Tattoo Tree - Meaning for girls and men, tattoo designs, where to apply, inspiring photo ideas

Not so long ago, the tattoo was used to denote individuals, such as prisoners or firefighters. Now the painting of the body has become a real art, fans of which are enough, both among guys and girls. When choosing a sketch, most put their own meaning in the tattoo, but it should be remembered that each image has a hidden or sacred meaning, which should also be taken into account.

In recent years guys and girls use for tattoos the forest or lonely trees, which are a symbol and the main element of nature. It is the tree that serves as a representation of the life of all life on the planet. A tree is considered to have an extremely profound meaning, and the context it hides behind it depends on the type of tree. In general, the tree is a symbol of natural dynamic growth and development, a sign of life, the connection between heaven and earth. In addition, the tree is a symbol of immortality and fertility, and many ancient myths and legends represent the tree as a living and moving object, a being capable of breathing and talking.

Symbolism of the tree

Trees are the most ancient inhabitants of the planet, possessing deep wisdom and powerful energy. Not for nothing our distant ancestors worshipped oak trees and individual trees, feeling the presence in the dense crowns of the Spirit of nature.

To the trees went to ask for advice, to be healed, to be energized. The forest has been attributed magical properties, suggesting that they are sentient beings communicating with each other.

How do you make a good choice when going to get a tattoo with a tree? A tree can occupy both the entire back and a modest area on the surface of a finger. You can put the image on your arm, neck or ankle for all those around you to see.

Or you can create a secret "amulet" on the back of your ear. In any case, it will be beautiful and aesthetic, because any large plant looks extremely attractive.

Omen and superstitions about the bonsai tree

According to omens bonsai plants have a special energy

They can strengthen the family, attract money, preserve health or bring trouble. Many people distrust them.

The striking resemblance of bonsai to real crops growing in the wild alarms many people. They see it as the help of unclean forces, saying that it is impossible to create a man-made exact mini-copy of a tree.

The most common omen states that bonsai should not be placed in the bedroom, especially near the bed. This will lead to a family breakdown, loneliness, reclusiveness, as well as threaten sexual dysfunction.

According to some omens, to keep away from conflicts and quarrels, it is necessary to keep two bonsai plants in the house - a male and a female

Superstitious people follow these recommendations religiously, and the confirmation of this can be found in many apartments. In the living room, people are greeted by a thistle or "money tree", which refers to female plants "Yin", and in the bedroom there is a lemon or mandarin, which represents male energy "Yang".

For the home, it is advisable to choose bonsai with leaves pointing upward. According to omens, the lowered leaf plates ground the energy flow, keeping out the house.

A woman's myrtle omen is interesting. She claims that a woman who always has a small piece of this plant with her will be able to stay young for a long time. A myrtle placed in a matrimonial room, protects peace of the family and improves the quality of life of spouses.

Money tree, according to omens, attracts material prosperity in the house. But this plant is capricious, and requires special treatment. Its leaves must be wiped daily and counted, in fact money also needs to be counted. An omen says that a dusty money tree does not bring prosperity.

Meaning of tattoos

The image of a tree, a group of trees and even a whole forest can say about the owner of the tattoo that he most likely loves nature to the core, does not forget about his roots, paves the line of life, following the basic laws of the universe.

Different ethnic groups interpret the theme of the tree in their own way:

  • In Egypt, the symbol of the tree was inextricably linked to life and death;
  • The Celts regarded trees as the givers of life;
  • In many countries, trees were considered the true healers. Even today, many people go to the woods to hug a century-old oak tree or lay their heads against a birch tree. It is believed that this not only heals, but also gives the power to revive a new life.

In general, the tattoo with a tree is filled with deep positive meaning, which is intuitively clear to any observer. Looking at the many photos of tattoos with trees, it is very easy to make sure of this.

There are associations with the desire for light, development and growth, immortality, power. Even the most schematic drawing of a tree makes you think about the unity of the spiritual and bodily, the best manifestations of life, the ability to survive and withstand hardship.

