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People have been decorating their bodies with tattoos since ancient times. Images that were applied to the body by representatives of the ancient captivity, most often had a sacred meaning. Today, apart from the semantic meaning, tattoos can also have an aesthetic component. Thanks to the variety of choices for tattoos, there is an opportunity to find one that is suitable for a person's particular views, his age, and religion. Rather widespread tattoos, which are made in the form of images of werewolf. It is worth saying that such tattoos can have a different appearance and meaning. Note that before you put a tattoo on the body, it is correct to know the meaning of the tattoo werewolf.

Werewolf. Who is it?

A werewolf is commonly referred to as a creature that is able to "turn around", that is, to change its appearance. Most often used the image of a person who turns into a wolf. However, a werewolf can transform into any animal, plant or even an object. It should be noted that in many legends, there is a single condition: one cannot be able to change into several creatures. Only one unchanging image is enshrined, which the werewolf is forced to transform into. But this is not enshrined in all myths.

Not always the transformation occurs at will of the person. The catalyst for transformation may be some event, such as a full moon. It is with this phenomenon that many beliefs about these amazing creatures are connected. Werewolf tattoo, photos of which are usually made very naturalistic, most often depicts exactly wolves or werewolves.

Werewolf on a guy's neck, tattoo
Tattoo of a werewolf on a guy's neck

Prison Meaning

All of the above meanings refer to tattoos that adorn the body of people who have not encountered prison life. Prison tattoos have their own meanings. In prison, wolves, usually in a monochrome style, are tattooed on different parts of the body, but most often on the shoulders.

Wolf and flowers

1Wolf face on the body of the prisoner is an abbreviation in the form of a drawing: V.O.L.K. - "The thief is a breath - a cop cap". The tattoo is usually applied to repeat offenders, thus emphasizing their disregard for law enforcement and disregard for the law.

2The bared animal is the unwillingness of the inmate to follow the instructions of the prison administration.

3The beast howling at the moon literally symbolizes loneliness, but is a sign to other prisoners not to touch the bearer of the tattoo. The bearer himself refuses to communicate and help, living according to the principle "don't touch me - I won't touch you".

Werewolf in Russian folklore

The image of this magical creature comes from ancient times. It can be found in legends and fairy tales. In addition, if you carefully read the famous work "The Tale of Igor's Campaign", you can see that the invader of Novgorod is described as a werewolf and sorcerer. And the epic hero Volga Svyatoslavovich was a universal werewolf, he could transform into many animals, for example, into a lion, a pike or a small bird. It is also mentioned that Koshchey the Immortal, a favorite fairy tale hero of many, was also a werewolf, as he could change into various objects.

Tattoo of a werewolf on a guy's leg
Foot with a werewolf tattoo, landscape

This is interesting. Not everyone thought about the fact that the famous Dracula, described in the novel of the same name by Bram Stoker, can also be counted as a werewolf. He was able to transform into a bat, a black dog, and also changed his appearance from a young man, to an old man. The werewolf tattoo, the meaning of which is ambiguous, can also depict this incarnation of Count Dracula.

Werewolf on a motorcycle in color
Tattoo of a werewolf on a motorcycle in color

Meaning for men

Tattoo with a gray predator shows the freedom-loving, fearless, courageous character of a man, his endurance, loyalty to principles and the woman he loves. A man does not have to have all of the above qualities, but the absolute opposite in character traits is a contraindication to the wolf tattoo. Wolves should not be on the body of people who are weak-willed, weak-willed, lack of purpose, irresponsible.

The wolf and the skull

A man must have the character of a brave warriorand be a shrewd leaderThe wolf is a one-lover, leading his family and team.

The wolf is a one-lover. Consequently, a man must, all his life. be faithful... to his mate.

Werewolves in Japanese Culture

Separately, it is worth noting the mentioning of werewolves in the culture of Asian countries. For example, in Japan, there is the image of Kitsune, a werewolf capable of transforming into a fox. According to legends, the fox is capable of transforming into a human when he reaches a hundred years of age. There are a number of abilities inherent in Kitsune werewolves:

  • Appearance in other people's dreams. In this way, the kitsune remind of themselves or influence the subconscious;
  • The ability to possess other people or animals;
  • the ability to control fire, most often encountered foxes werewolves who exhale fire;
  • Create illusions very similar to reality.

The Kitsune werewolf is almost the only character who transforms from animal to human, not vice versa. This is what distinguishes him from many heroes of myths and legends.

