Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

On the wrist tattoo "Pulse" can be found in both girls and guys. The exact date of the appearance of this figure researchers of the history of permanent jewelry do not know, but they note that the image became popular in the early 2000s.

As archaeological findings show, in the culture of many ancient peoples there was a tradition to paint the body with certain sacred symbols. The first tattoo-masters were always considered to be shamans who put carefully selected drawings on the skin of warriors or other significant personalities, using sharp objects and persistent paint from the juice of plants and ashes.

Features and Benefits

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist is suitable for both sexes. In most cases, this picture on the body carries a positive meaning.

The pulse symbolizes:

  • life;
  • joy;
  • love;
  • happiness;
  • devotion;
  • control of emotions;
  • self-confidence;
  • achievement of goals;
  • an active lifestyle;
  • the desire to win.

The pulse is a symbol of life and a healthy heartbeat. It is known that this sign has long been used to determine whether a person is alive and what is happening to his health at a given time. The faster the heart beat, the stronger the patient is experiencing and the slower, the worse it is.

Experts note that a tattoo in the form of a curved pulse thread, also called "thread" or "lifeline", indicates a person's strength, his leadership qualities, endurance and the will to win.

In most cases, such a tattoo is done by athletes, travelers and fans of dangerous sports, depending on the constant release of adrenaline.

The advantages of the drawing on the skin in the form of a pulse include:

  • brevity;
  • universality;
  • a wide variety of designs;
  • the ability to choose the size;
  • rapid healing;
  • image persistence.

There is a lot of information encrypted in the pulse thread, which can be grasped by any person. It is enough to see such a tattoo to understand how its owner loves life and always strives to win. The brevity of the permanent picture attracts many people, even those who want to visit the tattoo salon for the first time.

The versatility of the permanent image is that it is suitable for both men and women of different ages. The picture looks stylish and original on the delicate maiden's wrist and on the strong man's shoulder.

In renowned tattoo parlors, the client is offered many sketches depicting the pulse in different variations. For example, the thread of life can come out of the heart or be woven into a person's name. Some craftsmen sometimes create a pulse bracelet around the arm, neck or leg.

The picture in the form of a pulse can be both large, stretching from the beginning of the wrist to the elbow bend, and small, occupying the width of not more than 5 cm. In this case, large-scale work with the coverage of a large area of the skin prefer men, and girls like small tattoos with a pulse, located in secluded places.

Masters note that the skin under the picture with the lifeline quickly heals. This is due to the fact that the tattoo machine needle damages small areas of the skin. In addition to this permanent image does not need to be adjusted often due to the fact that it is exposed to harmful factors at a minimum.

To the disadvantages of applying the tattoo "Pulse" experts include possible painful sensations during the procedure, and they depend on the location of the tattoo.

Among the most painful areas for the location of permanent jewelry especially allocate:

  • neck;
  • wrist;
  • The inside of the arm;
  • ankle;
  • lower back.

Despite this, the thread-of-life tattoo is popular with people of all ages and social positions. The picture does not indicate affiliation with any criminal clan or religious trend, so it is suitable for all comers.

Options, styles, compositions

The choice of image size should match the strength and confidence of its owner. A large picture is usually chosen by people with a liberated behavior and a firm backbone of life.

It is possible to use a drawing not only as the main subject of a body image, but it is possible to apply it as a detail of another one. Very original and unusual look bears, matreshkas or other characters with "kalashos" in their hands.

Sometimes those wishing to decorate their bodies with a beautiful tattoo choose a combination of weapons:

  • with playing cards;
  • A beauty with a machine gun;
  • then the inscription "AK-47".

The color design is applied both in one and in different tones.

Places for tattooing AK-47

Real masters of body painting believe that to accurately determine the necessary variant of the drawing you need to nurture it for a long time. Figuratively imagining how you will behave after its execution.

To perform the AK-47 body painting, the following will do:

  • arm;
  • back;
  • chest;
  • calves.

In general, it can be applied to any part of the body, everything will depend only on the size of your chosen drawing.

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Choosing where to apply it

Tattoo "Pulse" on the wrist - a fashionable decoration of our time. Such a picture looks good on almost any part of the body.

The most popular places, other than the wrist, for wearing permanent jewelry are:

  • legs;
  • ribs;
  • chest;
  • neck;
  • arms;
  • shoulders.

Each of the listed areas has its pros and cons. On some to do a tattoo is painful, and in other places the drawing is more quickly erased and requires frequent visits to the salon for its setting.

Eastern sages have always considered the human body a temple, in which each part of it has sacred meaning and the energy of which can be strengthened by putting on the surface of the skin in the right place certain symbols or words. The images of runes on this or that part of the skin were used to cure diseases, to protect from trouble or to save from death. Despite the fact that in the modern world tattoo in most cases has a decorative value, masters before applying it to the body recommend to get acquainted with what it means and what is responsible for the selected part of the body.


