Tattoo for girls Aries. Sketches, photos, value on the arm, neck, leg, collarbone, back, stomach

Tattoo of the Ram

Aries tattoo choose energetic and stubborn people. These people are able to succeed even if it seems that circumstances are not in their favor. The modern zodiacal circle comes from Greece, and each sign has a mythological meaning. The history of Aries tattoos is no exception.

In ancient times, King Athamanthus lived in Boeotia with his wife, the goddess of heaven Nephela, and their two children, a daughter and a son. But the king decided to marry a second time. His second wife was the cunning and treacherous Princess Ino. Bewitched by the beauty of his new bride, the king banished his first wife.

When the goddess of heaven left, a drought struck the city. The people began to suffer without water. Ino then convinced her husband that if he sacrificed his son to the gods, the rains would return. But Nephela could not let her son die. She sent a golden ram in a thundercloud, which carried the children upward on its back. Thus the sign of the Aries tattoo appeared. Aries was later sacrificed to the supreme god Zeus. Since then, Aries dwells on Olympus and even the gods admire his bravery and courage.

What kind of girls is suitable tattoo of the sign of Aries?

Aries tattoo for girls is not always suitable. It chooses a very energetic and persistent personality. Such people always achieve success even when it seems that the situation is hopeless. Women born under this sign of the zodiac are famous for their optimism, independence and courage. Such representatives of the female sex confidently go to their goal, overcoming any obstacles. Aries have the peculiarity to attract attention and embed in the person's memory almost forever.

Aries tattoos for girls are often depicted by masters on the body along with an arrow that flies forward. The arrow is done for beauty, as well as to show others that the person strives forward to conquer new heights. The owners of the tattoo of Aries will always come to the aid of loved ones, are able to give not only advice, but also help financially. Such girls are capable of any, even the most extraordinary actions.

Tattoo of the Ram for girls. Sketches, photos, value on the arm, neck, leg, collarbone, back, abdomen

The meaning of this image on the body, as a rule, reinforces and shows human character, powerful energy, strong natural health and special energy. The bearer of this tattoo strives for their own improvement, both physical and moral.

This sign of the Zodiac implies a human desire for wealth, and also endows its bearer with unearthly powers capable of giving him (her) power, mental equilibrium and tremendous opportunities, thanks to which one can become a truly prominent figure.

Many other zodiac signs noticeably pass before Aries, as he is a sure winner and a strong personality, capable of giving everything his owner and his family need.

What is Aries?

The constellation Aries is under the patronage of the warlike planet Mars. People born under this sign belong to the fiery element, so tattoos often include elements of fire and the color red. Men tend to favor more masculine drawings done in a gothic style, such as the skull of a ram with burning eyes. Women stay with the romantic style and decorate the V sign with flowers, hearts, and aesthetically pleasing patterns.

Often a minimalist concept is chosen for the tattoo, which includes symbols of fire, Aries and other simple lines. There is no limit to the play of imagination, so everyone will have a unique drawing, which he will choose and complement depending on his taste. The symbol of Aries is placed on the handles of implements, which makes the sketch unique. The flame style implies execution in black and is complemented on the sides of the tattoo by various swirls in the form of tongues of fire.

Styles, colors, sizes of the Aries tattoo

Aries tattoo for girls can have a variety of forms. It can be a purely symbolic drawing (style "tribal"), as well as an artistic image. It is not uncommon to designate Aries on a tattoo with a fiery flame or with geometric shapes (trapezoid, pentagrams). Women and girls try to give softness to the tattoos in the form of an Aries. Additional decorations such as flowers, plants or stars can be used for this.

With great brightness stands out and looks tattoo with the constellation of this sign of the Zodiac against the background of the night sky. Cosmic details and galaxies give a special beauty to the work.

Aries tattoo for girls. Sketches, photos, value on the arm, neck, leg, collarbone, back, stomach

Aries tattoo for girls is able to emphasize the strong character and cruelty, it is decorated with a skull in black and white color. To add softness and brevity, the "watercolor" method is used. Today such styles as dotwork, graphics and minimalism are popular. Especially interesting and bright looks colored tattoo of Aries, which is located in the zodiacal circle.

