Tattoo gun - description, tattoo designs for men and girls, where to place (on the arm, leg, hip, stomach), photo works

One of the ways of self-expression in the modern world is considered the art of body art. Men and women boldly emphasize their individuality and decorate parts of the body with all kinds of drawings on various subjects. And if earlier we repeatedly published materials about tattoo images of animals, birds, plants, zodiacal signs and mystical creatures, we told about tattoo inscriptions or pictures of amulets, today we propose to discuss rather young tendency in the world of tattoos - weapon subjects, namely tattoo with a gun and its variations.

General meaning

The presence of a gun gives a person a certain power and causes fear in others, but, according to psychologists, the desire to decorate your body with similar images is not a reflection of the propensity of his master to violence and cruelty. Tattoo gun in most cases is a demonstration of the ability to achieve their goals by any means or the desire to protect themselves from the aggression of the outside world at a subconscious level. Also such pictures emphasize purposefulness, because the bullets fired from the gun, always hit the target, self-confidence and clear-cut stance in life, which tries to stick to the owner of the tattoo.

Not uncommonly sketches of guns to apply to his body adrenaline lovers, which can mean a predilection for extreme entertainment, bordering on real threats or danger.

Variations of the gun are inscribed on their bodies in memory of the fighting soldiers or people whose profession is directly related to the carrying of weapons. In addition, such body art can emphasize more personal qualities such as loyalty or devotion.

The interpretation of the tattoo with a gun in many ways depends on the sketch and the personality of the owner. The symbolism of this figure in male and female tattoo examples may also differ.

What image for a tattoo with a bullet to choose?

There are many different options for a bullet tattoo. Some people like images of bullet marks on the body better. While also on such a drawing can be flowing scarlet blood.

Such a tattoo will enjoy this extreme and all those who like to shock others with their own appearance.

No less interesting option is a tattoo depicting a flying bullet. This can be a comical animated drawing. In this case, the bullet can have eyes and hands or feet. This tattoo is more suitable for people with a sense of humor.

Most often, tattoos with a bullet are made in the style of old-school. Such images are characterized by colorfulness and animated composition. One of the original variants of such a tattoo is a drawing of a bullet in the mouth.

Make a tattoo in the form of a bullet can be on any part of the body - around the wrist, leg, arm, neck, chest, back. To determine the desired tattoo, look at photos of tattoos with a bullet in advance. In a case if you can't find something suitable, ask the master to make a unique tattoo taking into account your wishes.

Tattoo for men

The gun tattoo on the male body can characterize its owner as a person with a rebellious character, accustomed to live by their own rules. Such people are characterized by bravery and courageous actions, they are prone to adventure, adventure and can not sit still for a long time in one place. With such a drawing on the body, men warn others and are fully ready to repel any attack. Sketch of a body drawing with a gun means courage, risk-taking, masculinity and rebelliousness. The stronger sex prefers to openly demonstrate such sketches, so the back, abdomen or shoulders are the most popular places for their application.

Prison symbols

Initially, it may seem that the gun in prison is a symbol of a dangerous guy who can let your guts out if he wants to. The brain begins to paint colorful pictures, but don't rush into it.The meaning of the gun tattoo is remorse for what you've done. People in prison, especially those who are older, paint pictures of their own shame and vice: the same guns, cards, women, and even alcohol, drugs. This is what is the dark and bad side of their lives, so ZEK-i acknowledge their own problem, as a sign of starting to fight it.

One should not be afraid of such pictures on one's own body. If anything, you can simply be mistaken for a repentant thief and murderer, and this is unlikely to create difficulties in communication. The meaning of the picture does not change from changing the model of the gun or its brand. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for creativity and the creation of a unique image.

Tattoos for women

The beautiful half of our planet nabits on their graceful body ornaments of a similar nature in order to emphasize their boldness, independence and the ability to stand up for themselves. The owners of the tattoo gun often differ strong character, they are very determined and self-confident. The owners of the sketches with the image of a gun prone to dangerous games, a bit frivolous and seek independence. The meaning of the gun tattoo on a woman's body can mean freedom, independence, love of risk, emphasize hooligan tendencies and the ability to defend oneself. Drawings in this style can be different sizes and located on the more visible curves of the body.

Choice of Techniques

Among the popular techniques, which are preferred by fans of body art can confidently include options for the application of tattoos in the style of realism. The original drawing of the smallest details allows betraying the whole essence of the image, and the clear contours of the picture look as natural as possible. As a rule, for the men's tattoo gun in the technique of realism is used in black and white. Ladies allow themselves to diversify the sketch with bright colors and complement it with a variety of details. No less effective look compositions made in the style of newsculpture or watercolor. Multicolored images look softer and are able to smooth out the severity and austerity of the subject.

Types of designs

There are a lot of tattoos with the image of a gun, and each of them can be supplemented at will with original details. Ladies who have decided on such an experiment with their appearance, often stop the choice on the image of a weapon with a stocking. In such an example of a sketch, the main part of the picture - a pistol, is interestingly decorated with a garter or its elements. Such a picture looks spectacular, bold and sexy. Original look drawings with two guns located side by side or a pair with crossed trunks. Sketches with flowers and inscriptions, cards and money bills as details, as well as sketches showing a gun while firing and many other equally impressive examples are impressive.

About people's characters and looks

Even to the female image the drawn gun gives an aura of boldness, passing already into boldness, complete liberation and perfect self-confidence. No wonder, since weapons are serious. Along with this, we can say the following:

  • girls and guys even with the most beautiful gun sketches as if they challenge everyone around them, and not just demonstrate their perfect aesthetic taste;
  • often such a drawing serves as a kind of protest;
  • it is worn by people who are independent and do not bow to any authority;
  • only a brave and reckless enough person can get such a tattoo, at the same time being able to resist the almost inevitable emotional pressure;
  • at the same time, wearing a virtual drawn gun in many cases is peculiar to intellectually gifted and very talented persons.

Where to Draw

The choice of a place for tattooing should always be paid much attention, because the picture should look not only beautiful, but also harmonious. Also from this as a result will depend on the shape and size of the tattoo. One of the popular places for body art are the hands, where medium-sized designs can be placed. On the wrist and finger is relevant to place small drawings. Tattoo gun on the leg in men beautifully emphasize the muscle relief, in women - slimness.

Large-scale drawings can be placed on the thigh, which especially attracts ladies the opportunity to decorate the feminine curve with a variation of the tattoo pistol with a stocking. The back and shoulder blades also allow the imagination to run wild and depict something ethereal. The gun on the abdomen is usually placed with the barrel down, and later, the handle of the weapon looks out of the pants originally. A similar variant can be made in the loin area, which will be especially to the liking of men. Both ideas are very expressive. A tattoo on the finger in general looks original and unusual!

Any tattoo must fit your image and not to harm its symbolism. Wear patterns with a gun are very diverse, which also means there are many options for interpretation. Experiment and complement the weapon of your choice with the details at your discretion, which will maximize the individuality of the sketch and help to reveal the meaning invested in it.

Important nuance

A gun, especially a large one and in a conspicuous place, is by no means a tattoo that is easy to ignore. Carefully weigh the pros and cons and make sure that it will look harmonious on you, not only immediately, but also later. Women are better suited weapon against a background of flowers or a bunch of grapes. Hit it mostly on the arm, on the back, on the stomach and chest, on the forearm. Whether to apply a modern or vintage gun is up to you.

Famous tattoo wearers include Basta, Aiza Dolmatova and Rihanna.


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