Pair tattoos for two lovers: 100 beautiful ideas

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The beginning of a romantic relationship is a period that is filled with bright colors. Lovers dress in the same color scheme, purchase similar rings, pay attention to bright sunsets, etc.

Lovers who want to live together for many years make themselves beautiful double tattoos as a sign of commitment to each other. And you can be inspired by the ideas you will find in this article.

Paired tattoos - a way to capture your love in the form of a drawing on the bodies of both

The symbolism of love is the most popular when choosing couples tattoos. At the beginning of a relationship, lovers are sure that their feelings are eternal. Therefore, they want to capture their love in the form of a drawing on the bodies of both, and do it often in prominent places.

Pair tattoo states to everyone else that the lovers have decided to link their fates together and want to show everyone that they are in a relationship.

Love tattoos look very delicate and neat and indicate the romanticism of both natures. Of course, often the initiators of such drawings are girls, but guys agree to the tattoo for the sake of their lovers.

Minimalism: the meaning of the style and its features

Minimalism is the most popular style, embodying the modern way of life. Most believe that the simplicity and brevity of the style is the best way to express individuality, because it manifests itself in different ways: in clothing, in design and even in lifestyle.
The peculiarity of the minimalist style is that a person puts more meaning into the content than into the outer shell. Despite its simplicity, there is a great deal of meaning in it. The manifestation of style is to discard everything superfluous and give importance to something really important.

Original tattoo ideas for couples in love

Couples in love love love ideas for tattoos that will only be understood by those in love. They carry a hidden meaning that has a special meaning only for the two of them.

Often, couples choose either an inscription for a tattoo or a drawing. Both look very romantic and show strong feelings for each other. Tattoo master can offer to score a drawing, a neat sketch or an inscription in a foreign language.

Thematic tattoos for girlfriends

Not uncommon solution for paired tattoos is absolutely the same image, made in the same style. Perfectly looks a small sketch with a place of acquaintance, an interesting situation. It can also be the date or time of acquaintance. Many make coordinates or the position of the stars at the moment of acquaintance or any important event. Various inscriptions, constellations, plants in a variety of manifestations - all of these choose close girlfriends for tattoos.

Beautifully look tattoos on the memory of joint travels. These can be small planes, palm trees or mountains, a point on the map, the date of the start of the trip or any episode that one would like to remember forever. Interestingly, such tattoos are sure to be unique as they reflect your personal story and emotions at the time.

Inscriptions for couples tattoos when you want a tattoo with meaning

Tattoos for couples on the arm are often done in the form of an inscription. Because this option is better than doves and hearts. And besides lovers in this way personalize the tattoo, making it unique only for them two.

Creating an individual inscription for tattoos, lovers should listen to themselves and their inner voice. Show a little imagination with your lover, and then a simple drawing will carry a special meaning for you.

The formidable element

Picking up for the tattoo sketches with fire, with flames, it is necessary to know the cultural associations that such a story inevitably causes. And they are as follows:

  • In all cultures it is clearly seen that fire means the divine and heavenly beginnings;
  • it is endowed with contradictory traits (it devours almost everything while remaining insatiable, it is simultaneously associated with volcanoes and lightning, it is dangerous and useful, it serves man and opposes him);
  • fire, finally, contributes to the separation of man from the elements (in the same measure as the ancient mastery of the art of making inscriptions).

Paired tattoo for husband and wife on the arm as a sign of fidelity to each other

Lovers often give special attention to tattoos. Feelings are heightened and one wants to swear allegiance to the loved one for life, even through a tattoo. In this case, preference is given to spontaneous ideas, crazy and even daring.

Others choose paired tattoos for husband and wife with meaning, because they understand the seriousness of such a step. The tattoo in this case can be simple, a simple drawing or inscription, but for them it has a great meaning.

Widespread joint tattoos for couples on the wrist. Represented in most cases, a bracelet, half an inscription or the same pattern.

Same tattoos for girlfriends

Of course, the friends who decided to get a tattoo are probably close in spirit. In such a case, there are almost always common interests, stories and adventures. It is these that are mostly used as the basis for creating a drawing. The most popular option is the same drawing for two people. This emphasizes the fact that friendship is important to you and plays a big role in your own life. As a rule, in this case, girls choose pictures and symbols that denote friendship or strong family ties. It can also be something meaningful, known only to you. Popular and simple, concise drawings, such as hearts, stars, crowns, geometric shapes and more.

Sketches of double tattoos for lovers for inspiration

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It is possible to put a mini tattoo on any area of the body, but the most popular are the neck, collarbones, hands and fingers, ankles and feet. Small tattoos can often be seen on these areas. Large size tattoos are found on the forearm, under the chest, on the thighs, on the arms from the hand to the elbow.


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