Tattoo Clown - meanings and designs for girls and men

Tattoos, which are made in the form of an image of a jester, occur quite often. In this case, not everyone understands the semantic load, which carries this image. It should be noted that tattoos in the form of a jester are distinguished by their aesthetics, beauty and originality. Due to the fact that there are a lot of options for the sketches of this image, absolutely everyone can pick for themselves the one that meets the requirements. Let's try to understand the meaning of the tattoo buffoon.

Information, about the meaning of the buffoon tattoo

So, originally the jester was a servant at the royal court. His activity was aimed at amusing the king and the people around him. It was believed that only a jester could afford to say things about the king for which other people could be held responsible, up to and including the death penalty. In the ancient Middle Ages, there appeared such a person as a jester, who had a rather strange cap with three long tails. Jesters were always treated indulgently and allowed them to do things that others could not do. It is worth mentioning that in those days, people who had certain developmental abnormalities caused laughter. For example, they could have mental or physical disabilities.

Look at the sketches for a tattoo with a jester

sketches jester tattoo

Tips for sketches

Sketches of the jester tattoo refer to a strictly individual symbolism. As the sign is ambiguous, it is worth avoiding copying other people's works. They can only serve as an illustration of the style or composition you like. After choosing a style, pay attention to the details. Aggression is emphasized by facial expressions, makeup and trappings of death.

Create a more playful and transparent image will help mask and light colors. Black and white works should be done in chicano, graphic, etching and Dotwork styles. Avoid unnecessarily deep dark shades if you don't want to add drama to the drawing.

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Features of the meaning of the buffoon tattoo

In the art of tattooing, this image has found a certain popularity. Quite a lot of people even today are sure that the meaning of the jester tattoo is a distinctive feature of those people who have an uncommon intelligence and cunning. At first glance it may seem that the jester is a very stupid person. However, this is not the case. His intelligence and ability to think logically is not inherent to everyone. Having such traits, a person can "put" on his body a tattoo with a jester.

Clowns in the modern world

Nowadays the profession of clown is also quite common. In variety or circus arts, many members of this profession work either in pairs or in groups. Also popular is the technique of a clown pulling someone from the audience onto the stage or circus arena. In many performances, members of this profession fill pauses during which workers assemble or remove structures for stunts. Many clowns are generalists. They may work as animal trainers, strongmen or gymnasts. Clowns are also known to have become established actors of the dramatic genre after leaving the profession. The famous Yuri Nikulin can be counted among them.

Clown on tattoos

Did you know?

Pea clown - that's how the clowns at the palace were called in Russia. This name arose because of the attributes of people engaged in amusement. Often the jester held in his hand a rattle, filled with peas. Also, some individuals decorated themselves with straw, from pea sprouts, which complemented the image. The clown tattoo, the meaning of which is ambiguous, can also contain this interesting detail.

Tattoo with a sad clown

Other meaning of the jester tattoo

As a rule, the jester is accompanied by cards and bells. A passion for cards suggests that the jester is a gambler, prone to fraudulent actions, as well as to risk. That is why, if a person is fond of card games or by nature prefers to gamble, then the tattoo of this type for him suits as well as possible. It should be noted that the jester is not a permanent person. He is distinguished by his cheerful character and sadness. If the tattoo is in the form of an image of a sad jester, it indicates that the person is an open person and does not want to pretend to be someone who is not in fact.

A tattoo of this type is likely to be chosen by a person who knows exactly what to hide in front of others. If there is a double life or regularly have to deceive others, then this tattoo is suitable as a symbol that emphasizes these character traits. It should be noted that the jester is distinguished by his guile and anger. Irritation, self-righteousness and gloating suggest that there may be changes in the mood of the jester. Above all, it is a manifestation of the inner world, which can regularly break down. Thus, if you have chosen for yourself such a tattoo, think very carefully, really your character corresponds to all the above traits.

