The best female intimate tattoos: frank and alluring

You've already heard about bikini zone beauty treatments and intimate piercings. But how much do you know about intimate tattoos?

We have the following questions on the agenda:

  • Why would anyone want to decorate their vagina with a tattoo?
  • Are there any trends in this area?
  • Is it difficult to take care of a tattoo?

Let's get into the subject and admire the creativity of the modern generation.

How do you get a tattoo on your private parts?


There's a myth that touching the tattoo machine on interesting areas is painful as hell. However, daredevils claim that the sensations when applying a tattoo in the intimate areas, though strong, are not superior to the pain of padding the figure on the back.

It should be understood that it is in these areas that the skin is the most delicate, so the process of tattooing is likely to bring not the most pleasant sensations.

The day before the session, both the girl and the guy, who decided to get an intimate tattoo, need to remove the hair in the place of drawing and around it with wax (because shaving causes irritation, which is incompatible with the process of padding the image).

Although there is no conclusive evidence that genital tattoos are more susceptible to infection, to reassure yourself and speed up the recovery process, the master will recommend that you refrain from having sex until the tattoo is fully healed.

When exactly this will happen will depend on the individual characteristics of the body - it may take from 1-2 weeks to 6 months.

Contraindications to the procedure

Decorating the labia with tattoos only at first glance seems safe. This is a serious interference in the body, there are a number of strict and relative contraindications.

The strict ones include:

  1. Diseases associated with the clotting of the skin.
  2. Diabetes mellitus.
  3. Cancer diseases.
  4. HIV, AIDS, hepatitis.
  5. Pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding.
  6. Age.
  7. Alcohol or drug intoxication.

Relative contraindications include colds, runny nose, elevated body temperature, allergic reactions.

What sketches in the trend?

Now came into vogue tattoos with flying inscriptions, feathers or butterflies, leaving behind a scattering of magical glitter. The important detail of these images is that they are done in black paint only.

. Such tattoos look stylish, modest and elegant.

The color performance

One of the advantages of a woman's tattoo is that it can be done in any color scheme. Catchy, saturated colors will make the tattoo bright and memorable. Black tones will work for patterns and small images.

Tattoos for different ages

Girls often choose for themselves butterflies on the shoulder, stars on the wrist or patterns on the ankle. Representatives of various subcultures can apply bright large, consisting of various patterns or groups of images, tattoos on the chest or on the hands (in the form of "sleeves"). Older women

choose for themselves more feminine motifs: cats, roses, snakes.

Recommendations during pregnancy

It is worth bearing in mind that tattoos can affect the course of pregnancy. For example, the pattern on the lower back can complicate the birth process (you will not be able to use anesthesia). During pregnancy, the baby may have Allergy to the dye

. Aesthetically, the appearance of an existing tattoo can change after childbirth if it becomes overweight. If you already have a tattoo, it should be well cared for by constantly moisturizing the skin.

Tattoos in celebrities

Many famous representatives of the beautiful sex decorate their body with a tattoo: Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga, Pink, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Osbourne, Christina Ricci and many others. Each of them put a special meaning in the tattoo, for example, Victoria Beckham made stars on her waist with the birth of each child. Lady Gaga's tattoos are associated with her art. And Pink reflected her love of family in her tattoos.

There are many options for women's tattoos, so the choice of a suitable sketch can only be limited by your imagination.

Vagina vs. vulvai

A little bit about anatomy. The vagina is a muscular canal encompassing the inner end of the cervix and the outer end passing into the genital slit. The anterior wall of the organ is adjacent to the bladder, the posterior wall to the rectum. This arrangement negates the notion of a vaginal tattoo. However, agree that it is much more successful than the "vulva tattoo".

A vaginal tattoo is a tattoo of the entire pelvic area as a whole. Many masters call this work with the area below the panty line. In addition, this term is perfectly embedded in the marketing strategy of tattoo - salons.

The choice of the sketch

Before contacting the master, choose a sketch of the tattoo, its place of application, size and color performance. A good tattoo artist can offer you an individual sketch. You can come up with your own version. If it comes to the tattoo in the form of an inscription, everyone chooses the words that matter most to him. It can be a prayer, the name of a loved one or credo

. When choosing a picture should also be guided by personal preferences, choosing the image that carries the desired meaning.

Top 10 female tattoos

Consider the most popular female tattoos with their meanings below.

  1. Butterflies 47 fresh sketches and photos with butterflies
  2. Tribal tribal tattoos tribal tattoos (patterns) - these are applied to the lower back, mostly
  3. Asterisks
    Tattoo stars
  4. Flowers - roses, daisies, lilies, sunflowers, sakura, orchids.
  5. Fairies - girls with magical powers.
    83 fresh sketches and photos with fairies
  6. The heart is a symbol of love and romance.
  7. Dragonflies.
  8. Dolphins - intelligent and kind mammals.
  9. Celtic tattoos - spirals and different patterns.
  10. Signs of the zodiac - for lovers of astrology.

Tattoos were long considered an exclusively male prerogative, but over time, the art of tattooing has become very popular among women. By decorating her body with a tattoo, a woman not only seeks to transform her appearance. A woman's tattoo encapsulates something intimate, something that a woman wants to share with the world through a drawing on her body.

The attractiveness of the buttocks

At all times, the female buttocks were considered to be one of the most attractive body parts of the representatives of the beautiful half of mankind. Subconsciously people associate the buttocks with the possibility of childbearing.

Although for a long time (and for almost the whole history of mankind) this part of the body was taboo. So now the decoration of the forbidden place is becoming more and more popular. This is a good way to demonstrate independence from public opinion, freedom and sexuality, femininity and youth.

Drawing on the buttocks will help to develop a career associated with dancing, modeling, sports. Many girls working in this field have noted an increase in income and the number of new job offers coming in after getting a tattoo.

Meanings of female tattoos

  • Rose is a beautiful and delicate flower that symbolizes youth, love and purity. In a philosophical sense, the rose is a symbol of wisdom
    and spiritual wealth.
  • Orchid serves as the embodiment of ideal, luxury and incredible beauty. In some countries, the orchid is considered a symbol of fertility, so a tattoo of this flower can be a happy talisman for women wishing to have a child.
  • Tattoo with a sprig of cherry trees perfectly reflects spirituality and inner sophistication of the owner.
  • The lily expresses nobility, grandeur and femininity.
  • Tattoos with various images of cats are also very beloved by women of all ages. A cat is the embodiment of grace and elegance, but at the same time, cats have a willful, fickle character. The owner of the cat tattoo is almost always a graceful, sensitive nature with an independent but gentle disposition.
  • Butterflies and dragonflies symbolize lightness, carefree, effortless fluttering through life.
  • The snake is a sign of wisdom. Snake tattoos associated with inner strength
    Snake tattoos are associated with inner strength, mystery and magic. These tattoos look bright, they are peculiar to extraordinary women who have wisdom and grace.
  • The stars symbolize belief in a miracle, aspiration to the unknown.
  • Another option for women's tattoos is the heart, which denotes loyalty, passion, falling in love. Often the name of the beloved is written on the heart.


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