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Most tattoo artists believe that the time when every girl for foul language, tattoos or piercings were branded with the word "slut..." is long gone. They don't advise women to limit their pleasure in getting lilies, butterflies and, of course, roses. Where would one go without them? But practice and her friend's sad experience shows that one should treat everything wisely. So let's break down the meaning of the tattoo of a rose before we stuff it on the client who comes to us. For any chosen image to look good, do not forget to update the tattoo sets in the salon.

History in different countries.

  • In China - youth, blossom, fragrance.
  • In Egypt - the perfect love. She was often used in sacred and mystical rituals dedicated to the goddess Isis.
  • In Greece - love, and therefore it is called the companion of Aphrodite.
  • In Rome, an allusion to the rapid flow of life.
  • In Europe it is a mystery, unexplored, a symbol of the nobility and the king.

But different faiths assigned their own meanings to this flower.

  • Christians - mercy;
  • Islam - the blood of the prophet and his sons;
  • Buddhists - gave triple power.

Freemasons and Templars combined it with the cross.

The concept in the zone

Representatives of the criminal world in an effort to stand out from the crowd were not particularly interested in the meaning of the flower, both in Europe and in the East.

They had their own symbolism, which sometimes did not fit into the common sense of ordinary people.

Regarding the rose, only the rose of the winds was of value to the prisoners.

Differences in color

The color of the tattoo also matters. Red is the symbol of Jesus Christ and the embodiment of mercy and forgiveness, as well as love and passion.

Black is a color of romance combined with sadness, grief from loss.

The Goths identified black with death, and anarchists declared it a symbol of struggle. Blue - unattainability and uniqueness, the habit of breaking stereotypes.

Tattoo - a rose with a brass knuckle, a gun, with a grenade: the value in girls and men

A girl has a tattoo of roses with a gun on her body
A girl's body has a rose tattoo with a gun

Knuckles, a gun are associated with the criminal world. In combination with a rose, such a tattoo is softened in meaning. An intemperate character, readiness at any moment to fight and defend his interests is emphasized by the nobility, harmony of the inner world of the owner. On the other hand, the knuckles nabivayut nature insecure, soft to add toughness character.

The gun is nabivayut on those areas of the body, where it really is worn. In combination with a rose, the tattoo means blood for treason. Quoted in the prison world.

Men's designs

The rose tattoo has no difference in terms of gender: both men and women choose either spontaneously - "just liked it" - or investing deep meaning - joy, love, rebirth or longing, sadness of separation. Everyone has their own associations.

In ancient times, the rose acted as a male flower.

These days, it's a tattoo chosen by a man whose heart is not free. Brutal macho men combine it with images of animals (wolf, tiger, scorpion, dragon) or various symbols (geometric figures, fire, weapons). The result is complex visual designs.

Tattoo - rose with a snake, king cobra: meaning in girls and men

Interesting color tattoo on the girl's body animals and roses
Interesting color tattoo on the body of a girl snake and roses
A snake around a rose, inscribed on the hand, means that the wearer has difficulty resisting temptation.

Remembering that the rose symbolizes beauty, love, youth and innocence, and the snake is often associated as a negative element, get this meaning of the tattoo - it is impossible to resist temptation, obsession.

Such a drawing is to the taste of both men and girls. Its meaning is preserved without reference to the location.

Women's sketches

Tattoo roses in a girl is love and manifestation of feelings. The beauty of the tattoo can emphasize the style and personality of its owner. Bright colors hint at sensuality.

The meaning of the rose tattoo

tattoo rose
The modern youth is sure that the negative tattoo of a rose causes only at the limited and incompetent people. Perhaps most tattoos in the twenty-first century really mean nothing, but even today the tattoo of a rose for girls has great meaning. It is perceived as a symbol of beauty, love, passion, and not a sign of a woman of easy virtue. The symbolic meaning of this flower often revolves around grace, perfection, it is said as a bright sign of the sun, forgiveness, wisdom, correlate with the image of the Virgin Mary, the blood of Christ.

Tattoo rose is interpreted as a symbol of life and silence about the mysteries. This image helps many to revive, it gives inspiration. Sketches of tattoos rose with thorns ask to do clients, which is important to the disclosure of inner beauty. Figurinochok queen of flowers like proud people and walking through life with joy. There is an opinion that the thorns symbolize dejection, the beautiful bud tells about glory, prosperity, the powerful stem demonstrates the strength of spirit.

Popular combinations

Tattoo roses are often combined in a composition with other images. Depending on the combination, the picture acquires a certain meaning and the one who understands the symbols can tell about the owner of the tattoo some details of his life. Let's consider some options for such combinations.

With a skull.

The implication is that the rose next to the skull is a symbol of the loss of a loved one, such tattoos were sometimes accompanied by naming.