Look at the photo with a tattoo of a jester

tattoo pictures of a jester

Video selection of clown tattoos

The clown tattoo has a dual meaning. On the one hand, the jester makes everyone laugh, which means that he himself is a funny man and a joker. And on the other hand - since ancient times people laugh not only at good jokes, but also at the ugliness of people, their pain and fears. The sketch of the tattoo with the image of a jester can be both black and white and color, the elegance of the picture does not suffer.

Jesters have always been the favorites of the rulers - for their sharp mind, sarcasm, clowning and courage. But the little clown rarely became rich and noble, but he got a full slap. Dressed in a cap with bells, he - a little tyrant, but at the same time, and the victim of the crowd.

There are several varieties of tattoo clown - buffoon, joker (card joker), good and evil clowns. The meaning of the tattoo clown - humor, playfulness, talent, carelessness, changeability of life, playing for luck, lickety-split.

If the tattoo depicts an evil clown who looks like a devil, it is a symbol of colrophobia (fear of clowns). As a rule, it was a sign of betrayal, violence, and fear.

Clowns in a traveling circus have always been a source of joy, creating an atmosphere of silly buffoonery and dressing up like children themselves: a red wig, a brightly painted face, ridiculous clothes of gigantic size. The laughing clown tattoo represents a victory over the difficulties and the prosaic nature of life, a bright and unconventional gift, optimism and talent.

In our time, more and more often you can find a tattoo of a sinister clown, depicting a character from a horror movie or thriller - so this image is full of negativity. It can be a bandit clown, a dead clown, a killer clown - covered in blood, with eyes full of hate, with a distorted face. This is a true symbol of evil, a monster taking revenge on ordinary people.

In the criminal world tattoo clown also carries negative meaning - it is a cheater, a swindler, a dishonest card player, a swindler.

Tattoo evil clown often choose men, prone to aggression, considering the image of his "second self".

Another option is the sad, weeping clown. This image is a symbol of melancholy, the role a person is forced to play against his will. A kind face, a funny hat and weeping eyes.

Regardless of the meaning, the clown tattoo is male. It can be monochrome, but more often there are colored tattoos, very bright and noticeable.

Where to "stuff" a tattoo?

The process of applying a tattoo to the body is characterized by its complexity. Especially if we are talking about, about the work, which is accompanied by the use of several colors and complexity of the sketch. Choosing tattoo master, it is necessary to give preference in favor of services of those experts who have already worked with this subject and in their portfolio there are successful works. If you turn to the first tattoo-master, there is a high probability that you will not be satisfied with the work that was carried out.

Variants, styles, compositions of tattoos

The fans of Mikhail Gorshenev's works get a tattoo of "King and Shute" repeating the logo of the rock band. The schematic drawing is close in execution to symbolism or graphics. Some fans do the work in an old-school or neo-traditional style. If the goal is to emphasize the grief of the loss of a beloved performer, it is beaten in thrash polka dots.

Realistic portraits of the jester are pounded in realism, chicano and black-and-white techniques. Works are supplemented with dice or cards, attributes associated with the profession of a ludicrous performer. Particularly aggressive works are filled with a juicy palette, dashes of blood and various weapons.

Look interesting tattoo in the style of engraving, baroque. For the transfer of meaningfulness use traditional for the artistic directions mechanics. Obligatory attribute of the jester is a mask, cap and musical instruments.

Tattoo locations

There is no special place for a tattoo of a jester. The owner can apply the image to his body in the area of the back, chest or thigh. In the case of the jester, all restrictions on the location zones of the picture are removed.

The bicep is considered a suitable place for portrait work. There is enough space here for a large composition. A small schematic drawing in the style of geometry or graphics will decorate the forearm or shin.

What does the evil clown tattoo mean?

One source of the use of the image of the evil clown in tattoos is already clear - a reference to that medieval character. But in addition to this, a number of other interesting possible reasons can be identified.

Look at the modern clown - exaggerated smiles, bright makeup, screaming colors, piercing laughter. Although children love these performances, very young children are more often frightened. No wonder, because there is something frightening in the image of a clown. Not only ordinary people notice it, but also creators of high rank. For example, the world-famous writer of scary books, Stephen King, dedicated an entire book to the image of the evil clown Penny Wise, "It. The story was filmed and still makes goosebumps run up and down your spine.

