Tattoo Fern - a full description of the amulet, meaning for girls (including the leaf and flower fern tattoo), designs, where to apply, beautiful photos

They say that nothing so displays the character of a person, as correctly selected tattoo. Regardless of whether it is temporary or permanent, be sure to know the meaning of the symbol, inscription or pattern that you decide to put on your skin. Otherwise you may be misunderstood, and worst of all, that an illiterate image can have a negative impact on your character, mood and actions.

Just think of Milady from the movie "D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers", who as a woman of easy virtue was branded with the lily emblem. Do you want to get a "Fern" or "Perun flower" tattoo? Do you want to know what this picture means? We will tell you about it.

tattoo fern

The meaning of the drawing with the Maori people

The Maori people also have a tattoo ("Fern") made by men. However, unlike other Polynesian peoples, the locals like to depict a peculiar bud of a fern leaf that has not yet opened. They call it "spiral bark". Its meaning is also associated with the beginning of a new round of life, readiness for change, awakening strength and a sense of harmony.

tattoo fern meaning

How to wear the color of Perun

As already mentioned, the amulet can be worn in the form of jewelry. Most often a pendant is used, on which its symbol is depicted. Such an amulet is the most popular. In addition, you can wear a ring, which depicts a symbol of the flower of the fern. This is also a symbol of the flower of the fern, which is also called a ring. In addition, the symbol of this amulet is embroidered on clothing. The symbol of the amulet is also embroidered on a pillow for those who suffer from insomnia.

It is recommended to embroider the symbol of the amulet on a pillow to those who suffer from insomnia. Also in this case, the pendant with its image can be placed under the pillow. It is said that after this, insomnia will no longer bother you.

The talisman of the fern flower can be worn by both men and women, regardless of age. In this way, you can choose a person who has lost the sense of life and has no idea what to do with it. In this case, the amulet will help to acquire it and banish bad thoughts. It can be worn together with a pair - amulet odolene grass. Then the effect of both amulet and the other will multiply.

Not recommended to wear this amulet to those people who are inclined to risk, as well as gambling people. Because it is believed that amulet helps wishes come true, as well as causing a desire to take risks. However, the risk is not always justified and as a result a person may be left with nothing.

Tattoo "Fern": meaning in Slavic culture

The fern leaf is often found in the culture of the Slavs as well. They had it meant solitude, sincerity and humility. Most often it was put on the hands and the closed parts of the body hermits and priests, leading a reclusive lifestyle.

However, a drawing of a whole plant had a more powerful energy, comparable to a fiery fuse. It was believed to have medicinal properties, to cure ailments and even to help its possessors to discover a gift, to increase stamina and temper their character. Lovers of everything new, balanced personalities and just those who are ready for unexpected changes in their lives, it is worth doing such a tattoo. "Fern" or as it is also called "Perun flower" is a symbol of vitality and strength of spirit.

tattoo of a fern on his arm

Girls choose the image of a fern

The fairer sex, surprisingly enough, is bolder than men in this respect, easily agreeing to stuff a beautiful branch of a fern without fear of the consequences described above. This, of course, helps them to purity of thought and exceptional sincerity.

Tattoo with a fern on the shoulder of a girl can mean and desperate loneliness, and the long search for suzhozhenogo, and the desire to find magical knowledge of the world, realizing its exclusivity.

The magical meaning of the fern

The fern flower is said to have a magical meaning. It is said that it combines white and black magic and is capable of fulfilling wishes. However, to someone who does not understand and does not accept the magical meaning of the fern sprig, it is better not to use this symbol.

In this case, the symbol of a fern can be a source of unpleasantness, disappointment, and even misfortune. The most common pattern painted on the bodies of witches, veduns, shamans and other people with supernatural powers.

Tips for sketches

In search of ideas for inspiration, images of plants from botanical collections will help. Such drawings are good if you want to do a drawing in style:

  • watercolor,
  • graphic,
  • black and white.

On the peruvial color sketches are created in the style of ethnics, ornamental. These directions are associated with the graphic symbols of folk cultures.

To perform a drawing in the neo-traditional or new-school style, it is preferable to use photographs. This will help the master to work carefully on the sketches, find a suitable color scheme and complement the drawing with individual touches.

The plant looks gracefully in the techniques of linework, geometry, sketch style and dotwork. The peculiarities of graphics will help to convey the charm of the fern in all its glory.