A tattoo combined with the image of a skull, money and a snake in men in prison means a turbulent criminal life and most likely a thief in the law.

With a dagger

A dagger and a rose applied to the body will tell of passionate, violent feelings, of love shattered by harsh reality and of hopes that have not come true.

With barbed wire.

A torn wire rose signifies a desire to rid the world of violence and wars.

A flower wrapped in barbed wire means the wearer celebrated her 18th birthday in prison.

In a man, the image against the bars also indicates reaching adulthood in prison, and the number of bars in the bars was equal to the number of years of "incarceration.

Tattoo - rose with skull: meaning in girls and men

Tattoo of a rose with skull on his shoulder
Tattoo of a rose with a skull on his shoulder
This is a commemorative tattoo, which is nabbed by those who mourn the loss of a loved one. However, there are alternative images and meanings, such as:

  • skull with a rose in its teeth - carelessness, propensity for excitement, curiosity, individuality, the desire to attract attention,
  • A frightening skull with empty eyes and a rose - brutality, self-confidence.

Popular places

A man himself determines what part of his body to decorate with a stuffed drawing. Young men do it on the forearm - to draw attention to the magnitude of the biceps, girls - on the ankle, so that others notice her slender legs, someone chooses the coccyx - an appeal "look at my butt". The options are countless. Let's try to determine the meaning of the tattoo, depending on its location.


If the tattoo with roses without thorns is painted on the forearm - it's a sign of a man in love. The presence of thorns means that this is a person with a delicate soul. A tattoo of a blooming flower speaks of longing and despondency, a bud speaks of fame and popularity, a stem speaks of resilience, and leaves of joy.

A drawing in the form of a bud with sharp spikes will demonstrate a woman's essence.

In the criminal world, a tattoo on the forearm of a man - next to a woman's head and a knife - is a symbol of intent to revenge to the bitter end.

What does the rose tattoo mean for guys, men, girls and women on the leg, thigh: meaning

Tattoo of a black rose on your palm
Black rose tattoo on the palm
Worn drawing of a rose on the palm is applied in order to draw attention to its owner. Depending on the color, add the meanings discussed in the section above.

If you see a drawing of a rose held on both sides of the palm, its owner seeks to protect his love, to keep it from trouble, to cherish and protect it.

A bit of history

It's worth saying a few words about the world of prisoners and their patterns. Thus, in Russia, it is actually the second power, which, naturally, is the anti-system, the opponent of the current rulers of the country. It will seem interesting that this arrangement exists only in two other countries - Papua New Guinea and South Africa. As for Russia, this goes back to the 18th century, when a criminal hierarchy was formed in response to the restoration of the Prussian bureaucratic system. So, in order to distinguish themselves and have their own designations, the thieving and criminal world invented their own language, which they borrowed partly from the petty traders - the Ophenes, and partly from the Jews, who at that time were also an oppressed people. Well, of course, the place in the criminal hierarchy of any prisoner determines his tattoo.

Types of tattoos

Studying prison tattoos and their meaning, it is worth saying that all of them are divided into three main types. First: regal drawings, which allow us to distinguish a person at the highest levels of the prison hierarchy. It is worth saying that not everyone can get tattoos in the zone. Such honor must be earned, or it will be a forced drawing. The second type is the portraits. These are drawings, which were made by the prisoners themselves from various improvised means, self-taught and not specialized masters. And the third type of tattoo: cheeky, which were put on as a certain mark of shame to the prisoner exclusively under compulsion. These are prisoners of the lowest hierarchy, who were convicted under certain laws or did not comply with the foundations of the prison world.


So, we consider the topic "prison tattoos and their meaning" next. The first thing we want to say is that prisoners could inscribe themselves with all kinds of inscriptions. But mostly they are not full phrases, but their shortened version, understandable only to the criminal world, which was deciphered by the main letters. As an example, on the bodies of the convicts one can see the words "HORN", which is deciphered by the first letters of what is written: the state condemned to slavery forever, "CALL" - know thieves, they will teach very cool, "COT" - the native inhabitant of prison or "BREAD" - I will keep love for eternity. There are many such inscriptions, some of which may disappear due to their irrelevance (such as inscriptions about the Soviet regime), while new ones arise from time to time.

Prisoners can write all over their bodies. For example, prison tattoos are often placed on the legs. The first design, which for many prisoners seems very important, is the stars on the knees, also commonly called "stars of lawlessness". There are different variations, but the meaning is always the same: "I will never kneel down in front of anyone. This is a freedom-loving tattoo, by which inmates say that they are unruly and independent, no matter what. However, not everyone can get this tattoo, such honor must be earned by "correct behavior" from the point of view of the cons in places of incarceration. If a person has such a tattoo, but he gave weakness, it can simply be cut off with the skin from the knees of the guilty criminal. Also, prisoners were very fond of poking various chains and shackles on their feet, which meant that even if they were free, they still considered themselves prisoners. The image on the leg of a policeman's shoulder straps pierced with a dagger meant "piss cops," but did not define the prisoner according to his place in the hierarchical structure.

