What does the spider tattoo mean: the meaning for men and women

Tattoo - a way to emphasize your individuality. The most effective on the body look realistic images that attract attention. One of these is a tattoo with spiders. People have always treated them ambiguously: some are afraid of them, and some revere them. Let's consider what such an image means for men, women and prisoners.

Drawing of a spider with a book

What does the tattoo of a spider on the body mean

Inherent in the tattoo spider people diligent, striving for thoroughness, it is applied neat. There are tattoos among the wicked and cunning people.

Sketch of a spider

Attention! The meaning hidden in the drawing can be revealed by evaluating the overall picture: the size of the animal, the presence of other insects, the choice of color.

Arthropods can be a sign of harmony as well as chaos. If the tattoo depicts an insect with 8 paws, it symbolizes the ruler of the world. The image in red or black can speak of a depressive and aggressive personality.

Black widow on hand

Before you put on your body arthropod, it is necessary to study all the meanings of this figure. Do not forget that means a spider tattoo for many people is not just a body decoration, but a sign of belonging to certain circles. If you want to put a special meaning in the tattoo, pick up the right shades of ink, as well as complement the spider with other insects or animals.

Spider and skull

Historical Facts

Since ancient times spiders were attributed magical properties and even called "the lord over the world", because its 8 legs were associated with the number of sides of the world. Practically each ancient people had original attitude to these insects, which is mentioned in mythology and history.

  1. In Greece, the spider represented prosperity, fertility and abundance. It is also a symbol of skill because of the ability to weave a web.
  2. Egyptians believed that this arthropod creature is the creator of the universe, and his web - nothing more than the threads of human lives, which are woven together in a clever way.
  3. In ancient Rome a spider was considered a good guardian against evil forces and a keeper of the home. The Romans believed that a talisman with his image can give a person a good fortune.
  4. For Christians, the spider was a messenger of good news. The Bible mentions that it was the web of these insects that saved Jesus from death.

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Despite the fact that in most cultures spiders have a positive meaning, in the occult sciences and magic the opinion about them is quite the opposite. This insect is associated with cruelty, guile, and secrecy. In the night, there are many spells that have the power of dark magic. Evil sorcerers often use amulets with dried spiders or with their images.

What does the spider tattoo for prisoners mean?

Tattoo with a spider is considered in the zone is very popular. What does a prison spider tattoo mean? Someone who is honored to receive such a tattoo is considered a serious person. Big prison "bumps," a kind of ringleaders, stuff tarantulas on their bodies. The spider web may also depict captured animals, poisoning the prisoner's attitude toward the rest of us. The spider in the spider web has a symbolic meaning in prison. The number of threads in the web sometimes corresponds to the number of years spent behind bars.

Tarantula on chest

The insects or animals caught in the threads of the spider web can also have another meaning - an illustration of the prisoner's addiction to alcohol or drugs. This meaning is given to the tattoo if the person identifies with the trapped object rather than the predator itself.

Note! Pickpocket thieves often decorate their hands and fingers with the image of small spiders: pickpockets take things out unnoticed, as if by prosody of a spider web.

Spider on his finger

Released prisoners interpret tattoos differently. A spider crawling up their body indicates their desire to continue their criminal activity, while an insect that is headed downward is a sign of a "withering away."

What does a tattoo with a spider on a woman's body mean

Tattoo of a spider on a woman's body

The spider is characterized by hard work and patience, because it can take hours to create a web. The labors of this animal are heavy, but rewarded with the spoils. He is called a wise animal.

Spider on a woman's chest

Most often, the spider on the girl's body indicates the presence of certain character traits. Such drawings are peculiar to career women who are ready to solve all their problems on their own. Such women are open to others and ready to help, but afraid to take it in their side.

It is believed that women who make a tattoo of a spider in a spider's web, tend to be leaders.

Spider on her stomach

The weaker sex.

Girls are much less likely to get such a tattoo. This is due to the fact that girls are very often afraid of spiders and everything associated with them. But rare owners of this tattoo can be confident in their individuality, which means a web on the elbow.

The meaning of insubordination, which is laid in this tattoo, is an analogue of brutality in the male half of society. Usually such tattoos are filled up by girls with a free way of life..

Popular spider web among the bikers who use this tattoo to emphasize their independence.

Located on the shoulder of the girl's spider web means the steadfastness of her decisions. Only brave, strong-willed, determined girls are the owners of this tattoo.

Meanings for men

Sleeves with a red spider

Men decorate their body with drawings of various animals and insects. One of the latest trends are tattoos with a spider. Such an image attracts attention, allowing you to declare your "self".