The top technique is considered to be the transfer of a drawing to the body from a living plant. This method is suitable for the style of realism and hyper realism. To bring a beautiful twig, all you have to do is go to a garden center or nursery. The plant is sold as decor elements and decorations ekiban.

By means of the application of a special ink, the master takes the outline of the plant. Using a live plant, it is easier to choose a successful position and add beautiful details. The real shapes of the leaves allow you to accurately recreate the image of a living plant on the skin.

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On what part of the body is better to depict?

It is believed that to depict a tattoo ("Fern") on the arm or any other part of the body is necessary so that this picture looks beautiful. To do this, it is necessary to select the size and shape of the leaf.

Accordingly, the chosen image and will depend on its place of application. For example, a small twig or a leaf curled up like a swollen bud would be ideal for the neck, back, side, shoulder blade, neck or forearm. An image of the mythical fern flower is better to place on your chest, back, shoulder or wrist. By the way, it is on the hand most often this beautifully shaped leaf depicted by the fair sex. And on the chest and back - men.

Slavic legends

If today you search for a photo of a fern flower, you will find either a poppy, or a red lily, or some other wildflower among the leaves. The real flower escapes the photographer's lens.

But some of the ancients managed to witness the real magic, when exactly at midnight the fern releases a large bud, which comes in an extraordinary movement, swaying in different directions, sharply changing direction.

After that, the bud begins to grow larger, stretches sharply, is filled with bright light, like a red-hot coal, and finally unfolds, burning among the forest thicket, like a lantern, a beautiful flower.

Belarusians claim that a person who has found a fern flower receives the gift of clairvoyance, but for this you will have to try very hard, committing a real ritual. It is said that one must first hurt one's hand and then clasp the flower in it. The forces of evil will do their best to prevent this, so you need to hurry quickly return from the woods to his village.

Now you understand how choosing a good sketch for a tattoo is a serious matter. The idea with the fern is certainly beautiful, but you must be sure to hold the power bestowed by the magical plant, otherwise it will bring you down.

What part of the hand should I choose?

When planning to draw an elegant fern sprig on your hand, you need to decide on the place where it will be applied. For example, it could be:

  • The back of the palm;
  • The wrist area (inside or outside);
  • finger area;
  • The inner side of the elbow;
  • forearm;
  • The inner side of the hand (just below the shoulder), etc.

In a word, if you have chosen a fern sprig as a drawing, think about how its representation corresponds to your inner self.

The mysterious flower of Perun.

In Slavic mythology, the fern was called the flower of Perun. The surviving legends tell us that this plant opened the way to the underworld of Perun. The doors were opened only once a year at the summer solstice. That's why the fern tattooed good luck in the search for treasures.

Scandinavian style fern

Scandinavian Fern

Fern on the wrist

Fern on the hand

By treasure is meant both a real hidden treasure and a meeting with a loved one. Among tattoo connoisseurs, the fern leaf is believed to help unlock potential.

As the color of the Perun flower reveals the hidden treasures, so the tattoo paves the way in the subtle settings of human energy to the inner harmony.

Can I make the amulet myself and how?

Most often, the Perun flower was used as a body decoration (for example, various amulets made of wood and metal). But also, there are other ways of using the symbol. So, the amulet was applied in the form of ornaments on crockery, embroidered on towels and clothes, made amulets of leaves of ferns. Today, there are often rings and pendants engraved in the form of amulet Perunov. Often to protect the house as an amulet, dried leaves of the fern were used.

They were put in a vase as a home decoration. It also happened that the leaves were placed on hot coals in the stove. According to the belief, during this time, the house was cleaned from spoilage and bad energy. The amulet was embroidered on the clothes according to strict rules. The amulet was applied only on the night of the rising moon, and accurately placed the central elements of the symbol. There are a number of rules that must be used when embroidering amulet:

  • A boy or a girl must be in a good mood and embroider amulet only on his sincere desire;
  • When embroidering need to think about who this amulet will be intended for;
  • The symbol will have greater power, if it will be sewn by a blood relative;
  • To embroider the amulet, cotton threads are used;
  • Embroidery ornament should not have knots;
  • As colors for embroidery were used the right colors: purple (for aggression) and green (for prosperity)

Also, it is worth noting that in order to enhance the amulet action, its embroidery on clothing is often combined with other amulets.

Caring for the amulet

You should not treat amulet in the form of a fern flower as an ordinary thing. The symbol of a fern is a symbol of the power of the moon, the light of the moon, the light of the moon and the fire of the moon. From time to time, the product should be cleaned not only from dust, but also from accumulated negative energy.

