Tattoo of an Owl - types of tattoos, meanings for girls and men, the application sites (on the arm, neck, leg, chest, back), interesting designs and photos

Tattoo of an Owl

Tattoo with an owl Often prefer to do both men and women. Especially beautiful and spectacular looks such a tattoo in the styles of old-school and watercolor.

Tattoo with an owl

Tattoo with an owl

Tattoo with the image of an owl can be read in different ways. Often such a body image do mysterious, enigmatic individuals. Since the owl leads a nocturnal lifestyle, it will be an ideal option for such people. In addition, a body drawing in the form of an owl can mean wisdom and thoroughness of its owner.

Tattoo of an owl on your wrist

Tattoo of an owl on the wrist

Tattoo of an owl on your wrist

Tattoo with a small owl on the wrist

Tattoo of an owl and moon in color

Tattoo with owl and moon in color

Tattoo of an owl on a man's shoulder

Tattoo of an owl on a man's shoulder

Tattoo of an owl on his neck

Tattoo of an owl on the neck

Much in the meaning of an owl tattoo will depend on the chosen place of application. Tattoo with an owl on the left leg will tell about what the owner is prone to introspection. If the tattoo is depicted on the right leg, then, most likely, a person has already chosen his own path in life and is ready to go on it. Also, tattooed owl in girls can tell about the fact that the owner of the tattoo tends to mysticism and seeks knowledge. Tattoo in the form of an owl on the wrist will serve as a personal amulet for its owner.

The meaning of the owl tattoo

Sometimes the tattoo in the form of a mysterious owl is made by the fair sex. Most often girls choose natal images in the styles of new skull or watercolor. Such drawings are colorful and spectacular. A woman with an owl tattoo for sure prone to introspection and probably already chose the path of life.

Representatives of the fair sex with an owl tattoo are wise and often well-read persons. Sometimes such a tattoo with an owl image indicates the mysteriousness of the girl and her desire to protect herself from the outside world.

Often the original tattoo with the image of a powerful owl make the representatives of the stronger sex. Men most often choose images in black and white tones on the back or chest. Sometimes such tattoos are done for beauty, and sometimes, because of the special symbolic meaning. In addition, such a tattoo will be an indication that the man had already decided on the path of life.

A tattoo with an owl will signify the following:

  • wisdom, intelligence.
  • penchant for introspection
  • life choices
  • mystery
  • desire to defend oneself from the outside world

The Role of the Owl in History and Culture

Tattoos of an owl mean wisdom, knowledge, life experience and judgment.. Different peoples relate to these birds in different ways. For example, Japanese consider an owl a harbinger of misfortune, and the Chinese correlate it with the symbol of "Yang. In the past, in Europe, owls were associated with witches and witchcraft, and from the captured birds were made stuffed animals, which should scare away evil in the future.

Tattoo of an owl

But there are those who have a positive attitude to owls. The ancient Greeks considered this bird a companion of Athena, the goddess of wisdom. And the American Indians made a mask of owl feathers and used it as a talisman. In ancient Egypt, owls were extremely respected and even mummified some of them.

Ancient associations

Since ancient times, the owl has been associated with the forces of evil and the embodiment of mysticism. Celtic peoples have always been wary of encounters with these birds because they believed that such encounters would only lead to the onset of misfortune and negativity.

Owls are different from other birds in that they are able to turn their heads to 180 degrees, which makes it easy to follow what is happening around them. They are also excellent night hunters, able to see in the dark as well as during the day, although they prefer to sleep during the day.

People have always been attracted to something unusual and mysterious, the alluring unknown has not yet left anyone indifferent. Thus, they have clearly established themselves as one of the main birds for drawing their image on the body as a tattoo. Everyone gives them their own meaning, but regardless of this their popularity does not diminish at all.

Sketches for girls on the arm

Tattoo of an owl on the hand for girls can be depicted in any suitable style.

The main condition is the choice of a professional master, who fully complies with the rules of safety and guarantees a clear beautiful image.

Watercolor tattoo

Watercolor tattoo is a special unique style. It is chosen by sensitive gentle natures who seek to fix their inner state on the skin.

Watercolor style has the following characteristics:

  • When creating a tattoo, special paints are used, which are diluted with water;
  • The result of the tattoo becomes a light, slightly smeared picture of pastel colors;
  • Watercolor tattoos do not require frequent updating because of the blurred borders between the details.