Ancient sages always associated the feet with the ability of man to move in the present, leave the past and enter the future. This part of the body was also responsible for the ability to flee from danger or catch up with an enemy.

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

The "Pulse" tattoo on the leg can be found on the ankle or on the side of the foot.

The advantages of drawing in this place include:

  • convenience of fitting the sketch;
  • the rapidity of the procedure;
  • the convenience of hiding the picture under clothing;
  • durability of the image;
  • the ability to take care of the picture yourself after the procedure.

The picture with the thread of life on the ankle or foot is most often seen in girls.

The disadvantages of the image on the foot include the painfulness of the procedure.


On the side of the torso is a tattoo with a pulse thread from both sexes. The permanent picture here indicates the secretive nature of its bearer and the fact that it is applied more to themselves than to others.

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

The thread of life on the ribs can express hidden feelings or hope for reciprocity. The advantages of the tattoo on the skin in this place include the fact that it is hidden from prying eyes and it is easy to care for. Among the disadvantages are the high painfulness of the procedure and the fact that the drawing will take a long time to heal.


On the chest closer to the collarbone do tattoo pulse mainly men. Often the picture can be found on the left side of the body, where the heart is anatomically located.

According to the beliefs of ancient shamans, the chest represents protection, the ability to breathe and open his arms towards true feelings. This part of the body has always been considered the repository of the soul and one's own self.

Among the advantages of a tattoo on the chest are:

  • The convenience of fitting the sketch and its application;
  • the possibility of hiding from prying eyes;
  • durability of the image;
  • The convenience of skin care after the procedure.

    Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

The picture on the chest looks original for both guys and girls. At the same time, the procedure is with tolerable pain, which is also attractive during the choice of the place for permanent jewelry. There are no disadvantages to this place.

The neck .

Some fans of tattoos do the thread of life on the side of the neck. This is due to the fact that the pulse on this part of the body is also easily palpable.

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

Esotericists link the neck with the ability of man to explore the world and look around. It is also responsible for intuition and communication with the universe. The neck allows a person to deflect kicks or observe what is happening.

One of the advantages of the neck as a place for tattoos is that the picture will not go unnoticed by others and it is easy to take care of. The disadvantages of this area of the body include the painfulness of the procedure.


On the wrist "Pulse" tattoo can be found most often. This is the most popular part of the hand for such an image. In addition, some fans of permanent jewelry apply the image of the lifeline to the inner area from the hand to the elbow bend. Some girls ask for a tattoo on the side of their index finger.

Oriental sages consider the hands a repository of energy for creation, defense, embrace, receiving and giving. With the right limb always giving and the left limb always receiving.

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

The positive qualities of the choice of this place for a tattoo include:

  • The relative painlessness of the procedure;
  • convenience of fitting a sketch;
  • the ability to hide the picture under clothing;
  • The convenience of self-care in the period of healing.

Masters also like to work with the hands, as it is convenient for them to draw on this part of the body.

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

One of the significant negative qualities of the upper extremities is that the image is constantly exposed to external influences, which means that it will often need to be adjusted. That said, the hands continue to be some of the most popular places to wear permanent jewelry.


Decorate the shoulders with tattoos with a pulse to a greater extent men. They like this place, because it is in full view. A picture with a thread of life on the strong shoulder looks beautiful.

Esotericists believe that the shoulders are responsible for the ability to endure hardships and carry the weight of the past. In ancient times, warriors or sailors made tattoos on the shoulders. It was believed that a specially selected symbol, applied to this place, is able to protect the owner from various troubles.

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

Among the advantages of permanent design on the shoulder is a minimum of unpleasant feelings during the procedure and the ability to hide the image under clothing if necessary. The masters do not find any disadvantages in the tattoo on the shoulder.

Styles and colors

Tattoo "Pulse" on the wrist can be both black and colored. In addition, other interesting elements can be inserted into the thread of life, which will complement the picture.

The image is applied in 3 styles:

  1. "Classic".
  2. "Minimalism".
  3. "Watercolor".

Most often the masters when applying a tattoo with a thread of life work in the style "Classic". Here they use black ink, and the picture itself is induced by a bold line. Also occur, in addition to the main motif, and additional elements.

When working in the style of "Minimalism", the master draws with black paint and beats only the pulse thread. The technique is suitable for tattooing on the wrist and other small places with minimal skin area.

Completely "Watercolor" pulse on the body is never drawn. Only inserts are done in this style. The technique involves painting with bright strokes and intermittent lines. At the same time, the paint often goes beyond the black outline of the sketch.

Often found on the bodies of fans of the tattoo can be an image of the pulse with additions.