Protecting its wearer, the amulet absorbs all the negative energy in itself. There are two main ways to get rid of the dark energy of the amulet. The first is to place the item under running water for some time. It is believed that water washes away all unnecessary things.

Another option is the use of fire. It is practiced mainly for stone and metal objects.

The main condition is the presence of natural fire. It is better, if it is a fire. If the amulet can be damaged by fire or water, it is placed for a while under the direct rays of the sun. For example, if it is an embroidery or amulet made of wood.


The fern flower is still used to this day as an adornment for clothing and textiles. However, now the symbol of the flower is mostly a decorative element, rather than a talisman against the evil eye. In Slavic culture, an image of the flower of Perun on clothing can be found much more often.

Embroidery amulet implied the observance of certain rules. When embroidering it was necessary to monitor the accuracy of the central components of the symbol. The process of embroidery itself needed to be carried out on the waning moon.

Special attention should be paid to the attitude with which the embroiderer starts to work. In addition, and the complexity of the process matters. If the threads are often torn or knotted, one by one mistakes are formed, then the embroidery should be postponed. This means that at this time, the amulet will not be able to protect the person with the proper force. In this case, there will be no benefit from it.

In combination with other symbols on the embroidery amulet is able to fight with specific problems. For example, if you need to rid a person of alcohol addiction, then the fern flower is depicted together with the svarog. If there are problems with vision, it is recommended to surround the symbol of the Peruvian flower with cornflowers.

For preservation of the family hearth a combination of fern and hop is used. In the presence of diseases of the respiratory system, the symbol of the fern flower is combined with the image of strybozhich and oak branches. In the case of colds, rhodomych and hops are added.

When creating an amulet, you should adhere to the following principles:

  • Embroidery amulet should take place in good faith. In no case can not force someone to do amulet or embroider it himself through force.
  • The strength of the embroidery will be stronger if it will be engaged. blood relative. Spouses are not considered in this case.
  • At the moment of embroidery you need to think about the person to whom the embroidery is intended.. This is necessary to establish a connection between the amulet and its owner.
  • For embroidery is better to use cotton thread and natural fabrics.;
  • Need to monitor the absence of embroidery knots.
  • If you want to fence off a married couple from cheating, then the embroidery should include orange and red hues.
  • On the product, intended for a child, should be additionally embroidered The image of an animal.
  • The green color of the embroidery is focused on Improving the well-being.
  • Protection against aggression serves embroidery in purple and blue tones.
  • Small elements of embroidery should have the same shade.
  • Black embroidery protects against infertility and promotes the earliest conception of a child..
  • A symbol of longevity will be placed next to the fern flower, a tree. It is best if it will be a fir tree.

How to clear and charge the amulet?

After the amulet is made, it is still necessary to properly purify and charge it. This is done so that the amulet could save in itself for a longer time the magical properties. This stage is carried out with the help of natural elements: fire, earth, air and water.

Fire .

To purify and charge the amulet with the help of fire it is necessary to make a fire and place the amulet over it. After that, the amulet is removed from prying eyes in a dark place for a day.

Water .

Charging of the amulet with water
Use water with a big stream (rivers, streams, etc.).

According to the beliefs, the current takes with it all the negative energy, leaving only the good.


This amulet should be placed in a hole in the ground for a day or night. After a time, take out the amulet and gently wipe it from the remnants of soil.

Can I keep it at home

A live fern bush is wrapped with magical energy, which can serve you as a home or household plant.

But there is some controversy about the benefits of the flower in the home. Facts about the flower state that it causes headaches. This is indeed true because the plant needs oxygen to be viable, which it consumes during the dark hours of the day.

Proper placement will relieve you of such problems and help apply the flower to your benefit. Put it in the living room, kitchen or loggia, where the family and guests are mostly present during the day.

If a plant is near electric appliances, it works for you: the flower absorbs the radiation, thus working as a cleaner of not only magical negative energy.

Tattoo with a symbol of a fern

Photo of the tattoo
Another popular way to create a talisman is to apply the symbol to a person's skin in the form of a tattoo.

As an image, there can be both the symbol itself and the leaves of the fern.

One of the main conditions is that the place for such tattoo should be the part of the body that is least accessible to others' eyes.

Tattoo with Perun amulet allows you to reveal the ability of the owner, to provide spiritual balance, and protect against the evil eye and spoilage.


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