New tattoo + water: how compatible they are and other worrying questions

How soon can I take a shower?

The new water tattoo: how compatible they are and other exciting questions

It depends on the type of coating the artist uses on the fresh tattoo and how long he recommends keeping it covered.

If the tattoo is covered with a regular bandage or polyethylene, you'll need to wait until the artist allows you to remove them. This can be anywhere from one to 24 hours, depending on the location and size of the tattoo.

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If your painter uses a medical waterproof bandage, you can shower at any time - the main thing is to keep the bandage on for as long as the master recommends.

The choice of style

The nautical theme is preferred by the fair sex. A large sketch of azure, blue and white color looks spectacular in the style of realism on the back or on the shoulder. Lovers of simple and concise tattoo can opt for a schematic composition in black and white tones. Minimalism, engraving or oriental style will be suitable for this. A small wave tattoo looks beautiful on the hand, wrist, ankle or foot.

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Pictures of tattoos with a wave

Do I need to do things differently when I take a shower?

New water tattoo: how compatible they are and other worrying questions

The short answer is yes. It is okay if the tattoo gets a little wet, but it should not be submerged in water or left under running water for an extended period of time.

Keep shower time to a minimum and don't irritate newly tattooed skin with a washcloth. In addition to the abrasive action exerted, loofahs and sponges can contain bacteria, which increases the chance of infection.

Gently rinse the area, using only mild, unscented soaps. Products with alcohol and some chemicals can irritate and dry out the skin, which can lead to scarring and delay healing.

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If you're in a high-pressure shower, try not to focus the spray directly on the stained area.

Standing under the shower and letting the water run all over you or using your clean hands to wash the tattooed area is okay, as long as you don't stay longer than necessary.

Wave Meaning.

In ancient Greek mythology, waves were depicted as beautiful girls in light attire, who were called nereids. The splashing nereids were believed to live in the palace of Poseidon. The sounds of the surf were called the conversations of fairy-tale girls, who whispered softly to each other in calm waters, and grumbled angrily and loudly in storms.

The Polynesians, the inhabitants of a group of islands located in the Pacific Ocean, had no written language, but a rich array of symbols made it possible to draw an ornament detailing all the events that happened to a person. The islanders made tattoos beginning in adolescence, the first marked the transition to adulthood, and the rest could be read everything that happened to the owner. The image of waves for the inhabitants of Polynesia means continuity through changes in state, the infinity of the life cycle.

The Chinese believed that the waves were the abode of dragons, their rhythmic movements reminiscent of how the bodies of sacred beings wriggle. The foam on the crests represented purity, so waves were contrasted with dirt.

The image of the wave is always positive in relation to a person; in many Finnish and Russian fairy tales a drowning person is often carried to the shore by a powerful but gentle wave, saving his life. In Russian culture the word "wave" was used as a concept denoting independence, complete freedom, as it was in tune with the word "volna" (to get free). For the common people the image had a secret meaning, uniting all the serfs, yearning to be free from the yoke of the capitalists.

And what to do after the shower?

New water tattoo: how compatible they are and other troubling questions

After you've washed, gently blot the area dry with a clean towel and apply a thin layer of an odorless moisturizing ointment. This helps prevent it from drying out and also adds a protective layer to the skin.

Once the tattoo begins to heal, moisturizing will take priority over protecting it, and you can switch from ointment to lotion. When choosing one, stick to products that don't contain alcohol.

Wave Tattoo Themes

Wave tattoos with accompanying images of seagulls, ships, and dolphins are common among men. In addition, the wave pattern itself is performed in different variations:

A huge wave with a rounding (characteristic of the Japanese style). Usually such tattoos are limited to the form of a circle. The images are a symbol of activity, storm and determination.

Such illustrations indicate an intense life, passion. A linear wave is performed in a zigzag manner. It is executed in a zigzag pattern. Usually packed with girls whose life credo is movement and simplicity.

Several waves. This type of drawing can resemble the sea surface and is one of the most realistic. The illustration can also depict waves in section. Similar tattoos do sailors and other people associated in life with the sea.Wave with splashing. It shows the good-naturedness of the bearer, his cheerfulness. People with these patterns value optimism.

The most famous paint color for applying the wave to the human body is blue. But other color palettes are also used to perform the image. Linear sketches are depicted in black red.

With white and black, beautiful volumetric tattoos are obtained. A classic option is the combination of blue with white. This is the way you can apply almost any sketch with photo tattoos.

Particularly colorful pictures are made by using blue, azure, and white.Wave patterns are pinned on the shoulder blades, shoulders, wrists, and other places on the body. Original look have waves on the stomach or thighs. Such tattoos are usually stuffed with girls.

To apply the image of a wave on your body, it is better to apply to a good master, who has considerable experience and will be able to make the desired tattoo from a photo. The work on the application of the wave requires knowledge of the art of tattooing, creativity and proper compliance with the technology.

Can I take a bath?

The new water tattoo: how compatible they are and other worrying questions

No. Your tattoo is an open wound and soaking in water can expose it to bacteria and increase the risk of infection. Soaking can also dry out the skin, which will cause it to crack and make it more susceptible to infection and scarring.

You need to avoid immersing your tattoo in water, and make sure it's not wet for an extended period of time.

This means that you should refrain not only from taking a bath, but also from going to the pool or swimming in an open body of water for at least two weeks (or more - depending on the tattooist's recommendations).

Brief meaning of the tattoo drop

This image can be interpreted in many different ways. In peaceful life, a drop or a tear denotes regret, mourning for the elapsed time, the loss of a relative or someone close in spirit, mourning, sadness, longing for something that can never be returned, the transience of life. In the prison environment, such a symbol is associated with the commission of a violent crime, murder, rape, or molestation of minors.

How will I know if my tattoo is fully healed?

New water tattoo: how compatible they are and other exciting questions

The tattoo artist will tell you how long the healing phase takes and what you should and should not do during this period. The outer layer of skin usually heals within 2-3 weeks.

But don't immediately pull out your bath salts or bathing shorts afterwards: tattoos penetrate to deeper layers, some of which can take up to six months to heal.

How long your tattoo takes to fully heal depends on its size, location, your lifestyle habits and care. The better you follow the instructions the artist gives, the faster the tattoo will heal.


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