Paired tattoos for two girlfriends. Couple tattoos and their meanings. Sketches and photos of paired tattoos

Paired tattoos are gaining more and more popularity among girlfriends every year. After all, this is a great way to express their devotion and love for each other. Undoubtedly, they can look completely different or have a common style, details. Much depends on personal preferences, as there are no certain rules. We have prepared a selection of interesting, versatile options for tattoos for girlfriends, among which you will definitely find a suitable solution.

Paired tattoo: stunning ideas for lovers and girlfriends

A couples tattoo is a bold step that allows the partners to be more confident in each other, to count on the stability of the relationship. The meaning of paired tattoos is largely determined by the very people who apply them.

The symbolism of the figure is manifested when combining the tattoo with each other. One should get the feeling that a single image was deliberately separated and placed on different people.

One tattoo for two - a trend of recent seasons, which became popular thanks to well-known movie stars. For example, Eva Langoria and Tomi Parker made a paired tattoo with the date of their wedding.

Masters recommend using common symbols in couples tattoos, as in the case of separation such drawings will be inappropriate. For example, it is not desirable to depict on the body the name of the lover, which will serve as a reminder of a past relationship.

Where to place a couples tattoo

There are no special restrictions on the best places to apply a steam tattoo. Popular places are such as:

The choice depends on your own preferences. If you want to declare his step to all, then make a tattoo on the open places that are always available to the naked eye, for example, hands. For those who wish to make a small secret out of the tattoo, all other areas of the body are quite suitable.

Meaning of the feather

Feather means, first of all, freedom, but it is a general meaning of the natal pattern. There are several types of feathers of certain birds, the image of which is the most popular in the world of tattoos:

  • Feather of the Firebird. The bird was especially popular in ancient Greece and Russia, where it was considered one of the mythical images. Wearing a drawing of the feather of the Firebird is considered a powerful talisman that can protect against the evil eye and spoilage. It is not uncommon for a tattoo with a feather of a firebird to be confused with a phoenix feather, despite the slight similarity in color design, the tattoos are still different in appearance.
  • Peacock feather. The most popular of all varieties of feather tattoo. Peacocks are birds of paradise, they were considered as such due to their amazing color and beauty. In mythology, very often these birds accompanied the Gods. Peacocks are royal, divine birds. At one time in various monarchic countries, peacocks lived in palaces and their feathers were given only to royalty. The significance of this tattoo lies in its uniqueness, majesty, rarity and royalty. Very few people tattoo with a peacock feather speaks of the narcissism of the owner. The peculiarity of the tattoo is that it is a purely feminine body drawing, often found in girls and almost never in guys.
  • The feather of the phoenix. There are legends about this one, a majestic and rare mythological bird capable of reincarnation. The phoenix is one of the most mysterious mythological characters, according to ancient legends, the bird could live for centuries, burn itself and be reborn from its own ashes. The feather of the phoenix is regarded as a symbol of victory, happiness, infinity of life. Many owners of such a tattoo note its impact on a person's fate, so when choosing a phoenix feather, you should be careful and make your choice consciously.

Paired tattoo: meaning and philosophical meaning

In philosophical terms, "pair" is a peculiar expression of the number 2. In numerology, it is considered a symbol of the struggle and unity of opposites. If you believe psychology, soul mates are always people with different "poles" that invariably attract to each other.

As black and white, plus and minus, paired tattoos are combined into a whole, representing a complete composition. For this purpose it is enough to combine the drawings with each other. Every independent half looks a little flawed without a partner.

Sketches of a couple tattoo imply the presence of some hidden meaning, a story of love, cooperation or friendship. Rarely are such images performed for the sake of beauty. In such tattoos encrypted gamma torment, aspirations and deep feelings.

Inscriptions about the family

Often the names of loved ones, relatives or loved ones that are so important are inscribed. Especially if that loved one died or is far away, it was customary from the sailors who went on a long journey and had no hope to return.

Family 1

Men often inscribe a portrait of their beloved girl with her name, or the inscription "Mother" - "Mother" with a blade stuck in her heart.

Girls take a more subtle approach and prefer a one-word inscription, such as:

  • family;
  • father;
  • mother;
  • lovely granma;
  • names of loved ones.

Paired tattoo for lovers

The couple tattoo can be equated to the category of symbols. Most sketches are used to express the feelings of lovers. Most often, symbolic drawings are chosen with a key on one hand and a keyhole on the other. The composition symbolizes the open soul of both partners, the trusting relationship between them.