Wolfface werewolf tattoo
Tattoo of a grinning wolf that looks like a werewolf

Tattoo of a wolf on the shoulder for girls

Plot tattoo with a wolf on a girl's shoulder

Plot tattoo with a wolf on the shoulder of a girl

Tattoo black wolf on shoulders for girls

Black wolf tattoo on shoulders for girls

Tattoo wolf on a girl's shoulder

Tattoo of a wolf on a girl's shoulder

Tattoo wolf on a girl's shoulder

Tattoo wolf on a girl's shoulder

Tattoo wolf on a girl's shoulder

Tattoo wolf on a girl's shoulder

Tattoo wolf on shoulders for girls - photo

Tattoo wolf on shoulders for girls - photo

Location of the werewolf tattoo

This type of tattoo is beneficial to perform in a large format. Then it will be possible to highlight all the small details, such as wool, fangs or special symbols and elements. Therefore, usually the werewolf is tattooed on the back, shoulder blades, thigh. You can also find a similar tattoo on the side, under the heart. For a smaller sketch, you can use the forearm.

Tattoo werewolf moon on legs
Werewolf leg tattoo with moon


The cool wolf tattoo took a long time to choose. I didn't realize right away that I wanted not just a wolf, but a werewolf, with bloody fangs and hair that stood up on end. But the sketch was found and approved by the young man. Now I have a real werewolf on my back, made in color and scaring passersby. And I like everything.

Arina, Vyatka.

Werewolf on a guy's back, tattoo
Tattoo of a werewolf on his back in black and white

Meaning of tattoos for girls

Tattoos with a werewolf look spectacular. They can be found on the female body. Tattoo is suitable for a charismatic girl with a leadership character. Such ladies are not afraid of difficulties, they like risk and adrenaline.

Some women apply a drawing of a werewolf out of love for cult movies, being fans of the characters.

The meaning of the werewolf tattoo

This type of tattoo has many meanings, which are directly related to the properties and character of these mythical creatures. Traditional meanings of this type of tattoo include:

  • Wildness and unbridledness of the owner of the tattoo. This meaning is taken by images made in a bloody style. Most often with a werewolf reincarnated or out on the hunt;
  • werewolves have a particular quickness that makes them good hunters. Also, the meaning of this tattoo can be related to this quality. A person who prides himself on his physical abilities can safely do a werewolf tattoo, the sketches of which can be found on the Internet.
  • The werewolf can also be considered a symbol of long life. Thus, a person who does such a tattoo, wants to live an adventurous life and stay in this world for a long time.
  • The next meaning is directly related to the main difference between the werewolf and other creatures - the ability to reincarnate. In this case, the tattoo refers to the ability to change, to adjust to the world around them. There is also the opinion that the werewolf tattoo means that its bearer is not at all what it seems at first glance.

Werewolf tattoo on chest, the grin
Werewolf's grin on his chest, a tattoo

Did you know? There are werewolves called lycontropes. They are people who have turned into animals due to a virus or disease. They have suffered from a werewolf bite, or have been cursed by sorcerers or powerful enemies. Also werewolves are considered people who can reincarnate using magical objects, such as wearing an animal skin or a special belt.They also used ointments and powders for reincarnation, as well as drinking potions.


I got a tattoo with a werewolf a long time ago. It takes up most of my back. It is done in only two colors: black and red. But that doesn't spoil it at all. My werewolf has highlighted fangs and burning red eyes. The tattoo is moderately aggressive, so it's not for many people. But if you have already chosen the sketch and came to my liking, it is definitely worth to have a werewolf tattoo.

Paul, Irkutsk.


The wolf tattoo with a grin is interpreted differently in different countries. For example, in China it is a personification of debauchery.

Wolf grin tattoo. Photo, meaning on the shoulder, forearm, back, arm

Often to the image of a wolf add some attributes, which is considered symbolic and adds or changes the meaning of the tattoo:

HoursSpeaks of haste and desire for action, readiness to defend oneself, and the value of time.
MoonSpeaks of a connection to the mystical world and signifies a person's mental torment.
FlowersA symbol of romance, channeling the meaning of the tattoo into the relationship between a woman and a man.
FeathersSpeaks of the sacred meaning of the drawing, mean harmony of body and soul, peace and wisdom of man.

Tattoos are considered very popular in prison life. The meaning and meaning of the drawings at large and in prison are very different, and this should be taken into account when choosing a sketch. The image of a wolf is quite popular among prisoners, but has a slightly different meaning than outside the zone.

Wolf grin tattoo. Photo, meaning on the shoulder, forearm, back, arm

The sketch of a wolf with a grin can be painted on a recidivist with a long record, showing a contemptuous attitude toward the law and the law enforcement agencies. Thus, he will demonstrate his unwillingness to recognize the authority of the prison administration.

Ideologically and by subject, tattoos are divided into male and female.


Young men and men usually apply the sketch of a predator in the style of realism and as a rule monochrome.

In the case of applying the tattoo to a large part of the body, it is supplemented by the image of other elements:

  • A forest and a field;
  • The reincarnation of one beast into another;
  • The light of the moon.

