The best female intimate tattoos: frank and alluring

Why girls get tattoos on their private parts?


The reasons why girls decide to do tattoos in the "interesting place" are different, but we can highlight several main arguments.

Such tattoos are easy to hide

Not everyone works in places that tolerate visible tattoos on employees. Not everyone is fortunate enough to live in a tolerant society and have a family that does not judge and accept any form of expression.

Those who feel they need to hide their tattoos from friends and family may consider getting a tattoo in the pelvic area. Most styles of pants, lingerie and swimwear can effectively cover this area. This means that only those to whom the girl wants to show it will see the tattoo.

They can cover physical features


Some people have scars and stretch marks on their lower abdomen as a result of abdominal surgery, a C-section or weight gain. Sometimes such marks have a negative impact on a girl's self-esteem and self-confidence (not without help from society, which considers these features to be flaws).

By hiding these marks with a tattoo, many women find that their confidence increases and with it their sex life improves: they no longer worry about their appearance and can relax.

Such tattoos are sexy

A common meaning of intimate tattoos is a kind of signal, drawing extra attention to a certain body part. A sexy drawing is applied to attract your partner, to excite him, and to excite yourself as well. It's part of the game, the spice that adds fire to your sexual interactions.

Just like tattoos on other places, they express personality.


Don't forget that any tattoo is first and foremost a way of self-expression, allowing you to tell a little bit about yourself, your personality, your interests, your character. Some people put a secret meaning in the tattoo, which is known only to them.

And of course, professionally performed intimate place tattoos are just very beautiful, distinctive and piquant.

Cara Delvigne and 10 other models with tattoos

Cara Delvigne and 10 other models with tattoos
Cara Delvigne and her first tattoo

Cara Delvigne's new passion for tattoos, to put it bluntly, is quite ambiguous, because not all models rush to decorate their bodies with permanent patterns, so as not to lose lucrative contracts.

Recall that a photo of her first tattoo in the form of a lion's head on the index finger of the right hand mannequin, who rejected Leonardo DiCaprio, showed in his blog in mid-May. The cherished "on this and that" could not fail to affect the British star: less than a week later, the model has acquired a second tattoo jewelry - this time in the form of her own initials, also embossed on the hand.

Time will tell if Cara will continue to adorn herself with ornaments or if her craving for experiments is quenched for a while - however, the girl has a lot of examples to take from: there are many daring stars on the catwalk - from Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen to Chanel Iman and Abbie Lee Kershaw, not afraid of career failures and allowed themselves a tattoo, and not one!

Cara Delvigne and her second tattoo
Cara Delvigne and her second tattoo.

Let's start with Kate Moss - the owner of the most expensive tattoo, whose author is Lucien Freud - one of the most famous and well-paid artists of the XX century. Drawing in the form of two little birds, resembling swallows, on the waist star is worth about one and a half million dollars - at least, that was the amount of the model talked about in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine.

Kate met Freud in 2002 and he suggested she get a tattoo.

He told her that when he was 19, he was in the service and did tattoos for sailors. Then he asked me if I wanted to get a tattoo of myself. Freud suggested I choose one of the animal characters, which is his signature style. The work on the picture lasted nine months and it was sold at auction for 3.9 million pounds sterling. The cost of the tattoo could be around $1.5 million. Kate herself also admits to wearing a masterpiece on her body.

It's a genuine Freud. I wonder how much a collector would pay for it? A few million? I could get a skin graft!

Kate Moss
Kate Moss.

Gisele Bundchen wears a star image on her body dedicated to her grandmother.

She died when I was very young - when I first came to New York, and because of the light from the skyscrapers, I didn't see a single star in the local sky that could remind me of her - looking down at me from the sky. That's why I just drew a shooting star right on my wrist. It went on like that for a month, and then they circled my drawing and turned it into a tattoo. A little crooked, but nothing. It's been ten years, but it still looks pretty decent and reminds me of my grandmother.

Gisele Bundchen
Gisele Bundchen

Chanel Iman is the owner of the hanger tattoo. Explanation is superfluous:

You hang clothes on a hanger and you hang clothes on a model, too. The hanger is a symbol of the modeling profession.

Chanel Iman
Chanel Iman.

There's still plenty of room for tattoos on Abby Lee Kershaw's body, even though it already has a whole collection of them.

I confess that if I didn't work as a model, I would paint my whole body with tattoos. I see the body as a blank canvas that needs to be decorated.

Abby Lee Kershaw

Freya Beha Eriksen has already decorated her body with 16 tattoos:

I have 16 tattoos - they're already part of me, part of my style, although for a budding model, that many tattoos would be a real problem - finding work would be difficult for her.

Freya Beha Eriksen
Freya Beha Eriksen

There's more: Erin Wasson has more than 20 tattoos on her body.

I believe that if you really want to get a tattoo, you have to listen to yourself and give in to that inner call - go and get one. Personally, I believe in the symbols that we adorn our bodies with, I have many tattoos, and each one has its own meaning.

Erin Wasson
Erin Wasson

The calligraphy on Lily Donaldson's thin wrists should read like this:

No matter what happens, my mother and my sister are always with me.

It's a good soothing pill, isn't it?

Lily Donaldson
Lily Donaldson.

Among the many tattoos of Finnish model Suvi Koponen are the word imported under her right breast, the image of a cross on her left ankle, the symbol of her zodiac sign, Aries behind her right ear and even the number "five" on her left side (which is the number of people in Suvi's family and her, as she says, lucky number).

