Tattoo Chameleon: the spectrum of meanings for men and women

Fashion occupies a rather important position in modern culture. It should be noted that every day it expands and penetrates into almost all areas of human life. The fashion also includes tattoos. Today there is a huge number of options for tattoos, which are applied to the body. A variety of subjects and inscriptions allow us to say that every person who has decided to "fill up" on your body tattoo, will be able to pick out for yourself what meets the requirements. It is necessary to notice that one of the widespread variants of tattoos is a chameleon. Let us try to understand the meaning of the tattoo chameleon.

Chameleon meaning

The chameleon is one of the oldest lizards on the planet. It lives in the tropics and subtropics. It is famous for its unusual ability to change its skin coloration depending on changing environmental conditions. The chameleon can change color if the humidity, light, temperature change, if it is hungry, frightened, irritated.

His skin can take from light to black shades, as a whole or separate areas (stripes, spots). When sleeping, the reptile cannot control the color and becomes visible to predators. Sometimes the reptile changes its hue to scare the enemy.

The reptile hunts in a peculiar way. It sits motionless on a branch, but its eyes look in different directions. When it sees an insect, it swiftly throws out its tongue and grabs its prey.

The ancient peoples showed great interest in this animal. The population of Africa endowed it with the ability to cause rain. There he was considered a sacred animal, a mediator between people and the gods, a symbol of lightning, thunder and rain.

Christians have treated the lizard negatively, believing that it is an unclean man who changes his appearance to deceive good people.

When hunting, the chameleon inflates its cheeks, which is why Ovid writes in Metamorphosis that it feeds on the wind. The poet says of the animal that it can enjoy the color of objects.

Aristotle, in his Ethics, compared the life of the chameleon to the fate of man, in which happiness and unhappiness alternate with each other.

Shakespeare called the chameleon a superficial man who lives on empty promises and feeds on the wind. In the comedy The Two Gentlemen of Verona the poet compares with this animal love, which can live by feeding only on the air.

The chameleon is the prototype of the opportunist and flatterer, who changes his point of view depending on circumstances and on whom he communicates with. It is a symbol of a man without principles, easily changing his view of the situation. Therefore, the chameleon tattoo is associated with a willingness to change, the ability to survive in any environment, skillfully adjusting to them.

A person with a drawing of this reptile deftly knows how to charm others, for each person he has his own approach. But such a person is characterized by fearfulness and prudence.

Chameleon tattoo is very popular. The reptile symbolizes the combination of opposite qualities. It is close to creative and extravagant personalities. They are inquisitive, communicative and friendly, but they can protect their interests. The bright colors of the drawing resonate with the rich inner world, with its flexibility and diversity.

The tattoo is suitable for a man with a sly, in which lives the spirit of adventurism. He is willing to sacrifice his principles in order to achieve his goals.

The animal symbolizes the ability to adapt to any circumstances, originality and originality of nature.

The chameleon tattoo indicates that the owner is used to being always aware of events. He is very prudent, as the lizard has the ability to see objects both from the front and from behind at the same time.

A person with the image of a lizard is beautiful and mysterious, has the strength of mind, and reacts flexibly to changes.

Positive characteristics.

First of all, it is a symbol of the following human characteristics:

  • Ability to adapt to difficult situations
  • Uncommonness
  • Headstrong temperament
  • Tendency to originality

Often this tattoo for themselves choose people who are able to adapt to the most difficult and unexpected conditions, able to survive everywhere, winning the favor of others in any society, ready for a variety of changes.

As for the performance style, often the chameleon is tattooed in different colors, because the black-and-white version of this tattoo largely loses its main meaning. If you see someone wearing a chameleon, for sure, this is an extravagant, spiritually rich, flexible and versatile personality, to make friends (and even friendship) with whom it will not be difficult and interesting.

Tattoo Meaning for Girls

Bright chameleon tattoo is an original decoration for the female body. Such a girl loves travel and welcomes changes in life. She is very diplomatic and easily finds common ground with others. Chameleon - an opportunist in life, but a girl with such a tattoo has flexibility and life wisdom. She is shy, but always with honor comes out of any difficulties in life.

Performance technique

Very original sketches with a changing coloring of the lizard are obtained in the ethnic style. They acquire a special sacred meaning. The spirals and bizarre ornaments symbolize the cyclical and fleeting nature of life. In order to accurately convey the essence of the composition, you should find a tattooist who has already worked in this style. Such a tattoo requires special skills and abilities, which may not be enough for a beginner.

Colorful sketches look spectacular in the style of realism (see photo below). Bright saturated image as naturally as possible will pass all the fine details. Usually such a tattoo does not carry any special semantic load, being only a spectacular decoration.

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Tattoo pictures with chameleon

The meaning of tattoos for men

Tattoo of a chameleon suits the cheerful guy with the character of an adventurer. For him, life is an exciting adventure. Every moment this man shows such wonders of flexibility in communicating with others that everyone considers him a great guy. This is aided by his natural friendliness and foresight. There are no situations that would put him on the spot.

Tattoo realism - photo of the best works from the leading masters

Such works once again emphasize the statement that the tattoo has long been a kind of art.

History of the style

Such a style as tattoo realism appeared, presumably, back in the 19th century. The most widespread and truthful version describing the origin of the style is the story stating that the forebear of the direction was one of the professors.

Allegedly he was studying tattoos and gathered a whole collection of images of famous people:

After which the masters and began to put on the bodies of people pictures that perfectly resemble a real portrait. Or any object. Sometimes, looking at such a tattoo, there is an impression that you are looking at a real person, not just an image.

Tattoo realism - the highest level of skill

This type of tattoo requires the highest level of skill from the master. Because the direction implies the most accurate rendering of all the details. And one wrong dot can blur the overall impression of the picture.

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Pay attention!
This direction is considered one of the most difficult among all. In addition, the drawing requires a lot of time. Therefore, such tattoos cost a considerable amount of money.
In addition, there are certain difficulties. For example, to create a sketch - not a problem, but at his transferring on the skin there are certain difficulties, because the structure of the skin, as opposed to a sheet of paper, implies the presence of certain irregularities. In addition, realistic tattoos often make a large, because it manages to accurately convey all the details, which provide realism.

If we talk about the themes of such images, the most popular are the following images:

  • Portraits of famous people;
  • portraits of close people;
  • characters of movies, books, computer games;
  • etc.

Also popular are drawings such as space, animals, plants, landscapes. For example, owners of cats can ask the master to paint the image of their pet on the forearm.

In principle, there are virtually no restrictions in this style. The main thing is that the master is qualified and able to work in the direction of "Tattoo Realism".

Features of heat-sensitive mugs

Why does the image appear when heated and how is it done? The image is under a layer of heat-sensitive paint, which becomes transparent when the temperature of the ceramic rises and then the image will become visible in all its details. By using a special technological process, the image can be slightly visible or completely hidden when viewed visually.

The image does not rub off with time and is also resistant to direct sunlight.

The features of such a thing are its uniqueness and uniqueness, individuality, the ability to choose a picture or make the application of his picture, photo. This is a surprise that manifests itself when heated, and the attention paid to the jubilee by ordering an original gift with a special creative approach.


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