Tattoo Fire - description, meaning for girls and men, where to apply, beautiful designs and photos

Tattoo torch

Tattoo torch

Tattoo torch Has already become a rare phenomenon among fans of body art. The torch symbolizes life, fire, light, truth, reason, freedom. Ancient people represented a burning torch with male power and fertility, and extinguished - with death. Therefore, a person who has decided on the image on his body torch, it is necessary to know - the torch must be burning.

Meaning of the torch tattoo

Considering the meaning of the tattoo with the image of a torch, it should be noted that this tattoo has its roots from the places of incarceration. Very often you can see the image of a burning torch on the bodies of previously convicted citizens. But this is not dogma.

Tattoo torch

Tattoo torch

Tattoo torch

Tattoo torch

Tattoo with a small torch on his leg

Tattoo with a small torch on the leg

Tattoo torch - photo

Tattoo torch - photo

Generally, the torch tattoo is a purely male tattoo. Each man has his own priority, lays into the tattoo its own meaning and significance. For some, the burning torch - a symbol of freedom, majesty and eternity, for others - masculinity, constancy and independence, for others - a symbol of spirituality, God, sanity. For some it is a fiery passion, mutual love and even fidelity, marriage, family, children.

Tattoo torch

Torch Tattoo

Small torch tattoo on ankle

A small tattoo of a torch on the ankle

A man who has a burning torch tattoo on his body is usually very independent, serious and adamant, characterized by firmness of character, attentiveness and sensitivity to loved ones. You have to be very careful what you say when talking to such a person.

Tattoo torch - photo

Tattoo torch - photo

Tattoo with a torch

Tattoo with a torch

Tattoo torch on hip

Tattoo torch on the hip

Currently, the meaning of the torch tattoo is moving away from the prison symbolism, because there are different types of this tattoo.

Meaning for men

Tattoo in the form of a torch is often chosen by representatives of the stronger sex. A beautiful body image men do on different parts of the body. Most often, members of the stronger sex choose a black and white body image. Tattoo in the form of a torch for men means:

  • love of freedom
  • independence
  • Strong purposeful character
  • sincerity
  • desire to start a family
  • love
  • militancy

A tattoo in the form of a torch on a strong male body can tell about the strong purposeful character of its owner.

In addition, such a body image sometimes means the desire to create a family and find love. A man with such a tattoo certainly has a special inner world. Similar body art on the male body can talk about the independent and at the same time a spiritual nature of its owner.

Tattoo torch in the penitentiary.

Of course, and now in places of detention, especially in penal colonies, they score the image of a torch, but such an image, as a rule, one color (usually black) and is not particularly diverse, the value have details.

Tattoo torch

Tattoo torch

Tattoo torch - photo

Tattoo torch - photo

Tattoo torch on hand

Tattoo torch on the hand

Tattoo with the image of a torch is applied to the memory of the time spent in prison, then usually the base of the nail is drawn wrapped in wire. And very often the number of knots on the wire shows the number of years of incarceration, and the number of needles - the number of trips. The image of the torch can symbolize the serving of a crime of negligence. The torch in the hand usually symbolizes camaraderie in prison.

Tattoo torch - photo

Torch tattoo - photo

Tattoo torch

Torch tattoo

Colored images of the torch nowadays are a great assortment, there are a great many of them, in different sizes and types. Usually, the torch is depicted as a separate picture, but it can be a fragment of a large textured drawing or emblem on the human body.

History of the torch tattoo

Once upon a time, our ancestors used torches to signal ships. In those distant times, they were as important as weapons. A significant role was assigned to them in various religious vessels that associated with the cult of fire and the sun.

. This is where the use of torches in various celebrations came from.

The Greeks at the time of the Eleusinian feasts guarded their own fields with torches in their hands

. This way they could use fire to protect their fields from wickedness. But in Greek cities such ceremonies were of a religious nature. They liked to use torches in various ceremonies in Athens, where they ran with torches. The winner was the one who ran with a torch in his hand.

Interestingly, the tattoo of a torch in the shape of a torch has been around for a long time.

. Most often such natal drawings chose those who were in prison. Also such a body drawing often made as a talisman or as a hooligan tattoo. In this case, each in a tattoo laid its own special meaning.

The meaning of the tattoo torch in the criminal environment:

  • Cleansing from past sins;
  • The desire to be freed from captivity;
  • hope for a better life.

The drawing was often supplemented with images of an olive branch, the rising sun and various inscriptions. The tattoo of a torch clasped in a hand with its wrist shackled by a broken chain was also common.


Times have changed, and today the tattoo torch is no longer associated with the prison and it can do anyone. Such a tattoo involves a large, brightly colored design

, necessarily with a burning flame of red, orange or blue. Anyone will advise that this is the sketch, because if you choose a small drawing, the colors over time can "float". These days, images of the torch are made in different styles, complementing it with roses, skulls, arrows and bright ornaments.

Where to apply the tattoo torch

Flaming torch tattoo most often applied to the forearm, shoulder, hip or hand, very rarely - on the chest or back. Almost always this tattoo immediately catches the eye, draws attention to the person possessing it.

Tattoo torch on his side

Tattoo torch on the side

Tattoo torch

Tattoo torch

Although the torch tattoo is a male tattoo, but in rare cases, such a tattoo can be seen on women who want to prove their superiority, to erase the distinction between the weaker and the stronger sex. Sometimes it is even justified by society.

Meaning for women

It is not uncommon for the fair sex to choose stylish tattoos with the image of a torch. Most often, women prefer colored tattoos in the old-school style. Such on-body drawings women do not only because of their beauty, but also because of the special symbolism.