Spider on the neck

Pay attention! Psychologists believe that men who get such a tattoo tend to be selfish. They have a complex character. Such people can overcome a lot of difficulties on their own.

Three-dimensional spider

Tattoos men do on the back, shoulders, neck, chest, arms and legs. There are variants on the elbows and fingers. Tattoo in unusual places speaks of the creativity and courage of the owner.

On what part of the body would you like to get a tattoo?

Sketches of tattoos in the form of a spider's web

The spider web tattoo is very popular due to the ease of doing the design. A properly made sketch will allow even a beginner to make a beautiful image on the body. In the collection of sketches there are drawings for all tastes - from images consisting of a couple of lines to the real masterpieces.

In the photo of the tattoo web you can see how this or that image looks on different parts of the body. The photos will help every master to find inspiration and get into the art of tattoo. The collection contains images in different colors.

The spider in the cultures of different peoples


The spider has its own meaning for different peoples. The Greeks believe that these animals are vengeful, and those who make themselves a spider in the web tattoo will have bad luck in life. The Italians have a very different opinion. In their culture, the arthropod is a symbol of joy and prosperity. In Africa, the spider tattoo has a divine meaning. It represents the God who protects people.

Hindus believe that the spider web brings good luck.

Spider Indus

In medieval times, these animals were considered to be carriers of infections and viruses, and therefore they were feared. Some religious organizations continue to believe in their danger. Tattoos involving tarantulas terrify such people.

The meaning of tattoos on different areas: fingers, feet, neck, palms, elbows and shoulders

Nakolki on the finger peculiar to do self-confident people. They talk about the openness of the person who wears such a tattoo.

Tattoo of a spider on his arm

Tattoo with animals and insects on the leg - a sign of striving to become a more purposeful person. This tattoo makes hardworking people who want to achieve a high quality of life.

Spider in a web on his leg

Spider on the neck tattoo do people, transfused with the wisdom of life. Emotions of the animal reflects the character of the wearer of the picture. The good man's spider will be depicted in a pose of rest. The spider on the neck tattoo can have its own meaning, if the owner of the figure will add other objects.

Spider web with a spider on his neck

Tattoos on the elbows and shoulders look quite spectacular due to the convexity of these body parts. The insect looks on the bent limbs volumetric, as if alive.

Tattoo of a spider on his shoulder

Tattoos on the palms of the hands are made by creative individuals. It symbolizes the brightness of the nature.

Tips for sketches

Sketch with a spider can be found in the portfolio of any salon. The drawing entered the classics of tattoo artistry. It is performed in various poses.

Entire sites are dedicated to the gesture theme. Attacking or climbing up a thread, a favorite subject of young people. Girls prefer drawings in the style of realism.

The bright abdomen and realistic shadows make the skin a canvas for the picture. The insect becomes an extension of the image. It emphasizes the gracefulness and seductiveness of the owner.

In nature, there are more than 500 species of spiders with the brightest colors. Due to this, the tattoo will not necessarily be performed in a monochromatic scale.

The main places of application, photo tattoo spider

The tattoo is most often applied:

  • on the neck - strength, confidence in his actions;
  • on hand - calculating, sharp mind;
  • a spider's web on the knee - a shadowy player;
  • on hand - executive;
  • a cobweb on the shoulder - power over the space;
  • forearm - a skillful player with destiny;
  • tattoo on chest a spider's web - practical, far-sighted, emotions under control.

On the neck the meaning changes depending on the position. A down-turned calf means pathfinding. Turned up means the power of the mind over the rest of the senses.

The hands show the willingness to act. The wrist is most expressive. It is both a giver, a philanthropist. And at the same time a skillful manipulator.

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What does the spider tattoo on the head symbolize

Spider on his head

The meaning of the spider tattoo on the head depends on the chosen style of drawing. The mood is set by the shade of the tattoo:

  • black - determination;

Black spider

  • Shades of red - aggressiveness;

Red-black spider

  • green - calm;

Green spider

  • Brown - harmony;

The brown spider

  • The combination of different shades - originality and creative flair.

The spider with shaggy legs

Sketches tattoo spider: what pattern to choose

On the Internet there are millions of options for tattoos. Choose a sketch that suits you will help photos of already made tattoos. The most popular options:
  • tattoo spider in a spider's web;

Sketch of a spider

  • Insect crawling upwards;

Crawling spider

  • volumetric realistic spider;

Sketch Three-dimensional spider

  • Predator, catching prey.

Spider on hand


For women

For men