Additional elementWhere is located
heartat the beginning, in the middle, at the end
inscriptionin the center, under or above the tattoo
namein the middle or above the design
motorcyclein the center of the composition

In addition to the popular options listed above, a wolf or dog may run along the pulse thread. There are also variants with a note or a treble clef. If the tattoo is made in memory of a loved one who is no longer alive, the pulse line starts from the heart and ends with a cross. At the same time, under the symbol of life and the symbol of death, the dates of birth and departure are indicated.

With a heart

The tattoo with a pulse and a heart is chosen as a body decoration by both genders. The line of life comes out of it or enters it. In addition, the tattoo can form a heart from a pulse-like thread.

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

The additional object in the drawing can be either classic black or colored. In addition, it may be empty or completely filled with paint.

With an inscription.

Sometimes the "Pulse" tattoo is supplemented with an inscription. This can be a winged expression in a foreign language, as well as an exclusive phrase that is clear only to its carrier.

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

In such tattoos, the pulse thread begins or ends with the selected words. In addition, the letters can be above or below the thread of life.

With a name

Often fans of permanent images ask to put on the skin together with the pulse and their name. In this case, the thread of life can come out of the last letter or begin the first letter.

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

Popular among girls is a tattoo where the tail of the last letter forms a pulse that flows seamlessly into a large colored heart. Sometimes only initials are applied to the skin instead of a full name.

With a motorcycle

Fans of two-wheeled vehicles and high speeds like to decorate their bodies with tattoos depicting motorcycles. Usually the vehicle is placed in the center of the composition, where the pulse completely forms the outline of the bike.

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

Sometimes you can find sketches where the motorcycle rides in a straight line between wavy pulse strands. In some cases, a speedometer is placed below the lifeline, which indicates 299 km/h. The pictures can be either black and white or in color.

Tattoos on the chest for men

Representatives of the stronger sex apply the image to the whole chest or score one side of it, which amaze by the ingenuity of the plot. More and more often on the chest you can find a half-naked woman, a ship with sails spread in the wind, drawings depicting the skull and fire. New School, Blackwork, Steampunk, and Polynesia style tattooing allows you to achieve your goal. The inscriptions and oriental hieroglyphs look beautiful, understated and extravagant. Depictions of demonic sketches or biomechanics look quite aggressive.


Tattoo "Pulse" on the wrist symbolizes vitality, eternal youth of the soul and the continuous beating of the heart in the rhythm of passion and love. In addition, the picture may indicate the loss of a loved one or attention to your own health. Experts note that this image is applied to the body of the winners and those who are used to achieve their goals.

With the heart

If in addition to the pulse thread in the tattoo there is a heart, it is a symbol of love, passion for adventure and adventure. In addition, the image emphasizes the amorous nature of its bearer.

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

If the heart begins with a heart and ends with a mourning cross, it is a symbol of the loss of a loved one. Sometimes in the composition there is also a note, indicating the love of the owner of the permanent pattern for music.

With the inscription

The meaning of the pulse tattoo, where there is an inscription, depends on its translation and significance. Sometimes the words hide a message to others, and in other cases - a reminder to yourself. Expressions in English, Latin or Italian are particularly popular.

With the name

The meaning of the "Pulse" tattoo, in which there is a name, is revealed simply. There is either the name of the owner of the picture, or a loved one or even a pet.

Some music or movie fans stuff the name of an idol on their skin along with the pulse. Such an image indicates a passionate love, and even an obsession of the person with the famous personality. Sometimes mothers put their child's name on the skin next to the lifeline.

With a motorcycle.

Permanent jewelry with a pulse and a motorcycle on the skin most often make bikers and fans of high speed. In this case, the tattoo is interpreted as a symbol of the rapid flow of life and surprises on the road.

Tattoo Pulse on the wrist, neck, hand. Sketch, meaning, photo

On the wrist tattoo "Pulse" do people who are used to taking everything from life. Choosing a picture with a motorcycle and a thread of life, a person shows that he fully trusts fate and believes in his endless life.

The meaning of the picture in the form of a machine gun for men

The image shows strength and masculinity. Representatives of the strong half of mankind with a machine gun on their bodies say that they are resolute, can react quickly to events, without wasting time on unnecessary sentimentality. Young people do not tend to long and empty negotiations, they immediately proceed to the solution of the essence of the problem. The gun is about getting things done, objective thinking, facts, and a commitment to the army style.

Many fill up their guns in order to be feared or at least feared by those around them. They are hot-tempered and sometimes unbalanced, can flare up quickly and are not responsible for their own actions. The tattoo is a kind of beacon and is a warning character, otherwise the offender may greatly regret the words, actions.They want to buy the attention of others with a tattoo.


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