Couples tattoos: 80 great ideas for couples in love, sisters and real friends

Couples tattoos are an ambiguous move that puts the stability of a relationship at stake. Such tattoos are usually done by those who are confident in each other. The semantic meaning of the paired tattoo is determined by the owners of

Paired tattoos: the symbolic component

There is such a number of tattoos, in the images of which the meaning is initially laid. Its symbolism is usually manifested by the combination of tattoos with each other. Looking at such natal drawings, one gets the feeling that its format was deliberately divided and deliberately made on different people. Full-fledged compositions on the body are obtained by combining drawings, but one by one such images look a bit flawed. Most feelings are expressed through a picture on the body. Choosing a paired picture, one should put in it a deep meaning, which would be equal in importance for both of them. You can not be irresponsible in the choice of a paired tattoo.

How to choose a sketch of the tattoo in relation to the place on the body?

Choose the sketch and type of tattoo can be according to the place on the body where you would like to stuff it. In the context of paired drawings there are the following subtleties of selection:

  • hands - On the hand perfectly will look tattoo halves, that is, when the two depicted half of the composition;
  • legs - Most often in such places are printed inscriptions, as well as the symbol of Yin-Yang and similar ideas;
  • back - on this the wings will look coolest, also the drawings in the same format and style of execution are appropriate;
  • chest - this is where the heart is located, which means that images with a romantic context are most often hit here;
  • sides - This is where non-trivial ideas of a purely personal nature are appropriate;
  • the neck - on a small area will look harmoniously inscriptions and small symbols.

It is extremely important that the area of the chosen site was proportional to the scale and complexity of the drawing.

Bold tattoos for sisters: paired sketches in the photo

Very often today on the hand of a girl you can see a tattoo with the symbolic inscription "Sister". In translation, this inscription means "Sister". Recently, it has become a trend to do one tattoo for two sisters. Especially this theme is common among twins. Many people are serious about the choice of drawing. Someone decides to make an inscription in the style of minimalism in an original font, and someone stuffs entire compositions in the form of girls with toys.

Sketches of double tattoos for lovers for inspiration

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Paired tattoos for hearts in love

Many couples get identical tattoos. It is very common to use a wedding date, the designation of a king and queen in the form of imperial headdresses or familiar images from a deck of cards for card games. Most of the paired tattoos express the feelings of lovers. Sketches in the form of bar codes, infinity signs, cardiogram lines are very topical. Most masters of tattoos recommend to choose generally accepted images as paired body drawings. Life can play a cruel joke on you, and certain circumstances will force you to part. In that case, the connecting tattoos will be totally inappropriate. Do not put your partner's name, which in the future will be a reminder of the relationship. What if the memories become unpleasant?

To those who want to fly

In ancient myths, only Hermes had wings and could fly like a bird. Rare chosen ones were given such a distinction by gods, to deserve a miracle of flight could omnipotent, special man. A wing is a sign of distinction and power, the uniqueness of its bearer and the strongest amulet. Not without reason there is a saying: "I will protect you with a wing".

By tattooing the wings, a boy or a girl underline their essence and demonstrate their new status to the surrounding people. In addition, the tattoo of the wings is so beautiful that it is difficult to take your eyes off. For a unique drawing, the master can choose any technique, different saturation colors and make a panoramic picture or a small, almost secret image.

Most often the tattoo is inscribed on the shoulder blades, the movement creates the full impression of a living wing. Small and stylized images can be placed everywhere, the place will prompt the intuition of the owner and his attitude towards the world.

Paired tattoos for friends: beautiful options in the photo

To prove the loyalty and devotion of female friendship, many people decide to make the same meaningful tattoos. Very often paired friend tattoos imply friendship, cooperation, common interests and experiences. In these paired tattoos sometimes unfolds a whole life story. Today it is very fashionable to make the same tattoo to several people, for example, all members of a musical group. In this case, a musical instrument is chosen, which the person owns and in the same style with the others is applied to the body. Sometimes real friends for the rest of their lives are bound by the same hobby or passion. Skiers, even if it's not professional, get tattoos in the form of skis, mountainsides with ski slopes, cable cars and many other items related to the skiing hobby.

