Tattoo unicorn: meaning, all sorts of options and beautiful photos

Despite the fact that self-expression is becoming more and more popular, there is still an ambiguous attitude to tattoos. Someone admires them as works of art, others frankly consider the drawings on the body inappropriate. Nevertheless, many men and women do them, regardless of age. Today we propose to consider the features and meaning of the unicorn tattoo.

Tattoo unicorn: meaning

The unicorn tattoo has several different meanings among themselves. In some countries, for example in China, the unicorn symbolizes longevity and happy life. Often such a tattoo acts as a talisman. Unruly and dual essence. On the one hand, it is an incredibly proud creature, but on the other hand, it is characterized by purity and chastity. Legends say that the willful creature attacked no one in the woods and spared no one. Only the pure and gentle maiden managed to tame the animal's unbridled temper with one look. The free-loving creature was able to kneel only before a true beauty and an innocent person. The main feature of the tattoo is that it can be tamed not everyone, and often the owner of such a tattoo is considered stroppy and proud. The perfect beauty. The owner of such a picture demonstrates to everyone the uniqueness and beautiful appearance. Bravery and courage. Those who have such a tattoo highlight strength and know how to solve problems and difficulties. Spiritual and physical purity. Many owners of this image classify themselves as incredibly sincere people. In Russia, this image has a slightly different meaning. It is a sign of readiness, intelligence and education. Unicorn tattoos are popular with both women and men.

How to interpret the mysterious image

Jewish legend says that the horse lived in Eden and left with the people when Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise, which symbolizes patience and sincerity. The Chinese believed it brought longevity and wealth, a person with such a picture also showed his honesty and developed intelligence.

The horn was identified with the phallus and sexual attraction, giving the wearer an unusual attraction. Having met a strange beast, a man received a priceless gift, understanding all existing on the earth languages.

The multi-faceted silhouette demonstrates:

  • inner purity;
  • benevolence;
  • modesty;
  • nobility;
  • wish fulfillment;
  • temperament;
  • courage.

In Christianity, the horse symbolized the Annunciation and was tamed by the Virgin Mary, becoming her emblem. The mystical image was flaunted on the shields of medieval knights who exalted their lady and praised good-hearted and pure love relationships. In addition, it confirmed the high origin of the bearer.

Even Genghis Khan was attributed an encounter with a mythical entity that caused him to end the hostilities by turning his troops back to his homeland, which carries with it the additional traits of humanity and humanity.

Unicorn tattoo for girls

For girls, this image has great significance. It symbolizes the bowing of unbridled strength and will before purity of soul and innocence. Unicorn tattoo emphasizes the inner strength of a fragile woman and the purity of her soul. Unicorn with wings can stand up for themselves and fight back the enemy. A picture of a unicorn with flowers or tongues of flame in bright hues emphasizes mental and physical perfection. A vivid, colorful tattoo is best for girls.

History of the Unicorn

The first mentions of unicorns appeared in India. The creature was represented with a red head and a white, black horn.

Unicorns were associated with power, divinity, harmony, unity, power of light. Unicorns were believed to oppose darkness and maintain the balance of the universe.

Later legends about the Unicorn spread all over the world. Many nations attributed him the highest power, deified him.

Let's tell you how else represented and with what associated the symbol of the unicorn in the ancient world:

  • In Babylon. people drew its wings mentally. The symbol was depicted on amulets and was thought to protect from trouble and dark forces.
  • In China Unicorn symbol symbolizes the fusion of the two principals - male and female. The symbol brings happiness, goodness, and good news. The Unicorn was associated with power and wisdom, and the Chinese believed that if you meet it, a good ruler will soon come to the throne or a wise man will be born. The unicorn was also associated with creativity and inexhaustible energy.
  • In Tibet. this creature was thought to be a doe or a gazelle that lived on the tops of mountains. According to ancient legends, it was the unicorn that connected heaven and earth, i.e. the human and the spiritual, divine world. The Unicorn was represented like a star, the night light that showed the way, the direction of life.
  • In Persia the creature was interpreted as a beginning, a force, a purifier, a protector.
  • In India Unicorn is a symbol of spiritual wealth, wisdom and experience.
  • In Europe The creature was an attribute of innocence, virginity. It was believed that only an innocent girl or goddess could be friends with a unicorn.
  • The Slavs, the Christians. worshipped the unicorn. They associated it with spirituality, power, divine unity. The creature was represented as white, which emphasized its holiness, connection with Christ, and purity.

The spiral horn of the mythical animal reminds us that the unicorn that the unicorn exists in perpetuity in an unchanged form.

