Tattoo dream catcher: beautiful options for photos, meaning for girls and men

Tattoo of a dream catcher

Tattoo with a dream catcher is one of the most common female variants of a body drawing. Tattoo dream catcher attracts its mystery, beauty and the meaning, which is stored in itself. This amulet originally appeared in the tribes of the Indians in North America and the indigenous peoples of Siberia. And for many centuries has not lost its relevance.

As far as we know, in the homes of the Indians always hung amulets over the beds, later called a dream catcher. In the world of modern tattooing this symbol came not so long ago, but among the Native American population many tribes put the amulet on their bodies. It becomes clear this popularity of this symbol among the Indians, if you know the legend that once the god, determined to help people and rid them of various "demons", gave the Indian tribes staff, which was topped with a dream catcher.

Tattoo dream catcher for girl

Tattoo of a dream catcher in a girl

In Siberia, this amulet also had a great meaning, especially for shamans. But in Russia put a different meaning in this symbol. The dream catcher allowed to see vivid dreams and helped to remember them. Therefore, the dream catcher tattoo did on his body shamans.

It would seem that very different peoples, located in different hemispheres of the earth, worshipped the same symbol. In this way, the dream catcher became a popular design for tattoos. In addition to its purpose as a talisman, the dream catcher tattoo looks beautiful and aesthetic. The dream catcher designs look especially graceful on women. But they are also applied to their bodies and men. As a rule, men's dream catcher tattoos are made with additional details, which give aggressive tones to the drawing, emphasizing the masculinity of its owner. For girls, dream catcher tattoos in turn emphasize femininity and give tenderness.

Meaning of the dream catcher tattoo for girls

Girls choose this amulet noticeably more often than guys. This is explained by the fact that by their nature women are more inclined to everything mystical and mysterious. The meaning of the tattoo dream catcher for girls in the first place is to protect them from negativity. It drives away evil spirits, bad thoughts and dreams, and other negativity.

Indians believed that this amulet was given to people by the gods. And the demons that are while people sleep to take his soul, fall into the web of the dream catcher and can not get out of it, and in the morning their power and strength disappear.

Tattoo dream catcher on girl's collarbone

Tattoo of a dream catcher on a girl's collarbone

A female dream catcher tattoo can also be interpreted as an enhancer of intuition, the ability to foresee the future through dreams. This is exactly the meaning given to this amulet by Siberian shamans. This was the meaning of the amulet, which enabled them to keep track of their visions at night and interpret them.

The female interpretation of the drawing with a dream catcher - protection, clearing of bad thoughts, the disclosure of female intuition.

Tattoo dream catcher

Tattoo dream catcher- watercolor

More often than not, feathers are tied to dream catchers. A feather, as the Indians believed, helps to establish a connection with the divine forces. The presence of feathers on the dream catcher tattoo adds significance to the connection with higher forces, their patronage of the person.

Tattoo dream catcher with lotus and mandala

Tattoo of a dream catcher with a lotus in the form of a mandala

Women's tattoos are most often performed in color. And in Native American pagan drawings, color is no less important than the image. Therefore, to understand what meaning the girl put into this image, pay attention to the color solution of the tattoo:

- Red - passion, temperament, self-confidence;

- blue - tranquility;

- Green - inner harmony;

- Orange - vitality, etc.

Among the styles, ladies prefer realism and watercolor.

Often women's dream catcher tattoos are complemented by other drawings that bring additional meaning:

- The fox - symbolizes the feminine essence - grace and beauty combined with cunning and dodginess;

- The owl, one of the totem birds of the Indians, is a symbol of wisdom;

- Flowers add femininity and sophistication to the image.

Sometimes, to make the tattoo look more authentic, images of Indian women are added. Black and white dream catcher tattoos do not lose their main meaning, even in a small monochrome version of the dream catcher tattoo acts as a talisman.

Tattoo symbolism

Self-weaving of a dream catcher leads to the fact that the master thoroughly studies the symbolism of the amulet in order to strengthen his weaknesses. An artist who depicts magical talismans on a person's body should also be aware of the mystery of meaning. If you do not think about it, you can attract the power of spirits who will take revenge for the careless use of their portal.

