Tattoo Yin-Yang: Meaning, male and female sketches, modern examples on the photo

The Yin-Yang tattoo began to gain popularity at the beginning of modern tattoo culture. This sign symbolizes harmony in life, the combination of all aspects of life and the universe. The idea of opposing two beginnings is known not only in Chinese philosophy, but also in Hinduism, Buddhism and many Eastern religions. Therefore, the Yin-Yang tattoo is stuffed around the world by supporters of philosophical thinking. What is interesting about the Yin-Yang tattoo? What is its main meaning? Where and in what format is better to portray a beautiful personal symbol?

A little about the history and symbolism of the Yin-Yang sign

Yin is black and symbolizes femininity and all negative and dark things: evil, moon, night, cold and darkness. Yang is white and symbolizes light and positive things: warmth, light, activity, goodness, life and sun. The essence of this symbol is the union of opposites, which generates harmony in everything. Yin-Yang came to us from ancient mythology, but many believe that it was borrowed from the Buddhists. It should be noted that Yin is not completely negative. It also symbolizes fertility and harmony of relationships between people. Both parts of the symbol are merged together in a circle of infinity, which means eternal confrontation.

Projections of Yin and Yang

Concepts identical to Yin-Yang as a merging of opposites are present in many teachings and philosophies. For example, in Hinduism there is a character Purusha, which is interpreted as a man, the masculine. Along with him, one of the characters of Sankhya is Prakriti, who embodies the feminine essence. At the same time, both characters symbolize the spiritual and material components of being.

Or let's look into the distant past of the emergence of the Scandinavian runes. One of them, Algiz, symbolizes the movement to the light and at the same time masculinity. If you turn the runes upside down, there is Ir, which has the feminine and seeks darkness, the otherworldly, death.

Kabbalistic teachings speak of or and kli, which is also the interaction of the two beginnings, and is compared in the Kabbalah philosophy with light and vessel, spirit and matter. If we speak about more modern theories, then in the last century Swiss psychiatrist Gustav Jung introduced the terms anima and animus, implying under them all the same female principles (but in male psyche) and correspondingly male - in female one. And even the materialistic dialectic of Hegel speaking of the unity and struggle of opposites, in fact, confirms the theory of the doctrine of Yin and Yang.

The meaning of Yin-Yang in tattoo culture

The meaning of Yin-Yang is that a person wants to show his ability to feel happiness and be joyful, no matter what stripe (black or white) has now overtaken him. In this case, the body painting is a sign of peace of mind, expresses optimism. European culture, and in general the culture of the world reads this sign as well as the Eastern. This tattoo shows a person who is very important to the spiritual life, regardless of what faith he adheres to. As for the criminal orientation of the Yin-Yang tattoo, it is worth voicing the following: "Marks" on the bodies of prisoners spread in the early twentieth century in many CIS countries. At that time, oriental motifs were not popular among prison dwellers, so there is no such symbol among convicted people.


Yin brings tranquility, yang - energy, no wonder that this sign is often depicted on amulets, pendants, tattoos. It energetically fuels a person and protects him from all bad things. Therefore, its use goes back to the depths of time. Both beginnings are present in every person, the symbol tries to balance them and make a person whole and harmonious.

In this article we have considered how the ancient Oriental Yin Yang law can help us in everyday life. Namely, considering the presence of masculinity and femininity in the construction of the house, in its interior decoration, using additional objects, we can create a good atmosphere for work or a comfortable environment for rest. Amulets also help us to live an active, rich and harmonious, calm life. But the most important thing is to strive to achieve a balance between such different and inseparable energies, i.e. to pay attention to different spheres of life, and to develop in ourselves opposite, but useful qualities. Then prosperity, well-being, love, health and good luck in all endeavors awaits us.

Tattoo Yin-Yang: variants of a successful location on the body

Round Yin-Yang tattoo does not always look good on the calf, wrist or back. Masters tattoo recommend depicting the sign of life on the chest, neck, shoulder blade, shoulder or forearm. Variants in watercolor style will look great on the foot and ankle. People who are associated with Eastern culture often focus on the energy centers of the human body. It is believed that the Yin-Yang tattoo on the neck symbolizes the harmony between words and thoughts, honesty and truthfulness. A tattoo depicted on your chest will allow you to loosen up emotionally. Girls like to portray a drawing on the wrist, while men prefer to have tattoos on the scapula or shoulder.