The creature also indicates mutation and freedom..

Unicorn: a small tattoo

Tattoo in the style of minimalism - the most laconic style, which implies simplicity and sophistication suits this style for both men and women. The subtlety of lines and elegance will complete your chosen image. The image of a small unicorn can be applied to any part of the body, and the meaning of the chosen design will not change at all. The most popular places for mini tattoos are the wrist, neck, forearm and shoulder. Girls often choose a tattoo in the form of a cartoon character. In this version, they are almost always miniature and made in color.

The meaning of the tattoo Unicorn - male and female tattoo options

The modern interpretation of the Unicorn symbol arose on the basis of the representations of ancient peoples.

Before you "stuff" yourself with a tattoo of a unicorn, it is worth knowing what meaning will carry a tattoo picture.

Let's list the main meanings of the tattoo unicorn:

  • Unicorn art tattoo

  • Longevity.
  • Immortality.
  • Spirituality, holiness.
  • Wisdom.
  • Purity, innocence.
  • Harshness.
  • Nobility.
  • Courage.
  • Justice.
  • Welfare.
  • Welfare.
  • Happiness.
  • Perfection, perfection.
  • Invulnerability.
  • Protection, protection.
  • Unity.
  • Harmony, tranquility.
  • Creativity.
  • Energy, positivity.
  • The right direction.

The unicorn tattoo mystical. It is the most powerful tattoo amulet, which protects from spoilage, misfortune and adversity. Maybe that's why this tattoo is chosen quite often - both women and men.

There is no particular difference in the male and female tattoos. Everything, of course, depends on the preferences and desires of each client.

In tattoo salons in St. Petersburg you can be offered to create a unique tattoo sketch. Do not turn it down, just think in advance what meaning you would have endowed your unicorn.

Remember, any additional symbol and color scheme will change the meaning of tattoo (St. Petersburg).

Experienced masters tattoo Studio "Maruha" They say that the image of the magical creature will suit temperamental natures, strong, responsible, strong-willed and quiet romantic, loving, kind and caring people.

For the first tattoo This symbol is a great option for the first tattoo. He will give the owner of the tattoo mystery, mystery, charm, sophistication.

Black unicorn tattoo

In mythology, there were several kinds of unicorns and one of them is black. According to legends, such an individual had an aggressive disposition, was afraid of sunlight and preferred solitude. Tattoo with the image of a black unicorn mostly prefer to depict on their bodies men. In their opinion, it emphasizes courage, independence, love of freedom. But this fact does not mean that this sketch can not be applied to the fair sex.

Men's interpretations

Brutal guys take the idea of the Unicorn, using it as an amulet that helps in difficult situations and protects from enemies and evil spirits. The muscular body is mainly inhabited by animals with wings. According to myth, the jellyfish Gorgon and Poseidon, in alliance, produced Pegasus, who could bestow true inspiration on people of art. The brave new creature was engaged in supplying Zeus with thunder and lightning.

The owner of the tattoo is characterized by:

  1. Courage.
  2. Courage and determination.
  3. The presence of clear life goals.
  4. Independence.
  5. The awakening of consciousness.

Powerful natures, occupying a leading position, peculiar to this tattoo, where the horn acts as a symbol of the unity of power.

Unicorn tattoo in geometry

Geometric tattoos are the original direction in this culture. The works of masters in this technique look impressive. The image of a unicorn in geometric style will look unusual on any part of the body and in any color. The addition of abstraction will also look original. The inimitable unicorn of lines, squares, triangles and rhombuses will impress any tattoo lover.

Representations of the unicorn in different cultures

Most people imagine the unicorn as a snow-white horse with a spiral horn on its forehead and a long, silky mane. However, in some cultures it is commonly depicted with wings, a lion's tail or antelope hooves. This is reliably confirmed by photos with unicorn tattoos.

Ancient legends focus on the healing power of unicorn tears. Although it is almost impossible to obtain them. After all, not everyone is able to see this extremely strong and elusive animal.

The Unicorn appears to us both in Slavic and Greek myths, and in the tales of the Scots and the Chinese. It is believed that if one is lucky enough to see this mysterious animal, he will forever acquire the ability to understand all the languages of the world. Luck will accompany this lucky man for the rest of his life. Orientalists tell us that the symbol is closely connected with longevity and prosperity, as well as wit and material well-being.

miniature tattoo

In the Middle Ages knights adorned their shields with the image of this animal as a sign of love and worship of the enigmatic and unattainable Beautiful Lady. The Inrog is also found in the coats of arms of countries such as Great Britain and Canada.

