talk and gossip. They are emotionally reserved and hardly show their feelings. The tattoo is suitable for men who are said to be "a man of action and words."

For a girl, the castle means isolation from the outside world. Such women are little communicative, do not like noisy companies and prefer to communicate "heart to heart" with one person. A lock with a key means that the girl has found her lover, who was able to find the key to her heart. Often such a drawing is chosen as a wedding tattoo.

Where and how

Adults rarely padlock picture to show their desire to protect and defend themselves (this is done by other means, many just will not understand, and also - you can only "call the fire on themselves"). Therefore, for the most part, locks, keys and their combinations are used to indicate romantic experiences. Consequently, it is most logical that they would look at both sexes on the chest.

If one "half" prefers a lock, and the other - a key, they are usually stuffed on the hands. You can enhance the romantic associations by using inserts of ribbons, hearts or something else similar, including small inscriptions.

Mini treble clef tattoos

A miniature tattoo of a treble clef is very popular with both men and women. This miniature image is usually placed on a finger, behind the ear, or on the neck. Attractive will look miniature image of a sheet music stand with notes and a treble clef on the wrist or ankle. In this case, the image can be made in the form of an original bracelet.

Where to get a tattoo with a key?

Such an incredibly beautiful image can be put on in any salon that deals with tattoos in your city. However, it is worth noting that not all such institutions have good masters who can help you in this matter and make a good tattoo. So seriously approach the choice of tattoo shop, in which you will put the desired image on your skin. In order to find a good salon, you will need to read the recommendations and reviews from visitors and customers of the institution. In this case, be sure you will make a tattoo according to the requirements and wishes.

History of the origin of the treble clef tattoo

To describe the meaning of the tattoo of the sign of the treble clef is very difficult, because this tattoo appeared relatively recently. But all the same, the main meanings today it already has. The sign of the treble clef appeared in the early sixteenth century in Italy. And the tattoo of the treble clef for the first time appeared at the beginning of the last century. And it was the first to be applied by people associated with art or musical activities. Often the tattoo of the treble clef complemented by the image of individual notes or a full sheet of music. Also with the treble clef depicted the instrument on which the owner of the tattoo played.


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