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Minimalism: the meaning of style and its features

Minimalism is the most popular style, embodying the modern way of life. Most believe that the simplicity and brevity of the style is the best way to express individuality, because it manifests itself in different ways: in clothing, in design and even in lifestyle.
The peculiarity of the minimalist style is that a person puts more meaning into the content than into the outer shell. Despite its simplicity, there is a great deal of meaning in it. The manifestation of style is to discard everything superfluous and give importance to something really important.

The style of minimalism as a separate direction in the world of tattoos

The minimalist style in the world of tattoos was marked by the appearance of small uncomplicated tattoos. They are called mini tattoos, they are especially popular among teenagers and even people of mature age. This style suits everyone, is not divided by gender and does not attract attention.

Small drawings are sometimes able to tell about a person much more than a tattoo the size of the whole back, while maintaining some mystery.

Features of mini tattoos

Mini tattoos are characterized by precision, as in geometry. Minimalist style body art has precise and flat lines, straight lines, dots, geometric shapes. Even a simple tattoo, technically in execution may require a considerable amount of skill.

In addition, a feature of such tattoos is the predominance of monochrome and small size. Mini tattoos are seldom met in a color variation, often they are executed in black.

At the same time the meaning of tattoos in the style of minimalism is huge. With just one symbol on the body, a person can capture good memories or an important event forever.

Chb or color.

Most often, minimalist tattoos are done in black on a background of light skin. An abundance of colors is not allowed. Sometimes the picture is colored in red, green, blue, yellow.

A tattoo cannot contain more than 2-3 colors. Transitions, shadows as well should not be. Choosing a classic black and white version or a bright colored image, take into account personal preferences and features of the plot.

Color tattoos
Color plays a role in the image.

The main themes of minimalist tattoos

The themes of minimalist style tattoos have no particular limitations, but there are the most popular and common images that people prefer to imprint on their bodies.

  • Symbols. These can be numbers, letters, and even just a dot.
  • Uncomplicated geometric shapes. So it happens that even an ordinary triangle can have great meaning for a person.
  • Flowers. There are petals, cherry blossoms, clovers, peonies and the like. And all in a small size, concise, exquisite and insanely beautiful.
  • Simple images or patterns. The image of an animal using outlines in a schematic form is minimalism. And such a tattoo will look interesting, unique and unlikely to get bored, unlike a full figure.

Popular Tattoo Plots on the Clavicle for Girls

Tattoo Flowers on Your Collarbone

Tattoo Flowers are one of the most common subjects in the world of tattoos. The beauty and diversity of the botanical world allows you to find flowers for the sketch for every taste. Detailed interpretation of flowers in tattoos, we can find in our review.

Tattoo on collarbone for girls - Flower tattoo on collarbone - female flowers tattoos on collarbone

Tattoo Inscriptions on the Clavicle

Inscriptions are a universal way, simply and clearly express the idea of your tattoo. You don't have to look for hidden meanings or meanings. The inscription always speaks directly, stating your views on life, principles, dreams. Tattoo on the collarbone for girls in the form of an inscription looks very sophisticated and emphasizes the beauty of the body lines.

Tattoo a twig on the collarbone

A small twig on the collarbone looks very delicate and subtle. The branch can embody the love for nature, unity with the world around.

Women tattoos on collarbone - tattoo on collarbone twig

Butterfly tattoo on the collarbone

The butterfly has a special, not similar to other insects, cycle of development. The transformation from an unsightly caterpillar to a beautiful fluttering butterfly has its symbolic meaning. For most cultures and religions, this cycle of development means the formation of the human soul. The hope for flight, the elation, the elevation above the earth that butterflies represent has made them a popular tattoo subject.

Women tattoo on collarbone for girls - Butterfly tattoo on collarbone

Tattoo Rose on the Clavicle

The tattoo rose is one of the most popular botanical tattoo subjects. The tattoo rose has many interpretations in different cultures, but one thing remains unchanged - this flower is endowed with lofty and sensual qualities. The rose is the flower of kings and nobility.