Circle indicates infinity and cyclicality

One bead is a symbol of the spider as the keeper of the family hearth. Four represent the sides of the world. Many beads symbolize hope for a bright future

Feathers are considered a reflection of lightness. Life requires air and breath

  • The circle indicates infinity and cyclical.
  • One bead symbolizes the spider as guardian of the family home. Four represent the sides of the world. Many beads symbolize hope for a bright future.
  • Feathers are considered a reflection of lightness. Life requires air and breath.
  • A spider's web is a person's life path, and the knots on it represent significant stages of transition from one state to another. This can be pregnancy and childbirth, or first love - a symbol of maturity.

A spider web - the life path of a person, and the knots on it - the significant stages of the transition of one state to another.

It can be a pregnancy and childbirth, or the first love - a symbol of maturation
The colors of the web have a special interpretation:

  • black symbolizes the night, the world of the dead, grief and disease;
  • Blue - symbol of femininity, water, rebirth of all living things;
  • green - unity with earth and plants;
  • the red color of spider web indicates a belligerent mood and speaks of war, blood and thunder;
  • the white color is characterized by winter, a snowstorm, which leads to cold and death;
  • Positive yellow speaks of dawn, a new day, sunshine and hope for the best.

In order to endow a trap tattoo with magical powers, the master must think of good things while working.

In the modern world, it is not necessary to follow all the rules of performing dream catcher techniques. The meaning is lost among the fashion trends, the spirituality disappears and the amulet becomes an ordinary image. That is why it is often performed not according to the rules of Native American peoples, but modified. Modern elements are added that do not carry any semantic load. In this case, the tattoo design can be as varied as a girl's imagination allows.

The black color of the spider web symbolizes the night, the world of the dead, grief and disease

The red color indicates a spider web belligerent mood and speaks of war, blood and thunder

Blue - symbol of femininity, water, revival of all living things

Green - unity with the earth and plants

Tip! The dream catcher tattoo is better to do a large size to convey all the details that look advantageous in a large view.

The meaning of the dream catcher tattoo for men

The meaning of this tattoo for men is not different from the female version. Whoever has not been incrusted with such a drawing, the dream catcher tattoo is a talisman, which, if you believe the legends, protects its owner from negative influences from the outside.

Tattoo of dream catcher on male

Tattoo of a dream catcher in a man

In contrast to the female tattoo, the male version is made mostly larger in size. And as additional elements of the figure, images of various animals, or tattoo of the planet can be used.

Male dream catcher tattoo

Men's tattoo of a dream catcher

Often guys stuffed themselves with a dream catcher tattoo as a sleeve, which completely occupies the space of the arm - the shoulder, forearm and wrist. The sketch of such a large tattoo can go even to the collarbone and chest.

Owl Dream Catcher tattoo

Tattoo of a dream catcher in the form of an owl

The color version of the dream catcher tattoo is rarely found on a man's body. Guys prefer black and white tattoos.

Sketch and master

The sketch with a dream catcher tattoo is one of the most popular and widespread, even on the Internet. You can find quite a few photos of already finished works of various tattoo parlors, and just repeat it if you suddenly like it.

It is worth noting that each person puts his own, individual meaning in the given tattoo, so in addition to the common types, other symbols can be used in combination with the amulet: flowers, heart, geometric patterns in a spider web, etc. It all depends on your imagination, and an experienced master will be able to translate it into reality.

Many masters practice the application of the dream catcher, so it will not be difficult to find a suitable specialist. The main thing is to familiarize yourself with his work in advance and find out if he has had experience with this tattoo. Still, mystical amulets are a delicate matter.

Types of dream catcher tattoo

As already mentioned, the dream catcher tattoo can be performed, as without additional elements, and have different variations. For example, the picture can be performed in the style of watercolor with a strokes, which already implies a complete identity body image, despite the chosen sketch of the dream catcher. A distinctive feature can be a tattoo of the dream catcher in white paint. On such a bold experiment are not all lovers of natal painting.

Tattoo dream catcher in the form of a bracelet, both on the arm and leg, perfectly emphasize the story tattoo fairy, or tattoo with a hummingbird. In addition to the Indian symbol, both images will look unusual, but quite appropriate, as well as with a butterfly.

