Yin-Yang tattoo. What does it mean, sketches on the arm, neck, back, leg for couples, men, girls. Photo

History and symbolism of the Yin-Yang sign

The first known mention of the symbol Tai Chi (circle of existence) around the IV century BC in the ancient Chinese treatise "The Book of Changes" (I Ching). Ancient Chinese philosophers and supporters of Taoism reveal Yang and Yin as opposing sides that oppose each other and are simultaneously interrelated. In the end, they unite into a single whole - the powerful energy "Qi". Literally (translated from Chinese) Yin-Yang sounds like Darkness and Light.

The symbol was originally seen as two sides of the mountain - the lit side and the shadow side. Regardless of illumination, they are interconnected and remain one whole - the mountain. As Chinese philosophy developed, other interpretations emerged: sunrise and sunset, fire and water, icy winter and hot summer, firmament and earth, female and male beginnings.

Yin-Yang tattoo. What does it mean, sketches on the arm, neck, back, leg for two, men, girls. Photo

Yin-Yang denotes the beginnings of male "Yang" and female "Yin." The entire universe is originally composed of two energies that interact and are unable to be without each other. The symbol looks in the form of a circle, which is split into two symmetrical halves by a wavy line. One is dark, the other is light.

The image of two opposites in a circle means that their opposition is infinite. Inside are placed 2 dots that are opposite in color. Their location symbolizes that there is a part of the opposite in each of the two forces.

Yin-Yang Tattoo. What does it mean, sketches on the arm, neck, back, leg for two, men, girls. Photo
The Yin-Yang tattoo

According to the French thinker René Guénon, the Yin-Yang is like a global cycle that signifies the union of opposing sides. They create an eternal circular motion.

At the origin of balance.

The classical (primordial) yin yang is the embodiment of simplicity. Two curved drops joined by a looped line. The black drop in the broad part has a small circle of the opposite color. The white drop is similarly decorated.

  • The original meaning of yin yang was also characterized by simplicity. Ancient Chinese denoted by this symbol the concepts related to physical matter: hard - soft, dark - light.
  • The widespread and familiar interpretation of the symbol appeared hundreds of years later, when philosophers and followers of neo-Confucianism began to think about the ancient truths. So appeared the theory of the eternal struggle of opposites, and the symbol itself became associated with the spiritual world.

Meaning of the Yin-Yang tattoo

Yin-Yang means as a tattoo the same thing as the symbol itself. Although the meaning is the same, each person interprets their body art differently.

Basic interpretations of the Yin-Yang tattoo:

  • The confrontation of absolute opposites.
  • The idea of world-knowledge in unity. Uniting opposites can achieve more.
  • Helps to resolve difficult situations, and achieve harmony in life.
  • Strengthens faith in your own strength.
  • Helps to find inner and outer balance.
  • Yin-Yang denotes a person's ability to live happily, regardless of whether there has been a black or white streak.

Yin-Yang tattoo. What does it mean, sketches on the arm, neck, back, leg for two men and girls. Photo

Most often, such a tattoo do people who are fond of the philosophy of Eastern culture. Or complexed people, in order to open up, to find themselves and their purpose in life.

In modern tattoo culture

At the birth of the tattoo industry, the Yin-Yang symbolism became popular. Now the symbol is depicted not only in the classic style. For originality, pictorial decorations, motifs of religions, philosophies and even fantasy are additionally used.

In unconventional execution, the image is symmetrically divided into Yin and Yang, which are depicted on different forearms, shoulder blades, feet. It is possible to replace the black and white version with animals, the sun and the moon, vegetation.

Yin-Yang tattoo. What does it mean, sketches on the arm, neck, back, leg for two men and girls. Photo

Yin-Yang denotes the union of opposites, even despite the specificity of the sketch. Therefore, by combining several different symbols, you can make the tattoo original and relevant.

For men, girls.

Yin-Yang means the same thing regardless of whether the tattoo is for a man or a woman. The symbol is universal, a variety of designs suitable for all ages and skin of different colors. For people of different religions, taking into account the meaning of the symbol, is also suitable as a tattoo.

For women more suitable colored options, polychrome or based on one color and its shades. Decorated with flora as well as openwork images. Tattoos look harmoniously on the arms, legs, neck, back of the head.

Yin-Yang tattoo. What does it mean, sketches on the arm, neck, back, leg for two men and girls. Photo

For men the style of minimalism or complemented by images of animals is suitable. This sketch evokes associations with a strong spirit and temperament. Stamped large-scale images on the shoulders, back, chest.