So sometimes using the image of an evil clown in a tattoo can be a reference to frightening childhood memories. For some, such a negative impression has even been the cause of colrophobia (the official name for a fear of clowns). Laugh and sin: 82 out of 100 random people surveyed admitted to feeling rather negative feelings about clowns. This is due to the excessive brightness and unpredictability of the character. And even directors and writers are in full vigor in cultivating this image. It turns out that someone can get a tattoo with the face of an evil clown in order to look fear in the face.

Also, the clown tattoo is an indication of the duality of the symbol. On the one hand, he is funny, sincere and flaunts all emotions. On the other hand, the real face is tightly painted over with makeup, hiding the true mood. To a certain extent, it is a reference to the eternal struggle of light and darkness.

An evil clown tattoo can indicate that the wearer represses his dark desires or is even prone to violence. It is also a possible indication of the dark side of human nature. After all, even King's character was actually human.

Evil Clown Tattoo Ideas

The evil clown tattoo is not tied to a particular style. It can be an exaggerated cartoon image. And even more impressive look realistic portraits of clowns, as well as any tattoos of the wicked, monsters and the dead .

There are some interesting ideas on how to portray the image of an evil clown in a tattoo:

  • Gangster clown - armed, with appropriate trappings, often complete with chicano-style lettering ;
  • A bloody clown - often with murderous objects;
  • copying the image of the clown from the movie "It";
  • The head of a toy clown with an evil expression, a grin.

To convey all the details of the chosen image, it is important to allocate a "convenient" place for the tattoo. It must be flat and large enough. Well suited shoulders, back, forearms, calves and chest.

Sometimes a tattoo with a clown can simply indicate the profession of its owner. And the evil image be just a specific manifestation of humor. In any case, the main thing is that the picture was qualitatively printed, and pleased its bearer.

The history of clowning

Now we know the name of the great Nikulin, we associate clowns with children's parties, or at least with delicious food (a reference to Ronald McDonald). And yet the image of clowns has been familiar to mankind since the days of ancient Egypt. Reference to this character is often found in various medieval writings. The clown of those times had little resemblance to today's clowns.

First, clowns existed not for cute fun, but for mockery. The difference between the two seems obvious. Clowns could even be sacrificed! Sounds like a scene from a silly American movie. But this character could indeed be used by the "master" for bloody purposes.

Second, "free" clowns often wandered with gypsies, spending time in the company of lower-class people, puttanas. At the same time, the "merry men" often dressed in rags. Part of the influence of this can be seen in modern circus costumes. Perhaps patches and over -size clothing serve not only for fun. But it's a well-established element of that, medieval, shabby image.

Gradually the image of clowns became funnier and kinder. They became regular participants in circus performances and favorites of the public. The merrymakers brightened up the time between other acts, and children in particular responded enthusiastically to them. Thanks to the proliferation of fairs and circuses, clowns eventually acquired a modern appearance.

Meta application

The jester tattoo is a full-length tattoo, which is characterized by small, talking details. Therefore, the tattoo will look great on the back, chest, shoulder blade. However, the shoulder, forearm, thigh will also do.

Also, a picture with a jester will help hide scars, marks, striae from prying eyes. It is important to choose an experienced master, who under your desires and aspirations will pick the right sketch.

Tattoos in Russian prisons

Zone tattoos always carry some kind of meaning. These can be images, portraits of loved ones or idols, and also apply can and inscriptions that complete the body image.

Abbreviations are especially popular:

  • WILD - revenge for everything to a cop;
  • JUG - a young robber;
  • PEACE - I will be corrected by firing squad;
  • TMJ - prison is a hindrance to life;
  • NKVD - no stronger than thieves' friendship;
  • CLOT - swear to love one (one) you (a little romantic).
  • "The main thing in the zone is a thief in the law."
  • "Murder is not murder."
  • "Born to torment, I don't need happiness."
  • "I won't forget my mother," and so on.


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