Sketches of paired tattoos a great many. People with humor replace the classic drawings with an image of a socket and plug with a wire, a bolt and a nut, etc.

To emphasize the unity of thoughts and preferences allow sketches with fragments of puzzles, which perfectly dock on the bodies of partners. Images with the same bar codes and halves of the infinity sign are popular.

The infinity sign is one of the favorite symbols of lovers. It has no extrinsic meaning other than so infinity relationship and love.

The cardiogram line symbolizes the continuity of lovers' feelings. The heart line is the beating of the main source of emotion, it is life itself. By depicting cardiograms on the body, the couple emphasizes that their pulse sounds in unison.

What the stars get their stuff

The tattoo on Johnny Depp's arm is brief and expressive. "Silence, exile, cunning" translates to "Silence, exile, cunning," a line from a book by beloved author James Joyce.

The sadly deceased idol of millions and the dream of all girls is the young musician Lil Peep. He can be recognized immediately by his eye-catching facial tattoos, among which is the most famous "crybaby" - "crybaby", which was a reminder and motivation for him not to give up.

Lil Peep
Joseph Gilgan, famous for his role in "Scum," got a memorable tattoo about the show. The numbers 23456 are the serial number of the inmate or teenager serving his sentence. But he also has tattoos of "mom dad and beloved Grandma Lydia.

Speaking of celebrity body inscriptions, the gorgeous Angelina Jolie comes immediately to mind. She has several tattoos done in the form of inscriptions. She attaches great importance to her family, her life and the milestones she has passed. Most of the tattoos are stains of her biography. The numbers embossed on her shoulder are the birth coordinates of her children, including adopted children. And on her back, a Sanskrit prayer, inscribed in several rows, commemorates the birth of her son. At the bottom of her neck is the line "know your rights" from the song, meaning "know your rights."

Another star beauty, Lana Del Rey, also has several memorable tattoos. The letter "M" - the first letter of her name, in memory of her grandmother, is just such a symbol of the love for her relatives, who were not meant to be around. "Trust no one" - "trust no one" - a very true thought, which can protect against many mistakes and which should not be forgotten. And the one-worded promised Paradise we all long for is inscribed on her left hand.

Despite the fact that popular personalities seem liberated and unrestrained, many of them are religious people, on Nicki Minaj's hand you can see Chinese characters meaning "God is always with me."

David and Victoria Beckham got themselves a paired tattoo as a sign of eternal love. The inscription is in Hebrew from Song of Songs of Solomon: Ani l'dodi v'dodi li, ha'roeh bashoshanim-"I belong to my beloved, and my beloved to me; he grazes between the lilies."

Tattoos in Hebrew are quite popular among celebrities, on the shoulder of Madonna for example, or on the ribs of Justin Bieber, there are names of God.

Reminder Nails

The details of the sketch are not related to each other, they are 100% independent images. To get such a couples tattoo, a girl chooses a drawing that reflects all the associations about the guy, and vice versa. For example, the girl is into dancing and the guy is a cyclist. It would be appropriate to depict a tattoo with a curved silhouette on the guy's body and a vehicle on the girl.

History of appearance

Feathers were especially popular with the Indian tribe. A feather as an ornament was not available to every Indian, such honor fell only to deeply respected members of the tribe, often they were spiritual leaders and warriors. Feathers of eagles were most often used, they characterized freedom, pride and courage. A little later the feather became the basis of body painting.

The Indian people feather became an element of the dream catcher, which is able to protect human sleep. In the artificial tattoo, the dream catcher is also very popular and is depicted necessarily with feathers.

Paired tattoo: ideas for relatives

Paired tattoo helps grown-up children not to lose the emotional connection with their mother and father, to thank their parents for support and warmth.

Tattoos for relatives are a kind of thank you. Each mother will be pleased if her child to reflect on his body the first letter of her name, the parents in turn will please the date of his birth on his body.

How to place a tattoo on the leg

Vertical inscriptions, that is, made separately for each letter and lined up in a column, look beautiful on the legs .

In addition, there is a variant of the foot bracelet: a line of text around the shin. However, it is very painful to put something on these places, as well as on any bones, such as the ribs and collarbones.

on leg 3
You can simply turn the inscription 90 degrees, so that the lines go vertically. That way it will go straight, and it won't be so easy to read.

Paired tattoo of the inscription.

Many feelings and emotions are not easy to express in the form of an image. At this can only correctly chosen and considered the words. It is phrases, mottos and beautiful sayings that often become the sketch for displaying on the body as a couple's tattoo.

