The origin and meaning for women symbol Ladinets

History of the origin of Ladinets.

The amulet is dedicated to one of the most revered goddesses of the Slavic pantheon - Lada. She is the patroness of family, love and beauty. Lada was the embodiment of a woman as the guardian of the hearth, a sublime creature called upon to preserve and protect the family. The first mentions of it appeared more than 5 thousand years ago. According to reports, this amulet was given to girls who had to wear it all their lives, without taking it off - so protection will always be with a man. The meaning of Ladinc is always positive, but its direction depended on the age of the owner and her status in society.

This symbol always consists of eight rays, their peculiarity consists in the direction - against the course of the sun. The choice of the number is not accidental, as it is believed that 8 is a sign of infinity, embodied in this case in the endless perfection of women. Thus, the Slavs already had a belief that moving against the course of the sun corresponds to the world of Navi. It is this world that is associated with such qualities as intuition, developed subconsciousness, and these, in turn, are in most cases present in women. Modern methods of application of the amulet Ladinets - drawing the appropriate sign on the body in the form of a tattoo. The symbol has another name - the Cross of Lada.

Image with a tattoo

This is a modern, but has become a very popular way. In this case, it is necessary to go to a specialized salon and turn to a master with a good reputation. The picture can be brought with you or chosen from a suggested catalog.

The image can be monochrome or multicolored. The best places to put a tattoo on the girl's body are the neck, shoulders, wrists.

The meaning of the amulet Ladinets

The meaning possessed by the amulet depends on the age category. For infants and girls under 12 years of age, it is the main protector from negative energy, evil eye and wind, in addition, it helps to fully disclose the inherent potential of the female nature.

Young girls Ladinets in a solar circle, made of silver, will help to find their love. He will build strong relationships, including friendships. For married women, the meaning of the amulet becomes somewhat different - it protects the family, strengthens the marriage, gives the happiness of motherhood. Respect and mutual understanding in the relationship will be the basis for a strong and friendly family.


In recent years, the fashion for decorating the body with Slavic symbols has spread. Ladinets as a tattoo is suitable only for girls, women. It gives happiness, protects from misfortune and adversity. Such amulet accumulates energy throughout the life of its mistress. He is safe, so there are no restrictions on wearing it. The main thing is to realize that the Ladinets is really suitable. To do this, apply a temporary pattern to the body and listen to the emotions. If there is a feeling of unity, fix the ornament with permanent colors.

Mystical Slavic pattern has a sacred power

Who and how can wear the amulet

The uniqueness of this amulet lies in the fact that it has only one restriction to wear - only a woman uses it. It does not matter whether she is married or not, whether she has children, what her age is - Ladinets will protect and defend her.

It is recommended to start wearing amulet since childhood to preserve and increase the beauty, to develop the proper qualities of a woman. For an unmarried girl, it will be an assistant in attracting good luck, allowing to find love, build a strong family. To conceive and successfully bear and give birth to healthy children. In her he will reveal positive traits:

  1. femininity;
  2. kindness;
  3. tenderness.

Increase attractiveness, protect from the manifestation of tastelessness and vulgarity. The earlier a woman begins to wear the amulet, the stronger will be its positive impact on her, because in the early years laid the qualities that a girl should have as a future wife, mother and keeper of the family home.

There are several recommendations as to what should be the material of the amulet, which will be used for its intended purpose. The age and status of the woman is taken into account:

Methods of cleansing

In order for the amulet to give the desired result, it is important to purify it in time. This requires the use of natural elements:

  • Water. The amulet should be held under the stream, harping special words.
  • Fire. It is recommended to use a natural wax candle. It should be lit and carry the ornament through the flame.
  • Earth. Bury the ladinets in the ground for the night. Also, salt will do for this purpose.
  • Air. In this case, it is necessary to light some fragrant sticks in the room. Excellent options also include herbs - sage, wormwood, cedar.

The amulet can be used as an embroidery.

