Tattoos on the leg for girls: the best options 2022

There are many different tattoos, they come in small and large, geometric and detailed, exactly photo, they can depict various animals, people, objects. But sometimes there is no better idea for a tattoo than not to hide the meaning behind the drawing, and just directly convey it in the form of an inscription. Especially often girls choose this approach, leaving the image on their hands, back or other parts of the body. And sometimes the inscription may be not only sensible, but also very beautiful, so this approach usually justifies itself.

A vulgar message to the mistress.

How bridges are being pulled apart in St. Petersburg,

Tonight I'll take care of your legs,

And I promise it's gonna be sexy...

Very passionate and a little dirty!

* * *

Love, so tired today, just a nightmare ... I heard somewhere that a gentle embrace, sensual kisses and great sex is a great way to relieve stress! Haven't you heard of it? Today you will!


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