It is not uncommon for girls to depict this sign of the Zodiac along with their children. This means that the Aries in the circle protects and is able to save the children depicted next to it. This type of tattoo can suit not only those born under this sign. A realistic tattoo of Aries will suit anyone who has a tenacious character, a strong desire to achieve their goals, as well as willpower. People with such characteristic traits often make themselves similar tattoos.

Symbols that can be combined with the tattoo of Aries.

In order for the zodiac sign of Aries to be perceived correctly, and not as an ordinary tattoo of a ram or an uncomplicated abstraction, various details and symbols are added to the sketch, namely:

  • wreaths of flowers - Give the tattoo a kind and positive context;
  • patterns - are not semantic, are used to reduce the aggressiveness of the sketch;
  • the inscription Aries - not to confuse ram with Aries;
  • infinity symbol - the cyclicality and endlessness of the inner energy in a man;
  • fire - Since the sign refers to the element of fire, it is not uncommon for Aries to be depicted with such an element.

Will this be your first tattoo?


In what places do girls get a zodiac tattoo?

Aries tattoos for girls can be used in any color scheme that men cannot boast of. For example, on the neck, just below the back of the head, masters often use the "watercolor" style. It is depicted in a color scheme that the girl likes and looks quite nice. It is also available to girls an artistic image of the chosen tattoo.

If the picture is "live", that is, the master depicted it close to reality, it is better to do such a tattoo on the back, abdomen or forearm. In this case, the work will look very beautiful and realistic. The stomach or back is the ideal place for this type of tattoo, because on a large volume of skin the master can depict all, even the smallest details.

The table below shows the most common types of tattoos for girls with Aries and the recommended places where they should be applied.

Type of tattooRecommended place
TribleShoulder, arm up to the elbow, neck
StencilHand, neck, forearm, shin
SymbolicHand, neck, shoulder, legs below the knees
ArtisticBack, chest, abdomen, collarbone, thighs

For a girl, the place for applying a tattoo with Aries is important. This constellation has a special concentration on the head of a person, accordingly, a tattoo on the neck of a girl will help her to have power over people and to lead a certain number of people.

Aries, located on the hand, will be able to provide its owner with an unusual gift: to create her own happiness and give it to other people. Often such a tattoo is worn by creative people, as they understand style and fashion, respectively make themselves this image.

Tattoo Aries for girls. Sketches, photos, meaning on the arm, neck, leg, collarbone, back, stomach

People who are fond of esoterics adhere to the opinion that the tattoo of Aries should be placed either on the left clavicle or on the neck. This is necessary in order to reveal all the powers and potential of this zodiac sign. Masters are known cases in which the desire of the person does not play any role in the choice of location of the tattoo. Quite a lot of studio clients want to cover scars, burns, any injuries with such an image.

Such a tattoo can be quite massive, so it is ideal for covering various kinds of wounds and irregularities on the body. The situation is more complicated for those girls who have had a cesarean section. The master must be quite inventive in order to harmoniously portray the Aries and hide the scars from the surgery performed.

Tattoo Aries for girls. Sketches, photos, meaning on the arm, neck, leg, collarbone, back, stomach
Tattoo of Aries for girls On the abdomen

Tattoo of this type has not only deep meaning, but also has a high energy. In this regard, it is necessary to choose that unique sketch, which is able to emphasize the individuality of a woman and show certain significant traits of her character. If she chooses the wrong design, she will face some pretty bad consequences - she will have to have her tattoo lasered or re-sculpted with a different design. This threatens not only the loss of money and time, but also the health of the client.

Tattoo of the sign of the zodiac Aries (65 photos) - meaning, locations, styles

Aries is in the first place of the zodiacal circle. People born under it are ambitious, purposeful. They are confident in themselves, in their rightness, persistent, sharp and intemperate. Aries tattoo is aimed at leveling excessive aggression behind which common sense is lost, at strengthening positive abilities. Aries tattoo is more suitable for men.