Types of Sketch. Meaning


The drawing can be depicted as an independent tattoo. Anchor can also be performed in a composition with other elements. The tattoo says about the man that he is permanent, his choice is unambiguous. The owner wants to create a family and take care of it.


The tattoo symbolizes not only love. The drawing means friendship, courage, life. The wearer puts his own meaning into the meaning of the tattoo.

The heart depicts initials or a sign of pacifism. The initials denote feelings for a particular person, and the pacifist speaks of a conflict-free and friendly nature.


A person with this tattoo shows love for the entire universe. The owner listens to his heart and lives in harmony with the world around him.


The detail can be divided into several components. The image suggests that the wearer has many dear and meaningful people with whom there is a close connection.


Beautiful and noble bird symbolizes love. Also, the image is associated with beauty and wealth. Peacock carries the meaning of immortality and rebirth.


The motif combines love, charm and harmony.


A well-known symbol of good and peace. The image of the bird is identified with sacrificial love.


Symbolizes the love of life and the joy of being. It is believed that the tattoo promotes the development of sexual energy.


Tattoo brings good luck. In Greece, the dolphin was considered the embodiment of love and attraction.


One of the meanings of the symbol is love. The ladybug tattoo speaks of a person's cheerfulness and spiritual strength. The owner of the drawing is a positive and sincere person.

Maple Leaf

The tattoo will tell of the wearer's loyalty to the beloved. Some consider the fallen leaves of a maple to be a sign of parting. The meaning invested in the tattoo will depend on the wearer.


The tattoo acts as a talisman for men and women. Indian drawing protects love relationships.


The tattoo combines meanings such as faith, love, spirituality. Drawing protects the wearer from betrayal of loved ones. The image of an angel multiplies happiness in a person's life.

Swallow .

The image is popular among the female and male halves of the population. Tattoo in the form of a swallow symbolizes tenderness and love.

Cardiogram .

The image shows the heart rate. It embodies love.

Lyrics from a song, poem

Some people type words about love from a poem or song they like. The meaning of the phrase will be appropriate.

Humorous paired tattoos: unusual ideas in color

If a person in life is positive and his environment is the same, then as a paired tattoo, he chooses a drawing of humorous orientation. Classic sketches are bolts with nuts, plugs with wires. You can portray a tea bag with a mug, cartoon characters of the present time. Sometimes there are such couples that have the faces of the main characters that were famous couples, such as Bonnie and Clyde, Beauty and the Beast, Simba and Nala, Mini and Mickey Mouse, Shrek and Fiona, printed on the body.

Tattoos about love for men

On a man's body is much rarer than on a woman's body to find cute flowers or hearts. Men's choices are phrases, inscriptions and symbolic drawings. Popular among men is a tattoo in the form of an anchor, symbolizing life and struggle, loyalty to a woman, family, home and his principles. The head of the Lion on the shoulder characterizes the owner of the tattoo as a defender, brave and courageous, protecting his love, family and home. The symbol of fidelity to the beloved woman will be a tattoo in the form of a swan, because a pair of swans - a kind of standard of fidelity of two loving hearts. If on a man's body you will notice a tattoo with an image of a pierced heart or a rose pierced with a knife, it means that this man is firsthand familiar with betrayal and heartache.

Paired tattoos: the best places to place them

Paired tattoos can be placed wherever you yourself want. Very often couples choose open places to declare and prove to the world, "We are together!" The forearm, fingers, and in general, any part of the hand is a popular part of the body on which to try to get a couples tattoo. On the legs, in the ankle area also appropriate paired tattoos. Rarely, there are paired tattoos on the back, abdomen and thigh. Basically, in such places hidden from prying eyes, try to depict couples tattoos of persons very modest in nature.

Original tattoo ideas for couples in love

Couples in love love love such ideas for tattoos, which will be understood only by those in love. They carry a hidden meaning that has a special meaning only for the two of them.

Often, couples choose either an inscription for a tattoo or a drawing. Both look very romantic and show strong feelings for each other. Tattoo master can offer to score a drawing, a neat sketch or an inscription in a foreign language.

