Tattoo lace - meaning, application techniques and tattoo designs for girls, beautiful photos of works

Girls love delicate and eye-catching drawings, especially on their bodies. Tattoo lace just refers to such images. It can serve as a decoration to the already created image and be a part of the inner world. For guys or on a woman's body is a very attractive tattoo.

Sometimes it is even difficult to understand if it is a drawing or part of the clothing, so skillfully artists can depict the tattoo in 3D style. Also, these works require careful care, because the fine details of lace and fine lines can "drift off" in places. But due care and the light hand of the master will provide the client with an excellent tattoo for a long time.

What is lace?

Lace is a decorative element of clothes, things made of textiles. A distinctive feature of such a product is a lot of intertwining, which constitute the lace itself. Making such a beautiful product is called lacemaking. It belongs to arts and crafts.

Weaving lace is made of various materials: wool, cotton, linen, etc. So the lace tattoo, the photo of which is amazingly diverse, can be stylized under a variety of threads: gold, silver, fabric. Actively used this element of decor and in festive female outfits. It can also be found in underwear. Such a piece of clothing can be completely made of lace, and may contain several details of intertwining. According to many men, such lingerie is very sexy, adjusts to a playful way.

Tattoo in the form of lace with vetas on a girl's leg
Tattoo on a girl's leg: lace with flowers, pattern

Popular designs

If you choose a pattern for a tattoo, be guided only by your own taste. Fashion is very fickle, moreover - does not always meet your needs.

If you're partial to a big doodle, get it done! If you prefer small patterns or flowers - choose it.

When choosing, pay attention to the girls' lower abdomen tattoos, photos and ideas. However, you can always create your own sketch, on your own or with a master.

If there is no hidden meaning in your tattoo, it is best to settle on an abstract ornament. It can be a belt around your waist or a small pattern around your belly. Moreover, you will be able to add new elements to such a pattern for a long time.

If, on the contrary, you want to stuff a meaningful pattern, then choose the sketch carefully. The lettering or picture should be completely in line with your vision.

Lace Weaving Techniques

There are three techniques that produce a beautiful lace that can later be taken as the basis for a tattoo. These include:

  • Needle lace. Such a product is carried out with great accuracy. The essence of this method is that the pattern is first applied to paper, and then transferred to the fabric with the help of a needle;
  • Renaissance. This technique represents ribbons pinned on paper. The master of lace weaving fills the space free of ribbons with the necessary material;
  • lace "princess". Such a manufacturing technique is relevant for wedding outfits. On the already ready netting apply pre-woven decorations: flowers, leaves, ornaments and so on.

Lace bow on legs as a tattoo
Lace bow: a tattoo on a girl's leg

Did you know? In Russia and Belgium, there are special devices for weaving lace - "bobbins". The second name, more popular among Belgians, is "bobbin". For weaving in this way on the bobbins wind the thread, of which directly and will be made lace. Also involved in the process are pins and crochet. Tattoo lace, the meaning of which can be found out by reading the image, often copies exactly in this way made element.

Beautiful rose tattoo with lace
Tattoo on the arm: red roses with lace

Tattoo on the stomach for men

Men like to stuff on the stomach humorous pictures, interestingly playing up the area around the navel. If a guy is overweight, he can depict on his belly a semblance of cubes. Some stuffed tattoos of internal organs, others choose images of humorous animals.

Tattoos with bruises are especially popular among brutal men. On the upper abdomen they tattoo images of sharks with severed heads, likenesses of bleeding wounds and scars, bloody daggers and other tattoos in a pronounced aggressive style. Often such tattoos are very large in size.

Popular tattoo designs on the abdomen for men include inscriptions arranged horizontally. Men's tattoo designs are characterized by sloppiness and angularity. Guys often choose black and white print-style inscriptions and place them mostly at the top of the abdomen.

The meaning of the lace tattoo

The meaning of any tattoo depends on a number of factors, from the image itself to the technique of execution. In general terms, a tattoo depicting lace can carry the following meanings:

  • A representation of femininity. Lace things, since the 15th century, carried a certain message. Their owner emphasized her femininity and elegance. So, too, the lace tattoo, the sketch of which is often very airy and chiseled, emphasizes the feminine;
  • ease of decision-making. No matter what they say, lace is a rather frivolous thing. With a certain combination of tattoo elements, the image can denote that his mistress is prone to mood swings, easy on the rise, not thinking about her actions.