The words that the couple wants to tattoo should have deep meaning or contain important information for both of them. This is a kind of motto of their life, which will cheer up and give strength in a difficult moment.

Tattoos with inscriptions are a great way to reflect the basic principle of paired images. For this one inscription is divided into two halves, so that it was possible to read it only when connecting the image. This is very symbolic and truly beautiful.

Paired tattoo is not just a tribute to fashion. It is a responsible step for anyone who wants to strengthen their relationship with a loved one, girlfriend or parents.

A tattoo for two is a kind of protective amulet, giving good luck in all spheres of life. It is designed to combine the strength and energy of two people into a single whole, to bind their lives and imbue them with the most intimate feelings for each other.

Ideas for tattoos on hands

On the forearms beautifully look inscriptions running along the veins, and on the wrists, on the contrary, forming a bracelet. On these parts of the hands looks more beautiful small tattoo. In addition, they are easier to hide when applying for a job, because the presence of tattoos is not always a positive moment in the resume.

On arms 1
Born to be happy

on hands 3
Short easy phrases that actually have deep meaning - here it is, a pulsating vein of ideas:

  • "the way to the stars is through thorns";
  • "the truth is in the wine";
  • "remember death" - "memento mori";
  • "life is too good to die," etc.

Paired tattoos and their meaning

"When two people love, everyone else tries to imitate them." So opined Ayshek Noram - the founder of a new branch of science called "evolution of personality", philosopher, psychologist.

The man's phrase explains the popularity of products presented by couples in love. Those around them want the same happiness.

Through imitation, possessing the same things, people try to get closer to it. One of the ways is. couple tattoos..

Seeing such on kissing couples, friends relaxing together, mothers hugging children, it is difficult to resist a trip to the salon.

And do we have to? Let's look into the meanings of paired tattoos and whether they can bring happiness.

The meaning of paired tattoos

The paired tattooAccording to examples from the world of celebrities, not a panacea against troubles and partings. Eva Longoria and Tomi Parker, who had their wedding date tattooed on them, divorced long ago.

The same thing happened to Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. The pink and blue playing cubes are the property not only of the singer, but also of her former spouse.

The couple got identical tattoos the day after their marriage. Evan Rachel and Marilyn Manson got matching hearts.

Gothic couple painted them black, as well as their relationship, which did not last even a few days.

It turns out, couples tattoos for lovers meanings are more often associated with problems than happiness. However, these are stellar examples.

In the world of show business, a strong marriage, in general, is rare. There are no statistics among ordinary citizens.

In addition, there are a number of plots that do not "oblige" to eternal love. Such tattoos look perfect together, but also separately are of artistic value, in addition, they do not cause unpleasant associations.

Take, for instance, the images of the month and the sun. We should label the moon near the guy's ankle, and the daytime star - on the chosen one's shin.

If we do not know what to do with the sun, we should remember that it is not necessary to do this. Separately signs reveal the essence of masculine and girlish natures.

The yin-yang symbol, by the way, is also included in paired tattoos. Photo tattoos with a sign from Chinese philosophy represent thousands of pairs all over the world.

Some draw two complete circles with black and white sectors. Others distribute one symbol on two bodies.

The separation, even in the latter case, will not play a fatal role. Only it will be clear that the bearer of the tattoo is looking for his Yin, or his Yang.

When considering the meaning of paired tattoos, it is worth considering that they are worn not only by people in love.

A mother with a child, for example, can get a giraffe with a baby. The animals snuggle up to each other, warming the scarlet heart between them.

The symbolism of the painting is in the unity of the individuals. It feels like they even have the same heart. Even at a distance, the mother feels the child, and the child feels the parent.

If the child is a grown-up, paired tattoo on armNeck, or feet - absolutely risk-free option to express his love.

Children with mothers, unlike spouses, do not divorce. Feelings for parent and child are unconditional.

What's popular in 2021

Recently, minimalist, grunge and handpoke tattoos have become the most popular, especially among teenagers. They use small phrases in black or occasionally in white, in gothic or typewriter style scripts.

Although it sometimes looks like a person picked the first thing they came up with, together they form a whole composition. With such small and uncomplicated tattoos the younger generation often makes their sleeves or scores their breasts and legs.

Tattoos for lovers - a cool way to express your emotions

Paired tattoos for two lovers symbolize romance and the belief that love will be as eternal as the body drawing. In addition to their aesthetic beauty, joint tattoos have sentimental value for the couple: they are a constant reminder of how important lovers are to each other.

