Pair tattoo for lovers, boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, girlfriends, sisters, brothers, friends, mother and daughter on the arm, shoulder, forearm, clavicle, leg, calf, ankle, wrist, neck, fingers: ideas, meaning

Wine is a noble aristocratic drink traditionally made from grapes. The older the wine, the richer its flavor palette. Since ancient times wine drinks have been stored in cellars at the right temperature and storage conditions.

Unlike other alcoholic drinks, wine has a refined taste that only true connoisseurs can appreciate. The tattoo with a glass of wine shows the subtle taste of its owner and his ability to see the hidden sides of the world.

A glass of wine: meaning

In ancient times people sacrificed to the gods with wine, and Jesus Christ said to his apostles, "Drink wine, it is my blood. It was believed that with the help of the grape elixir one could achieve spiritual enlightenment. In the natal picture with a glass of wine, the drink itself is of primary importance, and the vessel plays a secondary role.

Such a tattoo indicates a sedentary lifestyle, as the production of the drink requires a lot of time and patience. The owners of the tattoo know how to wait and do not rush events. These people can engage in the most time-consuming types of work while remaining calm.

Drink red represents the blood of Jesus Christ, reports of a fervent temperament and passion. White wine reveals self-sufficiency and self-confidence. The owners of this tattoo passed that period of life when emotions were boiling and found inner peace. The tattoo communicates wealth and success.

Tattoo with wine is stuffed by cheerful and optimistic people, inclined to see only the positive side of life. In the culture of the ancient East, the grape drink was drunk in order to gain the power of the gods, courage and bravery. It was thought to be able to unlock a person's inner potential.

What styles are suitable and what is the price

The style of paired tattoos is selected based on their subject, taking into account that such drawings are not large in area, but should be clearly visible:

  • Engraving is excellent for the image of crowns, castles, mythological animals
  • watercolor and realism for tattooing portraits of loved ones, floral motifs;
  • minimalism for inscriptions, numbers, arrows, hearts, various mini-subjects;
  • Graphics, thanks to the distinct shading, is suitable for the nailing of small identical drawings-talismans in the form of plants, inscriptions, symbols of runes.

It is acceptable to use other styles as well, if they are appropriate to the chosen subject.

This is a complicated job, which is trusted to tattoo masters, professionals of their craft. After all, it is necessary to make two identical drawings and correctly calculate the place of application. The slightest mistake will lead to the loss of meaning of the patterns. That is why the price of the paired tattoo is a little bit higher than the usual one.

  • The celebrity couple Beyoncé and Jay Z have gone through many love trials. The task of choosing a plot for a paired tattoo they decided simply: they have the Roman numeral IV on their ring fingers. They registered their marriage and were born on the 4th.

In culture and religions.

In the Kabala, the elixir was given high spiritual significance. The glass of wine symbolized the path to inner wisdom and awareness. The drinking process was a whole ritual where wine was poured into a silver bowl, thanking the gods and asking for their help.

In Greek culture, the divine drink symbolizes eternal youth and benign intoxication. There is a feast of Bacchanalia, when with the help of wine people achieve a state uniting with the god. The grape elixir is able to protect a person from the evil eye and demonic influence. It is enough to take a few sips to make sorcery spells of ill-wishers come out. Intoxicated by wine, people expose their essence and cannot hide their true face.

This is a symbol of the fertility of the grape drink, which is used in various rituals to symbolize rebirth and fertility. In Christianity, wine is considered sacred and noble drink because it was drunk by Jesus Christ himself. It represents the blood of the earth and is drunk to cleanse the soul and gain the strength of the universe. The drink is used at the time of communion and atonement for sins. In Islam, wine is considered to be the elixir of youth. It is drunk in small quantities in gratitude to the gods.

A man who has taken a few sips of the divine drink has no ability to lie. Hypocrisy and cynicism disappear. The famous poet Omar Khayyam has many lines dedicated to wine. He called it "a spring of peace of mind.

