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tattoo city

Relatively recently become popular city tattoos. They, as well as the castle tattoo, willingly prick on their bodies as men and women. They portray a cityscape on various parts of the body. But not all who wish to acquire a similar tattoo understand the meaning of tattoo city. Let's find out why from year to year more and more people become fans of such images.

A popular motif - tattoo City

A person's psyche and energy directly depend on the environment, which is reflected in his or her vitality and well-being. It is not surprising that one place brings vitality, while the other turns to sadness and despondency. Even famous writers were subject to this influence: Gogol was inspired by the majestic Rome, and Chekhov by his beloved Yalta.

The object can act as the "protagonist" or be an element of a large composition, a specific town or an abstract fragment, which is easy to make from a photo from social networks. Often people stop at this interesting type for a reason:

  • birth;
  • residence;
  • important fateful events.

Movies and books call to visit the world's capitals, which sometimes becomes a lifelong dream, in honor of which the individual scores a picture with Paris, London, Moscow, Tokyo and other famous sights.

The meaning of the tattoo on the wrist

The wrist is considered a vulnerable place, because in this area you can feel the pulse and feel the heartbeat. In a figurative sense, tattoo here means contact with the soul, displays important concepts and the innermost sides of a person's personality. The image provides an opportunity to express oneself and show character. The right hand symbolizes strength and power, masculinity, and the left hand symbolizes the feminine, which is expressed in passivity, tenderness and love.

Tattoo Types
A tattoo on the wrist is an opportunity to express yourself and show character.

Historically, tattoos on the inside of the hand showed affiliation to the profession, as they were made mostly by the military and sailors. Today such a tattoo can become an identifying symbol, a talisman or a decoration for guys.

Motivations of a non-trivial choice

Usually depicted are cities that have changed the destinies of individuals, where they realized their plans, or found true happiness. It is also the fate of the inhabitants of provincial areas, who left them to find serious prospects related to education or career. A familiar little town from childhood will act as a strong talisman - it is a kind of symbol of the birth and the beginning of the path. The shape protects the host, preventing negative influences and dangers.

In difficult circumstances, it is a good amulet, helping physical and moral recovery. The homeland so thank or ask forgiveness, remembering with what a great desire to leave it, leaving for the metropolis.

It is also the emblem of a fictional city that does not exist in reality. This is the emblem of dreamy individuals based on author's drawings or photographs. Often it consists of one main accent in the form of the night sky, fireworks, hugging cats, setting the overall tone. Many give preference to vintage buildings from movies, fantastic details.

From black domes to colorful images

Until recently, in our country, the attitude to tattoos was very negative. In the 90's came into vogue "blatnaya" tattoo, made in blue or black ink with a gypsy needle. Crosses, domes, faces of saints, various inscriptions - all of these images could be done by a so-called ringmaker, but he was not paid for it.

In the early 2000s there was a boom in the tattoo industry in Russia. Prison tattoos were no longer popular. Quality of drawing has changed, body images became more colorful, brighter, in large cities began to appear first tattoo salons, and in them new experts from among creative professions - tattoo masters.

General Significance

This kind of symbolism is valued by young people, meaning to follow the new trends. They are sociable, active people who study the cultural characteristics of different countries in order to expand their horizons. The owner shows that he does not recognize a single immutable opinion, looking at the world from different angles. Lovers of fashion trends, men and women put the following meaning in the tattoo:

  1. Confessions of love for a lovely land.
  2. Admiration for technological advances.
  3. Passion for esoterics, philosophy, history.
  4. Rejection of extremism and racism.
  5. Glorification of civilization.
  6. Open-mindedness.

Unforgettable memories and impressions from visiting any point of the globe act as an impetus to make a decision to capture places that have given positive emotions. In this case, the work occupies an inconspicuous area of the body, being a happy talisman. You shouldn't flaunt it so as not to squander the inner power of the image.