The best Aries tattoo sketches for different areas of the body. Meaning of symbols

Examples and ideas of tattoos with the image of Aries:

  • Artistic inscription. If this sketch is chosen, the master puts a certain phrase corresponding to her Zodiac sign on the girl's body (usually on the hand). This word also successfully conveys the meaning of the tattoo made. The inscription can be decorated with colored or black and white flowers, monograms and other decorations. A starry sky or a picture of a galaxy will give a special elegance to the tattoo.

Tattoo of the Ram for girls. Sketches, photos, meaning on the arm, neck, leg, collarbone, back, stomach

  • The head of a ramAs a rule, a ram's head symbolizes courage and strength of the person. For this reason, the Aries tattoo will suit both men and women. Especially beautiful the head will look in a black version. If a girl does not want to see black on her body, she has the right to choose any color scheme that she prefers.

Tattoo Aries for girls. Sketches, photos, meaning on the arm, neck, leg, collarbone, back, stomach

  • Half of Ovn's heada with a sparkling, red eye is one of the current fashion trends. As a rule, such a tattoo is done by aggressive and fiery people. For girls, this option would look very nice on the front of the thigh.

Aries tattoo for girls. Sketches, photos, value on the arm, neck, leg, collarbone, back, stomach

  • The symbol of Aries with a variety of patterns - Quite a common tattoo. As a rule, girls make it on a large area of skin (chest, back, thigh). Before using sketches of this type, it is strongly recommended to consult with the master in order to create your own, unique design of the pattern in combination with the ram's head.
  • Tattoos of "tribal" types are also quite common. They can represent a girl's character and also make her stand out from the crowd. As a rule, men choose the standard, black color of such a tattoo, and girls pick up their own, exclusive color scheme. Tribal drawings, though simple in structure, but look quite beautiful on both the female and male body.

Tattoo Aries for girls. Sketches, photos, meaning on the arm, neck, leg, collarbone, back, stomach

  • Constellation Aries. Also a great solution for a woman's tattoo. As a rule, the tattoo is small in size, respectively, it can be placed on the body in any place. The most common types of application in girls are wrist or back.

Tattoo Aries for girls. Sketches, photos, meaning on the arm, neck, leg, collarbone, back, stomach

  • Floral option. One of the most popular tattoo options for girls. If you decorate the sign of Aries with flowers or other plants, it will stand out the wearer of the tattoo from the crowd. The main thing is to choose the right range of colors. Such a tattoo design looks very romantic and attractive. It is important the meaning of the chosen flowers. Roses give the tattoo more passion, lotuses - make the girl more mysterious, and peonies give the figure more sophistication.


As mentioned above, an Aries tattoo on a girl's wrist can give her a certain amount of power over people. This type of tattoo is ideal for both middle-level executives and directors of large enterprises. As a rule, the image on the wrist is depicted in the style of "tribal" or runic alphabet. It is possible to apply an artistic drawing around the wrist in a certain color scheme.

Tattoo of the Ram for girls. Sketches, photos, meaning on the arm, neck, leg, collarbone, back, stomach

In this case, girls are not recommended to be limited to the end of the arm, it is better to make a tattoo up to the elbow. This is necessary in order that the picture looked more lively, and on a small surface of the skin the master will not be able to depict the smallest details of the tattoo. Best of all in this place will fit a small sign of Aries, made in a version of minimalism. He is able to play the role of a kind of talisman for both women and men.

Tattoo on the wrist has a huge advantage - it can do as a professional, as well as a novice master, and this depends on the price of the tattoo.

The hand

If a girl wants to put an Aries tattoo on the arm, she will have to attend several sessions with the master in the studio. After all, by "arm" is meant a woman's forearm. Although it is much smaller than a man's, it will be possible to put a good drawing and draw all sorts of details after at least 2-3 sessions.