Symbolism in the glass

The tattoo with a glass of wine symbolizes material prosperity and abundance. Such a tattoo is nabbed as a talisman to attract money and success in the career. If there are bubbles in the glass, such a body tattoo indicates endless joy and positive emotions.

A tattoo in which the drink flows out of the glass is a talisman of St. Benedict, who was supposed to be poisoned, but the glass tipped over and the poison leaked out. The spilled grape elixir is a reminder of the mistake made, which one regrets to this day. Such a tattoo symbolizes a new stage in life, a rethinking of values and getting rid of erroneous beliefs.

The tattoo of a wine glass with a broken-off stem has a deep meaning. The tattoo indicates a breakdown of faith and a loss of support. The bearer of such a tattoo is deeply disappointed in life and sees no meaning in it. Everything that was dear to him was destroyed in an instant. The drawing indicates a depressive state and hopelessness.

Types of paired tattoos

К The idea to score paired tattoos come for a variety of reasons. All such patterns can be conditionally divided into several types:

  • Intended for lovers. This is the most extensive group, as people in such a state seek to denote their feelings in any way. Tattoo with meaning gives status to their relationship and, according to the couples, binds the union forever.
  • Couple patterns made for husband and wife to commemorate the anniversary of their lives together. More often play a strengthening role in the marriage. Most often, such a tattoo looks in the form of wedding rings or inscriptions or the names of the spouses.
  • These tattoos are also suitable for for coupleswho have just created a family and dream to live together happily ever after. Drawing a paired pattern is considered a bonding element, designed to secure the tender relationship.
  • Couple tattoos for friends Play the role of a unifying interest factor. It can be a company of crony friends who are friends for a very long time. The basis of a single tattoo for all will be based on events, memories, a common idea that unites the friendship. Sometimes such friends give such tattoos to each other in honor of memorable dates.
  • There is a category of paired tattoos intended for girlfriends, ready to carry each other's secrets through life. Usually it is small "secret" drawings, hidden from view, about which only two know. Sometimes several girls who have been friends since childhood decide to take this step at once.
  • The sisters and brothers get paired tattoos to emphasize their kinship. The signs on their bodies remind them that under no circumstances should they be angry with each other, to support each other in difficult moments of life.

Despite the fact that such patterns are usually small and not very complicated, the concept for two is more difficult to come up with than for one.

  • Representatives of the Russian show business Pavel Priluchny and Agata Mutseniece decided to score paired tattoo rings after another reconciliation. The actress and model explained this decision by the fact that she does not want Pavel to be able to remove the ring in the next quarrel.

Meaning for men and girls

Girls most often choose poetic images of such tattoos. The glass of red wine for women symbolizes spiritual maturity and readiness for the marriage union. The crystal glass represents the cycle of life, infinity and immortality. Sparkling wine indicates the cheerfulness and optimism of its owner, and white wine speaks of wisdom and prosperity.

Red wine for men symbolizes passion and lovemaking. Owners of such a tattoo easily relate to life and have a strong relationship in love. White drink represents poise and inner harmony. Men with such a tattoo lead a measured life, value friendship, respect themselves and others. Such people are delicate in communication, considerate and noble.

Pair tattoos - photo

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Bottle with a glass of wine

The bottle in such a tattoo symbolizes an endless source of life energy. The owner of this body art trusts the universe, feels protected and comfortable. Such a person draws strength from the Earth itself and can find a way out of the most difficult situations. Picture shows faith in God and mental harmony. Tattoo is a talisman against negative influences and a talisman to attract wealth.

A bottle of beer

The most common meaning of the tattoo with a bottle of beer - the designation of high social status, good income. Realistic old-school tattoos depicting a beer bottle with bright labels of a famous brand denote the owner's love for expensive pleasures, the desire to look successful in the eyes of others.

Bottle with a foamy drink in the tattoo expresses the wearer's love of communication, intimate conversations with friends. The image can be both colored and monochrome, lovers of fun with beer often choose a drawing with a pair of chokka beer bottles in the hands - a sign that men like the atmosphere of friendly meetings with light alcoholic beverages.


For women

For men