Tattoo the sun - the meaning for girls and men, the location (on the arm, wrist, shoulder, hand), the original sketches, photos and video ideas

The sun, like everything that has ever been part of the cosmological picture of the human world, was one of the first symbols. All ancient peoples worshipped it as a god, it was endowed with amazing supernatural properties. The sun has carried all its symbolism, from the most ancient beliefs to the new mystical teachings, through the centuries.

In the art of tattooing, it is also a multi-valued symbol, but always carrying a positive meaning. Depending on what form it is depicted, what culture it is associated with, and what it is combined with, the tattoo can carry its own semantic connotations. About this in more detail.

Meaning of the tattoo sun

The sun is a symbol of life. It makes the day come, it warms the earth and gives warmth. Without the sun, there would be no life on the planet. This connection people have understood long ago, so the main gods in all pagan beliefs were associated with the sun - Ra in Egypt, Yarilo in Russia, etc. The meaning of the sun tattoo is life, strength, greatness and power.

Tattoo sun on the leg

Tattoo the sun on the leg

Other meanings of the symbol:

- Light - naturally, the sun is associated with light. Its image for many peoples became a kind of talisman and protection, which lights the way of life and brings good luck; - power - the sun tattoo identifies people seeking to lead; - justice - often the sun is associated with the all-seeing eye of God, who observes people from heaven and notices all their actions. The shades of the basic designations of the sun tattoo depend on how exactly the sun is depicted, on the style and composition of the tattoo: - Tattoo sun and moon - the unity of opposites - day and night, light and shadow (similarly interpreted tattoo sun and month). This profound philosophical symbol can be interpreted as a lack of absolute truth, an ideal. Every person and every phenomenon in nature has two sides, and only their combination gives a complete picture. In addition, the sun is considered a carrier of masculine energy, and the moon - the female. So this tattoo can be perceived as an analogue of the Eastern symbol Yin Yang; - Pagan variants of tattoos in the form of the sun, now popular images in the stele tribal and Celtic patterns. However, the most common solar symbol is the swastika. It is now less popular because it is associated with the Nazis, who chose this sign of power as their emblem. However, the swastika is much more ancient sign, which always carries only positive energy; - the rising sun tattoo symbolizes the dawn, awakening, the beginning of something new. This tattoo is widespread in the criminal environment, where it is interpreted as a desire to go free and start a new life; - the sunset tattoo has the opposite meaning and is associated with the end of the path of life, fading, the onset of darkness.

Tattoo sun on the scapula

Sun tattoo on the shoulder blade

Traditionally, the sun is a male symbol and is considered a male tattoo. However, modern girls do not miss the opportunity to put this cheerful positive symbol on the body.

For guys.

The sun, which symbolizes light, wisdom, justice, positive energy is more than suitable for the masculine part of society. It can be applied "for good luck", as a purveyor of endless power, a beautiful amulet, positive changes in life, or as evidence of certain character traits and deeds in the area.

The size of the image can be different - from a small drawing on the forearm to a huge picture in the whole chest or back, where the sun is one of the elements. The neighboring moon will characterize the owner of the nail, as a persistent, do not pass up in front of difficulties man, achieving solutions to complex problems.

Tattoo of the sun on the wrist

Tattoo the sun on the wrist Excellent for those who have decided to make a small tattoo. It can be a colored fireball or a drawing in an ethnic style.

Tattoo sun on the wrist

Tattoo of the sun on the wrist

Tattoo sun on wrist - photo

Tattoo of the sun on the wrist - photo

Tattoo the sun on the wrist

Tattoo of the sun on the wrist

Tattoo sun on your wrist

Tattoo sun on the wrist

Tattoo sun on wrist

Tattoo of the sun on the wrist

Geometry Style

Geometry is a complex style, sometimes incomprehensible, but no less beautiful. It is a collective style based on lines, squares, circles and parallelepipeds. Sometimes the plots are so complex and intricate that it is difficult to discern clearly any object in them. However, for this feature and love Geometry as a tattoo style.

The sun in geometry is depicted in different ways. For example, a circle is printed, which schematically and represents the sun or halo, as well as the rays - either by lines or triangles. Also, sometimes the sun is depicted schematically simply from lines. This looks beautiful and interesting, especially on a woman's dainty arm or shoulder.

Geometry is universal in the size aspect of the tattoo. It is possible to make a large beautiful tattoo in the whole back, however, you will have to work more densely with the subject so that it does not look empty. It is possible to put a sun in Geometry on a part of the chest or on the shoulder, which will also look great on the body of any complexion. For a better choice it is worth to consult in advance with the master in the salon.

Tattoo of the sun on the back

Lovers of large-scale body painting perfectly approach Tattoo the sun on the back. This can be an image of the sun in a large format or the entire composition.