Tattoo owl on your arm for girls. Photos, meaning, thumbnails

The owl in the watercolor tattoo style is most often performed using 4-5 unsaturated, discreet shades. The tattoo is a drawing with blurred lines, where the outline of the bird can be guessed from the smooth lines depicting the head and plumage. Watercolor owl tattoos are most often done on the forearm or shoulder. To create the appearance of blurred lines and give lightness to the drawing requires a lot of space.

Black and white

Tattoo of an owl on the arm for girls in black and white style is one of the most common options. The owl can be depicted full-length or use pigment to depict the head with a highlighted area that realistically depicts the eyes.

Tattoo of an owl on the arm for girls. Photos, meaning, sketches

An owl look done by a professional craftsman with black pigment makes an impression. Tattoos in black are commonly performed on the wrist near the elbow bend on any part of the forearm.


The geometric style of tattoo is one of the most complex styles. The technique of execution of the owl pattern involves the use of the widest area of the hand. This is dictated by the fact that the image of geometric shapes requires a lot of space. Geometric tattooing requires constant renewal. Applying straight exact lines requires the maximum concentration from the master and implies the obligatory appeal to professional tattooists with experience.

Tattoo of an owl on the arm for girls. Photos, meaning, sketches

Geometric owl tattoos are most often performed in the old-school technique.

Oldschool is a style technique that has numerous characteristic features:

  • The use of black ink or 2-3 colored pigments, strictly combined with each other;
  • the technique allows the use of lettering under the picture;
  • execution of the image in a simple style with the use of clear and smooth lines.

The drawing of an owl is done with black ink, using additional pigments of a white shade. Using a combination of pigments, it is possible to shrink the borders between the strokes, creating an impressive owl plumage.

A small tattoo

Option of applying a small tattoo on the arm is suitable for those girls who do not want the image to be too noticeable for others and do not risk to choose three-dimensional color pictures or pictures of unusual stylistics. Small black and white tattoos applied to any area of the shoulder, forearm or wrist look neat and stylish. They do not require too frequent updating or correction. For small tattoos black, gray, white or red pigments are used.

Options for small tattoos with an owl:

  • An image of a small size owl or an owl with toy, doll eyes;
  • An image of the outline of a head;
  • The image of an owl's gaze in a realistic technique of execution.

Realistic style.

Realistic tattoos are a special group of tattoos. They belong to the hardest style in terms of technique of execution.

Realistic style tattoos have several distinctive features:

  • They are based on beautiful images or photographs;
  • Tattoos are performed in black and white or using different colored pigments;
  • To make the image realistic 3D models are used.

Tattoo of an owl on the arm for girls. Photos, meaning, sketches

The peculiarity of the realistic style is the three-dimensional image. Volumetric achieve by creating shadows on the basis of the contour.

The ornamental style

The ornamental style or ornamental is an Asian style, which exists for many centuries, almost unchanged. Until recently, the Polynesian style was used only to create tattoos on the body of men. Some time ago, the ornamental style began to adjust to modern women. With his help began to apply various drawings depicting birds and animals, flowers and landscapes.

Tattoo of an owl on the arm for girls. Photos, meaning, sketches

To perform a drawing of an owl in a vintage style, it is necessary to position it correctly on the hand. The most suitable for this is the area of the forearm. A feature of the ornamental style tattoos is a large image of an owl almost life-size. The image of an owl in the ornamental style can only be dared by a determined, strong woman. The tattoo, as a rule, occupies the area of the hand from the upper point of the shoulder to the elbow bend or wrist.

The constituent parts of the pattern are depicted in a circle, capturing the inner side of the hand. The image is applied in a color or monochrome style.

There are several options, among which you can choose the most appropriate:

  • Outlining the head with the use of black ink;
  • Highlighting the eyes by using blue or aquamarine pigment;
  • Painting and flattening the plumage with ash gray foundation.


The anime style is particularly favored by young girls. It represents an attractive picture, which does not carry any special semantic load. This option is suitable for girls who do not aim to choose a tattoo with special meaning.

Tattoo of an owl on the arm for girls. Photos, meaning, sketches

Features of the drawing of an owl in the style of anime:

  • The image with short and thick lines;
  • Emphasis on cartoon details (emphasis on the tail, plumage);
  • the image of various accessories (bow, ornaments);
  • drawing large doll's eyes.


Sketch is a new style that is just beginning to develop. The sketch style owl tattoo is a good choice, which is often done by young girls. It is an imitation of a pencil sketch that looks quite attractive.

