Tattoo Key - meaning and designs for girls and men

Girls have very interesting decisions when choosing a sketch and tattoo. The key and the lock are no exception. At first glance, a rather simple, unpretentious picture. But fragile ladies put in this picture a serious semantic load. Love, mystery, inaccessibility, closeness - this is only a small part of what their tattoo can hide.

Also, very often they do not want to reveal the meaning of the key tattoo and keep it a secret. Favorite places for application are ribs, abdomen, ankle, wrist and back. Guys also prefer not to consider such sketches for future work on the body.

General meaning

A tattoo without a lock looks rather mysterious, and its owner wants to ask what the key is for. With the tattoo, a person can communicate that he is trying to find the answer to a very important question and is ready to devote his whole life to this search. It can be the secret of his birth, the search for his parents, the reason for the death of a loved one - in any case, this is the key question of his life.

A person may tattoo a key as a sign that they already possess important knowledge or information. The tattoo can be a symbol of a successfully completed quest, or it can be a reminder to "keep your mouth shut" and not tell anyone about anything.

A key can be a symbol of unrequited love and mean that the person is constantly looking for a key to the heart of the object of affection. Often keys as a tattoo used by couples in love. A common tattoo is when one partner has an image of a lock and the other has an image of a key. In this way, lovers communicate that they are inseparably linked and feel each other at a distance. Also such a tattoo indicates marital fidelity and devotion. Lovers can apply them as a sign that they have learned the mystery of love and are its happy owners.

Tattoo with a key can symbolize some important key event that turned the whole life. It can also be a talisman for a person who is afraid of losing something important in life, such as freedom or a loved one. With such a tattoo, a person is trying to preserve what they have.

The tattoo can also indicate that the person has locked his heart and will not give anyone the key to it.

The bearer of the tattoo can communicate to the outside world that all doors are open to him, and if not, he has a key for every door. In this case, the key symbolizes the ease of overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.

The tattoo has many different variations. Depending on the desire of such a tattoo over time can be supplemented by another element - a heart, a castle or an animal.

The tattoo does not have an unambiguous meaning, in general it symbolizes:

  • discovery;
  • knowledge;
  • intelligence;
  • development;
  • freedom.

What type of people choose the key tattoo

The key tattoo belongs to the popular and universal. It is equally suitable for both guys and girls. Each person puts its own meaning in it, but in general, people turn to such a drawing, which are peculiar to the following character traits:

  • love of knowledge and wisdom;
  • independence, the ability to take responsibility for their actions;
  • straightforwardness, honesty;
  • Determination, willfulness, the desire to reach everything by one's own wits;
  • patience, calmness, self-control;
  • Romanticism, belief in eternal love, loyalty;
  • The ability to keep other people's secrets.

Perhaps the list can be continued, but it is obvious that people who have decided to choose a key as a personal symbol have an optimistic and firm view of the world, value in others simplicity, sincerity, reliability. At the same time we can say that since the tattoo can not only formally reflect some character traits, but also attract a certain energy, the key tattoo is also suitable for those who lack determination and faith in themselves.

The meaning of tattoos for men

Young men can use the key tattoo to express their independence. With such a tattoo, men communicate that no one can have power over them. Such men are masters of their lives and will not allow themselves to be manipulated.

The owner of the tattoo does not make hasty decisions and everything approaches thoroughly. Men can apply the image with the key as a sign of a memorable event. The image of a key with wings indicates that its owner strives for freedom and wants to radically change his life.

For men, the tattoo symbolizes:

  • self-sufficiency;
  • self-confidence;
  • Control over his own life.

Violin key tattoo: sketches

When choosing a sketch, first of all it is important to determine the type of key, as mentioned earlier there are three types. After that, you need to decide whether there will be additional elements or not. Among the popular solutions, the following ideas are worth mentioning:

  • A key with a phrase related to creativity or music. Also, the words can be from a song or a quote from a favorite artist.
  • A note line, a stanza, where the key takes its appropriate place.
  • Violin key with sheet music.
  • Key with microphone - used by performers of musical songs.
  • Violin key along with your favorite musical instrument.
  • Wings, butterflies, flowers, hearts, birds or stars are popular additions for women's tattoos, symbolizing the awe and delicacy of a girl's soul, embodying her lightness, romanticism and airiness.
  • Tattoos made in a fantasy style.