What does Ladinets help women

If you believe the information that has survived and reached modern society, Ladinets generally creates a favorable environment for any woman who wears it constantly. The Slavs endowed it with healing properties. Slavic amulet will help women:

  1. normalize hormonal background;
  2. cure women's diseases;
  3. Strengthen the overall strength of the body;
  4. Obtain female and family well-being;
  5. to gain the ability to resist and cope with many difficulties that may arise in the family;
  6. to receive protection from the evil eye;
  7. weaknesses and inclinations that are not peculiar to women;
  8. to be protected from celibacy;
  9. to get rid of infertility.

It is also believed that the talisman is good for the water balance and metabolic processes, restoring smooth operation of all systems. It is also believed that if you wear this symbol for a long time, it will help you get rid of excess weight. There is a meaning of the amulet by color: the combination of red and black is a symbol of earth and fire, and gold symbolizes the sun.

Advice .

Many people believe that in the 21st century, you should not rely on any symbols and depict them on your body. Before deciding to visit a tattoo parlor, think about the fact that removing a tattoo is very unpleasant and troublesome. To avoid this outcome, think carefully about whether or not you need a tattoo.

If today you whole-heartedly believe in Slavic culture, tomorrow your opinion may change. Therefore it is not necessary to hurry with conclusions.

Choosing a sketch of Slavic amulets tattoo, do not rush to the salon. Postpone the visit for a week to understand that your desire has not changed. To be sure of the compatibility of your energy with the vibrations of the image, you can do a simple test.

Put a marker pen on your skin and watch your feelings for a while, but not less than a month. If you feel pleasant emotions, then the symbol suits you. If the slightest discomfort erase the sign: it is not yours.

How to purify and charge Ladinets

In order that the power of the amulet will always be high, from time to time it is necessary to purify and recharge it. If you do not do this, it will gradually weaken and lose its power completely. In order to carry out cleansing qualitatively, you need to choose the days of the equinox or the moment when the waning moon occurs.

If the amulet is an embroidery, then to conduct the cleansing only requires washing the thing, but it should be done manually. Then put it in the freezer for 2-3 hours, and then dry in the sun. The beaded thing (bracelet) should be washed in warm water, then kept in salt for several hours, and then put under direct sunlight.

The material of the ornament

In ancient times, the Ladinets pendant was made of copper or embroidered on fabric. The embroidery could be placed both on clothing and on a neck ornament. In the modern world, most often the amulet is made of silver or gold, inlaid with precious stones.

Today, this ancient Slavic symbol can also serve as an excellent gift for the fair sex. It is believed that the silver Ladinets is suitable for young unmarried girls, and the gold - for family women who have children.

Embroidery scheme amulets Ladinets

You can choose ready-made jewelry or make one to order. It is customary to add a variety of gemstones to the composition, which will bring additional power to the amulet. For example, stones that are a talisman for a particular name or zodiac sign.

Silver pendant amulet
Silver amulet pendant "Ladinets in the Sun" (go to the catalog SUNLIGHT)

How to make a amulet on your own

The fastest and easiest way to create Ladinets yourself by embroidery. To endow the symbol with magical properties, before the work requires the observance of conditions:

  • Choose natural threads;
  • In the process of embroidery is forbidden to make knots and puffs, as they block the flow of energy;
  • The basis on which the embroidery is applied, must also be natural.

Work is done only on a rising moon, and the mood of the needlewoman must be positive, bad emotions are not allowed. All actions must be done by hand - scissors or embroidery machines are forbidden to use. The sketch must be applied accurately. The embroidery scheme is simple, so it is not difficult to perform the work.

Thus, the sign of Ladinc is a strong protection for any woman. The rune is suitable for wearing at any age. All the positive aspects of a woman's image will be revealed by this symbol, which is why it should be worn constantly and as early as possible by age, then its power will be very powerful.

On what places on the body are applied

Tattoos in the form of amulets can be applied to various parts of the body. However, their size plays some role. For example, small symbols such as runes usually find their place on the phalanges of the fingers, while large and colorful ones are better placed on large areas.

Also important is the opinion of their owners, whether they want their amulet tattoos to be visible to outsiders or to be placed in a secluded place.

Does it make a difference what place the tattoo is applied on?

The effect of a amulet applied to the skin in the form of a tattoo will vary depending on the place where it is applied. For example, a tattoo, applied close to the head, will have a more powerful energetic effect. Also important is the choice of its color scheme.


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