Tattoo a dolphin: meaning, sketches, photos of male and female options

With each passing day the drawing of tattoos on the body becomes more and more popular, because in this way, girls and men are trying to express their individuality, to demonstrate the features of their character. Almost everyone does not think about the hidden meaning of this or that image, putting into it its own meaning. However, before applying the tattoo on the body it is necessary to study the sacred meaning of symbolism, because it is not always a good meaning.

Among the most popular images is the dolphin, which is in demand among the fairer sex, as well as among men. The reason is that the dolphin is considered the friendliest creature on the planet. He captivates people with his gracefulness, attractive appearance and well-developed intelligence. Dolphins are always positive, adults and children like them, they are playful and lift the spirits of those around them. It is these qualities that made the dolphin tattoo very popular.

The image of this animal has been used since ancient times. For example, the Greeks believed that the dolphin is the embodiment of love and passion, because they are the only animals that can have sex not only for reproduction, but also for pleasure. In Egypt, the dolphin was associated with kindness, the power of nature, motherhood, and healing abilities. The dolphin was the embodiment of kindness, positive energy, and wisdom. Now it is a strong amulet, which can protect its bearer from external problems and factors affecting human life.

The meaning of the tattoo dolphin

The meaning of the dolphin tattoo may come from antiquity and be based on mythology and pagan beliefs:

  • Two dolphins according to Chinese beliefs are a classic Yin-Yang symbol. The union of masculine and feminine energy, their struggle and interrelationship. In a more modern interpretation, the meaning of the tattoo two dolphins can be interpreted as love, fidelity, family values;
  • The Celts considered dolphins to be the main representatives of the water element, and as a consequence, symbols of purification, deliverance from past sins and the beginning of a new life;
  • for North American Indians the dolphin became the personification of wisdom and goodness;
  • The ancient Greeks and Romans saw dolphins as guides for souls to the netherworld. In addition, dolphins were associated with Poseidon and were called the kings of the sea;
  • The Egyptians believed dolphins were companions of the goddess of the moon, a symbol of maternity, femininity and healing;
  • The Etruscans believed that the dolphins carried the gods.

Thus, in all cultures the dolphin was perceived only from a positive point of view. Accordingly, and dolphin tattoos have a positive energy. They carry a calm and good mood.

In addition, in order to understand what a dolphin tattoo means, it is necessary to know its behavior in nature:

  • There are many known cases where dolphins come to the aid of people, saving drowning people. Because of this, the dolphin became a symbol of help in a difficult situation, of kindness, as well as a symbol of salvation, in a religious context - the salvation of the soul;
  • For many people the dolphin symbolizes prosperity - his life is quiet and at the same time exciting, full of adventures;
  • dolphin tattoos can mean sexuality and sensuality, because dolphins are the only ones, except for people, who have sex for fun;
  • The high intelligence of these mammals has made them symbols of intelligence, wisdom, and a thirst for knowledge.

The dolphin tattoo is popular with both women and men. However, due to the lack of natural aggressiveness and soft values of the dolphin can often be found with the fairer sex.

Also this tattoo can be seen at inveterate travelers, sailors and fans of water sports.


A dolphin is a very intelligent mammal that has a special relationship with the man. In different cultures, the animal is seen from its own perspective. The most popular interpretations of this symbol are:

  • Friendliness and playfulness. People who are characterized by these positive qualities, can score on his body with the image of these smart animals.
  • Speed and Agility. These qualities are also peculiar to the dolphin. They also may form and the person who decided to score themselves a dolphin.
  • Nobility. This interpretation is explained, most likely, by the fact that dolphins often saved the drowning.

Dolphin tattoo for men

Tattoos with dolphins are preferred by calm, positive, cheerful men.

There is no definite answer to the question of what a dolphin tattoo means to men. It can be wisdom, readiness to help, kindness, etc.

Often men choose the Maori dolphin tattoo. The tribal style patterns look very interesting and masculine. And the Polynesians themselves considered the dolphin a symbol of friendship.