Tattoo of a dream catcher and butterfly

Tattoo of a dream catcher and a butterfly

Tattoo of a dream catcher with a butterfly inside

Tattoo of a dream catcher with a butterfly inside

But a dream catcher tattoo in the thrash polka or blackwork style will create an unforgettable experience. But this kind of body art is not suitable for everyone.

Tattoo trapdoor in polka-dot style

Tattoo of a thrash polka-style dream catcher

Tattoo of a thrash polka-style dreamcatcher

Tattoo of a thrash polka-style dream catcher

Blackwork Dreamcatcher tattoo

Blackwork style dream catcher tattoo

Still popular are plot sketches, where in addition to the dream catcher there are animals. A wolf and a fox look spectacular next to the Indian amulet, if such a drawing is drawn by an experienced tattoo artist.

Tattoo dreamcatcher and fox

Tattoo of a dream catcher and a fox

Do not forget that there are other popular trends, such as tattoo graphics or geometry. In such geometric styles, the dream catcher fits in successfully.

There are people who "stuff" themselves with a dream catcher tattoo in the style of realism, or sketch.

Options for additions to the main sketch

Modern masters recommend departing from a simple sketch. In addition, other variants of feathers or animals are used.

Each creature represents a certain meaning:

1 the skull symbolizes an unearthly and often destructive force;

2 Black birds around the circle is a symbol of the wearer's specific temperament;

3 a footprint of an animal in a circle is a symbol of courage and fortitude.

4 Birds are associated with lightness and airiness: swallows bring good luck, and the owl is a symbol of wisdom;

5flowers in the center symbolize chastity and devotion of the girl to her lover;

Butterflies make a girl look feminine and confident;

Hearts symbolize vulnerability and a high level of empathy of the wearer;

8 Precious stones symbolize determination and determination to succeed;

9 falcon feathers symbolize masculinity and power;

10 The image of a lion in the circle of the talisman will help to cope with all difficulties and not to lose heart;

11 A lizard will help to develop diplomatic abilities;

The image of a wolf is preferred by freedom-loving men who associate themselves with this animal.

Where to Apply a Tattoo

The Indians believed that in order to reveal the main protective meaning of this tattoo, the image must be placed as close to the head as possible. So dream catchers are often done on the neck, shoulder blades, and shoulders.

Tattoo dreamcatcher on neck

Tattoo of a dream catcher on the neck

Tattoo of a dream catcher on a girl's neck

Tattoo of a dream catcher on a girl's neck

Tattoo dream catcher on girl's shoulder blade

Tattoo dream catcher on a girl's shoulder blade

However, equally common are female dream catcher tattoos on the leg. They look spicy on the thighs. So when wondering where the best place to get a dream catcher tattoo, don't forget about the lower body. And consider that the meaning of a tattoo on the leg is not different from the general meaning described above.

Nevertheless, the most popular option remains the dream catcher tattoo on the arm for a girl. This is because such a tattoo is easy to demonstrate. In addition, it is possible to make tattoos of different sizes on the hand. Equally successful will look like a miniature dream catcher on the wrist and a fairly large and detailed image on the shoulder.

Looks beautiful and large-scale tattoo of a dream catcher on the back of a girl. Most often it is placed in the center between the shoulder blades.

Tattoo dream catcher on girl's back

Tattoo dream catcher on the girl's back

Is popular and variant of placing the pagan amulet on the side. This tattoo carries not only deep meaning, but also emphasizes the curves of the female figure.

Tattoo dream catcher on her side

Tattoo dream catcher on the side

Tattoo dream catcher on a girl's side

Tattoo dream catcher on the side of a girl

Tattoo dream catcher on girls side - photo

Tattoo dream catcher on a girl's side - photo

Another popular option - masking flaws on the skin with the help of tattoos. Usually, tattoos cover scars or burns. In this case, dream catchers fit perfectly. They look good in different sizes, so such an image is easy to cover both small scars and postoperative stitches. If the scar is extended or unusual shape - it is worth ordering the development of an individual sketch, taking into account your characteristics. For an experienced master it will not be difficult, and you will become the owner of a truly unique tattoo.