Suvi Koponen
Suvi Koponen.

Katherine McNeil's body inscription reads:

The day I die will surely be the most beautiful day of my life.

The fashion model believes that this tattoo attracts positive energy into her life.

Kathryn McNeil
Catherine McNeil

Isabeli Fontana distinguished herself: she has angel wings on her back and her son's name, Zion, and has a tattoo on the inside of her lower lip.

Isabeli Fontana
Isabeli Fontana

And what tattoo experiments have you dared to do?

How do you get tattoos on your private parts?


There is a myth that touching interesting areas with a tattoo machine is painful as hell. However, daredevils claim that the sensations when applying a tattoo in the intimate areas, though strong, are not superior to the pain of padding a drawing on the back.

It should be understood that it is in these areas that the skin is the most delicate, so the process of tattooing is likely to bring not the most pleasant sensations.

The day before the session, both the girl and the guy, who decided to get an intimate tattoo, need to remove the hair in the place of drawing and around it with wax (because shaving causes irritation, which is incompatible with the process of padding the image).

Although there is no conclusive evidence that genital tattoos are more susceptible to infection, to reassure yourself and speed up the recovery process, the master will recommend refraining from having sex until the tattoo is fully healed.

When exactly this will happen will depend on the individual characteristics of the body - it can take from 1-2 weeks to 6 months.

Risks of intimate tattoos

The skin on the pubis - one of the most delicate on the body - it is known to almost every girl who at least once in her life has done self-waxing.

  1. Painful sensations when applying a tattoo on the pubis will be stronger, and the skin may eventually become irritated, itchy and other similar problems. The same can happen during waxing, and since the procedure of getting rid of hair will most likely have to be done periodically, this can negatively affect the appearance of the tattoo.
  2. Intimate areas are much more prone to infections than any other part of the body. When getting a tattoo on your pubis, you should understand that its care must be much more responsible than for a tattoo, for example, on your arm or chest. First, under no circumstances should you neglect the recommendations of the master, and secondly, even before the tattooist starts to work, make sure that he uses sterile tools, and the procedure meets the standards of sterility.
  3. If when applying a tattoo on the pubis the design also covers the genitals, you must understand that their sensitivity due to scarring may decrease.
  4. The tattoo artist will be touching you in very intimate places in the process. Tattoo on the pubis is not for shy girls.

An intimate tattoo cannot be recommended for your first tattoo. Get a tattoo in other places first to make sure you accept the pain and length of the drawing process.

Intimate tattoos have been around for millennia and can be a very bold, powerful statement about your body and character, but the above describes some real concerns you should take into account when thinking about a genital tattoo. If the risks outweigh the benefits in your mind, wait.

If the desire doesn't go away with time and an intimate tattoo won't be your first, with an open mind, self-confidence and a touch of humor you can turn your personal space into a work of art.

Success to you, be beautiful!

Dmitry Bogdanov

The text is published under the editorship of the author of numerous articles, an expert in the field of relationships, family and marriage.

Photos of girls with tattoos

Girls choose the most unusual tattoos. But most often they are flowers, usually roses, which are often imprinted on the leg of some beauty.

Sometimes girls choose leaves or birds, multicolored or black and white. In some cases they ask to represent animals, usually cats or eyes, for example, a tiger or a panther. Some girls get their wings where they should be.

A girl with tattoos lying on the parquet with a camera in her hands.

Girl with tattoos near a sports car.

Girl with tattoos all over her body.

Megan Fox with a tattoo of an inscription

Tattooed Chinese girl

Mulatto with tattoos in the pool

Anastasia Sheglova with tattoos

Girl with tattoos walking in the woods

Girl with glasses and tattoos on her face and body

Sexy brunette with tattoos on her arm

Tattooed girl with roses on her arms

Girl with a tattoo of a deer on her forearm

Tattooed girl on her knees in the sand

Tattooed arm

Tattooed arm and nose ring on a girl's couch

Tattooed girl on a motorcycle

Tattooed girl on the beach with a surfboard

Tattooed back and arms in the shape of wings

Tattoo on the temple in the shape of a feather of a firebird

Girl with a tattoo of a clock on her back

Blonde girl with piercing and tattoo on her shoulder

Tattoo on the neck of a girl in the form of an anchor

Flower and clock tattoo on her arm

Music note tattoo on girl's back

Alyssa White-eye tattoo and unusual blue hairstyle

Tattoo with circling birds on a girl's back

Tattoo of a Japanese geisha on a girl's thigh

Angelina Jolie with a tattoo of a Chinese dragon on her forearm

Redheaded tattooed girl

Model with tattoos on her arms

Tattoos on women's legs

Girl in a blue knit cap with tattoos of mice, witch and skull

The master imposes a tattoo on his back

Girl from The Hunger Games with a tattoo on the shaved head

Tattoo on the hands of a black-eyed blonde

Tattoo in the form of a bear's paw with a grinning mouth

Tattoo as a rose on the neck

Tattoo of a wolf on a girl's leg

Tattooed girl with leather bracelet and collar

Tattoo on a girl's head

Star tattoo on her face

Girl with a ring in the nose shows tattoos on her body

Rose tattoo on her collarbone

Tattooed chest girl

Tattooed wings on her back

Tattoo on the face in the form of formulas

Or ask to capture some inscription in English in beautiful letters along the arm, neck or leg. Some ladies even decide on images of snakes or a variety of hieroglyphs. But more beautiful look gentle Angels or colorful butterflies.

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