Fashionable Women's Tattoos: Brilliant New Products 2021

Tattoo for a long time is not perceived only as a distinctive sign of representatives of ancient tribes or people with a criminal past. Technological progress in the field of tools for the application of body art has turned the tattoo into a modern, stylish accessory. And as is the case with any fashion accessory, trends in tattoo art are constantly changing. Still, the most scored part of the body is the arms - the shoulders and wrists. Let's get acquainted with fashion trends-2018 for women's arm tattoos.

What tattoos girls choose in 2021

Tattoos on girls arms

If we talk about the subjects, the palm of primacy for not the first year holds the representatives of flora and fauna. Birds (owls, swallows, crows, hummingbirds), animals (cats, wolves, foxes, snakes), insects (butterflies, beetles, dragonflies), flowers (roses, lilies, lotuses) - these are the subjects most often found printed on the body of the fair sex. As for size, both minimalism and large tattoo sleeves are in fashion.


Among the directions, watercolor, white tattoos and styles that involve the drawing of many details - graphics, linework, dotwork - have gained huge popularity. All these directions are relatively new and quite complicated from a technical point of view.


Technological progress and the theme of robotics has not passed by tattoo-art. As a result in 80s of the last century in Switzerland has arisen a new direction - biomechanics. Its calling card is the imitation of mechanisms and metal constructions implanted in the body.

Biomechanical tattoos cover a large area - shin, back, chest, and sleeve area. Multicolor design enhances the stunning 3D-effect.






Watercolor tattoos

Watercolor tattoos for girls

Airy, ethereal, translucent - that's how you can characterize watercolor tattoos. This incredibly lyrical style was created by American artist Amanda Wachob and instantly became popular among the creative elite.

Watercolor tattoos on the arm

The style is very friendly with natural subjects, whether it be a blooming rose on the shoulder, a sprig of thistle, a soaring bird or a redwood. These drawings are suitable for those who are not looking for extra meaningfulness in the tattoo, but only want to decorate your body with a gentle accent.

Thrash polka

Fans of provocative tattoos, this style is for you! Its vocation is to draw attention to yourself, to shock and even to frighten. The thrash polka style came to us from Germany and to this day is one of the most popular in the world.

Tattoo is performed mainly in black and red scale. Like in watercolour technique, a picture is completed with careless strokes, but this time it's meant to emphasize the chaotic nature of the design. Skulls, zombie faces, mystical creatures are constant attributes of this aggressive style.






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White tattoos

One of the trends of 2021 is the white tattoo. Thin lines of white color were popular many centuries ago in the East. Such drawings were called "kakusi-boro", were performed by scarring and manifested during the excitement in the moments of intimacy.

White tattoos for girls

Nowadays, white tattoos are performed with pigment, which, unlike scarring, does not traumatize the skin, leaving it smooth. This is one of the most technically difficult and unpredictable styles, but if you manage to find a master, you can become the owner of a real masterpiece.

White tattoos for girls

White patterns on the shoulders, wrists and the back of the palm look beautiful. Geometric motifs, mehendi (Indian painting), lace and minimalist symbolism (hearts, anchors, crosses, the infinity symbol) are in fashion.

Black work

"Maximum black" - if this style had to be described in two words, you couldn't find a more accurate description. Black work is a wide "bracelets" or stylized sleeves; in some cases, the tattoo goes on the chest and back. Some extravagant girls cover them all legs, imitating a kind of elbows.

In the black work there is no place for colored patterns, but there are plant motifs and stained-glass patterns that smoothly pass into a solid black background. This is a non-standard option for overlapping old tattoos that are not subject to correction.






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Minimalism on the wrists

The leading tattoo trend in 2021 is considered to be minimalism. This style is the best way to express the sophistication, fragility, intimacy and mystique. The owner of a small, hardly visible tattoo on the wrist can easily hide it from prying eyes behind a bracelet or a watch strap.

Tattoo on the wrist

Minimalist tattoos look great in color and black and white graphics, Dotwork, linework. Such drawings will require a high degree of accuracy in the elaboration of small details, so do not be lazy, looking for a good master with experience. Among the motifs most often stuffed with twigs, flowers and grasses, feathers, inscriptions in italics. In 2018, Latin inscriptions are preferred. Also looks stylish is the imitation of a thin bracelet on the wrist - an accessory that can always be carried around with no risk of loss.