Colored Yin-Yang tattoos: modern examples

Very often you can see a tattoo in black. Less often there is a colored format of the Yin-Yang tattoo, although by the idea of the tattoo implies a stylish design of the figure on the body. In this version, you can depict fire and water, grass and sun, white and black cat, day and night, fish and more. The owners of the Yin-Yang tattoo when applying tried to play with the symbol of life, to make it even more original and concrete. Colored tattoos are more common among girls.

Popular styles for the Yin-Yang tattoo

To date, one of the popular solutions for the Yin-Yang symbol tattoo is minimalism. This best option will express briefly the whole meaning of the sign without unnecessary elements in the tattoo. Also tattoo with this symbol can be depicted in the style of realism, bioorganic and tribal (tattoo looks like a body part), handpoke (tattoo done with a needle and not a tattoo machine), tresh-polka, dotwork and graphics (drawing with lines and dots), etc. The final version of your style depends on the location, size and the very idea behind the tattoo. Rarely can a drawing be depicted in the Oriental technique. Because this style is considered a Japanese trend, not a Chinese one, and does not refer to the Yin-Yang philosophy in any way.

Original details of the Yin-Yang tattoo and their combination

Yin-Yang can be depicted both separately and combined with other decorative elements. For example, the center of the tattoo may depict a dragon, lotus, tiger or other popular Chinese style motifs. Often you can see an animal that holds in its mouth a coin with a Yin-Yang pattern. This symbol can also be paired with colorful carp, birds, flowers, or other elements. The lapidary symbol can easily be combined with other tattoos without losing its meaning and significance.

The essence of the Yin-Yang symbol

Chinese sages distinguish two aspects that are embedded in the Yin-Yang symbol.

  • First: Nothing is permanent, there is constant change in the world.
  • Second: the contrast not only shows the difference, but also helps to better understand the opposing sides in comparison and mutual complementarity of each other.

After all, how can you understand what darkness is if you don't know what light is. Likewise, the opposite is true. And so, to create and adhere to such a balance in all spheres of life is the main goal of all humanity's existence.

Photo examples of the Yin-Yang in modern tattoo culture

Because of the problem of the popularity of the Chinese motif in tattoo culture, many supporters of the Yin-Yang philosophy worry that such a tattoo may become unpopular or, as they say, mainstream. But in order to avoid this problem, it is possible to stylishly and interestingly beat up the picture itself. Excellent and always original would be the idea of the image of Yin-Yang divided into two parts. One of the halves should be applied on the right forearm, and the other part of the symbol on the left, in this way, when you connect both hands, the sign of life will merge into one. It is also possible to replace the two halves of the tattoo with black and white flowers, owls, sun or moon.

The time of predominance of each energy

As in the symbol the circle is divided into equal parts, so in life is divided by the time when one or another beginning dominates. Depending on the time of day, the phases of the moon, and the seasons, yang and yin alternate. Let's take a closer look:

  • The day is bright, so yang energy reigns, reaching its maximum at lunchtime. When night falls, yin is awakened, showing the greatest activity at midnight.
  • Phases of the moon also affect the distribution of energies. The full moon is the time of the masculine, and the new moon is the time of the feminine. Accordingly, during the full moon, people are more energetic and plan things better, but under a new moon, creative endeavors and reflections are good.
  • Spring and summer are sunny seasons, that is why they are patronized by Yang, but winter and autumn - by Yin. But there is one peculiarity: children born in spring and summer carry more Yin energy, and those born in the cold season are carriers of Yang. There is an opinion: during most of the pregnancy, that energy will be predominant in the child.

Peculiar Yin-Yang tattoo designs for men and women

In today's world there are many different tattoo options in different styles and designs. You can find the perfect size tattoo for any part of the body. All that remains is to choose the necessary sketch.

Yin-Yang sign will look great on the bodies of both men and women. If you doubt your choice, make a temporary tattoo initially. If you are a spiritually advanced person or if you want and desire to achieve spiritual balance, then the Yin-Yang tattoo is perfect for this purpose.

How do you balance the energies in your home?

If your home is already built and you can't change the surrounding

environment, there are still ways to achieve a harmonious coexistence of the two beginnings. In the predominance of the Yin energy is necessary to make the front door a smaller size or even move it. It is also suitable to repaint it in red color, or to increase illumination in front of the entrance to the house. There is a logical reason for such actions - through the door, most of the energy enters the dwelling.

In case of an overabundance of yang energy, it is necessary to take opposite measures. Make the door dark blue, weaken the porch light, add shade to the area by planting bushes and trees. A body of water will also reduce the active energy.


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