Small couple tattoos look great on the hand, especially on the wrist.

For a married couple, small tattoos on the fingers in the form of wedding rings or an inscription with the date of the wedding would be great.

Tattoos for girls

Girls often prefer to impose a small inscription, not particularly carrying in itself a deep

Meaning. Tattoo is rather an accessory in this case.

Short quotations in English or Latin, telling of the good, hope and principles of life. Most often, such nakolki are performed in an elegant font in black, with an abundance of curls and fine lines.

Girls like to add small drawings to the phrases, the most popular among them:

  • crown;
  • flowers;
  • heart;
  • waves;
  • infinity sign;
  • feathers;
  • birds.

Such images add commonality and complement the outwardly impersonal inscription.

For girls 3
And, of course, such romantic and dreamy creatures as girls, for the most part, prefer phrases about love and dreams. They talk about devotion and eternal love, something that everyone would like so much.

Tattoos for two: the best ideas for couples tattoos

There was a time when the heart symbol was considered a classic in the expression of love, but today couples are looking for more original and unique ideas. Let's get acquainted with several interesting options for tattoos for lovers in more detail.

Inscriptions with names

One of the most common ways to express feelings for each other is with name tattoos. Paired name tattoos literally communicate that a person belongs to the one whose name they wear on their body. Shoulders, wrists, and forearms are the perfect choice for name tattoos, as they are some of the most visible parts of the body.

Identical tattoos with a significant date

Another cool option for couples is the inscription of an important date with meaning. This could be the date of a meeting, first date, engagement, or wedding anniversary.

Beautiful identical images

Double images that express the love and commitment of the couple to each other can represent hearts, roses, doves and love knots. Also, an original idea can be parrots inseparable. These drawings can be done in classic black or gray shades, or in rich, bright colors, depending on the couple's preferences.

Couple's Tattoo Inscriptions

In addition to the options of the image of the name or date, act love inscriptions for couples. Such a pair tattoo for lovers can convey a special meaning and define their feelings towards each other. Lyrics from romantic songs or movies can be used as an inscription. A married couple can inscribe a child's name on their arm as a sign of mutual love. Certain symbols, when added to a quote, can make it more appealing and meaningful.

Tattoo for two lovers in the form of a puzzle

One of the famous variations of tattoos are two drawings that are combined into one mosaic image or simply gain special meaning when combined.

What to score on the ribs

On girls very sexy look phrases in a few words on the ribs, under the strip of the bra. It's as if they entice or point out the smooth and gentle curve of the body, giving it a twist.

Enjoy every moment.

On ribs 3
But also among men, the ribs are one of the most chosen spots. Tattoo on the ribs, as well as on the back, has the advantage that it has a large area for execution, and you do not have to "twist" it 350 times around the arm. In addition, such places are easy to hide under clothing, and even on social events no one will notice the presence of the tattoo if you do not want to.

Other creative tattoo designs for couples

Engagement Rings.

One of the most celebrated tattoos for couples is the engagement ring, applied to the ring fingers of both partners. Instead of spending a huge amount of money on diamond rings, couples can get ring tattoos as a vow to each other. Such rings will not cost a fortune, and they cannot be lost or removed: they will be a part of both partners forever.

Lock and Key

This is the most common version of couples tattoos, which has many versions and styles. You can choose from small tattoos as well as larger drawings with many details.

Jack of cards and queen

One of the original tattoo ideas for lovers. The most daring couples choose tattoos with their own images.

Marine theme

Small tattoos in the form of ships, fish, seahorses and other themed attributes are the universal version of a couples tattoo for lovers. When you're together, the tattoo will communicate romantic feelings and devotion to each other. But separately, the tattoos will represent independent and complete images.

Tattoos in the form of small feathers will indicate the lightness and sophistication of the feelings connecting the couple.

If the couple has shown a desire to stuff the same tattoo in the form of animal inhabitants, it is better to choose the image of those animals or birds that symbolize loyalty, protection or fertility: wolf, lion, swans, swallows, etc.

Floral tattoos represent love: roses, daisies, lilies or peonies - the choice is huge. Therefore, it is symbolic to stop your attention on those plants that remind you of your relationship.

Celestial luminaries

An original option could be a tattoo of the sun, moon, stars or planets.

Lovers can experiment with color and design to increase the value of the overall drawings. An important factor to keep in mind before getting an image is that both of them should like the design. Tattoos are meant to bring partners closer to each other, so their mutual consent is important in this matter.


