Tattoo of a hawk - the meaning for girls and men, variations in performance, location of application (on the arm, forearm, shoulder, chest), beautiful designs, photos and videos

One of the oldest drawings, applied to the human body, is - a hawk in different styles and interpretations. The popularity of such a tattoo lies in the fact that this bird is graceful and graceful. It has courage and steadfastness. Before to put a tattoo of a hawk the person should find associative qualities inherent in this bird.

Hawk tattoo on the shoulder
Tattoo of a hawk on the shoulder, photo from:

History of the hawk tattoo

Nature has gifted hawks with sharp eyesight, as well as incredible strength for such a small animal, consisting in the degree of compression of their claws. This bird is a raptor and an excellent hunter. The hawk can tolerate direct sunlight on its retinas. During flight, a huge wingspan ensures calm soaring at high altitudes. People have noted the peculiarities of this bird's behavior, as well as its ability to descend from the sky, dive sharply, and then rise up again.

There is an opinion that the bird was named because of its excellent vision and manner of flight. From one of the languages "Astr" translates as fast, swift or sharp. Therefore, it has become the epitome of speed, precision and sharpness among people and fans of zoology.

Many peoples of the world have made various legends about the hawk and attributed various symbols to it. Here are a few examples:

  • The Egyptians admired the ability of hawks to soar high in the sky beneath the sun, and therefore associated them with deities. Many gods of Egypt, such as Ra or Horus, were depicted with the heads of hawks. The hawk symbolized freedom, nobility, strength and had a heavenly origin.
  • The Slavs considered the bird a harbinger of victory in battle, and one view of the soaring bird in the sky encouraged soldiers before battle. The hawk was a symbol of the bright forces, even in folk tales, the heroes turned into these birds, which impressed with their proud appearance. It was often depicted on the banner, showing that warriors were serious about the outcome only in their favor.
  • The Scandinavian Vikings compared it to the image of Loki, the god of cunning and deviousness.
  • The Indians understood hawks as the embodiment of the soul of the deceased. They were chipped on totems, and the image on their bodies was painted only to honorable people.

Hawk in the vision of different peoples of the world

This is important! Choosing sketches for a tattoo, it is necessary to pay attention to the historical significance of this or that image, how representatives of other cultures can see it.

What features do they attribute to this bird in different parts of the world? Different peoples attribute the following features to the hawk:

  • With the ancient Egyptians, the hawk was one of the most revered representatives of the animal world, which was even expressed in the ancient Egyptian symbol of the human soul Ka, a mythical creature with a human head and the body of a hawk. The Egyptians saw the bird as the embodiment of courage, strength, the heavenly beginning. Interestingly, such images for the Egyptians also meant a noble origin.
  • In Slavic cultures, the hawk became an embodiment of light forces, the ability to win and striving for victory, freedom. After all, it is the bird-hawk that the legendary good fellows in our folk tales turn into.
  • The Scandinavians saw in the hawk one of the main deities of the ancient pagan pantheon - Loki, god of fire. This character is characterized by cunning and deviousness, love of jokes, sometimes very cruel.
  • American Indians valued the hawk for its courage, nobility, and boldness. Hawk feathers were used to create stunning headdresses for the leaders of the Indian tribes. The hawk symbolized the sun, worshipped by all ancient American civilizations, the bird being the progenitor of mankind.
  • Medieval Europe is the time when people began to widely use the properties of the hawk for hunting. The bird became a symbol of the conqueror, the invader, the hunter. On the coats of arms of many noble families was used the image of this bird as a symbol of courage and fearlessness.
    • To sum up: almost all the peoples of the world hawk symbolizes strength, freedom, determination and nobility. The symbol of the hawk is a conqueror of fire and air, and at the same time, he is faithful to his mate to the end. And that is the meaning of the hawk tattoo given to it in different parts of the world.

      Large colored hawk on a guy's chest
      Large colored hawk on a guy's chest

The meaning of the tattoo hawk

Many people associate hawks with financial independence and absolute power. Therefore, to depict it could only come from the nobility. The aristocracy also often staged a hawk hunt, which people from the lower classes were not allowed and were punished. At that time, the hawk was a symbol of aristocrats, speaking of their nobility and exclusivity.

With ancient peoples, however, the hawk was a symbol of something more than human lust for power. It represented divine power. It was often depicted on totems and considered a symbol of will and the desire to win.

The drawing of a hawk can often be seen in people distinguished by courage and determination. They can not tolerate lies and are always honest with themselves and others. Another distinguishing feature is the loyalty to his second half, because by nature a hawk is a one-lover, that is, he chooses a couple for life. Such a man will definitely get his way, he will not stop the obstacles in his way, but despite his pride, he can be sensitive and kind.