Lace - Baroque Style Tattoo
Tattoo of a lace in the Baroque style

You can also designate the main tattoos that are performed in the lace technique:

  • bow. Such an image denotes lightness and fun. The underlined airiness of this decoration gives its owner charm and sophistication;
  • Lace garters. These are rather references to sexuality. Such intimate images are preferred by relaxed individuals;
  • Just an ornament, without a particularly distinguishable element. May speak of inconsistency, complex character. Also, such an image can be applied to women who have not figured out themselves.

Flowers with Lace - Baroque Style
Beautiful flowers with lace as a tattoo on the side of the girl's body

Patterns and their meaning

Tattoo on the hip for girls (photos are presented by various options) imply such a theme of patterns:

  • Biomechanics - suggests that human life is inextricably linked with science and technological progress. Still such patterns can be interpreted as the fact that the inner worldview differs from the outer state.
  • Indian ornaments symbolize wisdom, speed, strength and skill.
  • Polynesian patternsAccording to legends have magical powers, protect the wearer and bring success.
  • You can also find many ethnic motifs in the designs. can mean a variety of folk motifs (Khokhloma, Belarusian and Ukrainian embroidery) and suitable for girls who value their belonging to a particular nation.
  • CelticThe most popular of which are the various knots and crosses, embody spirituality and unity of body and soul.
  • The Asian attributes have a spiritual meaning and help their owners achieve enlightenment and improve karma.
  • Indian sketches are responsible for energy exchange between a person and the universe.

The geometric patterns do not have any semantic meaning, but they look effective and stylish.

Places for tattooing

Basically, tattoos in the style of lace are applied on the wrists, legs, ankles. Less often - on the neck area, chest, back. In the first case, the tattoo depicts a lace garter, ribbon, girdle around the wrist, shin, ankle. In the case where the image covers a large area, it and transferred to the shoulders, thighs.


I did the lace bow tattoo by accident. I got the sketch and liked it instantly. The image was placed on my neck, just under my hairline. It looks spectacular, since my haircut is short and everything is open. At first it was planned to make an image in color, but I liked the final black and white version better.

Alyona, Arkhangelsk.

Lace tattoo on the back of a girl
Lace on girl's back as a tattoo

Choice of sketch

Recently, lace has been popular in the production of lingerie for girls. In the world of tattoo art, the image of lace patterns also finds its place.

Women with the help of this image can emphasize the beauty of their bodies. Drawing on the wrist, thigh, ankle.

Less often - on the chest and back. Also, lace may not be a separate image, but portrayed in a composition with other components of the tattoo.

Tattoo of a bow on the hip

The image has the appearance of a garter on the thigh, and on the back is an imitation of a tied bow. The tattoo emphasizes the beauty and sexuality of women's legs. Denotes the image of lightness of the owner and her looseness.

Tattoo corset

Apply the tattoo respectively on the waist. The lace pattern turns out beautiful and looks good in this place. The image speaks of the fine disposition and taste of its owner.

White lace tattoo on the arm

The picture is applied to the body only with the help of white ink. The type of tattoo is quite unusual, but it has its own charm. Recently, white tattoos have gained great popularity among young girls. The image emphasizes the beauty and fragility of a woman's hand.

Ornament on the ankle

Tattoo can be in the form of a girdle or an abstract pattern. This image is worn by people who do not understand themselves. Drawing speaks of the complexity and inconsistency of the girl's character.

Lace in men's tattoos

Despite the fact that lace was originally considered a purely female attribute, in men's tattoos it can also fit organically. So, lace elements can complement even such typically masculine styles as biomechanics. And a good master will do it beautifully and neatly.

Did you know? The original lace was cut from a whole piece of fabric. And only after the 16th century they began to be separately woven from threads. The finer the lace, the more elegant it was considered. The richer is the material, from which was made the lace, the higher was the position in the world of the owner of item.

Baroque Style Lace Tattoo on a Girl's Back
The lace on the back of the girl in the form of a Baroque tattoo

Adding lace elements to men's tattoos adds softness to them. Such a man is capable of good deeds, prone to romantic actions. Often men depict the name of the beloved in a ribbon of lace. This speaks of tenderness towards the girl.


I got the lace garter tattoo on my thigh a long time ago. I have already added and refinished it a few times. It is done in red and looks very sexy. My man especially liked the tattoo. Now I began to think about another tattoo, but also in the lace style, to emphasize femininity. Despite the fact that the garter looks quite bold, execution in openwork style gives it a delicacy, softness.

Angelina, Tomsk

Types of lace tattoos

  • Floral lace tattoo:

This type of tattoo is composed of lace and a rose (or any other flower). It can be drawn in any way or color as long as there is lace and a flower on the tattoo. However, the overall design consists of a very colorful flower and black lace with lace ties around the stem of the flower.

