The best female intimate tattoos: frank and alluring

Why girls get tattoos on her private parts?


The reasons why girls decide to do a tattoo in the "interesting place" are different, but we can highlight several main arguments.

Such tattoos are easy to hide

Not everyone works in places that tolerate visible tattoos on employees. Not everyone is fortunate enough to live in a tolerant society and have a family that does not judge and accept any form of expression.

Those who feel they need to hide their tattoos from friends and family may consider getting a tattoo in the pelvic area. Most styles of pants, lingerie and swimwear can effectively cover this area. This means that only those to whom the girl wants to show it will see the tattoo.

They can cover physical features


Some people have scars and stretch marks in the lower abdomen as a result of abdominal surgery, cesarean section or weight gain. Sometimes such marks have a negative impact on a girl's self-esteem and self-confidence (not without help from society, which considers these features to be flaws).

By hiding these marks with a tattoo, many women find that their confidence increases and with it their sex life improves: they no longer worry about their appearance and can relax.

Such tattoos are sexy

A common meaning of intimate tattoos is a kind of signal, drawing extra attention to a certain body part. A sexy drawing is applied to attract your partner, to excite him, and to excite yourself as well. It's part of the game, the spice that adds fire to your sexual interactions.

Just like tattoos on other places, they express personality.


Don't forget that any tattoo is first and foremost a way of self-expression, allowing you to tell a little bit about yourself, your personality, your interests, your character. Some people put a secret meaning in the tattoo, which is known only to them.

And of course, professionally made tattoos on intimate places are just very beautiful, peculiar and piquant.

The meaning of tattoos on the buttocks

Tattoo on the buttocks is a controversial and complex topic. Not every master undertakes to work in this area. Often the stumbling block is the theme that the client has chosen. Drawing in the intimate area is performed in order to attract attention and create a stable image. It is this task that can be the reason for refusal or acceptance for the master.

Drawings are chosen to decorate the buttock area or to create an association. On a woman's body, dragonflies, cat's paw prints or stars are most often drawn. Such drawings are intended to bring a smile, emphasizing the childlike character traits of the owner's personality.

Decorating the area of the buttocks with flowers is associated with the desire to emphasize femininity. Plants are best suited for this task and do not cause controversy.

You can enhance the feeling of sexuality with the help of small tattoos in the form of bats, butterfly wings or webbed wings. Look zesty suits, cherry trees, rosebuds and hieroglyphs.

Tattoo butt old skool
Tattoo on the buttocks, old skool.

Strengthen the sense of acuteness or cause a sense of danger of the character of the owner can revolvers printed from the hip to the middle of the buttocks. Flowers and fonts contribute to the composition.

The transparent lotus petals, hemp or bird feathers will help decorate your skin and create a romantic image. A dragonfly, butterfly, or swallowtail has a similar effect.

Connoisseurs of the oriental style will cover the buttock area with an ornamental pattern. A mandala, oriental cucumbers or plant motifs will look advantageous here. A composition in ethnic styles will have a similar effect.

A special position is occupied by playful tattoos. They are performed in order to emphasize the humorous qualities in a person. Stuffed on the butt evoking a smile plot dare not everyone. Most often it is a man or woman with a rebel character or a representative of the punk culture.

The meaning of humorous tattoos:

  • radiation sign - attacked himself, himself and pay the price;
  • Heart with a ribbon - frivolous attitude to flirting;
  • smiley - smile no matter what;
  • kiss - take life easy;
  • coconut cocktail with an umbrella - be easy, live a "high" life;
  • lit fuse bomb - don't get into trouble;
  • pineapple - I like to live with a smile;
  • red pepper - I have an explosive nature;
  • devil - I'll make your head spin and leave you.

A map of the world laid out on a girl's full and pumped up buttocks looks original. For such works are usually built their own symbolism. A number of works are performed in order to emphasize the intimate preferences of the owner of the tattoo.

What can be printed on the buttocks?

From the chosen plot of the drawing will depend on what the emotional effect will be in the surrounding people on your work. For example, the hand on the butt will cause an association with an empty and superficial attitude towards yourself. This is especially dangerous for girls, who may be considered infantile natures.

On the contrary, tattoos of cherries or beautiful lips will cause an attractive effect. Female tattoos on a similar theme are designed to attract partners for sex. If you don't want this kind of attention, pick a more neutral subject. Because the male hand tattoo is considered a direct appeal to active courtship and relationships without obligation.

Men's tattoos in the buttock area are particularly taboo. A tattoo made in Japanese, Haida, Dotwork or Maori styles will create positive associations. They will be composed according to the rules of ornamental and totemic tattoo, will emphasize the masculinity of the owner.

On the contrary, a playful image will not always benefit the owner. For example, the tattoo stoker came from the prison set of drawings. The meaning of the drawing is designed to accentuate not the most unsightly qualities of the person. The bearers of this tattoo have a dubious reputation.

An intimate tattoo will enhance the sexuality of the owner. Positively affect the image of the owner of the signs of the zodiac tattoo, a hieroglyph, a butterfly and representatives of the cat. The beauty of the line of the buttock will emphasize the broken branch of a sakura, soaring dragon. Looks gracefully extended wing or oriental pattern.

How to do a tattoo on the intimate areas


There is a myth that touching a tattoo machine on interesting areas is painful as hell. However, daredevils claim that the sensations when applying a tattoo in the intimate areas, though strong, are not superior to the pain of padding a drawing on the back.

It should be understood that it is in these areas that the skin is the most delicate, so the process of tattooing is likely to bring not the most pleasant sensations.

The day before the session, both the girl and the guy, who decided on an intimate tattoo, need to remove hair in the place of drawing and around it with wax (because shaving causes irritation, which is incompatible with the process of padding the image).

Although there is no conclusive evidence that genital tattoos are more susceptible to infection, to reassure yourself and speed up the recovery process, the master will recommend refraining from having sex until the tattoo is fully healed.

When exactly that will happen will depend on the individual characteristics of the body - it may take from 1-2 weeks to 6 months.


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