Tattoo contour - sketches and popular designs (the contour of the hands, girl, flower, heart, rose, fire), styles of performance, original photo ideas

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Sketches of contour tattoos

In the age of technological process and incredible opportunities, self-expression and manifestation of individuality becomes one of the priority opportunities. And if before people were limited to hair color, clothes and piercings, now it is especially popular fashion tattoos.

Sketches of beautiful tattoos

Depending on preferences from the fashionable variants of natal drawings, you can choose what you like more, as even the watercolor technique is dominated by minimalism.

Sleeves and completely dark tattoos, 3D tattoo technique is no longer in demand, especially among girls. In this case, the smaller the tattoo, the more stylish and fashionable it is. No less interesting look a few small, located next to each other.

Among the most popular styles are listed minimalism, linework, watercolor and white tattoos. Naturally, they should all be small in size and very neat. Therefore it is necessary to approach responsibly to the choice of the master.

Tattoos on the ankle and foot

Tattoos on the ankle are often drawn chains with different pendants. Such tattoos look great on a woman's leg, decorating it, and look especially interesting in the summer on the beach, attracting attention to the owner.

Ankle chains are a simple and effective way to stand out against the complex and unnatural tattoos. They are both a piece of jewelry and a drawing at the same time.

Also on the ankle or foot you can depict any drawing in a minimalist style. In this case, as a sketch can act completely any object. Relevant will look contour tattoos.

At the ankle and the foot can depict everything you want: the stars, hearts, household items, flowers, silhouettes of animals.

Tattoo in a minimalist style

Tattoo in a minimalist style does not have to be small. The technique can be done in any size, even stuffing the sleeve in the style of minimalism.

Many people mistakenly confuse minimalist tattoos with outline and mini. In fact, they all refer to minimalism, but are not synonymous with it. This is how the general style of minimalism includes tattoos:

  • Contoured (linework);
  • Mini-tatoo;
  • Watercolor.

In the technique of minimalism you can perform almost any idea. It is also fashionable to combine different styles to achieve the desired result. Floral and animal motifs are especially popular.

Quite interesting will look geometric designs and oriental patterns, such as mehendi. Especially if you make them colored or printed with white paint.

From the history of the colored tattoo

Where does the tradition of doing colored tattoos originate? Experts agree that such body art originated in Japan and was gradually popularized around the world. In the Land of the Rising Sun the tradition of colored tattoos exists not one hundred years. Exactly there for the first time began to produce natural color ink, which was extracted from various plants.
The 18th century can be considered the heyday of Japanese color tattooing. In those not so distant times the main subjects for such tattoos were images of plants and animals, pictures of nature, scenes of traditional Japanese life. Over time, the subjects evolved and cultural exchanges took place. And already in the 19th century colored tattoos began to be tattooed in European countries. The popularization of Oriental culture contributed greatly to this. In the European society of that time it was fashionable to put on dragons, tigers, fish and flowers - the key motifs of color Japanese tattoos. At that time also began to appear artificial colored ink, the technology of which, in part, survives to this day.

Stylish contour tattoos

Contour tattoos or made in one line are called linework technique. They look as if the entire design is stuffed with one single line.

Most often sketches of the outlines of different objects, flowers or animals are used for this. In some cases, the tattoo resembles only the silhouette of the chosen object.

The peculiarity of linework is the complete absence of flowing and color.

Though sometimes masters combine feathering with linework to fill in the small fragments of the drawing.

But it is worth noting that professional linework is different from simple contour tattoos. A complex tattoo in this style mainly consists of different geometric shapes, which are combined into a single pattern. Such a tattoo looks very cool and modern.

Important aspects when choosing

Choosing the style, color and all the details of the tattoo is a very painstaking activity. If you do not take into account all the nuances or choose an inexperienced master - the conceived masterpiece risks turning into a rainbow spot. Here are the basic nuances that you need to pay attention to:

  • The experience of the master specifically in color tattooing (it is enough to study his portfolio);
  • Type and color of the skin;
  • The chosen style of work;
  • The main color scheme;
  • Combinability of colors.

If you have chosen a small drawing, like a flower on your hand - definitely do not try to fit all the colors you like, seen on the tattooist's table.

A large and voluminous work should have one dominant color, the rest - elaboration of details and contrast of the work, otherwise it will all turn into mottled spots. Some shades tend to fade quickly - you shouldn't use them on large areas.

Just as important is the style of work. Choosing a sketch, look at many photos of finished work in the style you like and pay attention to what colors work best in this version.

Listen carefully to the master - he is very experienced in this business and he knows exactly how to do it better. Unsuccessful work is then very difficult to fix and not always it turns out completely.

Some performance techniques do not involve any colors other than black. At most, a touch of detail in white. Inscriptions, black work or dot work will look very ridiculous and disgusting if done in color and bright.

Original mini tattoos

The mini-tattoo style implies very small tattoos in any of the popular techniques. The beauty of these tattoos is that their creation takes little time, respectively, to endure the pain will have less.

Also, they can be tattooed regardless of profession, as the mini-tattoo is convenient to hide from prying eyes.

