Sketches of tattoos on legs. Fashionable Tattoo on the leg - photo ideas

If you have been crumbling on a tattoo on the leg, you are probably looking now for original ideas and sketches 2021-2022 to fully explore what options for men and women are fashionable in the near future.

As News On Time is also interested in beautiful tattoos on the leg, we decided to present you with original solutions and photo examples of what tattoos on the leg to share your original photo finds.

It is clear that fashionable tattoos on the leg for girls, guys, men and women today are all kinds, incredible, unexpected and worthy of attention of all those who want to get tattoos on the leg.

Nevertheless, each person has his or her own taste, worldview and understanding of what a tattoo on the leg should be.

We will try to cover the most relevant tattoo designs on the leg, keeping our readers really interested in the options that are worth trying out.

Placing a tattoo on the leg, girls, guys, men and women should understand that this element will be very noticeable, because in the spring and summer we dress in light, open outfits, when the tattoo on the leg is seen in all its glory.

That's why the size of the tattoo on the leg is not less important than their stylistic design and meaning, especially if you are a public person, or engaged in a line of business, which does not assume such an intriguing appearance.

Masters offer clients both large and medium, and small tattoos on the leg, allowing all wishing to choose among a huge number of examples.

Trends and trends of tattoo on the leg 2021-2022 regulate certain thematic and stylistic canons of tattoo on the leg, which are very diverse and interesting and give us the opportunity to find our best option of the best tattoo in this or that style.

About them in more detail further ...

Features of the tattoo on the legs

Tattoo on your female legs can look very nice or on the contrary, flashy and bright. Here already will depend on your character, your preferences, and also your way of life. Always remember that the theme of the image, its size and, of course, its color are very important.

Recently, more and more appreciated tattoos in black and white. But for women there is a greater choice than for men. Therefore, if you want a colored rose on his shin, then easily carry out your plans.

The place of application

Women who have decided on such a step, must decide on the area of application, size, design and style of the picture. The ideal place for the application of erotic images masters consider the thigh. This kind of design looks very sexy, especially on the beach.

If necessary, the tattoo can be hidden under clothing so that none of the surrounding people and will not guess about his presence.

Tattoo on the bottom or side of the foot looks very unusual and stylish. Its main disadvantage is the rapid loss of pigment due to frequent contact with shoes. Therefore, this design is suitable only if you are ready to update it often.

A good option for any girl is to decorate the ankle with an elegant ornament. This place can be decorated with a thin "bracelet" of monograms and scrolls. Often small butterflies, birds, hearts are stuffed here.

Recently, women have resorted to decorating the feet with various tattoos with a special meaning. The procedure on this area is very unpleasant to feel, it is better to perform it in the warm season, when open shoes will allow the wounds to heal faster.

Approach the choice of tattoo place responsibly - by its location you can tell a lot about the woman. Patterns on the hips prefer sensual ladies, pictures on the ankles - romantic, sophisticated nature.

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On the ankle.

Miniature ornament on a thin ankle looks amazing under an open dress, heels, on the beach. Execute it in the form of a bracelet or an elegant painting.

It is not necessary to decorate this area with a large composition, as there is not much space. It is better to be limited to a pattern that flows smoothly from the base of the foot.

A great option is to stuff a bracelet that attracts attention on a thin bone. The inscriptions with scrolls, enveloping the bone, are also popular.

When depicting inscriptions in other languages, be sure to know their meaning, as an unfortunate choice of phrase will be difficult to correct later.

On the calves.

The tibia is the most painful place to get pigmented because there is little soft tissue. Working the typewriter on the calf will be accompanied by less pain. The most gentle option is a pattern that rises from the ankle to the calf.

For the ankle, choose uncomplicated patterns of miniature size. It is better to stretch the pattern lengthwise, thus visually lengthening the limb.

At the foot.

A great option for the design of the legs is considered an accent on the feet. The rise or lateral surface is chosen to work. In this zone, both small pastels and larger variants fit equally well.

The first time after the procedure, you need to wear open shoes and protect the skin from mechanical damage.

On the Thigh

The outer surface of the thigh gives a great scope for the realization of artistic ideas. Thanks to the volume here, you can place the whole art canvases. This area is considered the embodiment of intimacy and sensuality, so the tattoo on the thighs so attract the eyes of men.

Take on the beautiful ideas:

  1. Squirrel - a cute and energetic animal evokes positive emotions. Speaks of well-being and indefatigability.
  2. Raven - embodies the ideas of wisdom and mysticism.
  3. Medusa-intimidating sign, designed to intimidate one's enemies. It should be worn by strong-willed women who are ready to defend their rights.
  4. The owl - will emphasize the poise, intelligence, intelligence.
  5. Marine themes are also quite relevant in the new season. Among the options are: an anchor, a star, waves, a shell.
  6. The dragon symbolizes power, authority, good luck in business.

The color of the tattoo is important: black speaks of a strong will, blue - has traditionally esoteric meaning, gold and red - describes you as a generous and passionate nature.

Benefits of a tattoo on the leg

  • Depending on the size of your tattoo, you will in any case look spectacular, as everyone will see your legs.
  • The large area allows you to create a variety of designs, from simple patterns to mega-complex tattoos using a variety of dyes.
  • You should wear a long skirt or pants and you immediately hide your tattoo.

Disadvantages of the tattoo on the leg

  • In the hot season you will not be able to hide the tattoo on the legs. Because short shorts and dresses will not hide your legs completely, and closed clothes to wear too hot.
  • In any case, everyone will be able to see your tattoo if you go to the sea.
  • You will be denied access in modeling and in some other professions where tattoos on the body of an employee are not allowed.

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Recommendations for choosing a salon

An important step on the way to your dream will be the choice of a tattoo salon.

In order not to make a mistake and get the desired result, resort to the advice of experienced masters:

  1. To decide will help reviews and recommendations of real people.
  2. Professionals pay great attention to the selection of a picture, providing the possibility of computer modeling and a large portfolio with ready variants.
  3. Tattoo salon must conclude a contract with the client with a list of services provided.
  4. Preliminary visit to the room where the procedure will take place, will help to understand the level of the master. Pay attention to lighting, cleanliness of the room, the state of the tools, the way they are processed and stored.
  5. Find out what dyes and pigments the salon uses. Before starting work, ask about the expiration date of the product.
  6. An important point is the existence of acts of inspection of sanitary services.

Types of tattoos on a woman's leg


Inscriptions, which are performed on the legs in small or large print, are very popular among girls. Such a font can be printed, or it can be more flamboyant and elegant.

Tattoo garter .

A beautiful and very seductive garter tattoo, imitates a stocking sash. It can depict patterns, openwork belts with a bow, as well as lace. Most often the tattoo is performed in black and white, blue and pink.


Patterns on the legs can be different. They can occupy almost half of your leg, surprising you with unique twists and ethnic patterns. There is absolutely no limit to the creation of any pattern here. After all, even ordinary stripes, different in width, can beautifully decorate your foot.


Bright, feminine flowers tattoos will beautifully adorn any woman's legs. But just see that the abundance of color does not turn your original tattoo into an incomprehensible and smeared spot.


Themed tattoos can carry any character. It can be gothic drawings, images of animals, birds, snakes, and other fantasy and mythical creatures.

Mega-tattoos .

On such a tattoo few girls will dare. Here, the master completely scores the leg with the figure, capturing the thigh and ankle. It is not uncommon that such a tattoo is decorated with not one, but two legs at once. This is a very catchy, bright and complex tattoo. It will cost you a very expensive penny, and its implementation will take a lot of time.


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For men