How to become a tattoo artist?

In Russia, there are no universities or specialized schools for those who want to comprehend the profession of a tattoo artist.

Olga Melnik advises to learn from an experienced master, to get the basics, to do the first work under the control of a guru, to hear his advice and recommendations.

- To become a master, you need to love tattoos, and definitely be able to draw well. But the main thing is not to put a purely financial interest in the first place. Many people just want to make money, without a reverent love for tattoo culture. They burn out as matches! Tattooing is not a business, it's a calling and a love. If you treat your customers like just skin, you're unlikely to work long hours. Or you'll find a more profitable business and fold the tattoo shop. For those who want to become a craftsman, I have one piece of advice: "Try it! And then there are two options: either you become a master, or you realize that you wasted your money on the tool.

With the advent of Internet stores it has become very easy to buy a model for drawing on the body. The tool is of different quality and different cost. Thus, one can purchase a typewriter for 2,000 rubles, or for 15,000, depending on the individual requirements of the artist. In addition to the machine, you'll need power units, pedals and other accessories. According to Olga, all of this can not only be bought, but also to make it yourself.

Possible variations

In the salon you will be offered many versions of performance. The painting will realistically represent:

  • the city in a human figure;
  • A character on a city background, representing the loss of a part of the soul due to the endless rush and bustle in search of material prosperity;
  • A metropolis visible from afar or above;
  • a mesmerizing landscape at night.

The catalog contains an impressive list of sketches. Old towns, for example, from the Middle Ages or another era, carrying a note of mystery, are in great demand.

Often a single expressive example is shown: the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the Kremlin in Moscow.

Individual urban groups are common:

  • buildings with windows,
  • streetcar and rails,
  • wires,
  • pigeons and rooftops.

Tattoo Variants of the city

Variants of tattoos with the image of the city as diverse as their meanings. The most common are such compositions:

  1. City, inscribed in the figure of a person. Such tattoos indicate anthropocentrism of the world, saying that all our science, technology, art and architecture are created exactly in the space of urban culture. The city is the symbol of human civilization. Outside the city, it is not man who rules, but nature, where life flows according to other laws.
  2. A man depicted against the backdrop of a city. Such sketches are intended to show that our development, outlook on the world and level of education are conditioned by the environment in which we live. At the same time, the city does not only give us prospects for development, but also takes away a part of our soul, sucks us into a dangerous mire of endless rush, domestic problems and the search for material wealth. As an example, a tattoo of a man holding balloons and soaring above the streets of the city would seem to say to us: "Come out of this stuffy space into the living world, free from money, everyday life and everyday problems, think about the eternal!
  3. The city, observed from afar. Such tattoos can be found on the body of people who, on the one hand, consider themselves part of the urban space, and on the other, seek at all costs to preserve their own individuality.

Watercolor city tattoo with airplane
Tattoo of a city with an airplane in the style of watercolor

Styles and areas of application

The multifaceted tattoo is difficult in a technically detailed execution that emphasizes small meaningful nuances. Young people mostly prefer:

  1. Graphics.
  2. Engraving.
  3. Surrealism.
  4. Realism.
  5. Watercolor.

There are many more of the newest artistic styles available in the studio. Picture can be color, monochrome, realistic or cartoon. For the realization of a grandiose composition will require a large area. Especially valuable is that the master is able to camouflage unwanted marks: mole, scar, birthmark. The areas of the location are:

  • arms, including the exclusive "sleeve";
  • legs;
  • hips;
  • breasts;
  • calves;
  • sides;
  • back.

A young and developing trend, the City tattoo is rapidly capturing the leading positions, capturing its uniqueness and a variety of options that do not hold back the flight of fancy. It is a sign of the small motherland, allowing you to feel its support, and a symbol of a beautiful town that bestows positive energy on its bearer. The original outlines of the canvas will give the owner a stylish and unconventional appearance, making it stand out from the crowd.