The meaning of the Celtic tattoos Dolphin - a new life, the pursuit of their dreams, purification from the past.

If there is a choice between the dolphin and the whale, the men often give preference to the whale tattoo.

Tattoo variations

Here there are no restrictions. Dolphin contours can be any size, and be placed on any part of the body. People are especially fond of the colorful images in the style of Yin-Yang (when two animals are circling each other), as well as in the marine outfit (it is often stuffed with representatives of the Navy). The most popular place to place a tattoo was the male forearm. Women, on the other hand, prefer to put animals on thin places: ankles, wrists, neck. Thereby revealing to the world its femininity and grace.

Based on all of the above, we can judge the owner of such a tattoo as a positively attuned man. Believing in their good luck and dreams.

Tattoo of a dolphin for girls

Girls choose the dolphin much more often, because its value corresponds more exactly to the female character - softness, light cheerful disposition, beauty. Often in their tattoos girls emphasize their femininity with additional details. Tattoo of a rose with a dolphin - a symbol of romance, love, tender feelings.

Often use the Egyptian version of the interpretation, where the dolphin was considered a symbol of motherhood. To emphasize this designation of the dolphin tattoo, it is depicted together with the dolphin.

Among the styles girls prefer realism and old skool. Interesting looks dolphin watercolor tattoo.

Tattoo with two dolphins and more

To the choice of tattoo, its color and style should be taken with all responsibility. The drawing of two or more dolphins will go with you throughout life. Long known to all that a tattoo can change destiny.

Dolphin drawing techniques

There are quite a few painting techniques for beginners, but not every one of them can be used right away. Some types of painting require practice, experience and certain artistic skills. Among the huge variety of drawing techniques the following should be noted:

  1. Drawing with a simple pencil.
  2. Drawing with watercolors.
  3. Drawing with pastel.

All of these presented techniques are available for mastering even for inexperienced masters.

Drawing the background

If a dolphin jumps out of the water according to the idea, it is necessary to draw the horizon line. The higher the dolphin will be depicted in the jump, the easier it will be to draw the background and make the ocean look like the real one.

You won't have to draw the splashes created by the fin when the dolphin dives out. Wavy lines will be able to draw the waves. At the very line of each wave the water must be a little lighter, and then the colors must thicken.

Clouds in the sky can easily be drawn without outlines by using short strokes with a simple pencil, changing the pressure on the lead. Clouds can have a clear silhouette, if you draw them with oval lines first, and then paint them in white-gray, milky-white shades.

Dolphins are friends with people, so you can draw a ship or boat, but at a distance. They rarely swim up to the ships, but can swim beside them for a long time, as if trying to get acquainted with the amazing iron fish, to make a friendship.

If the dolphin is supposed to swim underwater, you can draw seaweed and other fish next to it. There are many underwater plants. They can grow on the bottom, from this be inconspicuous.

Most often depicted is algae with long leaves, similar to ribbons, stretching to the surface. They are easy to draw and such algae can float not only at the bottom, but also at a height in the water column, where dolphins spend most of the time.

It is not difficult to draw an electric stingray, to make the plot of the picture more fascinating:

  1. His torso is shaped like an arrowhead. It is necessary again to draw the central axis, then a triangle around the axis.
  2. Straight or slightly rounded line should circle the sides of the triangle, and depict the base with a wavy line.
  3. Draw a curved tail.

A stingray and a dolphin can swim together or towards each other. Together with them can swim urchin fish or starfish, jellyfish.

The picture will turn out beautiful, although, having learned to draw a dolphin, to fix the skill it is better to practice drawing it - a family of dolphins to depict, two dolphins. If there is room left on the canvas, other aquatic inhabitants.

Tools and materials

As for most of our pencil drawing workshops, you will not need a large set of materials. Chances are, you already have all of these at home. And if not, you can buy all the materials at any stationery store.

