How to pierce a septum piercing in the nose at home

The original piercing nose want to have many, but not everyone is ready for the sake of it to leave home and go to the salon, and even pay to an unknown master. Therefore, we'll look at how to pierce the septum at home

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  • What is a septum?

    "Septum" is Latin for "wall," "screen," or more accurately, "septum." A septum piercing is an artificial hole in the skin of the nasal septum that divides the nostrils. The puncture is made between the 2 cartilages, the inner and outer cartilages. If you touch the nasal septum with your fingers, you can feel that there is a small area of thin skin between the cartilages. It is there that the masters pierce the nose and insert an ornament that will be visible from the outside.

    First such piercings were made by tribal peoples. The pierced septum in men was a symbol of bravery. A warrior with such an ornament was considered invincible, he was feared by enemies and respected by his tribesmen. The female form of similar piercing appeared later. In Asia, the nose pierced young girls before marriage. They believed that a nose-ring would make them more beautiful and feminine, as well as let the future spouse know that the wife would only be faithful to him.

    How to pierce septum piercing in the nose at home

    In China, a woman's pierced septum was considered a talisman that would help her get pregnant quickly and easily give birth to a healthy child. Nowadays, few people attach special importance to a nose-ring. Septum piercings are made for beauty, because the jewelry comes in different colors and shapes. They emphasize the individuality of creative and informal personalities.

    The concept of

    Piercing consists of piercing the septum of the nose where the cartilage connects. This custom exists from ancient times, when people in wild tribes, in an effort to appear significant and important, pierced that part of the nose where the cartilage was, then inserted a massive object. Most often they were small bones of killed animals. This is how they put fear into their enemies.

    Until now, the septum has not lost its basic meaning among some Asian peoples who continue to follow the traditions established by their ancestors. The girls who followed this rule increased their attractiveness and were considered to be more desirable brides.

    In India, women performed the procedure when childbirth was approaching, hoping for a quick and easy appearance of the baby.

    Subsequently, the tradition of nasal piercing was adopted by the inhabitants of European countries. Very soon it became part of the culture. In 70-80-ies piercing were only punks, protesting against the existing order. Today, nose rings look original and are a kind of fashion mainstream. Now the jewelry picks up different shapes that look more elegant.

    Who is suitable for whom?

    This is a universal way to decorate your face. It is suitable for young and mature, men and women. How the piercing will look depends directly on the type of jewelry and its size.

    How to pierce a septum piercing in the nose at home

    A large earring visually elongates the nose, so people with an acute shape of the tip of the nose are recommended to wear thin rings. Those who have shallow facial features can wear more massive earrings. Small bars and bananas look good in a wide and upturned nose, it is better to give up the rings.

    A little history

    Nose piercing has been known since ancient times. Representatives of a large number of ancient tribes used it as a decoration of the face and other parts of the body. Piercing, which is performed in the nose in men, and today, and used to be somewhat less common than in the representatives of the female sex.

    According to the data of archeologists, the decoration in the form of nose piercing was used by people in the following regions of the globe beginning from one and a half thousand years B.C:

    • Africa;
    • Alaska;
    • in the Far East;
    • in Central America.

    This procedure was done earlier in honor and to express subordination to a certain deity.

    Today, piercings are especially common among members of the creative professions. These are musicians, artists, rock musicians.

    Does it hurt to do it?

    The septum piercing is considered average in terms of painfulness. Much depends on the individual characteristics of the body. If a person does not tolerate pain well, he will need anesthesia. Special ointments and "freezing" sprays can be used to anesthetize the piercing process.

    These products contain lidocaine or ultracaine, substances that affect nerve endings and temporarily dull the pain. The sensation of the effect is similar to that used by dentists to treat teeth. The treated area of the skin goes numb, and sensitivity returns in a few hours. Such remedies can be purchased at the drugstore.

    Those who tolerate pain more easily do not need anesthesia. For them, the puncture will be unpleasant rather than painful. You can drink 1 anesthetic tablet 15 min before the procedure.

