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We propose to understand the meaning of tattoos in the form of a crane. Even the Egyptians called this bird nothing but the sun. The Romans compared cranes to the most positive human qualities, namely loyalty, virtue, friendliness and willingness to help those in need. According to ancient prophecies, the souls of dead people can turn into birds. One Caucasian legend tells that the souls of warriors who died on the battlefield can turn into cranes. Cranes were always treated with great care and respect.

Inhabitants of Oriental countries imbued cranes with special qualities. The Chinese believed that these birds were mediators between different worlds. Our ancestors were sure that they accompany angels, as well as the souls of the deceased. The Chinese claimed that it is the higher powers that send birds to our land. And not just for fun, but with a special mission. There was a legend that cranes could reincarnate in a man. These birds allegedly often became wanderers and ministers of the church. It was even said that such cranes that reincarnated as humans had a penetrating and special look. For this reason, all strangers in need were to be treated with reverence.

The crane pair has always been distinguished by loyalty. That's why it was considered the embodiment of fidelity and love. Sometimes even embroidered cranes, hoping to find happiness.

For residents of the Land of the Rising Sun, this bird has always been sacred, and also symbolized health, longevity, and happiness. According to a well-known omen, it is necessary to make a thousand paper cranes for a dream to come true.

According to Slavic beliefs, these birds were also messengers of God. Once upon a time, cranes were believed to carry the souls of the deceased to the other world in the fall. And in the spring, birds guard the souls of babies who should soon be born.

The meaning of crane in different cultures

Crane in any culture carries a positive reaction. It is a kind image, which as if adorns its owner. The bird is revered by almost all peoples. They are idealized and made extremely positive characters.

Japan attributes to the crane a symbolic meaning associated with happiness, longevity and wisdom. To this and beautiful traditions, such as thousands of cranes out of paper in the technique of origami - the key to the fulfillment of the most cherished dreams. The crane is always a herald of good news. Warriors of the East have always found in the symbol of the crane inspiration for battle, a call to noble victory and exploit for the sake of their people.

In Rome, the meaning of the bird did not go far from the Eastern meaning of virtue and loyalty, friendly disposition and great wisdom. For ancient Egypt, the crane was peace and prosperity, it was worshipped as the sun, and saw the earthly manifestation of the luminary in the beautiful aristocratic bird.

In the East, in China, there is a real legend, saying that the crane is a messenger of God. With his image became associated not only longevity, but also immortality. About the same say and legends of the Slavs. Precisely the Russian crane became a conductor and a subtle link between the living and the dead.

It was believed that it was in the autumn that they carried their souls to the other world. This was reflected in folklore, and later literary works. There was a legend about the human soul, which gets an opportunity to return to the world in the form of a crane.

One crane in the sky promised a wedding, and a crane wedge promised family replenishment. The negative meaning of the bird took root only in India, where the bird by some chance began to bring trouble and misfortune.

Definitely the bird has magical powers and acts as a talisman and amulet for a bright carefree and happy future.

Tips for tattoos

We must remember that in some peoples tattoo crane has negative meanings - betrayal or a harbinger of misfortune. Basically it is the Indian peoples, and it should be taken into account for those who plan to frequently visit India or to live in Indian territories.

Sketches of the crane tattoo for men and women also differ, as well as the usual meanings. In particular, drawings for the stronger sex are usually more laconic and large, and for women they choose subtle and beautiful images of gentle and meek birds.

If necessary, the master can do the work in different styles, and as a result the image can be very original and even avant-garde. However, in this case you should first prepare a sketch and try to put it on the skin in the right place with a gel pen - this will allow you to determine exactly whether you really need exactly this tattoo, and what should be changed in it.

And of course you have to remember about safety - only sterile tools and disposable needles should be used for tattoos, these needles are unpacked by the master in front of the visitor. This provides protection against infection. After the image is applied, there may be inflammation, but this is normal. It is necessary to treat the skin according to the recommendations of the master, and monitor your own condition - if your condition deteriorates, you should consult a doctor.

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The meaning of the tattoo

  • A person who decided to score a tattoo in the form of a crane, associates himself with a wise man, fair, able to love and give love.
  • If there is a stone next to the crane - you can understand, the person is focused, very vigilant and attentive to everything that meets in his way.
  • A pair of cranes is most often stuffed as a sign of great love and promises lifelong loyalty to their partner.
  • The pursuit of a dream and a reminder of a great life goal is another meaning of the tattoo.
  • A symbol of a pure soul.
  • The desire to live a long and happy life is another reason to think about a tattoo in the form of a crane.

Very often the use of such a theme refers to a special love for the East. Japanese motifs, in particular, are among the most popular in the reproduction of the crane on the body.

Where is the tattoo located?

Usually cranes are depicted on the arms - in analogy with the wings or on the shoulder blades and back, less often on the hip with the same message that the tattoo becomes a kind of wings for the person. The image of a crane takes up quite a bit of space and is great for covering up scars or other problems of an imperfect body.

When thinking about a tattoo, keep a sketch in mind. It will help you avoid a misstep when working on your tattoo. Cool masters often have youtube channels and are active internet users, where you can watch their work and technique - a good way to understand the future procedure.

A stork on the body is a good idea for a gift, for example for a guy for his birthday. It is not trivial and shows deep feelings, a memory for life about this day. However, it is worth remembering about appropriateness.

Technique of execution

"Paper" style in body painting organically combines with other styles. For example, origami tattoo sketches originally look in the style of linework. They are distinguished by their brevity, the clear geometric lines, the predominance of one color. Such pictures are better to do in a small size, then they will look beautiful on the wrist, arm or stomach.

Tattoo in the style of watercolor attracts its airiness and tenderness, and the composition resembles a watercolor drawing. A distinctive feature of the technique is the predominance of pastel colors and blurred outlines. Watercolor is mainly preferred by girls, as the drawing emphasizes their femininity.

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