There are several common variations of the execution of the tattoo hawk:

  • A hawk with a cap on his head prepares that the person has some grand plans, for which he is ready to spend all his strength;
  • A bird with a scepter in its talons represents power and complete control over one's own life;
  • A hawk with prey in its talons, suggests that man is ready to go to any measures in order to achieve his goal;
  • The bird with outstretched wings is a symbol of freedom and indomitable strength of spirit, as if one is saying that he is free from the shackles.

There is an opinion that the hawk may endow a person with the power of providence. Such personalities can read other people and look at their whole essence, they will think over a plan of action several times before they start anything.

Characteristics of the tattoo

Chest hawk tattoo

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In nature, this type of bird is predatory. They are aggressive, persistent and purposeful. So the owner of such a tattoo indicates the qualities of his character, similar to this feathered predator. The meaning of the tattoo of a hawk is very original. It indicates a love of freedom, persistence and reliability. With such a person can go into fire and into water. The negative quality is stubbornness. If its owner has thought of something and decided for himself, it will already be difficult to change his mind.

The meaning of tattoos for men

More often than not, fans of hawks tattoos are representatives of the male sex. These young men are distinguished by courage, pride and determination, they bring any case to the end and, despite the obstacles, go straight to their goal. Men with a picture of a hawk choose a worthy partner, he will be faithful to her until the end. A hawk is also a symbol of honor, and the blood always boils in the veins of these people.

Tattoo with a hawk suits those who know how to appreciate life and all it gives, those who are always faithful and honest with themselves and others. They never give up and go all the way to the end of the chosen path, it will help to reach new heights and get the desired.

For women

tattoo hawk on his arm

It is generally believed that the female body as a tattoo suits flowers, patterns and other "light" themes. However, girls no less often than men choose the image of a hawk. The meaning of the tattoo for girls in the first place reports of freedom, persistence in achieving goals and loyalty. A girl values her personal time and will not be dispersed for nothing. It is not inherent to her to run after someone, even if there is a huge attraction. Such a drawing on the body enhances austerity. Tattoo of a hawk is a powerful amulet against evil.

Of course, such an image still choose men. Girls tend to more gentle and feminine drawings. Therefore, it is rare to see a hawk tattoo on a woman's body. The meaning is almost no different from the male version.

In a prison environment.

Tattoos are taken especially seriously in places of detention. In life, you never know ahead of time how things will turn out. It's hard to imagine what will happen if you go to prison with an inappropriate tattoo.

Usually, images of birds on the body are viewed negatively in the Zone. It is perceived as a forced insult. The only exceptions are the eagle and the hawk. Such tattoos are respected by the convicts. They belong to the category of images for thieves and are a symbol of freedom.

The modern world is constantly dictating to us different laws and trends, which we try to adhere to. Take, for example, the fashion industry, which is constantly dictating us new styles of clothing, hairstyles, and appearance in general. An essential attribute, in today's society, to any style is a tattoo. Competently chosen, high-quality performed the image will be a striking addition to any style, whatever you would like to demonstrate: a romantic nature, brutal personality, relaxed or modest. For this it is necessary not just to fill up the first sketch you like, it is important that the tattoo carries a certain message, meaning, and was your continuation. Body art is an ancient art, people have been decorating their bodies with special images for centuries. As before, and today, many people prefer to decorate their bodies with images of wild animals and birds. If earlier people believed that the tattoo was able to convey the strong qualities of the depicted animal to its owner, today such drawings are more a mere decoration. Although, still from antiquity, each tattoo carries in itself a certain interpretation. Take, for example, the hawk tattoo. It is a stunning bird, a graceful, purposeful predator, the hawk will always catch up with its prey. The sketch of a hawk for a tattoo is chosen by both men and women. The bird of prey delights in its beauty, speed, precision and strength. But what is the designation of a tattoo with a hawk? We will tell you about it in this article.

Applying technique

The hawk on the tattoo, as well as other feathered birds (falcon, raven, bullfinch, etc.) looks great in the styles of watercolor, oldskool, realism. The image, made in any of the above techniques, looks as realistic as possible, and the small, well-drawn details give it additional flair. Many hawk tattoo designs depict the bird soaring in the sky with outspread wings or preparing to capture prey. Sometimes one chooses a drawing of a single hawk's head. Such a tattoo can be performed in an engraving style, which is more suitable for men.

Tattoo of a hawk will look favorably on the shoulder, back, hand, forearm. When choosing the area for the drawing, you should consider its size, meaning and technique of work. Make the right choice will help you an experienced tattooist. He will not only give helpful advice, but also prepare an individual sketch for the tattoo, taking into account your wishes.

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