Tattoo Dolphin: Meaning, beautiful designs, 70 best photos for girls and guys

Dolphin is the friendliest animal on the entire planet. He won the love of people because of his beauty, grace and intelligence. In real life, the dolphin is always smiling and playful. It is because of these qualities of this wonderful animal very often depicted as a tattoo. Today, the dolphin tattoo is considered a strong talisman.

The meaning of the tattoo dolphin

The image of the dolphin on the body was popular back in ancient Greece. The Greeks believed that the dolphin represented such a feeling as true love. And this is due to the fact that dolphins are engaged in carnal pleasures, just like humans, for pleasure. Legend says that Dionysus, the god of wine-making, turned drunken sailors into dolphins. Yes, and he himself turned into this animal to cross from the island of Crete to the storehouse of the dolphins.

Today, such a tattoo can carry many meanings. It depends on the style of application. The most popular is considered to be the Celtic stylization. It was the Celts who long studied dolphins. They got a lot of emotions, fell in love with these animals because of their peaceful and playful nature. This was the reason for the new meaning of the dolphin tattoo: freedom, joy, vitality and positivity. Even in Celtic culture, the dolphin symbolized the element of water, as it is a sea dweller. The Celts considered the image of the dolphin - a sign of the transition from one stage of life to another. All because dolphins delivered drowning people on their backs, helped ships that went astray.

The ancient Egyptians saw the dolphin as a positive force of nature. In their culture, it was the embodiment of motherhood and health. The Indians saw the dolphin as a symbol of wisdom, energy, and kindness.

History of the symbol

The history of the dolphin tattoo goes back to antiquity. In Christian culture during the Middle Ages, the image symbolized purity of manners, spirituality, and rejection of vice. Pierced by a spearhead, the dolphin represented the earthly incarnation of Jesus.

The dolphin tattoo for girls and men in Ancient Greece had a hidden erotic connotation. The explanation is simple enough: only two kinds of mammals, namely humans and dolphins, indulge in carnal pleasures not for the sake of reproduction, but for the embodiment of love games.

In India and Ancient Egypt, the image of the dolphin was a symbol of wisdom, unsurpassed intelligence, infinite kindness and devotion. This marine mammal was not a recognized emblem of healers, but nevertheless there was some relation to medicine.

In ancient times, tattoos were not common, they were applied more often by people wishing to emphasize their vocation or profession, for example, sailors. In addition the imperfection of technology did not allow to make a really bright picture, only primitive lines and colors were used. The symbolism, depicting a dolphin, somewhat lost its original meaning.

What does the dolphin tattoo mean in these days, and to whom it is better to apply such an image? Let's consider these questions in more detail.

Where it is better to do a tattoo in the form of a dolphin?

On the neck or hip, the tattoo with the sea inhabitant can be varied with additional strokes. They will give a picture of realism. But it is best to apply such an image on the forearm or abdominal area. These parts of the body are large enough to apply a three-dimensional drawing there.

Tattoo of a dolphin on your arm

Before you decide on what part of the body you want to stuff the tattoo, you need to decide on the size of the figure. If you wish to depict a dolphin on the wrist, it is best to perform such a tattoo with concise lines, so it will visually extend and lengthen the hand.

Tattoo a dolphin on the scapula

Choosing a dolphin tattoo on the shoulder blade, a girl wants to show her desire for freedom, intelligence, playfulness and good-natured character. The owners of these tattoos are simple people, friendly and smiling.

Women's tattoos

A girl who made herself such a tattoo, informs the world of his freedom, the desire for mutual and sincere relationships. It is also a demonstration of kindness and sociability, sensitivity, caution.

If you are a cheerful, sympathetic and freedom-loving person, the dolphin tattoo is definitely right for you.

Tattoo a dolphin for girls

In the modern world, the preference for this type of tattoo is more often given to girls, rather than men. Although dolphins are very brave creatures and not once saved people, because before the image of the strong and courageous fish to themselves exclusively sailors. Usually, tattoos with dolphin use girls with an active lifestyle, cheerful and energetic, always ready to come to the aid of a friend, and who love their life. They have a powerful energy. They value and value personal freedom. They will never allow personal violence.

Tattoo dolphin for men

Tattoo with this animal is applied to men, whose element is water, and in particular the sea. The tattoo with two dolphins means yin-yang. Guys whose life, hobbies in sports or profession are related to water, like to do a tattoo with a dolphin in a headdress or at the helm of a ship. This sea creature is also worn on the body by sea lovers, surfers or boaters. Sailors use the little black dolphin as a symbol of their love of sea travel. Such a body sign is used by good-natured, intelligent and determined men.