Sun Tattoo on back - photo

Tattoo of the sun on the back - photo

Tattoo sun on back

Tattoo of the sun on his back

Tattoo sun on back

Tattoo of the sun on your back

Tattoo sun on back of girl

Tattoo the sun on a girl's back

Tattoo the sun on a girl's back

Tattoo the sun on a girl's back

Tattoo the sun on a girl's back

Tattoo of the sun on a girl's back

Often you can see the sun god tattoo on the background of tongues of flame, rays or the luminary itself. It looks very interesting.

In the style of Blackwork

Blackwork came to the CIS and RF from the USA, and is still one of the most popular styles. It uses only 1 color. No shadows, no volume, just deep solid black. And, despite the paucity of palette and art part, Blackwork allows you to depict anything and anywhere.

For example, the Sun has found its place in this style, and it is quite a popular symbolism in Blackwork tattoos. It can be depicted simply hammered in black, with rays in the form of tongues of flame. You can score the area around it in black, and leave the sun silhouette itself skin-colored. You should not expect any special frills in design from this style, it is not meant for that.

For tattoos in the Blackwork style choose rather large areas of the body and sometimes even combine them. For example, make a drawing in the whole back, capturing at the same time the chest and shoulders with biceps. Accordingly, the tattoo looks better on a massive body, because the style is more suitable for the male customers with a developed muscular torso.

Tattoo the sun on the chest

Among the men popular variant tattoo the sun on his chest. Usually it is the sunrise, the first rays.

Chest sun tattoo - photo

Tattoo of the sun on his chest - photo

Tattoo sun on chest

Tattoo of the sun on his chest

Plot sun tattoo on chest

Plot sun tattoo on chest

Chest sun tattoo

Chest sun tattoo

Chest sun tattoo

Chest sun tattoo

Chest sun tattoo

Chest sun tattoo

Photo of sun tattoo

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Tattoo Styles of the Sun

Tattoos, which help to hide certain flaws on the skin, are at the peak of popularity. The most common option is a tattoo on scars. If the scar is long enough, the sun tattoo will have to be supplemented with an ornament or other details.

Among the styles popular are realism, ornaments, watercolor, linework, newscool, oriental, etc.

Tattoo sign of the sun - an excellent choice for positive and cheerful people. But do not forget that the main thing is to find an experienced master. Who will develop an individual sketch for you, as well as help you decide on the style and location of the tattoo. The professionalism of the master is the key to success. Such a tattoo will please you for many years. On the other hand, poor-quality work can entail several sessions of correcting the design or even removing the tattoo. So it's better to do well right away, then you won't have to waste time on corrections.

Tattoo of the sun

Pair tattoo of the sun

The cost of the tattoo is calculated by the master individually and depends on several factors: - qualification of the master; - the complexity of the sketch of the tattoo sun; - the size of the tattoo; - the choice of a rare and/or labor-intensive style of application; - the number of sessions.

In any case, the tattoo in the form of the sun will complement your image and become a real talisman that brings good luck.

To make the result pleasing to the eye

Many clients of tattoo salons, and the masters themselves allow the blunder by giving pre-procedural consultation minimum time. Quite in vain! During the exchange is a balanced analysis of the client's wishes, there is a preliminary agreement, which then necessarily must be fixed on paper.

During communication, the client and the master can consider photos of already completed work on the chosen topic, to agree on all the nuances of the sketch. It is not bad if the master will show his diplomas and certificates, testifying about his sufficient qualification.

Places for tattooing

Locations on the body are chosen based on the size of the tattoo, a person's pain sensations and for concealed or open wear. For example, if one wants a medium sized tattoo, but the dress code does not allow it to be worn openly, one may put it on the shoulder blade or chest, and wear it under a shirt or T-shirt. The neck, calves, forearms, shoulders and other areas are fine for open wear. It is best to consult on this matter with a master in a tattoo parlor.

Gravure style

Engraving is a modern trendy style of tattoo that originates from the metal engraving craft of the same name. Only black is used, however, artistically the engraving has a number of unique features. For example, all lines are applied with a slight effect of internal shadow, which allows you to "deepen" the image, as it happens in the engraving on the real metal. That is, the tattoo literally looks like engraved on the body of the wearer.

The sun has also found its place in the Engraving. It is depicted, more often than not, as a separate independent object, with rays, face, with shadows. Sometimes the master at the request of the client can even put a textured pattern, and the tattoo will look really hammered in the metal, which looks creative, beautiful and interesting. Also popular are subjects of a more religious nature, using the symbol of the sun.

Engraving is a versatile style that allows you to make tattoos of any size and in any location on the body. Especially beautiful such tattoos look on flat areas, for example, on half of the chest, on the massive shoulder, shoulder blade or thigh. The choice of location depends directly on the size of the tattoo, the subject and the client's pain threshold.

Popular compositions

The choice of tattoo, sketch and drawing, depends on the style. If one wants to stuff a bright, beautiful and noticeable image, one can choose just the sun as a separate object, and depict it in Watercolor. If one wants to wear something more mystical and mysterious, Engraving and Graphics, depicting a large black sun, would be ideal.

Popular Plots and Places for the Sea Tattoo

Wave Tattoo.