The meaning of tattoos for girls

Tattoo with a drawing of a key can report that the girl is very difficult to win. She has not yet found her lover and will only open her heart to the chosen one - once and for all. Often the owners of tattoos are in search of an ideal man, whose image they have in their head. Such girls are waiting for a "prince on a white horse" and have high requirements for men.

Women with a key tattoo may have a determined and courageous character. With such a tattoo, they report that in achieving the goal will go all the way until they open their door. On the other hand, it can be a symbol of purity and innocence. Such girls keep faithfulness to their future lover.

Composition: a key with a lock

If the meaning of the tattoo with one key has a rather blurred meaning, the tattoo in combination with a lock contains more concreteness. The image of a key with a lock in one person represents a trove of experience and knowledge of the owner, which he periodically uses, while this knowledge is available only to him. Such a tattoo can symbolize a person's life history, containing personal secrets, memorable events and important memories.

The composition with a lock can be used to limit personal space and preserve the inner self. Such a person is selective in the choice of friends and will not reveal his soul to the first encounter.

The existence of a key without a lock makes no sense. Therefore, the combination of these two objects symbolizes harmony and balance. If the lock will not be opened for a long time, it will rust. Tattoo with a key and a lock indicates the constant development and improvement of its owner.

Where to get a tattoo lock

Where to make a tattoo - a matter of taste. The most popular option - tattoo locks on the shoulder. Here you can place any of the lock options and the size is sufficient to complement the figure with details. In addition, the lock can often be seen on the forearm or wrist.

The lock tattoo on the arm is already a classic.

Tattoo with a heart is most logical to place on the chest in the heart area. This will be albeit trite, but symbolic. Tattoo on the chest is one of the popular options.

Do not forget that one of the most important decisions is the choice of the master. Here are two points:

1. tattoo of the lock and key - a rather hackneyed theme, and to tattoo turned out really original and fresh - you should order the development of an individual sketch from your master.

2. You have to like the master's work, because in this case, when the meaning lies on the surface, and the style of tattoo does not matter - the aesthetic component of the drawing is very important.

Otherwise low-quality drawing will have either to correct or to remove the tattoo. Both processes will take a certain amount of time.

Tattoo of an owl with a key: meaning

The image of an owl with a key is used by people, in whose life there was a fateful event, which completely turned over the worldview of its owner. The owl in this tattoo represents wisdom, to which the owner of the tattoo is grateful. Also, the composition of the tattoo can tell that the person seeks to understand the mysteries of existence and the meaning of life, and the owl, as a symbol of wisdom, should help him in this. Tattoo of an owl with a key can be applied to people who are important to quickly memorize and absorb information. With such a tattoo they seek to gain knowledge, appealing for help to the higher forces.

Meaning "In the Zone"

The most common meaning of a key tattoo for a prisoner is the desire to gain freedom, to find the key to a locked door. On the other hand, a person may communicate that he possesses inner freedom, and the restriction of physical freedom is of secondary importance to him.

Another variation on the interpretation of the tattoo is a vow of silence taken. A prisoner may be serving time for a crime that he must not tell anyone about. In order to keep this secret, he applies the tattoo as a reminder of the forbidden subject.

Places and styles

There are two main questions - where to strike and in what genre? Here you have complete freedom of action. First, you need to decide whether you want a colored or monochrome tattoo. Monochrome keys look especially harmonious. The key is far from being a good subject for a color tattoo. But, as everywhere else, there are exceptions as well.

As for the styles, the most suitable for such a tattoo are considered:

  • Minimalism;
  • Blackwork;
  • New School;
  • Thrash Polish;
  • Ornamental.

The most interesting location ideas in our opinion:

  • Wrist;
  • Foot;
  • Ribs;
  • Chest;
  • Neck.


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