Tattoo Aries for girls. Sketches, photos, meaning on the arm, neck, leg, collarbone, back, stomach

The Aries hand is perfect for girls who want to show off their beauty and provide themselves with some kind of talisman.


The place closest to the head with an Aries tattoo can significantly affect the conditions of life and improve it for the better, as mentioned above. A small badge of a ram's head can perfectly decorate a woman's neck.

If you pick the right colors, it will look amazing at any time of the year, alerting others not only to the sign of the Zodiac, but also to the character of its wearer.

The collarbone .

This place is ideal for the fact that it is possible to make a large artistic tattoo, as well as a simple symbol of a small size, which will serve as a kind of amulet for the girl. Women doing a large size tattoo on the collarbone are few, as statistics show.

Tattoo Aries for girls. Sketches, photos, meaning on the arm, neck, leg, collarbone, back, stomach

Basically, the fairer sex do miniature signs of the zodiac.


Another ideal place for a tattoo. Due to the large space, all tattoo placement options are possible on the back.

Tattoo Aries for girls. Sketches, photos, meaning on the arm, neck, leg, collarbone, back, stomach

Drawing on this spot allows a girl to choose any sketch option - from a small ram's head to an entire constellation.

The abdomen

Not a bad place to place a zodiac tattoo. As a rule, girls do a tattoo of the ram on the left or right side of the abdomen, very rarely - in the middle.

Tattoo Aries for girls. Sketches, photos, meaning on the arm, neck, leg, collarbone, back, stomach

Owners are advised to match the color of their clothing to the color scheme of the tattoo. Thus, the picture on the abdomen will stand out, allowing others to truly appreciate the character, taste and power of the girl.


On the legs you can place colorful drawings with Aries standing at full height. Masters recommend doing tattoos on both legs not only for symmetry, but also for their own style. Not a bad option is considered to make an Aries whole on the left ankle, and on the right to depict a constellation or a sign of the Zodiac in runic style.

Tattoo of the Ram for girls. Sketches, photos, meaning on the arm, neck, leg, collarbone, back, stomach

A huge plus of applying tattoos in this place is painlessness, because there are no bones and few nerve endings in these places. If a girl is ready to endure a kind of pain in the front of the leg (shin), it is possible to apply any image of Aries on both legs.


As a rule, on a woman's foot is depicted Aries in a stencil or tribal style. It will look especially beautiful if done on the side of the foot, from the heel to the beginning of the toes. Any color scheme will be available at this point.

Tattoo Aries for girls. Sketches, photos, meaning on the arm, neck, leg, collarbone, back, stomach

Masters give recommendations that for girls who have black hair and swarthy skin color, a colored tattoo with bright, harmonious colors will be more suitable.

Tribal Lion tattoos.

Tribal art can be used as the main picture or as an element with an original design. Such a tattoo goes well with a flaming mane, which can be styled as a tribal pattern.

As a rule, only black ink is used to draw the body and head.

Here are a few more examples:

This is the most common tattoo option, where the body is omitted and only the muzzle and mane are depicted.

The Judas Lion.

This may be one of the oldest surviving religious markings. The lion was the symbolism of the ancient Israelite clan of Judah in the Book of Genesis (Old Testament). "Judah" is one of the 12 Israelite clans, the largest in the ancient world, who used the lion as their emblem.

Various variants of the word "Lyon" were used as a substitute for the name Judah. As a result, the image is regarded as sacred (even in modern times). The lion of Judas is depicted on the coat of arms of Jerusalem.

After the death of Christ, many Christians took the Judas lion to make it a symbol of Jesus. There are still many Christian organizations that wear different variations of the word "Lyon" or use the lion.

The Judas lion tattoo is popular among Rastafarians. For them, it is the emperor Haile Selassie I. Rastafarians are a young religious movement that sees Haile as God incarnate. The same lion is known as the "Zion Lion" and is depicted on the Ethiopian flag.

Often green, yellow and red colors are chosen for the tattoo (as in the Ethiopian flag).