Couple tattoos: black and white options

It happens that paired tattoos have no meaningful connection with each other. They look like a full-fledged single tattoo. What such tattoos have in common is only meaning. Black and white variants are most often found in the fashion trend - the paired tattoo. The image is simply duplicated in two or more personalities. Very original look paired tattoos in black and white execution in the form of animals, flowers and, understandable only to the owners, abstraction. To a greater extent the master of tattoos in the performance of paired black and white tattoos shows creativity, depicting the wings of love, stanza, spectacular wild animals, bird silhouettes,

Styles and colors that are popular for paired tattoos

In the context of such works, masters always stick to one style chosen by young people. More often than not, these are the following options:

realism - Suitable for drawings of hearts, crowns, swans or deer;

minimalism - is appropriate in the execution of schemes, small objects and symbols;

graphics - looks cool in the context of cardiograms, different mechanisms;

watercolor - bright format, reminiscent of painting, it will suit any ideas;

old-school - The colorful patterns in the classic version, suitable for hearts, keys, roses, etc.

The black and white color scheme is considered a classic in the field of body art, so it is appropriate for works of any theme and style. They create the main emphasis on the content and semantic load. Colored and motley options more convey emotions and feelings to the viewer.

The best deals on paired tattoos in 2021

Tattooing today is a common thing. Many people tend to think that the paired tattoo combines power and energy into one. Native signs adorn themselves not only young couples, but also people of age. Drawing on the body has nothing to do with the social status of the couple who decided to make a tattoo of fate. Sometimes people think about and work through all the points of the drawing on the skin. But sometimes there are such reckless individuals who do creepy couple tattoos. Remember that many tattoo masters and those who get them believe that a tattoo can affect reality and change destiny. We suggest to see the most original and unusual paired tattoos on the photo. And what if you choose something?

In conclusion we would like to note that paired tattoos are never made for the sake of decoration of the body. Paired drawings on the skin are made under the influence of real feelings and relationships. They reveal everything that binds two people.

To recap

In love, everything has a meaning - and it is hard to remember who said it and how long ago it was, but the statement is alive today, constantly proving its relevance in practice. Here it all depends on the couple because if something to some people means eternity and happiness to others means exactly nothing.

This is because the feeling of love generates a thirst for creativity and allows the imagination to unfold at full throttle. And fantasy, as we know, everyone is different and only lovers "breathe in unison". The best advice that can be given for the creation of individual couple tattoos will be to listen to yourself, to your inner, so to speak, voice.

And of course to avoid such trite, hearts and doves, which have become so hackneyed and banal topics that look bleak, ineffective, and sometimes just vulgar.

Show a little imagination together with your soulmate, and then even a simple symbol will take on a special meaning for you. It is just worth noting that it is necessary to approach the matter not only creatively, but also competently - the image of a dove on the shoulder of a guy will look very specific for some segments of the population.

And therefore it is better to think about pictures in the so-called "unisex" style, which would be equally successful to decorate the skin and the girl and the guy.

Friendship and tattoos

Tattoos, the plot of which develops on the bodies of friends, have become very popular. Friendship and mutual affection can be so strong that people do not imagine existence without each other. This applies to friends and girlfriends, couples in love. Emotions are sometimes so overwhelming that people are willing to capture the mutual devotion on their own bodies, making their experiences public.
Friendship tattoo ideas, in general, can be broken down into the following categories:

  1. Identical drawings located on the same place of all friends. The image can be absolutely anything, made in any style. The only important thing is that with the help of the same tattoos people consciously and permanently fix an unbreakable spiritual connection. Of course, such tattoos must also have considerable aesthetic value, since friends do not always go together. You need the tattoo to "work" on its own as well.
  2. Mutually complementary images. One of the bright and widely practiced cases of such a tattoo is a key and a lock, which couples in love stuffed on their bodies. If, for example, the lock is on the boyfriend's body and the key is on the girl's, it can mean that the lady has found the right approach to her lover's heart. If the lock is on the lady's body and the key is on the boy's - therefore, the enchantress could not resist the stormy onslaught. There is also a palette and an easel, strings and a guitar. There may be as many variations as one wishes.
  3. Parts of a common plot is another good idea that two or three friends can realize using parts of their bodies. The implication is that the sketch will be broken up into several parts, each of which is stuffed onto the body of a participant in the event. When friends want to show someone their fiery affection, all they have to do is put the body parts together, and then the full image is revealed. Of course, fingers, wrists and forearms would be ideal for this, but there are examples of other solutions.
  4. Paired inscriptions. These can be the same phrases, aphorisms, sayings, or parts of the same sentence inscribed on different bodies. Of course, it is desirable that the parts of the phrase have meaning beyond the attachment to the other half.

