Women's tattoo "bracelet" on the arm: the most attractive ideas with meaning

Let's try to understand the meaning of the tattoo bracelet. It turns out that the word "bracelet" is of French origin. Today, such jewelry is made from a variety of materials.

The earliest bracelets appeared in ancient times. Then they were made from mammoth tusks. Decorated themselves with these bracelets are not only women but also men. A little later such bracelets began to be made of bronze.

Popularity enjoyed accessories in Russia. So they served as original decoration and were part of the closet. With bracelets could support elongated sleeves.

Often the origin of bracelets associated with mysticism. So in pagan times it was believed that spirits could heal directly with the help of such jewelry. Bracelets drew special symbols, which were able to attract otherworldly forces.

In the Middle Ages were popular bracelets made of leather. They made special pictures that were able to display the status of the person, as well as origin. Sometimes bracelets were attached to gloves and even boots.

In those ancient times, the shape, material and size of such a thing as a bracelet could tell about the status and financial situation. A poor person could not afford to wear a bracelet made of a certain material, even if he had money. The fact that he did not have the status that would allow to wear such a thing.

In the modern world there are still such tribes for whom jewelry represents spirituality and a certain connection with spirits. For many of us it is a kind of relic of antiquity.

Modern fashionistas are increasingly buying bracelets as jewelry. Although even today, a gold bracelet and jewelry made from a simple material can tell a lot of ...

The meaning of the tattoo bracelet for women

Every woman wants to please not only the men around her, but also herself. Someone chooses beautiful outfits, and someone likes tattoos better. Often, as a stylish body image beautiful woman chooses a bracelet.

Such an original natal image on a woman's body will mean:

  • desire to find peace
  • the power of
  • belief in higher power
  • amulet

Beautiful tattoo with a bracelet on a delicate female body can tell about the fact that his owner dreams to finally escape from the vicious circle and find peace. Also, such a body drawing will symbolize the strong and brave character of a woman.

If one day you see a tattoo with a bracelet on a woman's body, be sure - in front of you there is a believer. Most likely, it is a belief in something otherworldly and magical. Tattoo with a bracelet can serve as a talisman for the fair sex.

Tattoofresh .

Probably many people remember the beginning of the millennium, when young guys with tattoos in the form of bracelets encircling their powerful biceps began to appear in public (particularly on beaches). This fashion trend emerged suddenly, based on the Triple style and ended as swiftly as it began.

Not to say that they have completely disappeared from our lives, they have changed. The style, expressed in the interweaving of black lines has changed to a more artistic and began to be depicted in the form of trees, stripes with patterns in the style of Polynesia, flowers and ornaments. The bracelet is not always closed, it can have close to each other endings, but still create the illusion of a finished work.

The sketch of the bracelet tattoo in most cases is made in black and is a drawing of a band consisting of patterns. It is prepared with a known length in advance, so that after the transfer on the client's body you don't have to draw the missing elements and moreover the pattern should look like a single whole at the junction.

There should be no skewing and improvisation, this applies to bracelets in the sketch of which there are elements of geometry - rhombuses, squares, etc.

If you have chosen as a sketch of a future tattoo a bracelet (as a tribute to the old traditions), try to make it unique. Variety lines or elements, thus you, avoid plagiarism and get a chance to prevent a meeting with a "tattoo brother" - the person who has an exact copy of your favorite bracelet.

In the case of women's tattoo designs of bracelets - it is easier. They can always be complemented with colors, which are now at the peak of popularity.

As for the division by gender, there is a clear visual difference. Men's variants of tattoo bracelets sketches are more primitive, more simple and devoid of artistic fantasy in contrast to those preferred by girls. Their bracelets are subtle graceful lines in composition with floral motifs - today, modern trendy options.

The era of bracelets continues and their improved variations are applied not only on the hands, but also on the feet. Some of the most successful in terms of choice of places for girls are the areas around the ankles, competing with the classic wrist. For men today, the upper half of the forearm.

Fashion comes and goes. Styles turn into new ideas, application techniques are improved by new methods. In any case, it's up to you to decide if the bracelet is that coveted tattoo sketch. Such decisions are not made in 5 minutes - you need to weigh everything, explore possible options and be sure to present yourself with him from the outside to be sure that he is your correct choice.

The meaning of the bracelet tattoo for men

Sometimes the bracelet tattoo is also done by members of the strong sex. On a strong male body, such an image looks no less original and spectacular.

Especially beautiful looks tattoo with a bracelet on a man's hand. For men, such a body image will mean:

  • strength
  • desire to break out of the vicious circle
  • serious intentions
  • faith in magical powers

Tattoo with a bracelet a man can do in order to show their strength and to declare their serious intentions.

Also, such a body drawing sometimes says that its owner wants to finally break free from the vicious circle and find the long-awaited peace. In addition, the presence of a tattoo with a bracelet can also mean that its owner believes in magic and witchcraft.

In guys.

The key tattoo for males mainly includes the meaning of non-subjugation and non-subjugation. Tattoo key often wear imperious men who value stoicism.

Men tattoo key often depict in memory of important events.

If the key on the guy is winged, it denotes a desire for freedom, as well as a dramatic change in life's beliefs. The key of the Apostle Peter in guys has the meaning of spiritual wealth and secret knowledge. The image of an owl with a key on its paws symbolizes wisdom and the pursuit of knowledge.


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For men