Tattoos with trees are the choice of a person who believes in the immortality of the soul and the continuity of life on Earth.

  1. The roots represent the solid foundation of life, a solid foundation.
  2. The trunk is the way up, the channel of life's juices.
  3. The branches represent different directions of the philosophy of life, life itself in all its manifestations.
  4. The buds and leaves are the budding of new generations, the turning to the light, the fullness of being.

In addition, each of the tree species also brings a specific connotation to the drawing:

  • oak - immutable strength, longevity and durability;
  • The birch tree symbolizes refined beauty, purity and self-sacrifice;
  • Willow - sadness, melancholy, resignation to fate;
  • bamboo - cheerful youth;
  • Spruce - cheerful longevity and plenitude.


Oneness with nature and powerful symbolism is carried by the image of a tree. Very often it is its form and image that we give an idea of the genealogical development of a person, putting portraits of our ancestors on the very top and our own somewhere closer to the roots. And there is no other, stronger sentimental peaceful feeling, filling with a special energy at the sight of a mighty age-old tree.

The sketch for tree tattoos is a drawing on plain paper, a simple sketch that gives an idea of what will be the tattoo, what will be depicted on it besides the main element and what will be the background. Thanks to it we bring the idea to life and see if it will harmonize on our body.

In the sketch we can change the look of the tree, try to finish drawing the sudden thoughts about the composition, or compose whole scenes that will have their secret meaning, frozen in motion. See if the drawing will be great in color and pick the appropriate palette, and if not, pick a style and technique for black and white versions.

We, have gathered for you a collection of sketches with images of a tree to compose your future tattoo. They will help you to operate with the images, will give you an idea of how the drawing is approximately composed, which will help your tattoo artist to better understand your idea, your idea.

Drawing up a sketch of the tattoo Tree is divided into several stages. First, decide on the location of the tattoo. From this stage depends on the size of the future drawing, its tracing, possibly styles and the general shape of the tattoo, oblong, round or simply fitting into the allotted area of the skin an abstract shapeless image.

Secondly, you must choose a certain kind of tree with which you associate yourself. In advance, read its meaning, see if it suits you, whether it reflects your character and whether it will be in harmony with your other tattoos (if you have them).

The third step will be the selection of additional (secondary or main) elements involved in the overall composition (if you are not going to limit yourself to a single tree). Try to connect them or put them in the background. Make sure that they do not take all the attention away from the main element.

The final stage will be the choice of the main palette, which will be based on the natural color of the selected tree. Search for a successful combination of color spots and experiments with deviations from naturalism. Not the least role in the color solutions can play the style you choose, which sometimes has strict limitations, offering a choice of only canonical for the genre of colors.

Girls' Choice.

Women usually give preference to subtle and graceful images of trees, which obviously should emphasize chastity and natural beauty. Images of flowering and fruiting trees are close to any expectant mother and birthing woman. This connection is so strong that in the East, expectant mothers draw a tree on their bodies in order to conceive a baby faster.

Compositions with other elements

The tree tattoo thanks to its unique possibility to accept various forms and also to be entered in various sizes, is combined absolutely with any subjects and elements widely used in art of a body-art. But, as well as many tattoos, the tree has its own, already become a standard theme, which can be seen most often on the skin of others.

Falling leaves turning into a flock of birds flying away. This is especially symbolic for girls whose children are forced to leave their parents' home after they grow up - leaving to study, moving to a new place of residence in another region, getting married or getting married in another city, etc.

An empty swing on a tree, can carry not very positive meaning. Some say they made such a tattoo in memory of the loss of a beloved daughter or son as a child. Others say that the empty swing combined with the tree is a warm memory of a happy and serene childhood. They are not taken down as a hope for a wonderful return of those long ago days.

The tree with roots, a very beautiful drawing that has its own sacred hidden meaning. The roots as a symmetrical counterbalance to the branches are often drawn in the same scale, resulting in an image takes the form of a circle, which in turn also symbolizes the closed and cyclical nature of life processes.

