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There are a variety of tattoo styles - even a relatively experienced master sometimes finds it difficult to navigate and understand them. What to say about a beginner. The portal tattoo-sketches will give you a kind of excursion through the world of tattoos, telling about different styles.

In particular, on the pages of our site you will learn

  • What styles of tattoos exist;
  • How they are applied to the body;
  • What their differences and peculiarities;
  • To whom they are suitable and why.

Such information will be extremely useful for those, who is only looking for "your" style and wishes to inflict on your body a unique, unique image, accurately reflecting the character and inner world of the person.

Variety of tattoo styles

It is probably impossible to name the exact number of styles. There are so many that it would take a long time to list them all. Briefly we shall mention only main of them.

For example, one of the most popular trends are ethnic tattoos, reflecting the cultural characteristics of a particular nation. In turn, the ethnic style is divided into several sub-styles:

  • Celtic;
  • Indian;
  • and others.

Also in demand are tattoos in the style of old-school, characterized by brightness and richness of the drawings. What is interesting, similar images can be worn by representatives of absolutely any social strata.

Mention should also be made of Oriental motifs. They combine several directions at once:

  • Chinese;
  • Japanese;
  • Indian;
  • and many others.

This direction implies the application of hieroglyphs, corresponding symbols and so on. For instance, both men and women like to paint hieroglyphs on visible parts of the body. The main thing is to find out beforehand what this or that character means.

In general, we can enumerate the styles for a long time. So, among the other most popular and popular mandatory mention deserve such directions as:

  • fantasy;
  • Dotwork;
  • blackwork;
  • biomechanics;
  • and others.

More details about each style mentioned in this article, as well as many others, are described in the thematic materials on the Tattooink website.

After reading our materials, you can more precisely understand what style attracts you more than others. And it is not necessary to chase a "fashion" - the world of tattoo is specific, and fashionable today tattoo already will not be such in a year. You have to wear the image for many, many years, so it is important that it corresponds to your soul and inner world.


Tattoos with a variety of flowers and vegetation are among the universal images, which are equally popular among girls and guys. The visitors of tattoo salons express especial love to roses or clover, but it does not mean at all that it is impossible or forbidden to decorate yourself with other images in this subject. Very delicately and exquisitely look spikelets and flowering twigs, silhouettes of dandelions or leaves of a fern. The choice is very large and multifaceted, as well as the world of floristics. Worn jewelry can be quite tiny and consist of thin strokes and lines, or, on the contrary, catch the eye and be brightly outlined. Tattoos depicting flowers, twigs, leaves or buds look harmoniously on the foot, ankle, any part of the hand, on the neck, collarbone or shoulder blade.

How Tattoo Styles Changed

Over the years, tattoo styles have come a long way. If initially the body art represented simple nailings of lines, then later they became full-fledged paintings.

Today, the styles of tattoos are so diverse that there are even realistic images among them. Sometimes it's amazing how masters manage to create incredible beauty masterpieces. Fantastic colorful images with smooth transitions of colors, shades, shadows. And about the symbolism in general do not have to talk - in the pictures is hidden a certain sense!

If you look at the styles of tattoos with photos, you can find a lot of interesting trends. In each of which lies a special philosophy.

Butterflies - for light and gentle girls

Butterflies also symbolize the love of life, self-confidence, love of freedom. But do not underestimate such girls, as they have a sharp mind and a peculiar character.

Basic tattoo styles with examples

Let's take a look at the main styles of tattoo art that are most popular today. The formation of the styles listed below was influenced by various national, cultural, youth and even criminal trends and currents. As a result there were formed really unique types of tattoos which seized the world and gained love of millions of people in all corners of the globe.