Tattoos with a Chinese lion

This is a popular design in the Western world. In Chinese culture, lions accumulate protective powers, so stone beasts are placed in front of temples, palaces and other important buildings.

These are the Fu Lions or Buddhas, which are also often depicted in Chinese art.

Formidable Lion Tattoos

The formidable lion is used as a symbol for many flags: Scotland, Fland (Belgium) and the coat of arms of Jerusalem.

In Celtic lore he was a powerful and dangerous creature, symbolizing youthful wickedness and the transition to wisdom - nobility in strength. Similar drawings have been found throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and beyond. The popularity for Celtic tattoos is growing steadily. It is a favorite of the Scottish people, displaying a connection to their native land.

Celebrities and the Lion tattoo

Robbie Williams: on his left shoulder. It reads, "Born to be soft," underneath, and on the top: "Elvis, leave me alone."

Christina Slate: two lions on right shoulder.

Rod Stewart: Scottish tattoo on her left arm.

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When Not to Get an Aries Tattoo

Girls belonging to certain religions are strongly discouraged from getting an Aries tattoo anywhere on their body. Each faith has its own taboos that must be adhered to. For example, in Orthodoxy, the Aries symbolizes evil forces (demons, demons), so believing Christians should not apply themselves such a picture. In addition, the tattoo itself (any), is considered to defile the body created by the Creator, respectively, to decorate any part of the body with tattoos is prohibited.

The sign of Aries, as well as any other sign of the Zodiac, should not be made closed people who do not appear in cheerful companies, on the beach and so on. Such an image simply will not look harmonious on them. Thin girls will also be at risk, but another - they will be very painful when applying the tattoo. This is due to the fact that the body does not have enough subcutaneous reserves, respectively the master will "punch" the picture close to the skeletal bones of the girl, and this is quite painful.

Tattoo with the image of Aries for girls today is very common both among young people and for mature people. The main thing is to choose the right color scheme and place for the drawing. In this case, the girl will look beautiful and happy.

What does the Aries tattoo mean

Unlike other signs of the zodiac, the Aries tattoo is quite popular. And for all age groups. The desire to have a firm character, protection from negative phenomena, luck and success is not alien to young people and adults.

Picture of Aries in general and in detail can be interpreted as follows:

  • The minimalist image of the tattoo of the sign of Aries in the form of a "V" speaks of an inner core, steadfastness, high creative abilities.
  • Fancy horns are a sign of high energy potential, readiness for accomplishments.
  • The ram's figure means readiness for sacrifice in the name of the idea, determination, harmony of soul, freedom of creativity.
  • Image of the constellation. Such tattoos are most often drawn as amulets. They protect the wearer from evil and show the right direction in life.

Choosing the zodiac tattoo of Aries should be decided on the purpose of the application. Nakolka should correspond to the character of the person, meet the goals of his future.


The first sign in the zodiacal circle is Aries. According to common judgments, this zodiac sign is characterized by the familiar and most famous pet - the ram. Aries are the representatives of the element of fire, which means a lot. They are active individuals, quite impulsive, passionate. Their main trait is... straightforwardness. No Aries will not be silent about his thoughts and tell his opponent all that he thinks about it. It is the presented personal qualities and conveyed through the tattoo.

Options for placement

Before you go to the master, it is important to decide on which part of the body should prick the selected sketch.

  • Men, for example, are the first to consider back. For the tattooist it is a real easel, where you can score tattoos of any complexity. Here you can reproduce the head of a ram, and the constellation with a fiery background, in general, anything that the soul desires.
  • No less popular place is shoulder. This is a great option for a small tattoo of the constellation of the ram, which is often used by the fair sex. Tattoo, embossed on the shoulder, will not be hidden from the eyes of others, especially in the summer.
  • Originally and effectively will look tattoos with a ram on the leg. In this case, you can use a sketch of the full-length animal. Another option is to place the tattoo on the ankle, but not everyone will be able to withstand such a pain.
  • Quite nice ram's head looks on a man's chest. In the case of the fair sex, the zodiac symbolism of the fire sign or a combination of stars is recommended to be inscribed on the chest.
  • Still, women should consider minimalist tattoos done On the wrist or on the calf. Such pictures, firstly, will protect its owner from everything bad, and secondly, will emphasize femininity and sexuality.

