Tattoos for men on the shoulder: 110+ ideas with meaning

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Cool Shoulder Tattoos

The tattoo is one of the few decorations that fit any figure and belong to the "unisex" style. However, not only for this reason, many men prefer to get a tattoo. The main purpose is the possibility of self-expression.

Styles and techniques of cool shoulder tattoos

There are many styles of tattooing, with new options appearing almost every year. Some have gone out of fashion and are used less and less frequently, while other genres have managed to become classics in the art of tattooing.

Among the most popular and fashionable techniques for male tattoos on the shoulder are the following:

  • Ethno-tattoo;
  • Japanese painting;
  • Realism;
  • Blackwork;
  • Inscriptions.

Some refer to biomechanics as a popular style as well, although in fact, it is being stuffed more and more seldom. But this should not affect the choice of style, as it is better to choose the sketch that suits everyone personally.

Masculine Celtic patterns or ethnic tattoos

A tribal tattoo is a group of tattoos that have ethnic motifs and also include geometry. Otherwise these tattoos are also called Celtic, although often in the sketches slip and Slavic patterns.

Generally, tattoos in the style of tribal make large, to cover the entire shoulder, less often - in the form of a bracelet.

The most common motif of ethnic patterns is Celtic. Depending on the wishes regarding the meaning of the tattoo, this or that pattern is chosen. Also, in some cases, portraits or images of animals are added to the pattern to give the drawing a deeper meaning.

Original Japanese drawings for men

The variety of Japanese painting requires certain skills from the master, so, having decided on such a tattoo, it is necessary to carefully select a tattooist. Japanese drawings are characterized by bright colors and clear lines. Often they are confused with the watercolor technique.

As a sketch for a Japanese tattoo choose images:

  • Fish, especially carp;
  • Dragons or snakes;
  • Birds, mostly phoenixes;
  • Lions and tigers;
  • Geisha/Samurai image;
  • Sakura or lotus;
  • Masks with the face of Japanese folkloric demons.

The animal for the tattoo is usually chosen according to the symbol it represents. The same goes for the choice of flowers and colors of the tattoo.

In addition to the image of the animal, the Japanese style tattoo contains intricate circles or is complemented by elements of the element to which the animal belongs. Usually these are bright waves or bursts of flame.

Cool tattoos in the style of "realism"

Tattoo, made in the technique of "realism", is especially difficult. To stuff it, the master will have to try and spend a lot of time to work out the detailed sketch.

Realism includes portraits of people, images of animals, landscapes and other environmental elements. And in this technique can perform an absolutely any picture up to the fantasy compositions.

Realistic tattoos can be of any size. The most common version of this tattoo is a female portrait or an image related to religious themes. In second place in popularity are drawings of real animals (tigers, eagles).

Tattoo inscriptions with meaning on the shoulder

Inscriptions are the classics of tattoos. Both men and women do them, and on the most unexpected parts of the body. However, unlike women who prefer minimalism in tattoo inscriptions, men more often add them to more extensive drawings.

Usually the inscriptions carry a certain meaning or clarify the other elements of the tattoo. The most popular texts contain:

  • Motto for life;
  • Name of a loved one;
  • A word-association on the character;
  • Less often are inscribed commemorative dates and numbers.

The inscription is chosen mainly in Latin, English and Russian. The basic font is Gothic. The most common tattoos with text:
  • My life - my rules;
  • Veni, vidi, vici/ Came, saw, conquered;
  • Memento vivere/ Remember life;
  • Carpe diem/Capture the moment;
  • Believe in yourself;
  • Never say never;
  • Keep going; Carpe diem; Believe in yourself; Never say never; Keep going;
  • Free your mind;
  • Stay strong.

However, minimalist versions of tattoos are not excluded. Basically, a single word is used that best describes the person. For example, strong, believer, winner, and sometimes important things for a person - family, love, etc.

Blackwork and biomechanics for the most determined

Blackwork - the so-called "blackwork" tattoos will suit those who want to completely overlap the existing tattoo or lovers of gloomy tattoos. This style is quite closely intertwined with biomechanics, as the second technique also has a lot of black color.

However, there is a significant difference: biomechanics is often performed with elements of 3D tattooing.

However, it should be noted that lately it is rare for anyone to tattoo biomechanics, and this is not because this style is no longer in fashion. It is just quite difficult to find a decent master and a really good sketch that suits all parameters. Therefore, when choosing between blackwork and biomechanics, men more often give preference to the former.

Color palette

Men are inclined towards a strict black color and gradations of gray. Such a variety of colors is necessary in order to give the tattoo volume and revive it. To their understanding such image looks the most attractive, manly and brutal.

Some are inclined to bright colors in sketches and catchy ideas. Usually on such a tattoo their choice stop the bright extraordinary people who are associated with the creativity. They want to stand out from the crowd and draw attention to their person. Sometimes they are the whole colorful subjects, and almost all tattoos on the body are somehow connected with a meaning.

Sketches of tattoos on the shoulder for men

On the shoulder you can score almost any tattoo. You should not think that only very large and dark tattoos will look good on a man's body. In fact, even small drawings are quite beautiful with abs and muscles.

Also, colored tattoos will suit men, especially if they carry some hidden meaning. Girls will be interested to know what this bright picture on the reliable man's shoulder means.

Nice big tattoos on the shoulder

Large tattoos look very harmoniously on a man's shoulder. And no matter what style they are made in. This can be a blackwork, and Japanese drawings, and even a contour tattoo.

Basically, for large-sized tattoos are chosen complex designs that include a lot of interesting details. But minimalism is also welcome.

Small tattoos for guys on the shoulder

If a man decides to do a tattoo, he must first of all decide on its meaning and size. And if everything is clear with the big ones, then how to choose the right small tattoo on the shoulder, so it looks beautiful and organic on the body?

Here are some tips:

  • A small tattoo should be bright;
  • It is best to choose a symbolic drawing;
  • It is necessary to select a sketch with clear outlines;
  • Tattoo must necessarily include both black and colored elements.

Black and white sketches for male tattoos on the shoulder

Black tattoos are rightly at the top of the most popular body art. Exactly black and white tattoos are stuffed by 70% of men. Therefore, after having decided on the technique and the size of the tattoo, it is possible to proceed to the choice of color. Usually the decision falls on the classical black.

Black and white or black and gray tattoos allow you to realize any idea and repeat absolutely any style and technique.

Beautiful colored tattoos with meaning

Despite the enormous popularity of black and gray tattoos, colored tattoos are also in considerable demand among the stronger half of mankind. Of course, the main reason for this demand is the choice in favor of the Japanese tattoo technique.

However, even those who prefer realism, more and more often give preference to multi-colored tattoos. Because it is the color that allows you to make the technique even more authentic.

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Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

It is extremely important to get a fancy shoulder tattoo at a reliable tattoo parlor with a license. Signs of a reliable salon are several points:

  • The use of professional paints from well-known manufacturers;
  • Availability of modern equipment;
  • The provision of the master and the institution guarantees the safety and quality;
  • Availability of a website on the Internet and accounts in social networks;
  • Catalog with the works of the masters;
  • feedback from clients.

Unverified places and masters do not give guarantees, which means that the risk of injury and infection increases several times.


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