The most popular places for such tattoos are:

  • Wrists;
  • Ankles;
  • Ears, mostly lobes;
  • The inner part of the forearm;
  • Fingers.

Mini-tattoos can be colored, contoured or watercolored. Everything depends on personal preferences. They can even be done in 3D technique, but it is necessary to take into account that the small size itself simplifies the style of performance. Therefore, you should not choose very complicated sketches.

Effective tips on how to choose tattoo sketches on the leg for girls

It is worth remembering that female leg tattoos are characterized by a large number of small details and unusual patterns. Apparently, this is designed to emphasize the tenderness of the legs.

But the choice of a particular sketch depends directly on what part of the leg you're going to put the image - it could be:

  • thigh;
  • lower leg;
  • ankle;
  • Or even a foot.

Sketches of a rose with a crooked stem for a foot

Often, when the tattoo is located along the entire length of the leg, thereby visually lengthening it. But to such images are special requirements. After all, if the sketch is picked up incorrectly, the legs may look too full or lose their appeal altogether.

Sketches of a flower pattern on the leg

Fashionable sketches for the white tattoo

White tattoos are probably some of the most unusual and original ways to decorate your body. They are very feminine and look especially good on tanned skin. Nabbed such a tattoo, respectively, white paint.

Do not suit the white tattoo girls with pale, very fair skin.

For light skin, in an extreme case, you can pick up a sketch that will combine white and black elements.

Most often such white tattoos are combined with colored elements. Techniques and styles are especially popular:

  • Watercolor;
  • Contouring;
  • Mehendi.

These options look best in white.

A low-quality white tattoo will look just like a drawing drawn with a gel pen. Therefore, you should carefully select a master who has experience in creating such tattoos.

Cons and pros of bright colors

Like the monochrome tattoo, the colored one also has its pros and cons. The minuses, in fact, not so many and most of them are solved by the choice of a good master.

  • Level of detail;
  • Color support;
  • Skin features and color reproduction.

A colored tattoo costs significantly more than a black one, because working with color is much more difficult. In a full picture, a riot of shades will very easily give away any defect and error of the master. For such work, choose a good and competent specialist.

Also, do not forget that everyone's skin type is different and everyone is dominated by different color features. And if green shades will look good on pale skin, on flushed and tanned skin they will create the effect of bruises and soreness. Another important nuance in this matter is the location.

When the master is evaluating the brought sketch, he already from personal experience can say which colors on this part of the body will look lush, and which ones will look dull and sad under the natural curve and movement of the skin.

If the first two disadvantages are easily solved by a quality selection of pattern and style, then with the third point is a little more difficult. Colored pigments suffer more from time and environmental influences.

After a few years the colors become pale, the contours are floating and the aesthetic composition is lame. Renewing a tattoo every few years (usually 5-10) is a natural necessity.

Colored designs have advantageous advantages over monochrome options. A greater variety of styles and options, the ability to express with color everything from the inner world to a particular time era. Each color has its own specific meaning.

Purple shades are not only leadership, strength, power. They are also notes of ancient Rome - the color was at the heart of the whole gamut.

Shades of green and emerald are ideal for sensible and reasonable individuals, such as was the case during the reign of Queen Victoria.

Pink is for romance, orange and yellow for diplomacy and flexibility of character, blue and purple for dreaminess and good imagination, and brown for stability and calmness.

And all these are just a few options for the color variety. The modern industry allows you to work with contrast and subtle transitions through the mixing of colors.

Watercolor tattoos for sophisticated girls

The main advantage in the technique of watercolor are printed flowers and animals, but if you want you can combine this style with another and depict everything your heart desires. Watercolor tattoos are chosen by sophisticated and romantic girls who are inclined to creativity.

Tattoo in the technique of watercolor can be both blurred and clear contours.

Especially fashionable are considered dream catchers, printed in the technique of watercolor. Also popular are options with blurred borders, resembling blots of paint. Of colors, it is best to choose pink, purple and blue shades, and the outline is exclusively black.

Watercolor tattoos are rarely small.

Most often they are printed on the hips and forearms, in some cases - on the back, less often - on the wrists and ankle.Such a tattoo requires certain drawing skills from the master, so you need to choose only proven masters.

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Women's black and white tattoos

Linework is suitable for girls. Fine lines and small installations harmonize with the female figure.

Mini tattoos in black

Small tattoos can easily be hidden if there is a need. These sizes will cost very cheap, and highlight the drawing on the skin will be quality black paint.

Small tattoos for girls and guys

Black tattoos - the conservatism that attracts

Black flowers look especially gothic. For example, roses are classified as mourning symbols, while the black lotus means immortality and life. The choice of black for a tattoo is always unusual.

The latest fashion trends point to the priority of bright hues. Few people want to apply an orchid without its pink or red petals, and how to convey the blooming cherry blossoms, if black absorbs the hues?

But no other color can convey the fullness of the whole picture of the world. Sketches of tattoos in black are full of deep meaning, behind them there is not only conservatism, but also a love for the sensual reflection of the world around us.


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