The tree on the man's body

A strong tree with a dense crown and strong roots - a typical example of the male tattoo. When you see such a picture there are persistent associations with steadfastness and determination, confidence and reliability. Like an oak unbroken by hurricanes, a man is calm and confident in the future.

Like a tall, slender poplar, he reaches upwards, overcoming the hardships of life. Customers with a creative streak ask for a tree with numerous branches, symbolizing the versatility of personality and diversity of interests. The arms, shoulders and back are chosen as the place to place the drawing.

Where is the best place to put the bonsai?

Fengshui teachings recommend using bonsai as an energy balancer. Sharp corners of the room or furniture need to be softened by miniature trees. In poorly lit areas of the home, the presence of bonsai plants is a must. They block the impact of negative energy and absorb all the incoming negative energy.

Rooms with asymmetric or slanted surfaces bring disharmony to a person's energy, disturb the development of personality. Creative people are especially sensitive to them. They lose the ability to create and become depressed. Solve the problem easily by placing azalea in the working room. The mini-tree will revive the lost inspiration, set them up for success. The pleasant aroma relaxes, increases the level of concentration, and has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels.

With frequent malaise, weakness, lack of incentive to live, it is recommended to place bonsai in the corridor of the house to prevent the leakage of energy from the dwelling.

To balance the fire flows (from heaters, stoves, electrical appliances) with the energy of water (taps, washing machines, dishwashers) - it is placed in the kitchen.

Important: Only healthy bonsai trees bring harmony to the energy space. Mangled, damaged and yellowed specimens will not be able to protect the house and will only add negativity. Artificial figurines should not have chips, cracks, deep scratches, tangled strands of beads.

Feng shui masters recommend placing a lemon tree in a child's room. It stimulates a desire for knowledge, develops independence in the child, increases physical activity.

Families who want to, but do not have children, should put a peach tree in the planned nursery. Preferably, if next to it will be a picture or photo with playing babies and figurine of a stork.

The love plant is installed in the bedroom, on the southwest side. To enhance its effect, a figure of lovers or pigeons is placed nearby.

A health plant should be placed on the east side of the bedroom, and a crane figurine, an aquarium or an artificial waterfall should be used to enhance it. The use of photographs or paintings is acceptable.

When choosing a bonsai tree for your home, it is important to take into account the location of its trunk.

Descending bonsai plants are recommended by feng shui masters to install in places where sharp corners protrude, to balance the energy of the house.

Bonsai with a descending crown is ideal for an attic or porch, as well as for decorating room corners

By softening the protrusions and cuts, the tree improves the energy of the home.

Bonsai with lightly sloping branches according to feng shui symbolizes greeting and is considered ideal for the living room and office.

Upright vegetation is a sign of a proud, determined nature. They are usually chosen by powerful and strong individuals. The best place for them would be an office.

Birds on a tree

A tree which shelters birds is a symbol of peace.

It not only provides shelter, it also feeds them but at the same time it protects the freedom of celestial creatures.

What to choose?

Researchers of youth culture consider the tattoo a characteristic of the new generation. If you decide to score your first masterpiece, take advantage of the vast experience of the masters of their craft, who will help you create the best sketch that accurately reflects the features of your inner world.

Feng Shui Meanings of Bonsai Tree Types

The mini bonsai tree symbolizes wisdom, delicacy, and restraint. It fits perfectly into the interior and complements it. According to Japanese and Chinese culture, bonsai reflects the flow of life. Those who can understand it will gain immortality.

Bonsai plants are full of positive energy and can harmonize energy flows in the home.

In the teachings of feng shui, energy vortices are the main cause of everything that happens. Correctly located energy flows in the house have a positive effect on the environment: people's moods, health, success in business. Oblique and weak - stimulate the emergence of problems in personal life and everyday life.

According to the teachings, bonsai neutralizes negative energy radiations. If there is not enough energy in the room, it attracts additional flows. Creates harmony between disorderly waves.

In the technique of bonsai you can create absolutely any tree: acacia, pine, spruce, myrtle, plum. Lovers of living plants can try to grow a miniature copy of themselves at home.


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