Tattoos about love in Latin

Latin can safely be called the most ancient and wise language. It is possible that this is why phrases and sayings in Latin are very popular among fans of tattoos. The most popular phrases about love in Latin are as follows: "Love is blind", "Love requires no words", "The great thing is love", "If you want to be loved, love", "Love is the best teacher", "From beginning to end", "I will love you always!", "True love is not afraid of anything", "What women are not allowed, also men are not allowed" and many others.

Friendship that Fades into Love

Couples who have lived together for many decades emphasize that it was a lasting friendship that helped them overcome the hardships of family life, which began a more serious relationship. Choosing a theme for a couples tattoo, hearts in love usually use the following subjects:

  1. Finger rings.
  2. Hearts.
  3. Two swans or a pair of doves.
  4. Sun and moon.

Versions of the images.

Very often the texts of prayers are printed - Old Slavonic, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, Tibetan, Sanskrit, in the original or in translation. They are accompanied by pictures and details appropriate to the spirit of the inscription. These might include:

  • hands folded in a prayerful gesture, with a rosary or cross;
  • an angel with wings;
  • doves as a symbol of the Most High;
  • a heart, often bleeding;
  • flame;
  • a crown of thorns or bush;
  • Jesus Christ, Buddha, Indian deity, etc.

Texts to the praying person's hand tattoo are not always placed on the body area, so they are applied in the form of letter coding, which serves as a reference to a place in Scripture (for Christians). The leader in popularity among Orthodox, of course, is "Our Father," the most famous protective formula.

Tattoos about love in Arabic

The Arabic language is one of the oldest languages in which the Holy Book of Muslims, the Koran, is written. From this language literally emanates a special energy, wisdom and religiosity. Therefore, very often choose wise quotes and sayings in Arabic for tattoos about love. The most topical tattoos in Arabic: "Forgive me and always love", "Family is paradise in a heartless world", "Love is not a bird that can be kept in a cage", "Love can be understood in all languages", "Love is blind", "Love happens to everyone", "With the touch of love everyone can become a poet", "Two must fight for love".

A tattoo about love is an important and long-term project for fans of this art form. Therefore, the question of choosing a drawing or inscription that corresponds to the beliefs and views in matters of love of the tattoo owner is very important and requires prior preparation.

Have a good choice and love in all its manifestations!

Examples of tattoos of the praying hand

We offer to get acquainted with the variations of this tattoo in order to navigate in all the variety of decorative solutions. You should pay special attention to the choice of idea, place and style for such a picture, so that it effectively performs its sacred function.

It will help to look more closely at its features different pictures of tattoo prayers and videos, which show the process of application. Also on our site you can download any image in high quality.

About the nature of the bearer

It is believed that originally such sketches were made on the skin of girls and women - because of their emotionality, religious exaltation.

Usually women are more worried about the well-being of their loved ones, strive to care for others and show mercy, love and kindness. This includes religious reasons. Women can be very sincere and soulful in their appeals to God, perhaps such passion leads ladies to want to fix their vows and appeals on the body.

But men, too, often resort to this way of reflecting their religious views. A picture of a praying hero takes up a lot of space, so it's worth thinking a lot about where to stuff it for a spectacular result. Then it is sure to become an amulet during the wearer's lifetime.

A tattoo of the praying person's hands is meant to remind of the existence of the spiritual world, along with the material world. Man should not immerse himself only in the pursuit of earthly goods, he should always remember God and higher powers. Prayer establishes a connection with these forces, fills strength and inspiration, and fills the emptiness in the soul.

When there is not enough strength to deal with difficulties, a prayer tattoo will remind you of the promises and precepts of religious tradition. You can turn to God or gods at a critical moment, when hope to change the situation almost disappears.

In fact, the Russian Christian church has always been against the application of religious symbols and texts to the human body. Even in the Old Testament it was said, "You shall not tattoo writing on yourselves. But many Catholics and Orthodox still find it necessary for themselves to get a tattoo for their own reasons or out of religious fervor, as a shield against suffering and misfortune.


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