Tattoo Rose on Clavicle - Female Rose Tattoo on Clavicle

Tattoos of birds on the collarbone

Birds tattoos have become popular due to their interpretation: flight, freedom, spiritedness, sublimity and lightness. Of all the living creatures on the planet, only birds are given to fly so high above the ground. Tattoos depicting birds will suit girls purposive and creative. In a figurative sense, the state of flight means thinking, creativity, creating something new.

Tattoo of a whale on the collarbone

The whale tattoo has become especially fashionable in recent years. Tattoos with the largest inhabitants of the globe have caught the interest of girls, embodying the depth and beauty of the ocean and the power of the elements.

Tattoo of the Feather on the collarbone

The Feather tattoo has a wide range of meanings. In different cultures, traditions and legends feather is interpreted as a symbol of courage, a symbol of ease and the embodiment of divine patronage. The feather is primarily associated with birds, which are known to symbolize flight, lightness, loftiness.

Feather tattoo on clavicle - Woman tattoos on clavicle feather

The most popular mini tattoos

Despite the fact that the style does not mean to adhere to a certain theme, there are the most common images that are done in a minimalist style.

For example, the most common small tattoos are couples tattoos. Yes, yes, you didn't misunderstand. Many couples choose simple drawings that reflect their feelings and affection for each other.

Tattoos can be the same or complement each other. At the same time, it is worth noting that the paired mini tattoo will be easier to redo or just take out if suddenly the relationship is destroyed and you want to get rid of the tattoo.

The most popular minimalist style drawings in the form of tattoos: yin-yang, the sign of infinity, small hearts, the sun, the moon, flowers, simple geometric shapes - rhombuses, triangles, numbers, etc.

The peculiarity of the place of application

A small disadvantage can be called the fact that the collarbones refer to painful places, some people do not dare to apply a drawing on the collarbones, because it is painful. However, if you have chosen a small tattoo, it is quite possible to endure, experiencing only a little discomfort.

In case the drawing is large enough, then be prepared for a test in the form of painful sensations, because the pain threshold for each person is different.

The meaning of minimalism in the art of tattooing

Of course, the meaning of each tattoo, made in the style of minimalism has a certain and in most cases, purely personal meaning. In the meaning of even a simple triangle can be enclosed a great content, about which you will learn only from the owner of the natal drawing. Beautiful images are rarely applied to the body thoughtlessly, almost every mini tattoo has a great meaning.

And the philosophy of minimalism is inherent not only girls, contrary to popular belief, many members of the stronger sex with a great desire to apply to the body simple and uncomplicated images. In this case they can tell a lot about the owner.

Advantages of working with Art Of Pain studio

To make the outline of the tattoo even, the image clear, the colors remain saturated, we suggest to contact our salon. We create unique sketches, which are not repeated.

Art education allows the masters to choose the composition, size, recommend the place of application to make the tattoo look advantageous.

Our studio strictly observes sterility standards and works with the use of disposable supplies and safe pigments.

We can realize any your idea in the best traditions of minimalism style.

"You must know the places": where do they put the picture?

Often the presence of a mini tattoo and invisible to others, in addition to the fact that the images themselves are not large, many people prefer to apply them in places that are easy to hide under clothing. Mini tattoos are like the epitome of mystery, not only do you have to unravel the meaning of the design, but the design has to manage to be found.

Mini tattoos can be applied to any area of the body, but the most popular are the neck, collarbones, hands and fingers, ankles and feet. On these areas it is often possible to discern small tattoos. Large size tattoos are found on the forearm, under the breasts, on the hips, on the arms from the hand to the elbow.

Mission "mini tattoo": the choice of the sketch and the master

To begin with, it all depends on your idea and imagination, so first of all, it is worth deciding what you want to depict on your body. On the Internet there are many different photos with tattoos in the style of minimalism, and the master will always be able to offer their own sketches and ideas.

However, it is worth remembering that despite the simplicity, the style is technically difficult to perform, as it requires precision in detail and application. Therefore, before choosing a master, you can familiarize yourself with his portfolio of works. You can do this directly from the master, or in most cases in the profile on social networks, where many masters are now actively sharing their work and achievements.

Choosing even a small image, remember that it can loudly "shout" about what you are always silent about.


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