The elegance of fashionable minimalist tattoos

At the moment there are a lot of accessories, elements of decor, with which you can indulge yourself. Tattoos are also enjoyable, especially in the form of a small drawing or miniature. The black tattoo in the style of minimalism looks mind-blowing, extraordinary and graceful. When creating a black tattoo all the laws of the artistic genre are taken into account, the subtlety of lines, graphic ornament. The smaller is the tattoo - the more it will attract attention. High precision requires professionalism from the master, even in such a "small matter". Miniature inscriptions in foreign languages carry semantic load, known only to its possessor, but, as practice shows, it is: the name of the husband, child or Latin winged words encouraging to action.

Mini-tattoos on fingers

Tattoo on girls fingers

One more fashionable trend of the last couple of years, not leaving the scene and in 2021 - miniature tattoos on fingers. More often than not, the masters perform them with black pigment, so that the small figure is not lost on the body at all.

Tattoo on girls fingers

Small inscriptions, dates and names, imitation of thin rings, symbols (hearts, crosses, anchors, arrows, small dots and circles) are suitable for tattoos on fingers. It is interesting to combine such tattoos with gold jewelry or bijouterie in the hippie style.

Women's tattoos: learning to surprise

Many women who made the first tattoo, become literally addicted. Such fashionable ladies are not going to stop at one tattoo, and continue to decorate their own body with stunning ornaments, both colored and monochrome. Many women are surprised by the abundance of tattoos all over the body, although it looks quite spectacular and mesmerizing. Such "badasses" are always able to amaze not only the appearance, character, but also the actions. Admire the beautiful representatives with numerous fashionable tattoos on the photo below.

Fashionable female tattoos of 2021 are inherent in originality, sophistication, delicacy and clarity of details. A bright floral design is sure to be appreciated by your favorite man. "INSTAGRAM", "FACEBOOK", "IN CONTACT" and many other social networks allow to estimate the scale of popularity of tattoos among women. We hope the fashion team at was able to help you find your individual 2018 fashion tattoo option, and to make sure you don't lose it, save the information on your social media page! Let your friends know that you're up to date on fashion trends in the tattoo world!

Shoulder Tattoos

Classic tattoos on the shoulder will never go out of fashion, but this year they give way to the leadership of the wrists and neck. The plot suits any, but the best with the shoulder "buddy" large images with lots of details, or fine graphic patterns, made in black, red or white pigment.

Flowers and animal portraits in fashionable watercolor techniques look very fresh and romantic on the shoulder. Detailed patterns and inscriptions in the form of a bangle bracelet are popular. As inscriptions mostly choose names and dates, short aphorisms, appeals, concise lines from favorite poems and songs.

Tattoos with animals and birds

Animals and birds have long been considered a protective image. Every woman in ancient times knew her totem animal and tried to depict it on her body. Modern girls can also uncover the mystery of their patron with the help of esoteric reference books. Totem animals include predators, reptiles, and birds. If you do not know which animal is your patron, you can depict on your body any animal close to you in spirit:

  • lion
  • dog
  • cat
  • panther
  • owl .

Sketches with cats, owls and foxes are especially popular among girls. The tattoo can be done schematically in the form of lines and volumetrically, that is, a fully painted 3D tattoo.

Stylish tattoo sleeves for girls

Tattoo sleeve for girls

For strong, independent and bright girls who like to be in the center of attention, tattoo sleeves are an essential accessory. Applying will require patience and sacrifice, because it will take at least 5-6 long visits to the salon, and the final result will appear only in a few months. But the picture will be truly unique, inimitable. All sleeve designs are created strictly individually.

Tattoo sleeve for a girl

Following the trends of 2021, sleeves made in graphics (black or colored) are considered stylish. More and more girls are also deciding on blackwork - a solid black pigment covering the skin. Sleeves with oriental symbols are still popular: flowers, tigers, koi carps.

New skool.

One of the funniest styles of tattoos - new school appeared in the mid-80s. Inspired by comics and graffiti, artists began to develop new designs - with cartoon characters, hearts and magical symbols. A certain influence on the new trend had a style of old school: often "heroes" tattoos are the characters of the retro era.

New skool is a gaudy drawing, often performed in acid-bright tones. It is all mixed up in one explosive cocktail: fairytale characters, monsters, slogans and 3D elements.






Original fonts

When choosing a tattoo in the form of an inscription on the body with an original font it is necessary to make sure how organically it will look on the skin, because a font that looks beautiful and original on paper, when applied to the skin may not look the way we would like it to.

Usually the original fonts are done in black, and what to write is limited only by your imagination. When writing fonts is better to trust a specialist - only a master of his craft will help with the choice of font and guarantee the quality and accuracy of its execution.

Tattoo in the form of an inscription with the original font.

