Tattoo Skull - meanings and designs for girls and men

The history of tattoos counts several centuries. In ancient times, people decorated their bodies with drawings, which attached great importance. The Polynesian tribes had images on the face spoke of their status and wealth. Ancient Slavs also were no stranger to the body image. In pagans, they symbolized prosperity and peace.

The tattoo of a goat looks colorful and frightening, carries a certain meaning. The drawing is interesting both in color and in black and white.

Places and style of the tattoo

The skull with a crown is the absolute leader. This is the most common sketch for such a tattoo. On the one hand, this is a bad thing, because everyone wants to be the owner of an individual drawing. But look at the collage below. Are such works to be called identical? In comparison, skulls in hats look like gangsters. And the skull in the beret, the symbol of the military.

Skull tattoo options skull in a hat or beret.

For men.

Sketches of men's tattoos are usually brutal. It can be a stylized black and white image, which reeks of the theme of death.

Collage photo with male skull tattoos on arms.

Tattoos on the hands are only gaining in popularity. Before, to pick up a sketch for such work, you need to take into account a couple of nuances. First: this place is always in full view. Second: you need to think carefully about how to position the sketch. During a meal or during an important tense conversation, people tend to gesticulate a lot.

Skulls on hands.

Most often the skull tattoo is placed on the hands. The tattoo is placed on the wrists, forearms and shoulders. Sometimes even on the hands.

Skull on the face - is a common search term. But, it has nothing to do with the popularity of this place for tattooing. This is how people try to find the name of a Canadian tattoo model.

Rick Genest (born August 7, 1985, Chateaugue, Canada) - Canadian model from Montreal, better known as Zombie Boy (Zombie Boy) because of the tattoo depicting a human skeleton. Options for skull-in-crown tattoos. Wiki

The image in which the skull is topped with a crown is found more often than others among the sketches of such tattoos. Also, popular can be called a sketch: skull of a goat, bull, ram, Indian, skull with wings, in a beret.

Infographic: which skull tattoo designs are more popular than others?

What is the meaning of the tattoo goat?

Such an image has many different and unconventional designations, which can contradict each other. As many people are familiar with this animal as an exclusively domestic and, it would seem, what hidden meaning it may have. It turns out that tattoos with goat though not so widespread as many others, there nevertheless this symbol has quite a lot of interesting and unusual meanings. It is worth noting that in most cases such an illustration is of the nature of satanic rituals and beliefs, which are associated with the devil and his minions. In most of its designations, the goat bears a negative symbol, since it is the head of this animal that is the symbol of Satan. And the inverted pentagram is associated with this image. As a rule, it is in conjunction with this animal that many tattoos associated with this theme are performed. Also, in addition to this, the sign of the goat can take the designation of a good sense of humor, which is inherent in the person. Most often, this illustration is decided to put on his body men to thus confirm all the well-known and often used phrase, which is associated with this animal.

View sketches for a tattoo of a goat

tattoo sketches goat

Meaning of the symbol

In its general meaning, the symbol indicates the transience of human life. The symbol is a reminder that life is short. But, at the same time should not be afraid of this fact, and live every moment. This tattoo is often applied as a talisman. Not without reason, it is especially popular in biker circles. Skull, as a non-removable symbol of death, reminds the owner that all men are mortal, and the only question is how full of life we live.

The meaning of the symbol can be briefly presented as follows:

  • Chaos
  • of the transience of our lives.
  • death
  • truth
  • rebirth

For men the skull signifies determination and courage in action. Sometimes the symbol signifies a dismissive and chauvinistic attitude toward women.

The skull with the snake. If a snake is added to the sketch, climbing out of the eye socket of the skull, the symbol changes its meaning to immortality and wisdom. The symbol indicates that knowledge and wisdom will remain after physical death.

Skull and snake tattoo options.

Skull with a crown - A symbol of power, or the desire for power. In Mexico, a different meaning: in the next life is luckier.

Skull with wings - Freedom and carelessness. Equally easygoing attitude to both life and death.

Tattoo skull with a clock Has the meaning of reminding the owner of the finitude of life. Symbolizes the need for development in each current moment.

The Indian skull In tattoo culture means unity with nature and super knowledge.

The meaning of the tattoo bull skull Depends on the style of execution. The Celtic style tattoo is suitable for fighters, such a symbol adorned his body real warriors of antiquity. Infographics: on what place most often do the skull tattoo? The style of tribal is suitable for those who believe in a connection with spirits. In such works, the color red is used to emphasize the motif of ancient shamanic rituals. The bull skull can be used as a symbol of the zodiac sign "Taurus". Such a sketch will suit you, in case the horoscope is not an empty set of random facts that fit any situation, any person. If in the sketch there are tongues of flame the symbol means aggression and stern temper of the owner of such a tattoo.