The wave symbolizes the eternal movement, the struggle, the power of the elements. Waves can have both creative and destructive energy. It is worth noting that the sea theme almost always has a dual interpretation.

Tattoo Sea - Tattoo Wave - Sea wave tattoo

Black and White Tattoo of the Sea

Black and white tattoos depicting the sea are usually small drawings of waves, although it is possible that you decide to do a large realism style tattoo in black and white.

Tattoo Sea - Black and White Tattoo Sea - Tattoo Sea chrome

Tattoo Compass and the Sea

The compass symbolizes the search for the right path, a clear course in life and loyalty to its principles. Since ancient times, the compass helped people to find the exact direction of the sea and thus saved from death.

Tattoo Sea - Tattoo Compass and Sea - Tattoo Compass and Sea

Tattoo Sea and Lighthouse

If the sea means immensity, the eternal search and struggle, the lighthouse is a symbol of guiding light. If you want to show in your tattoo that you will never lose your way, always see a way out and salvation in any situation, then the image of the lighthouse and the sea is very suitable for such a tattoo.

Tattoo sea - Tattoo Lighthouse - Lighthouse and Sea

Tattoo of the Sea Inscription.

As a rule, the inscription with the sea theme is chosen by girls. Most often it is a short succinct expression that means love and commitment to the sea.

Tattoo sea - Tattoo sea - Sea tattoo

Small Tattoo of the Sea

Minimalistic sea symbols are very popular with the nautical theme. For example, you can get a small schematic wave tattoo on your wrist. Small tattoos serve less for aesthetics and attention, but have equal meaning to a large image.

Sea Sleeve Tattoo.

Sea sleeves are an image of a raging sea or a vibrant underwater world. The sea holds many secrets and riches. The underwater world of the sea is full of bright colors, beautiful inhabitants, unusual reliefs. Realism style sleeve on the sea theme will not leave anyone indifferent to your tattoo.

Tattoo sea - sea sleeve tattoo - sea sleeve tattoo

Tattoo of the Sea in a Circle

Sea tattoos are often performed in geometric shapes. Especially popular are tattoos in a circle, as the circle is close in meaning to the sea. The circle symbolizes infinity and perpetual motion. The combination of the sea and the circular shape enhances the meaning of the tattoo.

Tattoo Sea - Black and White Tattoo Sea - Tattoo Sea chrome

Tattoo Sea for Two

A tattoo for a couple, a symbol of love and fidelity, can be dedicated to the sea. It can have different messages for example, you confess to the man that your feelings for him are endless, like the sea. Or your acquaintance took place at the sea and then these tattoos will have a special meaning for your couple.

Tattoo Sea - Tattoo Sea for Couples - Tattoo Sea

In the style of Polynesia

Polynesia is a very interesting style, which is often called "tablecloth" because its weaves and patterns resemble an intricate knitting. Moreover, although the style uses only black, it has the ability to depict almost anything schematically.

The sun in Polynesia is depicted as a flat circle with different patterns both inside and outside. That is, there are virtually no unpainted areas in the object itself. Especially chic such a tattoo looks on the massive shoulders, chest, or on these two areas of the body together, if the picture is large enough.

Graphic Style

Graphics is a unique style, both in terms of artistic value and in the aspect of tattooing. It is best suited to those who like gothic motifs with a touch of mysticism. Graphics uses only black color, however, the style is very rich in artistic techniques. In fact, tattoos in Graphics, are almost paintings on canvas in the same style as can be seen in large quality tattoos.

Graphics is a style of scale, allowing you to give your imagination free rein. Of the subjects with the sun, the image of the black sun over the battlefield, a field literally strewn with dead soldiers, stands out in particular. They also depict the sun with the outline of a face or even a bird inside it. The subject of the sun with flaming rays, which sets behind the mountains, is in particular demand.

Since the style is rich in story compositions, the tattoo can be done for any place on the body. Large compositions are tattooed on the entire back, while capturing the waist and sides of the torso. The same applies to the chest, which is taken along with the abdomen and the sides of the torso. For medium paintings, the shoulders, part of the chest, games, forearms, thighs are better suited. For miniature subjects, you can choose hands, feet and even the neck - it all depends on the tattoo itself and the pain threshold of the client.

Linework Style

Linework style is a bit like Geometry, but has a number of its key features. As the name implies, the style is based on line work. They form the entire plot. Lines can be curved, straight, thick, thin, or anything. This style predominantly uses only black, but it has almost no artistic elements such as shadows and volume.

Since Linework drawings are more schematic, there is not much variety in the subjects of this style, except for the intricacy of the patterns. The sun is depicted by lines, may have intertwining, rays, which are drawn in the form of entanglements of different lines. Also the sun can have a halo, depicted also by lines, but already thicker.

Lianework is a fairly compact style, which is more suitable for medium-sized tattoos. Therefore, and locations on the body are chosen accordingly. Great suit shoulders, chest, neck, thighs, calves, shoulder blades, parts of the torso, lower back and even the neck. That is, the choice of places is quite large, both for open wear, as well as for hidden.


For women

For men