On this basis, the dream catcher tattoo on the lower abdomen will hide postpartum stretch marks, decorating the girl's body.

Tattoo location options

The constellation Pisces tattoo is commonly applied to various parts of the body. Those who make the amulet card for themselves, experts recommend choosing a place hidden from prying eyes.

In other cases, the image can also be on a prominent part of the body:

Where is theWhat does it mean
HeelA guardian against negativity
  • Strengthens the manifestation of emotions;
  • puts thoughts in order;
  • Helps to make good decisions.
  • Activates the money flow;
  • attracts luck;
  • It unleashes creativity.
Ankle, Achilles tendonStrengthens connection with the universe and natural magnetism
Neck, shoulder blade, abdomenProtection Against Evil Powers

Pisces is a mystical symbol that the Japanese believe allows them to "hear" whispering spirits. In this case, the tattoo was done behind the left ear or on the 7th cervical vertebra. The tattoo behind the right auricle allowed the wearer to pick up clues to fate. Only those who practiced magic and other occult sciences could wear it.

The constellation Pisces tattoo. Photos, meaning, sketches on the arm, collarbone, ribs, neck

To attract money, the symbol or constellation was placed on the left wrist. To manifest hidden creative abilities, the fish should be on the right side.

Experts do not recommend to do the tattoo on the heel, because it is not practical. Given the heavy load on this part of the body, the picture will quickly erase and lose brightness.

The picture with fishes can be big or small, colored or classic. Some experts do not recommend applying the constellation to melancholic people, as it will increase their indifferent state.

Tattoo dream catcher - sketches

Since there are a large number of sketches for the dream catcher tattoo, it is possible to get lost in this flow of images. The best option is to decide exactly what you want to see on your body. First, immediately separate the dream catcher tattoo designs for girls or men. Leaving the necessary option, move on to the size of the picture. Here there can be no doubt, you need a small or medium sized sketch for a dream catcher tattoo.

Deciding on the size, already start from the color of the tattoo. If you decide to make a colorful drawing, then suit the dream catcher sketches for a tattoo in the style of watercolor. If on the contrary need less color, then choose a sketch with a black and white dream catcher.

Well, the last thing left to choose a style of tattoo. Depending on what exactly you are interested in, you can look for the sketches of the dream catcher tattoo style graphics, blackwork, or conventional designs with a dream catcher and colors.

Sketch for tattoo dream catcher

Sketch for a dream catcher tattoo

Dream Catcher tattoo sketch

Sketch of a dream catcher for a tattoo

Dreamcatcher and Fox sketch for tattoo

Dreamcatcher and fox tattoo sketch

Dreamcatcher tattoo sketches

Sketches for the dream catcher tattoo

The simplest version of such a tattoo, it is directly the sketch of a dream catcher without additional elements.

Color solutions

The color solution of the image depends on what exactly a person wants to see it.

Tattoo of the last zodiac sign can be in several variations:

  • constellation;
  • Oriental carp;
  • zodiacal symbol.

Esotericists advise tattooing the 12th zodiac sign in the colors of water, such as purple, blue or turquoise. In addition, soft orange, yellow or scarlet are also welcome. The astronomical depiction of the constellation is done in black, sometimes with the addition of red elements. Also the constellation lines are complemented with various details.

The constellation Pisces tattoo. Photos, meaning, sketches on the arm, collarbone, ribs, neck

The contour of the Oriental carps in most cases is made black and the fish itself is painted in colors chosen by the client. There are also images without the black outline.

The zodiac symbol is drawn in black, but complemented with colored elements, such as flowers, a wave or a bright hieroglyphic inscription. If the tattoo is worn by a person born under this constellation, then astrologers do not recommend doing the picture in dark colors.

Styles of applying the fox tattoo

Among the hundreds of sketches of the fox, you can choose a sign that will maximally correspond to the ideas of the ideal fox tattoo.

The method of applying the artistic composition of the fox's appearance is more interested in women who prefer the fox tattoo on the hip, made in an uncomplicated, but bright fox watercolor style. Widespread popularity among connoisseurs of body art culture also enjoys a "messy" fox in the style of abstraction.

Clearly expressed fox geometry suits the strong half of mankind, and especially bikers and metalists. In this case, the linework technique is used.