Ideas for tattoos on the back

The back and shoulders are the area of large-sized male tattoos, they are beaten with a thick font with a finely detailed background. Because of this, they look much rougher, and take up more space.

However, and girls do not neglect the back as a canvas. Most often they write small inscriptions on their shoulder blades. You can make it as something very simple and place it in one line, or you can write a few words under each other, forming this composition.

Also the tailbone, the lower back, is very popular with girls. Although the inscription on it occurs not so often, but not infrequently.

The choice of the place for drawing

The choice of the sketch and the place for the drawing is very important, because it can remain on the body for life. If there is a rupture between friends, it will be painful and expensive to remove the tattoo. This is worth thinking about before the tattooing procedure.

Paired tattoos for girlfriends small on the arm, leg, wrist, collarbone. Photo

Paired tattoos for girlfriends (small variants they prefer most often) are usually tattooed on places almost invisible to others.

This can be:

  • The hand in the wrist area;
  • between the fingers on the hand;
  • inner part of the forearm;
  • leg on the inside of the thigh;
  • knee;
  • heel area;
  • thigh;
  • abdomen;
  • back.


If there is a desire for everyone to see the tattoo, you can choose areas of the body where clothing cannot cover the drawing. This can be the wrist area. Here perfectly fit not too big, but attractive image.

Tattoos for girlfriends small on the arm, leg, wrist, collarbone. Photo

It is possible to make a color or black and white picture. However, you should take into account that the skin on the wrist is sensitive, so the procedure will always be accompanied by painful sensations.


Interesting are the tattoos on the fingers. Usually they are simple small drawings or signs.

But fingers are constantly rubbing against each other and in contact with different substances, so over time the tattoo fades and has to be restored to give it the right look.

Forearm, neck and shoulder

The forearm, neck and shoulder are also often used to place tattoos. But for these areas it is better to choose larger drawings, which will not get lost and will look organic. The drawing is chosen based on the customer's preferences.

On it can be:

  • animals;
  • birds;
  • phrases;
  • symbols.


Less often paired tattoos are done on the ankles. However, masters recommend these zones: the skin there is dense, a person feels less pain. At the same time, a beautiful picture can always show off in the summer and is easy to hide if necessary.

Tattoos for girlfriends small on the arm, leg, wrist, collarbone. Photo

Whichever zone the customers do not choose, it must be remembered that each girlfriend's placement may be in a different part of the body. If one girl's symbolism is on her ankle and the other on her wrist, it will still be a paired tattoo.

How to fit a tattoo into a pattern

In addition to the fact that around the inscription you can braid branches of plants, there are still many ways to combine the picture and text.

With patterns 2
A very interesting sketch for a quote from your favorite writer is to portray him at the typewriter and write his lines on a piece of paper. You can also just picture the book in which it will be written.

If you have chosen a tattoo style and some details, but don't know what to make the center of the composition or don't know how to give more meaning to the image, the inscription is again what you need.

Ribbons with an inscription can be braided around objects. Such tattoos are most often done in the Chicano style, the main themes of which are anchors, daggers, women, weapons and hearts.

In general, supplementing the inscription with a picture is not difficult at all, you just need to show a little imagination and to penetrate the meaning of the depicted.

Tattoo in a foreign language

To the choice of language for the tattoo it is necessary to approach very carefully, that the phrase simply did not become absurd. What will happen if a prayer in ancient Latin is rewritten in a modern way or to write about the liberation of slaves in the language of their conquerors. It would look curious, except as a joke.

But really, it's more than that. It is still necessary to carefully select and check the symbols, if you decide to inscribe the inscription in Hebrew, Chinese or Azeri. As a person who doesn't know the language, including the tattoo artist, can get confused with the number of curves of the lines. And then the result will be very deplorable, because a mistake in writing can completely distort the essence of tattoo.

How to choose a salon and a master

Paired tattoos for girlfriends (small images can be performed by a professional master) can lead to health problems with the wrong procedure.

If a person draws well, the sketch he can do himself, when such talents do not, it is better to turn to an experienced master. Sterile conditions and professional paint are guaranteed there. A clear and beautiful image is put quickly and almost painlessly with a special machine.

Choosing a tattoo salon, you should pay attention not only to the price, but also to:

  • The quality of the master's work;
  • feedback from clients about the firm in question;
  • the conditions under which the pattern will be printed;
  • availability of a license for this activity.