In fact, to score a tattoo of "Aries" can be at any part of the body, on the neck, on the arm or on the forearm.

The main thing is that its location liked its owner, because this picture is applied for life. Well, no less important factor is to find a good master. A highly qualified specialist, once looked at the skin of the man, can say, in what place is worth to impose a tattoo, and where, and do not do them at all.


Thresh polka

You probably know that "trash" means "trash" in English. It follows that the style of trash polka is a kind of "trash art". And the admirers of this style are used to find beauty in those animate or inanimate objects, which most people used to consider terrible, disgusting, even disgusting. The dominant colors of this style are as bright and challenging as he himself - red and black. Aries in the trash polka dot style will look good in the form of a ram's skull on a bright background.

Which Aries tattoo is able to emphasize his character

People of the sign of Aries are characterized by intelligence, lively mind, flamboyance, hotness, a tendency to break out quickly, like a forest fire. They do not like long explanations, grasping everything on the fly, impulsive, impatient in details. That is why tattoos by Aries are chosen according to their inner feelings. People of the element of fire often commit rash actions, taking some steps before the necessary information will be collected and analyzed. These individuals are best suited for Aries tattoos in the form of fire.

Their swiftness often leads to undesirable results, but they do not express discontent about it and do not even think to repent. With a hot head, a hot heart and blood, an explosive temperament, people of the element are very sexy. Such qualities as passion, warmth of soul, the liveliness of nature, make them attractive in the eyes of others.

Usually people whose signs belong to the element of Fire are lucky. But if this is not the case, on the contrary, failures will just haunt them. The second half and friends of the sign of the Ram should be chosen from Fire or Air, because it is the latter provides the combustion process. Incompatible Fire and Water: Fire under its influence extinguishes or water quickly evaporates.

Harmonious relations with the Earth are quite possible. And yet, there is a constant threat that fire will burn the earth, and the earth, in turn, can cool the fire. Aries are far from remarkable personalities. They do not know what fatigue is, they are always full of energy and vigor. This sign of the zodiac is suitable tattoo in the form of a maple.

By nature, people born under the sign of the maple are hesitant, a little stiff and reserved. But even with that, maples are able to make serious decisions that can affect something. Aries in no way can be called a homebody, they actively spend their time not a second quietly in place. A popular tattoo on the body of an Aries, printed in red or black.

Choosing a tattoo for the sign of Aries, you should keep in mind that this is not only the constellation that opens the zodiacal circle, but also the first sign among the fire element. Therefore, it is natural that its representatives are some of the most aggressive, ardent and passionate people.

For those born under the sign of Aries, first of all, will suit the tattoos somehow associated with fire, flame and its symbolism. This will accurately emphasize their unique personality. Also, the color inherent to Aries - red - should be taken into account. Adding red or shades of it to the tattoo is a must.

Both men and women of Aries are very selfish, proud and pleased with themselves, so putting their last name or name on the skin, necessarily in red or surrounded by flames, will be a great option for a tattoo. Aryan men, distinguished by their courage and patriotism, would do well with national symbols (flag, coat of arms, etc.) or simply with the ornate word "Loyalty.

A Phoenix tattoo would also be ideal for this sign. The phoenix is a mythological bird that is reborn from its own ashes, symbolizing the purifying fire. Its image on the body means that despite any obstacles Aries will survive, survive and it will always have the strength to get back on its feet, born from the flames in spite of enemies and detractors. Tattoo for the sign of Aries should certainly express the strength and inflexible will, and the image of the phoenix, as well as possible corresponds to these important principles.