Spectacular tattoos with the image of a torch for a woman means:

  • The desire to create a family and find love
  • Freedom-loving character
  • Independence from the opinion of others
  • Spirituality

Not in vain they call a woman the "keeper of the home" and compare the house to the fire, something warm and soulful. That is why the tattoo with a torch on a woman's body will mean the sincerity of the owner, as well as the desire to create a strong family and find love.

A lady with such a tattoo for sure has a free-spirited character and does not depend on other people's opinions.

What does the tattoo of fire mean?

Today, all existing religious cults recognize the mystical meaning of fire, its great importance for people . And indeed, it is simply impossible to imagine life on Earth without it, because it is a source of heat and light. But at the same time, fire is a very dangerous and unpredictable element, which can bring death and destruction. Tattoo fire value is manifold and contradictory. Especially clearly seen in its duality in the Christian religion. The ancient Slavs divided fire into a divine and hellish. The first was a means of communication with God. It was believed that hot words of prayer reached heaven together with sparks and ashes. In addition, heavenly fire could grant wishes and bring good luck. Hellfire is the flame from the underworld that punishes sinners. It is not for nothing that in many depictions the devil is surrounded by the tongues of the tribe. He is associated with sin, spiritual fall and temptation. Also, such a tattoo means:

  • Passion. Burning flames are very strongly associated with burning passion. It is a symbol of heat, violent emotions and inner energy. A person with such a tattoo, for sure, is a skilled lover and has a great sexual experience;
  • destruction. The unbridled and indomitable flame, raging on the body, is a symbol of destruction. The bearer of such a tattoo is a strong spirit, purposeful and courageous man, who sweeps away everything in his path to achieve his goal and almost always achieves unprecedented heights. Very often such a tattoo make people who have their own business. This is their way of hinting to their competitors that they had better not cross the road, and all issues should be resolved peacefully, otherwise they will be in trouble;
  • rebirth. Tattoo phoenix in the fire means rebirth. It is a symbol that the person crossed out his past, where perhaps he made many mistakes and began his life with a clean slate;
  • intimate knowledge. The sign of fire tattoo is strongly associated with an ancient Greek legend. The titan Prometheus once stole fire from the gods and taught it to the primitive humans. The thunderer Zeus was furious with him and ordered the god of fire and blacksmith Hephaestus to chain Prometheus to a rock. Every day a raven flies up to the mountain and tears at the liver of the titan. Therefore, the fire tattoo means new knowledge, which is obtained with great difficulty, and the desire to achieve high goals in the scientific and cultural spheres;
  • witchcraft. Fire is an integral part of mystical rituals and mysteries. In some religions it mediates between the world of the living and the dead, and in others between man and God. It is believed that a fire tattoo aggravates a person's sixth sense and even gives him some mystical abilities;
  • unhappy love. The heart in fire tattoo is usually done by those who suffer from unrequited love or for some reason have lost the beloved person. Such a person experiences severe mental anguish, experiences and is very vulnerable.

Wang's Dream

An exceptionally auspicious dream in which the dreamer holds in his hands a burning torch. You are destined to become a successful man, because not only fate favors such wise people, but also God himself supports you in your pure thoughts.

If you dream that you are lighting your way in the dark - your life will not be cloudless, on its way there will be many obstacles to success and happiness. You will live in delusions and vicious temptations until you yourself realize that it is time to fundamentally change absolutely everything.

The multitude of people with flaming torches in the dream indicates that you can not worry about the loyalty of your friends, because they are ready to come to your aid at any time.

Bad luck portends a dream in which the source of light suddenly went out - soon you will receive news about the death of a loved one. If you yourself put it out, then through your fault a few innocent people will die, and you are destined to incur responsibility for the criminal act.

Dreamed that you were going to start a fire, setting it alight with a torch - now you are only living a dream of fame, fortune, success and a happy future, but soon there will come a turning point when these desires will be translated into reality.


In the modern dream, to carry a torch in a dream means that soon you will expect some joyful events, good luck and success in love, as well as mutual understanding with your significant other. If you just see it, it means that in the near future you will be initiated into some secret and will reveal to you some interesting information. To see burning at night or in the dark - some information that will be revealed to you will help you in solving current affairs; in the light of day - your cherished desire will come true; extinguished - to the destruction of plans. See people dancing with torches - to happiness beyond the sea.


In a dream carried a lit torch in your hand - soon fate will give you a chance to realize your most cherished dreams. Also, it is possible that you are looking for freedom of action and to get rid of other people's influence on their own lives.

If you dreamed that many people are lighting their way, it means that in the near future there will be times when disappointment from the inability to influence your destiny will prevail.

If in a dream the source of light suddenly went out, then in reality you are destined to regret and frustration, because your plans are not destined to materialize.

Unexpectedly caught fire from the fallen torch symbolizes the upcoming revolution, which will begin with minor popular unrest and resentment of existing policies.

What image for a torch tattoo to choose?

There are many different options for body art depicting a beautiful torch. Before you go to a tattoo parlor, it is important to decide on the desired body image.

Today we suggest To understand the meaning of a tattoo in the form of a torch

. This is the name of a special kind of lamp, which is able to provide intense light for a long time. The light would not go out in the open air or even in bad weather. Our ancestors used different varieties of resin, as well as wax and other substances, which were sometimes the most common putty for the torch frame.

Here you can learn about the meaning of the tattoo torch, Get the facts about the meaning and history of the design

, view popular tattoo options. Those who select the basis for a unique sketch and form an exclusive image, we offer, as an addition, to view the following sections of the catalog:


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