Features of the sketch style:

  • Performing with black or gray pigment;
  • Creating an image with strokes;
  • The absence of auxiliary pigments.

Tattoo of an owl on the arm for girls. Photos, meaning, sketches

The advantage of sketch style tattoos is the ability to cover up inaccuracies, in addition, sketches do not require regular updates or corrections. Sketch style tattoos can be painted on any area of the arm. Large images are printed on the shoulder, using long and sprawling strokes. On the wrist or section of the forearm, a medium-sized drawing with thin, short strokes is applied.


Trable owl is an image that follows the following rules:

  • application of a clear and even outline;
  • use of sharpening techniques in depicting the ends of the patterns;
  • When drawing an owl, each internal detail is important;
  • when using this style is acceptable combination of saturated colors of the basic palette.

Tattoo of an owl on the arm for girls. Photos, meaning, sketches

Treble is often applied to the entire surface of the hand. The result is a schematic depiction of an owl using patterns and weaves. Tribbles can have Slavic, Celtic or African roots. The drawing of an owl on the entire surface of the hand is most often decided by men, for women it is recommended to use tribbles with the addition of different colors.

Tattoos on the arm for girls are a variety of tattoos. On the shoulder, wrist or forearm you can put the image of birds, animals, flowers. The bird on the hand of a young girl can mean a craving for knowledge, prudence. At the same time, the tattoo of an owl for many will be a symbol of a gloomy and pessimistic attitude towards life. It depends on the color combination, size and style that is chosen when stuffing the sketch.

Women's Tattoos

For women, a tattoo indicates the intelligence and mystique of its owner. In general, women prefer to depict tattoos in the style of "Abstraction" or "Multiplication", so it is not uncommon to see a night raptor in a comic style. Such an image will be worn by a cheerful and carefree girl.

An owl depicted on a girl's body in bright colors speaks of her femininity and tenderness. In addition, the owners of such a tattoo give consent to communication and acquaintance with her.

General recommendations for the use of the image of an owl

A good picture will decorate the body, regardless of the location of the tattoo, but when choosing a place for decoration, it is important to consider a few nuances.

Before applying the tattoo, it is recommended to choose the right sketch and additionally consult with the master, then the tattoo will have a flawless look:

  • large drawings of an owl in flight is best used for application on the back, and the outstretched wings of the bird will create the illusion of the presence of the wings of the tattoo owner;
  • On the forearm look very beautiful large images, but on the wrist will fit a small and symbolic sketch, reminding about the true purpose of the image;
  • Night owl is often depicted on the neck, symbolizing the protection of its owner, no matter what side it is waiting for a threat, because the bird freely rotates its head;
  • Girls most often apply an owl tattoo on the hip, but for men is characterized by an image on the shin, the movement creates a realistic illusion of the flight of the nocturnal bird;
  • Spectacular and luxurious image of an owl on the chest are suitable for members of both sexes and represent the inner freedom and openness to experimentation, bright feelings.

Quite often there are sketches of pictorial subjects in which an owl is depicted with a key in predatory claws. The interpretation of this symbolism is quite simple, it is believed that the key will help open the door to the secret knowledge, with the keyhole is often depicted on the bird.

Realistic full-length owl tattoos

Tattoos in a realistic style most attract the eyes of others and can truly reflect the inner world of a person. Such natal images of owls have their own features, and it is important to know them for everyone who selects a beautiful sketch to decorate their own body:

  • realistic tattoos symbolize the love of an eventful life and a high level of desire for power over themselves and the world around them;
  • owls with highlighted parts of the body, depicted disproportionately, it is a conceptual symbol of renunciation of the hustle and bustle of life;
  • The image of an owl with a clock suggests that the bearer of the tattoo is aware of the transience of time allotted to him life and appreciates every minute of his precious life.

For such personal images are characterized by careful study of all the details and minimalism in the choice of colors.

The realism of the drawing is emphasized by the depth and saturation of color, shadows and shadows that make the tattoo three-dimensional and it seems that the owl is looking right into the soul.

For many people, owl tattoos are not just a beautiful drawing, but a tool of self-expression that helps to emphasize their own individuality.

They can be chosen by a guy or a girl and they look great on different parts of the body, if you choose the right ready-made, or create an individual sketch.

Putting their own meaning into the Owl tattoo, a person gains self-confidence, because he is waiting for transformation and the way to knowledge, on which any obstacles will be overcome.


For women

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