Choosing a tattoo for the sign of the Ram from the images of animals, as well as figures symbolizing them, you can recommend the ram - almost textbook prototype Aries. It is not necessary to apply a picture of the whole animal, it will be enough to draw just his curved horns or the icon in the form of a "V". An excellent candidate for the body will be a majestic dragon, also inextricably linked with the theme of fire in the mythology of many peoples (better if the dragon tattoo will issue fire from its mouth).

Suitable for Aries people and tattoos on the theme of strength, leadership and struggle. Representatives of this sign rarely retreat and the phrase: "What does not kill, makes us stronger" (or any other statement that represents the determination to go through all that brings life), made in the invariably red color - as well as possible suits this zodiac sign. Such tattoos are best placed on the back, they will make Aries revel in their greatness over the crowd looking after them, because the words of the Roman emperor Nero, "Let them hate us while they fear us," are also about them. By the way, in one of our articles you can learn about the disadvantages inherent in Aries people.

Who is suitable for whom?

The tattoo "Aries" is suitable for both men and women. However, representatives of the opposite sexes stuffed such drawings with different purposes.

Men thus indicate a high moral and physical strength, show that they are ready to defend their positions and interests to the last. Guys who wear the tattoo of the ram prove to everyone that they can achieve everything through pain and tears.

For the fairer sex, the Aries tattoo plays a slightly different role. Fragile girls thus try to get protection, self-confidence. They believe that the symbolism of the represented zodiac sign, applied to the body, will work as a talisman.

The difference between female and male tattoos with the symbols of the first zodiac sign is visible to the naked eye. Ladies prefer the classic sketches, while the representatives of the stronger sex stuffed on his body formidable rams with powerful curled horns.

Types and designs of tattoos

There is a huge variety of types of sheep tattoos, for each individual variety is made up a mass of sketches. And each individual sketch is made with a special meaning.

Representatives of the stronger sex are more to their liking the image of rams, represented in a formidable way, for example, in the fire. Incidentally, such a tattoo speaks of the belonging of the ram to the fiery element. No less popular among men are images of rams with fiery eyes, with fire or edged weapons, ripped shreds of hair.

According to the masters, men take a long time to decide which tattoo to put on. Sometimes it takes them more than 2-3 days to choose the best sketch. Mostly the choice falls on the head of a ram. Only 2 out of 10 want to get an "Aries" tattoo in the plot sleeve.

Women's tattoos are more reminiscent of cute lambs from the game "Jolly Farm". There are a lot of sketches for girls, and each individual drawing has a semantic specificity. One signifies strength of spirit, another - the desire to move forward. But most importantly, it's all embellished with flowers, hearts and stars. And what is interesting, most of the fair sex prefer not the head of the ram, but the very sign of the designation of Aries.

We propose to get acquainted with the most common types of "Aries" tattoos, which use a variety of additions.

With the inscription.

Thanks to the addition in the form of a specific phrase to others becomes clear the meaning of the made tattoo. This is especially true for zodiacal symbolism. And here there is no difference, performed tattoo on the body of a man or a woman. The only difference is the font. The representatives of the stronger sex stop the choice on the gothic font, and women are more attracted to the patterned inscription.

Small Symbols

The tattoo of this zodiac sign does not necessarily have to be in the form of a ram's head. For those who do not perceive tattoos of large size, it is quite acceptable to stuff only the zodiac symbol. He externally resembles the oblong head of this animal with horns. Yes, such a symbol is actually very small and almost invisible. But those who see it will understand who they are dealing with.

Floral motifs

An ideal tattoo option for the fair sex. Such images are filled with romance, femininity, attractiveness. The symbolism of the ram, decorated with roses, will talk about the passionate nature of its owner. And the picture, complete with peonies, will emphasize the attractiveness of the woman. The lotus will tell about the mystery of the lady's nature.

Head of a ram

Men's version of the tattoo, the main characteristics of which are the strength and courage of the stronger sex. Such a design would look spectacular in black. A colored design would not look as harmonious. But if you look on the other hand, a red fire insert will be appropriate, no more.


For women

For men