Tattoos on arms and shoulders

It is also worth considering the meaning of prison tattoos on the arms. Thus, the first of these is an epaulet, which is placed on the shoulders. They were worn by people who, according to the thieves' laws, distinguished themselves well; it was a badge for certain services to the community. It was very difficult to earn such a tattoo, but it raised the prisoner to a certain level in the criminal hierarchy. The subclavian stars were also important, and they had two meanings: they could denote a thief in law as well as a "denier," someone who resisted the prison order. Pickpocket thieves had drawings in the form of beetles on their hands. It was also possible to write the word "Bugs," which meant "I wish successful thefts." Next we should consider the meaning of prison tattoos "spider", "cat with a key", "bat". A spider also denoted a person from the world of thieves (sometimes a drug addict). If a spider crawls up his web, it means the person will continue stealing, if down - "quit stealing". Burglars used to draw cats with keys on their hands. Well, another symbol of the thief was Lenin, or rather his profile, which could be drawn on the shoulder or on the chest. Everything comes from the deciphering of the word: "VOR" - the Leader of the October Revolution. Night thieves drew bats on their bodies.

Sketches of a tattoo wind Rose

We offer you to see sketches of the tattoo of the wind rose, which can be a great basis for creating a tattoo with a pattern of the wind rose. For a detailed study of the topic, we advise you to view the following pages:

  • Photo of wind rose tattoo
  • The meaning of the tattoo wind rose

Sketches of the wind rose tattoo - interesting variants of drawings for the tattoo

Interesting about tattoo designs of a wind rose

The tattoo of the wind rose is very often associated with the criminal world. And indeed in the early 90s it was quite an honorable tattoo among prisoners. It was applied by thieves and those who, cardinally disagreed with the laws of the prison, and the police in general.

But it is wrong to consider the "wind rose" only as a criminal tattoo. If you turn to the history of the origin of this tattoo, you can find a lot of interesting information.

The owners of the tattoo "Wind Rose".

In the distant past, this image was applied mainly by sailors, travelers and pirates. They believed that this image brings good luck, and contributes to a quick and favorable return to their homeland.

Also, "Wind Rose", associated with a sense of total freedom and liberation from conventional norms. And so in the modern world, this image can be seen not only in adventurers. For example, it is applied to:

  • Individuals with a broader outlook on life than most people;
  • creative people who don't like to live like they "have to" or "under strict guidance."
  • hardened bachelors;
  • Rebellious teenagers who are in a hurry to get out of their parents' custody.

Variations of the "Wind Rose" design

This tattoo is depicted as a pointed star, where the rays are the direction of the wind or parts of the world. Can vary in the number of rays, from four to sixteen. This execution of the tattoo has its roots in distant times, namely the beginning of the 14th century.

In the center, in addition to the beginning of the vector rays, various images can be applied. For example, employees of the CIA on this place prick the drawing of the flag. Although the tattoo "wind rose" and is considered mostly male, but also some girls, also do not mind to be its owner. Then at the beginning of the rays, a scarlet rose is depicted.

Also, the sketch of the "Wind Rose", can contain other elements. For example: a skull, a map or a feather.

Where it is better to apply this tattoo

Men most often apply such an image on the shoulder or under the collarbone, in a monochrome version. Printed on the knees such a tattoo, and to this day means involvement in the world of thieves. And although, now to the semantic meaning of the tattoo is not taken seriously, but a pointed star, made on the knees, can lead to misunderstanding. Female members of the fair sex apply the "wind rose" in the same places as men, but in color they look brighter and more advantageous. And also, emphasize the sophistication and tenderness of its owner.

New Tattoo Pattern

Wind Rose Tattoo Sketches 05/11/2016

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Prepared by: katerinka31 (Belova Ekaterina Evgenievna)