Men's tattoos

To depict dolphins on their bodies is peculiar to men who want to demonstrate their love for the water. They are not inherent stereotypes and restrictions, it is almost impossible to drive such a man into the frame and standard principles.

These are men who value every moment of life, who do not like to waste time, who devote themselves to pleasures and enjoyment. Lovers of mammals very well know and understand the laws of nature.

Quite often tattoos with dolphin are made by sailors or people professionally connected with the sea. After all, it is there that all the beauty of the universe, inner freedom and essence are fully revealed.

Dolphin watercolor tattoo

Girls make a watercolor tattoo with a dolphin as a talisman. Thus, they show not only their affection and love for this animal, but also their belief in kindness. The bright watercolor ink looks spectacular. And as a talisman against misfortune, colorful dolphin tattoo is a powerful and effective talisman, keeps from the evil eye, envy and malice.

The meaning on the "Zone".

The dolphin in this place is associated with nobility, love, pleasure and the desire for life in freedom.

Historically, the image of the dolphin symbolizes good nature, piercing intelligence, the spirit of freedom, nobility and the pursuit of success. The meaning of the tattoo dolphin interpreted in different faiths and cultures is almost identical, it is a personification of the divine beginning, boundless love and loyalty, as well as a kind of union with the marine element. The true meaning may vary slightly depending on the style of the drawing, but in general it is one of the most powerful amulets, beneficially influencing the fate and lifeline.

Tattoo with two dolphins and more

To the choice of tattoo, its color and style should take with full responsibility. The drawing of two or more dolphins will go with you throughout life. Long known to all that a tattoo can change destiny.

Mini dolphin tattoo

Vulnerable, trusting and soft-hearted girls often use a miniature dolphin tattoo. As this sea fish has a high intelligence, in ladies it is a sign of creative mind and profession, even if in micro execution.

Actual Dolphin Tattoo Sketches

Before you go to the tattoo parlor, study in detail the meaning and sketches of the image. Determine whether it is suitable for you. And only after that find an experienced professional and make a unique tattoo. And we, in turn, will try to help you with the choice and offer to get acquainted with the most interesting variants of tattoo dolphin sketches on the photo below.

Stylistics of the dolphin body image

Before you apply the tattoo, you should choose the image and firmly choose the style of application. Often the dolphin tattoo is distinguished by its unique realism, or, conversely, a narrow spectrum of color and brevity. The list of styles that have similar characteristics include Maori and realism tattoos.

Maori tattoos

When performing this kind of drawings use different complex shapes, spirals, preferably in black. Dolphin in this case depicts in the form of outlines and symbols.


This style of tattoo are not just pictures, but really the whole masterpieces. Most often, dolphins are depicted in black and gray colors. In the background of the drawing perform its habitat, the moon or the sun.

On what part of the body should a dolphin be depicted?

"Dolphin" is a tattoo for which there are no certain criteria in choosing the place. Each person chooses the place where his personal picture will be adorned, individually.

dolphin tattoo photo

In the case where the picture will have for a person a sacred meaning, the tattoo should be placed in an inconspicuous place. Then she precisely will be able to bring good luck to her owner.

If the person who becomes the owner of a bright dolphin tattoo, not as important as the value of the image, as his appearance, that is, its aesthetic beauty, the tattoo should be made in a prominent place. Thus, a person will be able to distinguish himself from the crowd, drawing the attention of the public to himself with his colorful drawing on the back, leg or some other part of the body.

Tattoo Dolphin: photo options

Dolphins will look very good in the style of realism, with ornaments or ethical motifs. Here plays a significant role your preferences and tastes. The most popular places for application are the shoulder, ankle, wrist, stomach or chest. To complement the picture you can use a beautiful landscape of a sea sunset or sunrise, or in general depict a dolphin in the form of abstraction. The latter option is usually performed in a folk motif.

Styles, additional elements of the tattoo

Whichever style is not chosen, the image will look beautiful. But nevertheless, before applying the image, it is necessary to choose a sketch of the image and the style in which it will be executed. The drawings carry both a concise style and a narrow color spectrum, as well as a practical realism. Maori style tattoo will be executed in the form of complex shapes, various spirals exclusively in black color. The sign, with the application of the style of realism, will look like a real cultural creation, in dark gray tones on the background of water, the moon, the sun.

Apply other styles - tribal, ethnics, watercolor, old school. As an addition to the drawing apply sea view, sunrise or sunset, flowers, hieroglyphs, abstract drawing in folk ornaments. Painted animal can be in a sailor's suit, chained or pierced with an arrow, with the waves leading the ship. A special feature is the tattoo of the two dolphins, complemented by a symbol of yin and yang - male and female, whose value also indicates the duality of human nature. Performed tattoo in monochrome black or blue-blue, possibly in a colored version, determines the choice of the future owner of the tattoo.


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