    How to get a hole in your nose

    If your puncture is relatively fresh, there is no need to take any other measures than removing the jewelry.

    The human body is unique and tends to restore the integrity of damaged tissues on its own, provided there is no mechanical obstruction. But you should take into account that the older the piercing, the longer the healing will be.

    It is possible to accelerate the process by refreshing the edges of the wound. In the conditions of cosmetology centers, this manipulation is called "laser resurfacing". Its essence is to remove the surface layer of the skin with a special device. This leads to proliferation of epithelial cells and filling the skin defect.

    Those who are not interested in going to the cosmetic salon will have to brave a little pain. If the former piercing does not want to heal, you need to take a sterile needle and scratch the piercing until there is blood and the more damage, the faster everything will heal. Do not forget the antiseptic treatment.

    Speeding up the process

    To accelerate healing, use multivitamin complexes and biostimulants, such as aloe extract. Also, there are means to accelerate the regenerative processes:

    • Actovegin
    • Bepanten
    • Panthenol
    • Eplan

    The best acceleration will be regular treatment with MIRAMISTIN as it has a local immune stimulating property

    Can I prick myself?

    It is possible to puncture septum at home, but you have to act carefully. It is important to maintain sterile conditions to reduce the risk of infection entering the wound.

    There are also several other contraindications, when the procedure will have to be postponed for some time:

    • colds and runny noses;
    • the use of blood thinners;
    • Drinking alcohol in the next four days.

    How to pierce a septum piercing in the nose at home

    A runny nose will cause an infection. A puncture hole is an open wound, and there are many pathogens in the nasal mucus that can cause inflammation if they get into the blood. If a person takes medications that dilate blood vessels, blood will ooze profusely and for a long time after the procedure. The puncture will hurt a lot and subsequently take a long time to heal.

    Drinking alcohol four days before the procedure also dilates the blood vessels, which will lead to heavy bleeding. After the procedure, you have to give up alcohol for another 7 days, so that the wound heals faster.

    Why hide it

    Piercing is a case for the young, because they are the ones who already at the age of 13, with glowing eyes look at people with piercings and can not restrain their desire to do the same. But in our society there is drescod and through the measured care of parents, which sometimes even suffocates their children. When is the best time to hide your septum:

    • If your parents don't feel good about it.
    • School, even if they don't care about you
    • Work, behind your eyes you might get harassed and get fired.
    • From rude people who are trying to make jokes about being a bullhead and your snot.

    Do not be upset because according to surveys less and less people have a negative attitude to moderate piercings.

    Should septum jewelry be hidden?

    Preparing for piercing at home

    Getting your septum pierced at home safely and correctly will help with proper preparation.

    What tools and materials will be needed:

    • sterile medical gloves, no powder;
    • alcoholic antiseptic;
    • saline solution;
    • skin disinfectant (miramistine, chlorhexine, peroxide);
    • lint-free cotton pads and bandages;
    • Titanium or surgical metal jewelry;
    • disposable needle or catheter.

    Gloves should be powder-free. Although this coating provides a non-slip surface and allows you to hold the tool firmly, it is uncomfortable to use when puncturing your nose. In addition, powder particles can provoke a sneezing attack, which interferes with the work.

    How to pierce a septum piercing in the nose at home

    You should also pay attention to the quality of absorbent cotton and bandages, which are needed to sanitize the skin and stop blood. They should be lint-free, because microscopic fibers can get into the wound. If they are not removed (which is very painful), they will cause inflammation and even pus formation.

    You can buy a piercing needle or catheter in a pharmacy. It is important that the diameter corresponded to the size of the jewelry, and the length of the tool was enough to make a through piercing.

    What needles are available:

    Catheter and needle sizes in mm

    Even a disposable needle should be disinfected before use. In salons, masters choose a catheter that is slightly larger than the diameter of the earring. The fact is that after 12 hours the skin at the puncture point will begin to swell. The swelling will not completely go down until the 10th day, sometimes it lasts longer. If the hole and the size of the earring are identical, the swollen tissue will be very painful and take longer to heal because the swelling will cause the soft tissues to squeeze the stem of the jewelry.