It is also important to consider the meaning of prison tattoos on the fingers, because these are special drawings, by which you can determine the status of the person who was in prison. Thus, the most important drawings on the fingers are rings. There are a huge number of them, some to an uninformed person may seem very similar, in fact they distinguish people of completely different criminal castes. Drawings on the index finger of the right hand distinguish the thief-train thief who commits theft on the road, special doodles can tell how cruel he is and what methods he uses in doing so. So, for example, the black triangle indicates that the person is characterized by a particular cruelty. Thieves in the law, special criminals, recidivists put drawings on the middle fingers. Respectable in a criminal environment people, leaders draw tattoos on their thumbs, it can also distinguish a specialist in a particular area or connoisseur. Rhombus square on the ring finger distinguishes the criminal of the lower stratum, which for certain deeds is considered low, can be forced to masculinity, that is "put down. If the person is reformed, the rhombus may be shaded, indicating that the person has been punished according to criminal laws. The letter "C" on the middle finger is forcibly applied to those who are commonly called "pimped", that is, those who cooperate with law enforcement agencies. For such a tattoo can be severely punished not only in prison, but already in freedom. In special schools guys can give themselves a tattoo in the shape of a diamond, the upper corner of which is a dot, and below - a cross. This denotes authority among teenagers, one of the highest in the teenage hierarchy. This is not a complete list of finger tattoos, there are a huge number of them for each member in the criminal and prison environment.


Looking at prison tattoos and their meaning, it is worth saying that very often prisoners apply drawings with religious meaning. So what do they mean? The Mother of God, mostly on the back or chest, can mean a talisman against any evil, or that the person was a criminal too early, at a young age. A great deal of importance is attached to the church on the offender's body. Thus, the number of domes means the number of trips to the zone or the number of years spent in prison. The criminal authority figures put crucifixes of various sizes on their bodies, this distinguished the prisoner of the higher criminal hierarchy, and to earn such a tattoo is a great honor. Prisoners could also have bells tattooed on them. This meant that the man had served his time in prison in full, that is, "from bell to bell." They could also draw monks who write. It meant a thief-writer who could scribble any letter without any problem, or it meant a person who was skilled with sharp objects such as a razor or knife.

Sailors, pirates and tourists

Sailors were the first to draw the wind rose, for they attached great importance to the stars; they were their guides and sometimes even their saviors. Wind and stars often saved the lives of sailors, helped to overcome storms and navigate the area.

The six-pointed star symbolized determination, the desire to reach the goal, to achieve the desired goal, to reach home. Compasses were not always available, so they had to learn to find their way according to the stars and hand over their lives to them, relying on their mercy.

Sailors were not very superstitious - they often attached special significance to a particular star and deified it. The same with tattoos - their superstitions have migrated from the sky to the body.

In their opinion, the right tattoo would help to intuitively choose the right path, to overcome the dashing temper of the sea, to cope with the storm.

Pirates fell in love with the rose of the winds, it became their talisman and gave them moral support and strength.

tattoo colored winds rose

Risky tourists, adventurers and lovers of freedom, people with a wide range of interests also put a rose of winds to themselves.

tattoo compass colored


Prison tattoos could also be extremely simple. Thus, the dots imprinted on the body of the prisoner are of great significance. What could they mean? A very popular tattoo is the five-point tattoo, with the four dots on the edges indicating the prison walls and the fifth, in the center, the prisoner himself. Stuffed it mostly between the index and middle fingers, which meant that a person has been in the zone. Just three stuffed dots could mean a person who happily led a life of crime and perceived himself as a bandit. If the person who got such a tattoo is religious, it could mean the Holy Trinity.

Tattoo - a rose with a wolf: the meaning in girls and men

Tattoo of a wolf with a rose in his teeth on a man's body
On the body of a man tattoo of a wolf with a rose in his teeth

The strong image of the wolf as a tattoo is in harmony with the rose. Such a body drawing often has a romantic character. Choose it representatives of the strong half of mankind to decorate the torso, the shoulder.

This picture symbolizes a courageous lonely man who is devoted to the love of his life until the end of days. He remains faithful to her, despite the wounds and suffering brought by this bright feeling.

Beasts and Birds

The prison meaning of the wolf tattoo is quite interesting. The abbreviation alone can tell you what it means. "A wolf" is a thief's breath, a cop's lid. Distinguishes people who hate law enforcement officers and are ready to deal with them at any time. If the prisoner carries a tiger on his body, it means he has a grudge against everyone, especially against the authorities. It can also distinguish a person who is very cruel and evil. A drawn cat is a symbol of thieves. If he is also carrying a bow, it means that the person has sold out to the cops, for which he may be punished from time to time by the inhabitants of the prisoners' world. The profile of a bull denotes a man who is a fighter and can act on behalf of the main authority in various fights. Also, this drawing distinguishes a person who is violent and quick to rage. What does the "scorpion" tattoo signify? The meaning of the prison has several different variations. So, it can simply denote the sign of the zodiac, but this is its most harmless meaning. Such a tattoo can determine the former special forces. If the claws of the scorpion are open, it means that the person was a member of hostilities (which is welcome in the zone). Scorpion nabbed also those who were in solitary confinement. If the scorpion is drawn under the gun, it indicates a person who participated in hostilities in Chechnya.


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