Disadvantages of a colored tattoo

  • If you inadvertently make a mistake in color or your chosen color does not match your skin tone, then this tattoo will be very difficult to fix.
  • To make a color tattoo beautiful and high quality, you need to find an experienced and professional master, who uses expensive and high quality dyes.
  • Women who are prone to allergies may have an allergic reaction to colored dyes.
  • Remember that overdoing it with color, can turn your tattoo into an allapy blotch.

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Animal imagery on your leg or arm

This type of tattoo is the most popular, common and relevant among modern girls - a rare woman does not like to look at a beautiful picture with the image of a cute animal. When applying such a picture, many people compare themselves to this animal or want to possess the same qualities as one or another character of our diverse world.

A large image of any animal, made in color, will adorn any woman's body, but not all women will risk to perform a tattoo in a large format. Therefore, the trend 2021-2022 is a small drawing on the arm or leg.

Image of a lion in a large format on the leg.

How to draw a tattoo with a pen on your hand: step by step instructions

Before starting to work, prepare all the tools. The tip of the pen, with which the tattoo will be applied, it is better to treat in advance with alcohol. Disinfection will help to avoid problems if a wound appears on the skin during the action.

Next act in accordance with the following instructions.

  1. Prepare a stencil for the future tattoo. For this purpose, find a sketch in advance, translate it with a pencil on tracing paper or thin paper.
  2. Shading the picture with a gel pen. Quickly fill in the outlines of the image on the paper. The ink should not dry in any case!
  3. Transfer the tattoo to your skin. Firmly press the tracing paper to the desired area of the body and hold for a few seconds. Act quickly and accurately so the outlines do not smudge.
  4. Adjust the pattern. First trace the picture on the contour, and then move on to hatching. Make sure that the sketch on the skin is not blurred or resized.
  5. Process the small elements. The last step is to draw the details of the image. Carefully and accurately mark them with a pen of one or more colors.

Many believe that tattoos made with a black gel pen should be secured with clear hair or nail polish. In fact, this should not be done. From this, the drawings on the body can crack and lose their attractiveness. It is enough just to dry the treated area of the skin well.

Popular Tattoos for Girls 2021 with the signs of the zodiac

The meaning of the stars and the zodiac circle has a very strong influence on the fate of girls, so many members of the fair sex rush to placate good luck and depict on their bodies the signs that symbolize their zodiac. Especially like such tattoos strong-willed rams, versatile gemini, majestic lions, stubborn Taurus. Each sign of the zodiac is different, so the tattoo should be unique and inimitable.

Tattoo for Men 2021

Fashion in the context of a tattoo - does it even exist? Of course it exists! But not at all in the same way as in many other areas. Trends and trends in tattoos are determined by talent and also by progressive technology. For example, very light and fast rotary machines. With their help it is possible more quickly, with less tension to process big areas. That is to make a big tattoo for less time. What kind of work will it be? With pleasure we will tell in the article.

And let's start unexpectedly with minimalism.

Note, minimalism is not necessarily small tattoos. The work can also be medium, and even large. Style here is not determined by size, but by the content, both simple and original at the same time. Simplicity lies in the fact that the drawing is not overloaded with details, color. It is either black and white, or contains a minimal amount of colors that set the accents. The trend is ingenious in its brevity! In it nothing distracts from the content and idea. And such tattoos look amazing.

By the way, there are almost no unsuitable areas for them. You can develop a minimalist sketch for the forearm, shoulder, neck, shin, fingers, face. This style is absolutely universal. And this year - again in the trend of the most interesting ideas.

And now let's move on. The amazing trash polka! It is designed for large-scale and bright works. The concept itself is unique and there is always a place for experiment. Suffice it to recall the recent tattoo festivals: trash polka was presented there in all its glory. And, both in pure form, and in combinations with different styles: ornamental, linework, realism. And, of course, the larger the drawing, the more interesting the idea of the tattoo is revealed. They look great, to the delight of their owners!

The combination of contrasting colors adds to the effect. It is the recognizability that helps the trash polka dot retain its leadership in the top. As well as the other two original styles - Dotwork and ornamental. Both trends are unusual and often overlap with each other. Dots help to create flawless transitions, shades, enhance the effect of depth - such a technique is especially popular now. It is used to create large and complex images, as well as tattoos on the face.

And for the "sweet" is the inimitable new school style. In it lurks a boundless space for creativity, and any fantasy can find embodiment. Therefore, there is a suspicion that the characters of the new school - colorful, unique, unreal and a little crazy - will live forever.

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