  1. Old-school - appeared almost 100 years ago, but today again at the peak of popularity. The main elements are anchors, sailing ships, swallows.
  2. New School - this trend is not even 50 years old. The rave cultures of the 80s had a direct influence on its formation.
  3. Celtic - intricate patterns, weaves, spirals and ornaments. As well as patterns formed by individual patterns of leaves, birds, etc..
  4. Oriental Tattoo Style or Japanese - the main elements of this direction are samurai, dragons, marine themes. Such tattoos are supposed to cover the whole body.
  5. Biomechanics is one of the most striking types of tattoos. Assumes the image of gears, mechanical devices that seem to tear the skin. If you look at such styles of tattoos from the photo, you can understand how difficult it is to apply them.
  6. Chicano - this trend appeared in the Latin American ghettos in the United States. If you look at the sketches of tattoos in the Chicano style, in spite of their criminal origin, you can see that they are widely used the faces of the Virgin Mary, Jesus. This is due to the religiosity of Latin Americans.

Of course, there are other styles of tattoos, which today enjoy unwavering popularity among fans of this type of art. More details about them are told in the thematic articles of our portal. There you can read about the history of the trend, the peculiarities of drawing, the most characteristic images for this trend and their symbolism.

Men's variations

Light and simple tattoo designs for the stronger sex in most variations are drawings of medium or small size, which can be placed on the shoulder, leg, neck, chest or wrist. As a rule, these are various images of fauna, sketches with elements of geometry or abstraction, tattoos with religious components or amulets. Very often there are drawings on maritime themes with images of ships, anchors, compasses or pirate attributes, as well as neat inscriptions and simple patterns, the symbolism of which is a demonstration of strength, courage, fortitude, purposefulness or sketches, suggestive of reflection on the meaning of life, love and human relationships. Men's tattoos are distinguished by darker colors, restraint and brevity, so they are usually performed in the technique of miniature, geometry, graphics, Dotwork, ornamental, ethnics and so on.

Five rules, how to choose the style of tattoo

We have prepared for you five rules, focusing on which, you will be able to understand what exactly the direction to choose.

  1. Do not rush to go to the master as soon as you have chosen a certain design. Wait a few days or weeks. This way you can clearly understand if you really like the chosen direction. By the way, during this time you will also be able to understand if you even want to walk around with a tattoo or if it was a momentary impulse.
  2. When choosing a style of tattoo, you should definitely consult with the master to whom you want to apply. First, it is not the fact that he works in the direction you want and then you will have to look for another master. Secondly, he will suggest you what and how to modify the sketch in order for the image to look perfect.
  3. By the way, looking through the sketches of tattoos in the style that appeals to you, keep in mind that there are no temporary tattoos. And if you suddenly change your mind after the tattoo has already been applied to your body, you will have to endure the picture! So choose carefully!
  4. Take into consideration your lifestyle. For instance, some styles involve drawing pictures on large areas of the body. If there is a strict dress code at your work, then you should choose only those sketches that can be hidden under your clothes.
  5. Do not choose the same style of tattoo as your significant other. Believe me, you won't look very good next to each other. To put it mildly. In general, others may have the impression that you belong to some kind of fraternity or sect.

Types of designs

Such a direction of tattoos, though characterized by simplicity, but does not oblige you to stop the choice on the drawings of a certain theme. These designs amaze with their diversity and are quite popular among representatives of both sexes. Very originally look at the body image animals, various drawings on a floral theme, unusual patterns, amulets, symbols, letters, tattoo-inscriptions and neat mini-images. And this of course is not the whole list. Wear jewelry can represent only an outline outlined in a thin line or show a detailed drawing. The choice depends only on your preference.

Tattoo styles as an opportunity to demonstrate your worldview

Each style of tattoo is a separate world. He reflects a certain philosophy, worldview. When choosing a particular direction, it is necessary to take into consideration your life principles and priorities. Only then you will be able to pick up the pattern that will match your inner world.

Our site presents various styles of tattoos and their detailed descriptions. A lot of drawings, sketches will allow you to better understand the philosophy of a particular direction and realize whether it suits you!

If you want to get a unique design, which has no analogues, use the appropriate button on our site. The wizard will contact you and, having listened to your wishes, will draw a really original sketch!


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