The master must:

  1. Warn the client about what medications should not be taken before the procedure. These include blood thinning medications and antipyretics. It is worth postponing the padding if the person is ill with an acute respiratory infection or has been drinking alcohol.
  2. Make sure that the procedure takes place in sterile conditions. When stuffing gloves are used, the skin is treated with an antiseptic agent. Needles for work should be taken out of the packages in the presence of the client.
  3. Ask the client if he/she is sensitive to any substances to avoid the development of an allergic reaction.
  4. At the end of the session, give recommendations for skin care in the tattoo area.

In professional work, the client feels virtually no pain.

Features and benefits

Paired tattoos for girlfriends can be small or large, with different images. One tattoo for two is a step that shows how valuable friendship is for girlfriends. It has a special semantic load, being a protective amulet, a talisman for good luck and a binding thread of 2 people. Since the filling of the figure their fates as if linked by a single energy.

Popular such tattoos have become recently. A few years ago, such a fashion was introduced by Hollywood stars. This is how they showed the attitude towards their soulmates. This symbolic declaration of love was liked by many.

Paired tattoos for girlfriends small on the arm, leg, wrist, collarbone. Photo

Close friends decide to do such tattoos because they:

  • Share each other's hobbies;
  • Have a common secret;
  • More than once found themselves in difficult situations, of which together were chosen.

Tattoos for girlfriends small on the arm, leg, wrist, collarbone. Photo
Paired tattoos for girlfriends
Adventures and events brought girlfriends closer together. Perhaps one of such stories was the impetus for the creation of paired tattoos. The original tattoos are used by friends to cement their friendship and vow to carry it through life. They become a shared secret that only the chosen few are privy to.

The main purpose of such a tattoo is to emphasize the importance of the relationship of 2 people or the need to fix the special moments of their lives.

There may be more friends, but tattoos created in the same style are still called paired tattoos. More often than not, paired tattoos are done by girls. Guys in this sense are less sentimental and express their affection differently.

These tattoos are divided into 2 types: artistic and written. The first type includes pictures consisting of lines of poetry or a quote, as well as individual meaningful letters. Identical phrases belonging to the second type emphasize the unity of the plot and aspirations.

The size of the paired pictures can be different. The main thing is for them to have a single meaning, and it doesn't matter whether it's big or small. However, a small tattoo is easier to hide under clothing. After all, there are circumstances that require you not to flaunt your feelings. For example, the intimacy of drawings or the requirements of the dress code at work. A small tattoo can be covered with accessories, cosmetics or clothes.

How to choose a sketch

Paired tattoos for girlfriends (small images for the first time is preferable) begin with the choice of the sketch. There are no strict rules for the choice, it depends on the individual preferences of the girls, but the tattoo should have a common style.

In the salon the artist can advise on the specific drawing and its style. Based on the wishes, he will create a sketch. Before the final choice, you should study the history of the style and the meaning of its symbols. This will help to understand what the meaning of the picture is. Then you choose a place to place the tattoo. It should be enough to make the tattoo look proportionate and to give an opportunity to see every detail.

The rules for choosing paired tattoos for girlfriends are as follows:

  1. To get a unique picture, it is best to make it up yourself. The process is painstaking and takes time. However, it allows you to find the best segments, try to combine them and understand whether they are suitable for a particular couple.
  2. The choice should be coordinated with the master. He will tell you if this or that sketch can be used, what meaning it carries, and how it will look on the body.
  3. You should not use each other's names. It is possible that after a while the roads will part forever, or friends will become enemies. You can not puzzle over how things will be in the future.
  4. You can not look for a picture for the tattoo by its meaning. Perhaps the picture you like, which does not carry any particular meaning, will look just as beautiful.

Choosing a small picture, it is necessary to remember about the preference of simple sketches. On a small space details will remain imperceptible and a tattoo can turn out blurred.

The choice of the tattoo to be created also depends on:

  • skin texture;
  • skin tone;
  • The structure of the body.

It is not necessary to make complex drawings. For example, a thin bracelet will look very romantic. A small flower or a monogram will look beautiful. The image will not take up much space, and if necessary, it will be very easy to hide it.

English inscriptions

Some choose well-known English word combinations and phrases, but many, on the contrary, resort to complicated fonts and unfamiliar languages. Not everyone is willing to flaunt the innermost thoughts that go hand in hand with them throughout life.

In English, phrases borrowed from classical literature, such as from the works of Shakespeare, J. Austin, T. Hardy sound beautiful. In their original language they will sound much more majestic and beautiful.


For women

For men