Masters of tattooing actively use the unfamiliar way of origami, which is a picture designed from individual particles with geometric filler.

Selecting the style of tattoo

To the tattoo with the amulet of the dream catcher are appropriate different newfangled and classic styles of execution, but most often the masters offer men the following options:

watercolor - A bright colorful option for creative and extraordinary guys;

ethnics - a colorful option for connoisseurs of old traditions;

Polynesia - execution tattoo in the form of a pattern;

graphics - masculine and reserved option;

realism - The most correct image of the amulet.

Men usually give preference to a black and white color scheme. Multicolored motley sketches will suit young and expressive guys.

Designation of a fox tattoo for a girl

The fiery red rascal, she is also a fox tattoo that sneaks, characterizes women as mysterious and to some extent treacherous individuals. The photo of a girl with a fox is not only the external attractiveness of her body, but also a reason for the observer to think about this not quite simple by definition persona.

The fox for girls is not only a subtle intelligence and equanimity on the way to achieving the goal. Plasticity, grace, sexuality, the desire to stand out from the crowd are also present in the definition of the fox tattoo.

Looking at the photo of a girl with a fox can be a long time, loving every detail and contour of the already created "work". At the bottom of the article there are many photos of tattoos on the female and male body.

Tattoo of a fox: what qualities emphasizes

The owner of the fox tattoo should first of all be a wise man, who in difficult life situations can subtly cunning and go "dry of water".

Also the fox tattoo indicates self-development, the desire to develop and improve. In the modern art of body painting, the meaning of the fox tattoo borders to a greater extent on femininity and sexuality.

Therefore, the fox tattoo is a striking decoration in the first place for the fair sex. Their choice in favor of the fox symbolizes excessive love for themselves, which is peculiar to selfish and capricious natures.

Interesting: the meaning of the tattoo wolf. Pictures and sketches of tattoos

How to choose a tattoo sketch in relation to a place on the body?

The constellation Pisces, a tattoo worn by people of all ages, is applied to specially selected parts of the body. For example, on the wrist or neck draw small carp, a symbol of the sign or an image of the constellation. On the scapula or shoulder, the image is made larger and more colorful. This can combine several symbols, such as the constellation and fish swimming around it.

On the shin are also found massive pictures of the 12 zodiac symbol. Here they draw three-dimensional carps or combine several constellation variants at once. There are also those who make one fish on the upper surface of the foot. In this case, the picture is not complemented by other elements.

Do a small constellation or a symbol of the zodiac and in the ear area on the neck. There are such pictures are rare and have a small diameter.

Compatibility of Pisces and other symbols

Tattoo of the 12th sign of the Zodiac can be combined with other symbols, and do it to enhance the effect of the image. For example, flowers represent cheerfulness and happiness. Precious stones or coins attract money, and water symbolizes movement.

Most often the picture is supplemented with:

  • seashells;
  • splashes of water;
  • gemstones;
  • a scattering of coins;
  • waves;
  • snakes;
  • cherry blossoms;
  • lotuses;
  • poppies;
  • planets;
  • meteorites;
  • stars.

Floating carp are depicted surrounded by starfish, waves, or coins. You can ask for fish to swim around a treasure chest or green algae. Girls have a picture of carp circling over a lotus. Men prefer fish swimming around the Yin-Yang sign.

The constellation Pisces tattoo. Photo, meaning, sketches on the arm, collarbone, ribs, neck

They also decorate the zodiac symbol with flowers. For example, instead of the third month, a chain of plum or poppy flowers is applied. Lotus blossoms can also bloom around the edges of the symbol. In the male version is often found in place of the connecting fragment snake or saber.

Those who want to complement the constellation tattoo "Pisces" bright colors, you can draw around it flying comets or meteorites. Strengthens the positive influence on the person and drawing next to the constellation of the patron planet. Also with the planet can be added to the missing qualities of the bearer of the character, with prior consultation with an astrologer. Sometimes the tattoo is supplemented with images of colored stars.

The constellation Pisces tattoo is chosen by creative souls and those who believe in mysticism. Drawing on the body affects its bearer, so the choice of picture and the place of application should be taken seriously.


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