So, for master classes on drawing dolphins You will need:

  1. HB drawing pencil
  2. Drawing paper 200g/m3
  3. Eraser
  4. A clerical knife for sharpening a pencil
  5. Colored pencils

This is the minimum set of materials that you will need in drawing. By the way, it is better to take thicker paper, at least a landscape page, because office paper is very thin, only 80 g/m3 and the drawing will not look very good on such paper.

All pencils should be sharpened before drawing so that it is easy and comfortable to draw, and so that nothing distracts you in the process.

The stylistics of the dolphin body image

Before you apply a tattoo, you should choose an image and firmly choose a style of application. Often, dolphin tattoos are characterized by their unique realism, or, conversely, a narrow spectrum of color and brevity. The list of styles that have similar characteristics include Maori and realism tattoos.

Maori tattoos

When performing this kind of drawings use different complex forms, spirals, preferably in black. The dolphin in this case is depicted in the form of outlines and symbols.


This style of tattoos are not just pictures, but really whole masterpieces. Most often dolphins are depicted in black and gray colors. In the background of the picture perform its habitat, the moon or the sun.

Coloring a drawing

Looking at the picture, you can only wonder how good dolphin turned out, how easy it is to draw.

Now you can paint with watercolors, colored pencils, black art sauce, pressed art charcoal, a simple pencil, shading the lines.

The dolphin's body has a heterogeneous coloring. The back is a beautiful gray-blue color that flows smoothly to the belly in white and gray. But there are no spots or stripes. By rasterizing the lines, you can most accurately, harmoniously convey the change in shades.

For volumetric drawing, the sketch is also suitable. True, you can safely draw a dolphin in the center of the sheet. It should be large enough to be easy to glue the paper volume elements.

In addition, you will have to glue them with a minimum of force, the method of dotting glue, overlapping leaves. From a distance the picture will look more advantageous than up close.

A large dolphin is more suitable for this respectively. A child can cope even without the help of adults with the creation of a three-dimensional character.

He will look great if the picture will hang on the wall, put on a bookshelf.

Techniques for tattooing

Dolphin tattoo is the most popular in the styles of realism, watercolor, old-school. Such images are colorful and rich, look natural and spectacular. The above-mentioned techniques are often used for body paintings of animals, birds and plants. If you want an original and individual drawing, you can get a tattoo in any other style (for example, in graphics or newskool).


A small dolphin will look cute on your leg, wrist or shoulder blade. This option is especially relevant for girls. Men can opt for large compositions. Such will decorate the shoulder or back. For example, a large-scale tattoo with the sea depths and its inhabitants will be an extraordinary and exclusive solution

Sketches of tattoos of dolphins in a large number can be found on the Internet and pick up the most suitable option. Before making an independent decision, consult with a professional tattooist, who will advise in what style is better to issue your chosen photo.

Interesting video

Photos of tattoos

How to draw a dolphin

You need to draw it step by step:

  1. Having chosen on the canvas the sector in which it should be located, it is necessary to draw a line at right angles to the edges of the sheet.
  2. Another line at an angle of 20-30 degrees with respect to the first - a vector to convey the trajectory of movement.
  3. Then divide the line into 4 parts.
  4. On the place of the two parts in the center draw an oval. You can do this with a ruler-pencil or by hand. This will be the body of the dolphin.
  5. On one side of the vector, draw a circle that takes up the whole area of the fourth part, slightly beyond the area of the oval. This will be the dolphin's head.
  6. You should draw an oval to the circle, with a cut edge at the head - the dolphin's nose.
  7. On the remaining section of the line of an oval-tail.
  8. Go around a smooth line elements, creating a contour of the fish.
  9. On the tail draw a fin.
  10. Two small fins on the body next to the head.
  11. On top of the body a little further from the center of the oval toward the tail of the upper fin.
  12. Need to erase the lines of the geometric base, leaving only the outline.
  13. Draw small parts. In particular, the line that divides the nose of the whale on top and bottom. The upper should be larger in width than the lower. Then the eyes in the form of dots next to it.


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