Wolf grin tattoo. Photo, meaning on the shoulder, forearm, back, arm
Tattoo Wolf grin on the chest
Quite often the wolf grin tattoo is supplemented with the image of the predator's paws, in this case the picture will emphasize the inner strength and energy of the person.


The drawing of a wolf on a woman's body can have a completely different meaning than on the male body. It could symbolize the pursuit of perfection or a great love for children and family. Putting a wolf in white on a woman's body can speak of loneliness and sadness.

Wolf grin tattoo. Photo, meaning on the shoulder, forearm, back, arm

The most popular places for applying the image of a wolf on a girl's body:

  • forearms and legs;
  • chest and shoulder blades;
  • ankles.

The wolf with a grin and paws can be applied to the girl's waist or in the center between the shoulder blades.

Choosing the sketch of the drawing on the body it is necessary to remember and understand that the tattoo is the embodiment of the most important life principles and ideals. A drawing depicting a wolf with a grin is quite eloquent and obliges its owner to certain behavior and manners.

Wolf grin tattoo. Photo, meaning on the shoulder, forearm, back, arm

Tattooing on the human body is quite an ancient hobby, which has not lost its relevance in our days. Images can contain encoded and coded information about a person, his character and way of life.

There are a huge number of sketches of wolf tattoos with grinning, you can choose a suitable one for yourself from the numerous photos on the Internet. By means of tattoos the attitude of the person to the already existing reality and exhibited moral principles of man, this should be borne in mind and with caution choose the sketch.

Author: Olga Zhanskaya

Tattoo Styles

Tattoo artists offer customers sketches in different original styles. Popularly used as a classic style tattoo, and with unusual geometric or watercolor images.

Wolf in the style of realism

1Realism. This style is the most popular, but also the most labor-intensive for the tattooist. The master must depict the animal as naturally as possible. Usually black-gray-white colors are used, but there are also multicolor sketches. The difficulty lies in the drawing of details, the display of shadows. To order a tattoo with realistic images it is necessary to have an experienced, proved itself master.

2Graphics. Similar to the previous style, but the image is created by shading. Printed parallel strokes of different lengths. The picture is obtained saturated. It seems that the body glued photo.

3OldSchool (old school). Despite the name, in the art of tattoo style is young, actively developing. The outline of the image is thicker than the inner lines, which makes the image light, romantic.

4Tribal. Geometric style. Geometric shapes and sharp lines are used. The picture turns out to be original and expressive.

5Watercolor. This style can be called the most beautiful. The image should look as if drawn on the body with watercolor paints. The style is very popular today, thanks to the freshness and brightness of colors, and the elegance of the contours. The image turns out light, accurate, looks advantageously on the skin.

Tattoo size and style

After the preparatory work on the choice of the drawing, you should pay attention to the ratio of the size of the tattoo.

It is necessary to proportionally compare the stylistics, color scheme and place of tattooing in order to achieve harmony in the ratio of the wolf size and the chosen part of the body:

The chosen place for the tattooRecommendations
The back, the side of the body, the chest, the leg or the whole sleeveA certain area of these body parts will allow you to score quite a colorful composition. Here you can depict a wolf as a whole or make a composition in tandem with other animals. You can stuff the predator during an attack or an illustration of a wolf in nature.
Elbow, hip, hand, shoulder area or legSmall parts of the body can have a drawing of a wolf's head. You can do the tattoo in the style of minimalism or make a graphic without excessive details.
Fingers or toes, areas on the neck or wristsOn small parts of the body it is difficult to depict the whole wolf, so a great solution is to draw the head of the animal with an open mouth.

What styles to choose

Recently, when the art of tattooing is gaining momentum, a huge number of different styles have appeared, the choice of which should make the future owner of the tattoo himself.

The image of a wolf with an open mouth is usually stuffed in styles:

RealismWith a certain use of colors, colors, shades and 3D effect get the most realistic picture.
OldschoolA less realistic drawing, most popular with young people or men in Western countries.
DotworkA black and white pattern done in an understated style that features spot-on application and an original result.
MinimalismA drawing made with simple lines, which means a total absence of fine details. Such tattoos are most often applied to small parts of the body.

Also, the methods used are:

  • Celtic;
  • Slavic;
  • Greco-Roman;
  • graphic.

Wolf with open mouth tattoo. Meaning of the image, photo

Often some attribute is added to the image of the wolf, which is a symbol and adds or changes the meaning of the tattoo:

Combination with a tattooDescription
ClockSpeaks of haste and desire for action, readiness to defend oneself and the value of time.
MoonSpeaks of the connection with the mystical world and signifies mental agony.
FlowersA symbol of romance, channeling the meaning of the tattoo into the relationship between a woman and a man.
FeathersSpeaks of the sacred meaning of the drawing, means harmony of body and soul, peace and wisdom of man.

Wolf, depicted with an open mouth, is considered a symbol of loyalty and fidelity to his family, willingness to protect relatives and at any time to rush to help.


For women

For men