On what part of the body to tattoo the city

Tattoo city, the sketches of which, as a rule, consist of many elements, most often perform on the back, forearm or legs. Such images take up a lot of space, and because it is necessary that the skin on the part of the body where the tattoo will be performed, had the same structure and tone. At the same time birthmarks, birthmarks and scars a talented artist will be able to disguise or even use as an organic element of the tattoo.

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Meaning for men and girls

The tattoo with the city is equally common among men and girls and has the same meaning for both sexes. Young people are more likely to pad their homeland, which shows patriotism and gratitude. The general sketch of the city suits men who like to meet people and appreciate modern technological advances. Such young people keep up with the times, follow fashion trends in all spheres and are the first to learn about novelties.

Girls get such a tattoo to express their openness to the world and to people. They are very sociable, active and love to be in the center of events. Homeland for women symbolizes love for parents and their home. Such girls respect all people regardless of their race and social status. Tattoo with a city is suitable for women who are interested in philosophy, culture of different nations, history and esoterics. The owners of such a tattoo perfectly understand that everything in the world is interconnected, and the city is the main space that affects a person's worldview, the course of his thoughts and life events.

How to choose a tattoo

The nature and idea of the tattoo should coincide with your personality, because the tattoo will remain for life. So also pay attention to the dress code and your field of work: if there are bans on appearance at work, make sure that the tattoo can be hidden.

The design will be affected by friction and the environment, so consider that from time to time the tattoo will have to be corrected.

In case of skin deformities (stretch marks, scars), choose an image that will not overlap the damage, otherwise the picture may distort later on.

Small size

The process of creating a small design takes less time. If you are getting a tattoo for the first time or cannot endure pain for a long time, give preference to small sketches. The wrist is constantly in view, so men choose this place for small personal images: the initials of his name or the name of a loved one, religious symbols, the silhouette of a totem animal.

Tattoo Bird
Those who cannot tolerate pain prefer small drawings.

Large image

If you want to make a full-fledged plot or panorama, and also have a high pain threshold, use the entire area up to the elbow for tattooing. Many men choose brutal patterns: abstract panels, Celtic symbols, wild beasts, warrior portraits or weapons. There are styles that will not be able to fit in a small image: they will need to involve the entire wrist area and, if desired, part of the forearm.

Tattoo compass
Conversely, people with a high pain threshold often choose full subjects or panoramas.

Color scheme.

Keep in mind that the wrist is more often exposed to direct sunlight, chemicals and water, so the tattoo will fade faster. Give preference to monochrome drawings with a clear outline and restrained color scale.

Examples (photos) of tattoos on the wrist in men

Below are examples of beautiful drawings on the wrists. Choosing a sketch, it is not necessary to copy the image you like from the photo one-to-one. Even if you do not know how to draw, try to add something of your own.

Interesting drawing ideas for active girls

More recently, the trends of 2021 included interesting drawings as a tattoo: an image or the name of your favorite city, a map of the world, a drawing of an airplane. These tattoos are more suitable for girls who actively travel and they want to leave on their body a piece of the path they traveled during their travels around the world. Such tattoos do not go unnoticed. After all, it looks really modern and original.

Tattoos on the wrist of a girl has long ceased to cause surprise to others. However, thanks to the variety of styles, drawings and fashion solutions that we can provide experienced tattoo-masters, every girl can create herself, albeit a small, but very original and memorable tattoo on the wrist.

What you should not put on your wrist

If you want to tattoo a mythological or religious character, consult verified sources and clarify whether his image is ambiguous or offensive to members of another culture.

It is not a good idea to make an image of subculture signs, as in the future the infatuation may pass, and the tattoo will remain. The same applies to the names of lovers and friends: if there is a desire to stuff the initials of a loved one, make sure you've spent enough time with him.

White tattoos became very popular, but from afar they resemble scars on the wrists, so it is better to choose something else.


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