    The risk of accidentally hitting the earring and damaging the healing wound will increase several times. A smaller piece of jewelry will not cause these problems. When the hole is fully healed, the earring is replaced with a larger one.

    How to pierce a septum piercing in the nose at home

    The first piece of jewelry to be inserted into the hole should be titanium or consist of surgical metal. Cheap mixed alloy earrings should not be used. They may turn out to be of poor quality. The smooth coating will quickly fall off, the ring will begin to rust due to constant exposure to a humid environment (mucus, blood mucus) and thereby provoke inflammation. Some metals oxidize, the wound will take longer to heal than necessary. This can lead to scarring of the skin.


    In order not to injure yourself or the person you have decided to pierce your nose, you should remember that "there are as many people as there are noses", in other words, two completely identical noses do not exist.

    Pay attention to the following points:

    • There should not be any large vessels in the puncture point - this, more often than not, can be seen with the naked eye, but it is better to additionally shine a powerful lamp. Damage to the vessel can lead to heavy bleeding, which is problematic to stop at home
    • If a nerve is pierced during the piercing, a person will experience at least considerable discomfort, at most - pain that often radiates to other parts of the face or deep into the nose. In this case, the piercing is removed and as soon as possible sent to the doctor
    • The occurrence of allergies - this factor is also unpredictable. For products made of quality titanium, surgical steel, bought in proven places (such as licensed piercing and tattooing salons), negative reactions are extremely rare. But most home piercers can buy a low-quality piece of jewelry. At best, such a product rusts right in the nose after a week, generates contact dermatitis, at worst gives severe anaphylactic shock immediately.

    Piercing Procedure

    It is possible to pierce the septum at home quickly and painlessly, if you strictly follow the step-by-step instructions.

    Algorithm of action:

    1. Wash your hands with soap and water.
    2. Take an anesthetic tablet.
    3. Twist several swabs of absorbent cotton, moisten them in saline and clean the nasal passages from dried crusts and other impurities with smooth, twisting movements. You should not put absorbent cotton deep into it. It is enough to clean the puncture area and the side walls of the nostrils.
    4. If sensitivity to pain is high, you need to use "freezing" ointment. Apply it to the nasal septum from the inside.
    5. Wash your hands again, dry them and put on gloves. For safety they can be treated with alcohol antiseptic and dried.
    6. Now you need to locate the puncture point. Insert your index finger and thumb slightly into both nostrils and find the septum. Between the 2 cartilages, find the thinnest spot. It is usually located closer to the tip of the nose. This is where the needle should be inserted.
    7. Treat this area with miramistin. Do not use alcohol-based antiseptics, because they can burn the mucosa.
    8. Treat the needle with alcohol and dry it.
    9. Impregnate cotton swabs or bandages with chlorhexin.
    10. Insert the needle into the nose so that its tip goes to the right place. With your right hand, put pressure on the needle, with your left hand hold the outer cartilage and press it in the opposite direction.
    11. Strong pressure is not necessary, the needle should pass through the skin not sharply, but smoothly, but quickly. If you stab very slowly, it will hurt more.
    12. When the needle has passed through, it must be pulled through some more so that the skin is positioned in the middle.
    13. Pull the needle out. Press tampons with chlorhexine to the puncture hole on both sides and stop the blood. This will take 1-2 minutes.
    14. Treat the wound with swabs soaked in 3% hydrogen peroxide.
    15. Disinfect the jewelry with an alcoholic antiseptic and dry it.
    16. Carefully insert a ring or rod into the hole and secure it.
    17. Treat the puncture once more with MIRAMISTIN.

    How to pierce a septum piercing in the nose at home

    For quick and safe puncture it is better to use a catheter. This is a plastic device that is inserted into the nose, then the master presses the trigger, and the needle quickly passes through the skin. It can be difficult to use such a tool alone, so it is better to ask for help from 1 other person.