  • Lace Butterfly Tattoo:

Butterflies are gorgeous, which is why people love to use this beauty in their tattoos so much.

It is common to tattoo a butterfly composed of lace, or a butterfly sitting on lace.

  • Lace bow tattoo:

This is probably the most common type of this tattoo, and it is also drawn in different variations depending on the artists' creativity. The lace bow can also be one part of a full tattoo.

  • 3D white lace:

This is a relatively new type of lace, but it is quite exquisite. This tattoo is drawn in white ink to appear colorless, realistic. The white ink looks fantastic especially for people with very fair skin. However, since this is a completely new type of technique, you have to look for a master who is familiar with the technique, otherwise you won't get the drawing you would like.

  • Optical illusion and realistic tattoo:

This type of lace tattoo is drawn as realistic as possible, and if it is well drawn, it can be mistaken for the real thing. In this tattoo, the lace ribbon is made as realistic as is possible in the art of optical illusion.

  • Lace Dragon Tattoo:

The dragon has become a staple in most tattoos, and lace has not been left behind either. The lace dragon is quite interesting when drawn properly. A great idea to make it even more fantastic is to get it all over your back or chest.

  • Lace with inscription:

If you add a few words to the lace, you can give it some meaning.


Drawings that refer to the air elements hint at lightness, flight and freedom.

Certain bird designs can carry deep meaning:

  • The owl expresses wisdom, mystery, intuition, magic and the two sides of the soul (light and dark).
  • The dove represents femininity, peacefulness, creativity and tenderness.
  • Raven combines anger and kindness, hope, uncertainty, disappointment in life or loss.
  • The eagle is associated with a powerful inner strength and self-confidence, and also implies in its mistress such qualities as obsession with power, wisdom and perseverance.
  • Colorful birds of small size report youthfulness and mental naivety.
  • The swallow can bring good luck and hope.
  • The swan is considered a symbol of loyalty and faithful love.
  • The phoenix symbolizes rebirth and immortality.
  • The peacock alludes to royalty, majesty and beauty.

Tattoo on the hip for girls, photo. Beautiful patterns, lace, flowers, sketches, inscriptions with translation

Flamingos express romanticism and reverie.

Animal Themes

Animal tattoos are considered one of the most ancient tattoos and carry deep meaning:

  • A cat Embody femininity, willfulness, pride and freedom.
  • The Fox A fox symbolizes a woman's nature, grace and excitement. Such a sketch is also interpreted as pretense and cunning.
  • Dolphin . Brings good luck to its owners, expresses freedom and kindness.
  • Tiger combines such characteristics as restraint and self-esteem, passion and aggression, rage and spiritual power.
  • Wolf means loyalty to their relatives and principled, loneliness and self-confidence, leadership, intelligence and nobility.
  • Lion hints at qualities such as courage and wisdom, authority, toughness and protection of the weaker.
  • Bear Helps to convey qualities such as kindness and peacefulness, strength and steadfastness, as well as the beginning of a new stage in life.
  • Panther associated with sexuality and determination. Such a drawing implies the presence of its possessor's passionate nature and loverliness, love of freedom and respect.
  • Elephant is a symbol of peace, longevity, patience and spiritual depth.

Tattoo on the hip for girls, photo. Beautiful patterns, lace, flowers, sketches, inscriptions with translation

The horse symbolizes beauty and courage, bravery and irrepressibility.

Mythical creatures

Tattoo on the hip for girls (photo presents examples of sketches) can be depicted in the form of mythical creatures:

  • Dragon is considered one of the most popular sketches and is associated with power and authority. It endows its owner with wisdom, loyalty, integrity and mystery and signifies the four natural elements. A girl with such padding is ready to come to her aid at any time.
  • Pegasus means mystery, grace and sublimity.
  • UnicornThe Unicorn, like the Pegasus, makes a girl mysterious, gives her qualities such as frankness and kindness, ability to forgive and spirituality.
  • Fairy symbolizes sensuality, tenderness, reverie and optimism. Its possessor is always ready to help out and help. The fairy with this tattoo knows her worth and can stand up for herself. In addition to positive characteristics, such a sketch also expresses unwillingness to work, avoiding criticism of oneself, anger and revenge.
  • Amazon embodies selflessness combined with spiritual and physical strength. The owner of this image fights for justice, defends her idea to the end, and is even ready to succumb to her own interests. She is characterized by resistance to stress, quickly makes the right decisions and gets out of the most difficult situations.

Tattoo on the hip for girls, photo. Beautiful patterns, lace, flowers, sketches, inscriptions with translation

Amazon means matriarchy and the constant overcoming of difficulties.


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