Unicorn henna tattoo

For those who do not dare to visit the tattoo - salon, and have the desire to decorate your body with a beautiful picture of a unicorn, you can offer the option of henna paintings. Such painting has gained incredible popularity. You can safely choose a variety of options and experiment with the design. You can perform such a drawing in a salon and on your own. Such a picture stays on average up to 10 days!

Choose your favorite version of the tattoo with a unicorn, add creativity. And then you can safely bring to reality a new idea!

For men

This tattoo is popular not only with girls, but also with guys. The image, applied to the body, means the greatness and power of the strong sex. The mystical image of a unicorn suits both brutal men and romantic natures.

Male representatives apply the tattoo as a powerful amulet. Ancient tales tell of mythical horses with wings that help everyone who is in trouble.

In addition, the pure tear of the animal is an antidote and a cure for physical and mental problems. In former times, the horn of the creature meant the image of a united state or the emperor's sovereignty. The unicorn was the harbinger of the birth of such a great sage as Confucius. Because of these meanings, the winged horse is increasingly seen on men's bodies.

Significance for women

The unicorn tattoo is a favorite female image that represents a pure soul, conquering unbridled power. It gives a girl mystery and charm. The winged horse has the meaning of physical and moral perfection, confirming the resolute opposition to enemies. The wearer emphasizes the following qualities:

  • femininity;
  • romanticism;
  • sinlessness;
  • mystery;
  • kindly magic.

Cartoon compositions with rainbows are in fashion. Bright sketches with lush hues, where the creature is entwined with floral ornaments or embraced by fire, advantageously highlight the perfect lines of the figure of the owner.

Tattoo Pegasus meaning

Tattoo Pegasus fascinates with its semantic meaning. It combines grace, height of thought and sinlessness. This is a real source of inspiration for tattoo artists, because the composition looks favorably in any position.

What Pegasus symbolizes on the human body, you can understand by the nature of the drawing. For example, if the winged horse is taking off, it's about ascending and ascending streams of energy. A stallion in an attacking pose emphasizes the desire to assert one's point of view. Over the years, many interpretations of the symbol have appeared.

The meanings of the symbol Pegasus in the tattoo:

  • flight of fancy;
  • eternal inspiration;
  • grand plans for life;
  • dreams of grandeur;
  • the desire to be exalted;
  • Creation and creation;
  • purity of thought;
  • justice;
  • the tireless creator, etc.

The main meaning of the symbolism of the sign is to create something beautiful. Focusing on this it is easy to understand whether the tattoo suits you or not. The design also has less innocuous meanings. For example, just retribution and divine vengeance. These meanings rarely apply because most audiences see the winged horse as a messenger of good news.

REFERENCE: Pegasus is a mythical creature of the Greek pantheon. It combined two creatures: the Pindos horse (the closest descendant of the Andalusian racehorse) and the swan. Pegasus was born from the blood of the jellyfish Gorgon caught in the ocean. Thus his parents Gorgon and Poseidon. Winged horse after birth went to Olympus, where he delivered lightning from the forge of Hephaestus to Zeus.

The meaning of the tattoo for girls

Like any other symbol Pegasus changes the meaning depending on the gender of the owner. On a woman's body, the drawing acquires an exclusively positive interpretation. The silhouettes of the figure read flight, ascent, and encrypted sublime feelings.

Interpretation Pegasus on a girl's body:

  • The wonder of creation;
  • the creation of the beautiful;
  • inspiration;
  • nobility of soul;
  • purity of thought;
  • climbing the social ladder;
  • just rewards;
  • a bright future;
  • intuition, a clear inner eye.

Creativity is an important aspect of life for the bearer. Therefore, the sign is associated with the development of her talent. By covering her body with a drawing the wearer hopes never to reach the "creative ceiling" in her activity.

The meaning of the tattoo for men

For men, Pegasus is a symbol of strength and divine guidance. The aspect of interpretation of the sign is related to its activity on Olympus. The close interaction of the fate of the winged horse with Zeus puts its mark on the energy of the sign.

What does the Pegasus tattoo mean for men:

  • divine patronage;
  • insight;
  • male upward energy;
  • invincible spirit;
  • achievement of a goal;
  • primacy, supremacy, supreme power;
  • just retribution;
  • crushing strength of spirit, etc.

The aspects of "supreme power", "divine patronage" and "heavenly electricity" are combined in the sign for men. That is why the figure of the horse is drawn galloping or standing on his hind legs. The entire composition should breathe with expression and energy of power.


For women

For men