Sugar skull., its correct name "Calavera". The meaning of the symbol is an unchangeable cycle of life. Eternity of existence of human souls. The symbol was first used in Mexico on the festival in honor of the Day of the Dead. Calavera is the goddess of the dead, a beautiful girl with a skull instead of a face. It is believed that on this day the souls of the dead come down to earth. And Mexicans greet them with joyful dancing and dancing.

Tattoo swallows with skulls means one end for all living people.

Skull and crossed bonesThe symbol of the pirate's flag is the jolly Roger. An invariable symbol that was depicted on the flag of real pirates.

В bikers Skull is a symbol of good luck. Such a tattoo is more often perceived as a protective. Many believe that such a tattoo helps lovers of roads and their iron horses.

Skull with a rose Symbolizes simultaneous duality: love and hate, death and life.

Any plantPlaced at the base of the skull indicates the loss of a loved one.

A flower or another plant in teeth - The desire to live in pleasure, enjoying every moment of a fleeting human life.

The skull of a goat - Peace and goodness. A great reserve of vitality.

The skull of the ram. - Persistence, tenacity on the road to his goal.

Raven on the skull - Destruction bearing death. If next to the bird depicts a nest, the meaning is almost the opposite. Such a symbol would mean longevity and wisdom.

Related Symbols: Related symbols are: rose, cross, raven, dragon, wolf, owl.

A collage of photos with male skull tattoos.

Where to get a tattoo with a goat?

Such an impressive and mysterious image, which has a variety of meanings, symbols can be applied in any tattoo-salon of your city. However, not all of them have qualified masters who have the proper experience. Therefore it is necessary to be responsible for the choice of master tattoo shop, in which you will apply a tattoo. It is worth noting that it is in good salons, which have a lot of positive recommendations and reviews from satisfied customers work good specialists. Such masters can put you a tattoo in accordance with your requirements and preferences. In the end, from the work done you will be satisfied.

History of the symbol

В Christianity is an important symbol. In some movements, such as Orthodoxy, the skull is depicted on the crucifixion at the feet of Christ. This is due to tradition, according to which Christ was crucified on the cross and his blood flowed onto Adam's skull, thereby atoning for the sins of mankind.

В Buddhism It is used in amulets and averters as a symbol of the sacredness of human existence.

Among the inhabitants of the Mayan tribes.only shamans had the power to control evil. This was confirmed by the ritual bowl made of the skull. It was believed that only a shaman could hold it in his hands.

The ancient Celts believed that the skull was where the human soul lived. Therefore, carefully guarded the skull of their deceased ancestors and distinguished warriors. Among these people believed that together with the skull to its owner goes bravery and other important qualities of the deceased.

В Latin America tattoos are often accompanied by the inscription "don't forget that you must die. The meaning of such a phrase is that one should enjoy every moment and live to the fullest. because the end is the same for everyone. There is an annual celebration of death in this country. Here it is really a holiday, i.e., a very fun event.

The meaning of the goat tattoo in history

In most cases, goat tattoos carried not very good characteristics, which were associated with satanic concepts and rituals. After all, the inverted pentagram represented the head of the goat and it was in this combination that this tattoo was applied to their bodies by people who exalted the Devil. In ordinary life, this animal can be found on a farm or in the countryside, where this creature is a pet. It does not particularly stand out, but has many different markings.

Styles of execution

The goat tattoo, the sketches of which are presented in the article, can be performed in all existing styles. People with a respect for Satanism can do such tattoos in an engraved style. In this case, the image resembles illustrations to medieval tracts.

In the styles of old-school and new-school goat can look bright and optimistic. Ribbons with quotes, compasses, clocks and even flowers can help complement the image. Although this combination may seem eccentric, the idea can be beaten in a very interesting way.

Black tattoo of a three-headed goat
Black tattoo of a three-headed goat

It is possible to make a tattoo with a wild goat in a graphic style. The image in this case looks as if it is based on an illustration from a zoology textbook. Usually, tattoos in graphic style are supplemented with bright color strokes, which resemble watercolor "blots" and geometric patterns that make the tattoo complete.

The realistic goat is a tattoo that not everyone will dare to do. However, such a work is sure to attract to its owner a lot of attention. Also, you can choose a style of Thresh Polka, which suggests the expression, brevity and eclecticism style. Tresh-polka allows you to play up in a graphic expression of complex philosophical ideas.

Tattoo of a goat in color
Tattoo of a goat in color

Tip: Determine the style of tattoo can be difficult. Show to a master works that seem to you attractive or even bring him illustrations that are aesthetic from your point of view. This will help determine which style is right for you.


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