    Care should be strictly with MIRAMISTIN and after 10-20 minutes you need to rinse with saline solution. Because dysbacteriosis has not been canceled. And the miramistin has an immune-stimulating effect.

    Soak a cotton swab and treat the piercing on both sides, and if you smell something unpleasant, you need to wipe the jewelry as well. If the unpleasant smell does not disappear, you will have to change the jewelry after the complete healing.

    The crusts that inevitably form around the wound should not be plucked off, because it significantly slows down the healing process.

    How long does the Septum heal?

    The septum heals quickly and almost painlessly, provided that the puncture has been performed correctly. It takes 2-3 months for the wound to completely heal. The pain syndrome will completely disappear in 2-3 weeks.

    During the first 7 days after the procedure, the following symptoms are considered normal:

    • redness and itching;
    • swelling of the tissue around the hole;
    • The secretion of lymphatic fluid, and urethra;

    If these symptoms persist for more than 4 weeks, you should consult a doctor. It is possible that improper care has been taken. Sometimes the hole will not heal even if the care instructions are followed precisely. In this case, you should remove the jewel and let the wound heal completely. After six months, you can try to pierce the septum again.

    How to understand if there is a problem with the wound:

    • A nonstop discharge of lymph fluid indicates that the puncture has not been done correctly.
    • Change in the color of the lymph. The normal color of the discharge is clear. If the lymph takes on a yellow or greenish hue, it is a sign of infection.

    How to pierce a septum piercing in the nose at home

    Redness 6 weeks after the procedure is a sign that the material from which the ring is made has impurities that interfere with regeneration.


    If you do not comply with the doctor's recommendations on the care of the puncture, the basic rules of hygiene, infection of the wound can occur. The consequences can lead to deplorable results, and instead of beauty get a disfigured nose.

    Symptoms of infection:

    • Hyperemia in the area of the piercing within 3 weeks;
    • festering of the wound;
    • soreness;
    • bleeding;
    • thickening and swelling of the tissues around the piercing site.

    At the first signs of infection you should immediately consult a doctor. Self-treatment can be fraught with serious complications. Treatment is performed with antibiotics and antiseptic ointments. To wash the infected wound, use a solution with sea salt, which will have a drying effect and gradually restore the normal condition of the nasal mucosa.

    The result can be the formation of red scars, the destruction of the nasal septum, the formation of hematomas, in severe cases the development of sepsis is possible.

    Therefore, to obtain the desired result, it is important to pierce with an experienced, qualified master in a proven salon. Otherwise, a negative experience with complications will remain on your face for life.

    Wound care and possible consequences

    If you puncture the septum yourself at home, you risk damaging one of the nerve endings. Without experience it is impossible to determine its location inside the nasal septum. Whether a nerve is hit will become clear when the needle penetrates the skin. A person will feel a very strong pain, tears may come to the eyes as a reaction.

    In such a case, experienced masters insist on stopping the procedure. After the wound has healed, you can try to pierce the septum again in 4-6 months. The needle will need to be placed lower or slightly higher than the first time.

    If you do not allow the wound to heal and tolerate the pain, it may begin to rot. The effects of infection are hard to heal and will leave a large scar on the septum that will be uncomfortable in the future. Some people manage to heal the wound along with the jewelry, but changing earrings in this case is very painful. Any sudden movement constantly causes pain.

    How to pierce a septum piercing in the nose at home
    The septum piercing in the nose must be cared for

    To pierce the septum with minimal risk of such an injury, you need to go to professionals in salons. Masters who work at home are not always able to provide the client with everything necessary and to observe full sterility.

    How to properly care for a piercing:

    • Treat the damaged place with an antiseptic without alcohol 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening.
    • Hold the collars of clothing with your hands, so as not to catch the earring. You should try to minimize other mechanical effects on the jewelry, less touching it with your hands, do not twist or pull it out.
    • Sleep on your back or side, do not lie face down on the pillow.
    • Within 4 weeks you should not bathe in open water, or go to a bath, sauna or swimming pool, because germs may get into the open wound.
    • Women should temporarily give up the use of foundation, scrubs and facial masks. Particles of these products can get into the wound and cause inflammation or an allergic reaction. The hole can be lubricated with ointments to speed up the healing process.
    • Men should shave carefully, lifting the earring, or not shave at all, so as not to irritate the healing piercing. Before the procedure, you can remove the hair under the nose with waxing.
    • You can not constantly twist the earring. Masters assure that you should not listen to the old myths about ingrown into the skin jewelry. This can not happen, because modern earrings are smooth and made of safe materials.
    • When the swelling and redness subside, you should change the jewelry for a larger one, because it will move freely in the place of the puncture, the risk of accidentally catch the jewelry with your finger or clothing collar will increase.
    • The first 1.5 months do not heat the puncture area. Do not sunbathe or wash your face with hot water, because high temperatures can cause bleeding.
    • It is important to take better care of your nasal hygiene. To clean the nasal passages of crusts, use lint-free cotton swabs soaked in saline solution.

    Possible Consequences

    Any experienced master before the procedure will explain in detail how to care for and warn about complications. The most common one is getting an infection. To be safe, sterile gloves should be used, and the wound should be treated with miramistin or chlorhexidine composition.

    If keloid scars appear, causing redness, burning and itching, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Septum in today's conditions with modern disinfectants is a relatively safe manipulation that many guys and girls resort to!

    Decorations for the Septum

    There are 2 types of earrings for septum - called circular and banana.

    They are divided into different subspecies.

    • Circular - Is a semi-circular arc with twisting tips on the ends.
    • Clicker - a round earring with a flat bar that serves as a latch.
    • Banana - A curved rod with interchangeable nozzles. The size can be standard (1 cm) or very small (0,5 cm).
    • Boom - A straight metal earring with balls on the ends.

    For the first jewelry, the last 2 options will be suitable. They are less visible and almost do not protrude beyond the outer cartilage. You can't accidentally snag them and damage a fresh piercing.

    Clip earrings cling to the skin and are held without piercing. Such jewelry allows you to see what a person with a nose piercing will look like. If he is happy with everything, then you can proceed to implement the actual piercing.

    How to pierce a septum piercing in the nose at home

    The septum can be pierced at home or in a salon. This type of piercing will suit those who lead an active life, but work under a strict dress code. On weekends, the jewelry can be worn, and on weekdays, it can be taken off. No one will notice the presence of a hole in the nose.


    In the correct execution of a septum puncture the needle goes through the junction of the two cartilagesThe skin is pierced only, thus causing less trauma. If the cartilage itself is pierced, it will put pressure on the decoration, resulting in migration and uneven positioning of the rings or circulars. It will also affect the healing very much, and there is a high chance of inflammation.

    septum piercing

    Does the hole in the nose remain after the piercing

    When you wear the jewelry for a long time, a channel is formed and it can take many years to heal after the earring is removed.

    If the conditions of your life require you to refuse the piercing, but you are its owner for more than a year, you can safely remove the jewelry for the required period of time and then put it back. These actions will not cause tissue trauma and will not lead to unwanted consequences.

    If the piercing is fresh and there is a need to constantly remove the jewelry, it is better to refuse the piercing and let the wound grow back. Because by constantly taking out the jewelry you will traumatize yourself and increase the likelihood of infection.

    How to get rid of the scar after piercing

    Gels and ointments of local action are widely used for the resorption of the scar:

    • Contraktubex
    • Mederma
    • Hydrocortisone ointment 1%

    All of these products are used topically, have no side effects and have a good therapeutic effect.

    I recommend using contraktubex. You steam the rumen, apply the ointment to a compress and apply this to the problem skin. The last step is to seal the compress with a band-aid, preferably overnight. Carrying out such a procedure a couple of times a week will be enough.


    For women

    For men