In places of imprisonment

Eastern philosophy is not present among prisoners, such motifs do not apply. The Yin-Yang symbol among the tattoo, there are no convicts. This tattoo does not mean anything in the institutions where prisoners are serving their sentences and is viewed by prisoners in different ways.

A talisman with a Chinese symbol

The Yin-Yang symbol can be used as a universal talisman due to its variety of meanings. If used correctly, pre-activated and recharged, the amulet will provide its owner with:

  • mental balance, harmony in life (enhancement of underdeveloped character traits);
  • attraction of love;
  • career growth;
  • Protection from the dark forces, spoilage, evil eye.

Harmonization of a person through the energy of the talisman is the interaction of opposites to achieve a goal (on each side of the sign there are points of contrasting colors). The symbols are applied on a metal (less often wooden) base. The material from which the talisman is made does not carry sacred significance.

In order for the symbol to start working, it is not enough to wear a piece of jewelry with its image. The sign of energy balance, like all individual amulets, needs cleaning, activation and periodic recharging.

Cleansing and attunement

After purchase of jewelry, it is necessary to clear an object from energy of other people who held it in hands. There are many ways of energetic purification of future talismans - water, fire, earth (salt), air (fuming with incense). The ritual is chosen taking into account the material from which the jewelry is made, and the zodiac sign of the owner.

  1. Scorpions, Pisces and Crab should use water cleansing.
  2. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, it is preferable to fume the future amulet with incense (smoke of lit herb wormwood, juniper).
  3. Sagittarians, Leo, and Aries should use the purifying energy of fire.
  4. Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus are under the patronage of the Earth.

Couple amulet Yin-Yang for two

If the amulet is made by your own hands (the Yin-Yang sign is applied to the base without any help), the ritual of purification of the object can be skipped. For individualization of the amulet, it is taken in hands, warmed with the warmth of the palms, simultaneously imagining the goal that is panned to achieve. Stay in such a position for 10-15 minutes. When the feeling comes that the talisman began to radiate heat, it means - it was charged with the energy of the owner, recognized him as a master.

Activation .

To activate the magical properties of the amulet, you must choose a suitable day of the week for the ritual. For men - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. For women, you can activate the amulet on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. All actions are carried out after sunset in the period of the waxing moon.

  1. On the table set a wax candle, light it.
  2. Amulet is spent three times over the flame, reading the incantation:

Talisman for love

After reading the words of the incantation, wrap the talisman in a flap of natural fiber (choose a neutral color, but not dark) and put it under the pillow until morning. The talisman is placed on the body or in a purse so that it will always be with the owner. To maintain the energy charge of the amulet, you periodically communicate with it, share your worries and dreams.

How to choose the sketch of a tattoo in relation to a place on a body?

If you go deep into the consideration of the energy centers when tattooing, you can activate certain chakras. Yin-Yang on the neck helps to harmonize thoughts, emotions and words. On the chest, it reveals a person's emotions.

The proof of eternal love, mutual understanding, harmony will be a divided symbol between the partners. However, the option is unstable, as harmony is achieved when combined into a single symbol.

Yin-Yang tattoo. What does it mean, sketches on the arm, neck, back, leg for couples, men, girls. Photo

In order for the tattoo on the human body to look organic, it is placed depending on the size and intended shape. If the tattoo is small in size, it is placed on the wrist, shoulder or chest. It's more often chosen by girls. Men portray a larger symbol, stabbing it on the shoulder blades or forearms.

Large-scale sketches look interesting on the back, chest, as a sleeve. Watercolor style drawings are made on the ankle, and graphic on the forearm, shoulder blade. Separated both elements are printed on the arms, legs, shoulder blades.

Tattoo styles

The sketch of the Yin-Yang tattoo has no limitations, and depends only on the imagination, the desire of the customer and the skill of the master.

The image of the symbol is divided into the following styles:

Classic, minimalismThe image of the symbol is laconic, without any embellishments. Yin-Yang is often executed in this style. Proportional, black and white tattoo, punctuated in any size and placed on different parts of the body.
RealismThe image in this style most accurately conveys reality. Yin-Yang is most often depicted in the clash of animals, the confrontation of night and day. This additionally depicts the meaning of the sign. It is printed on the forearm as a sleeve, on the back, on the hip.
Bio-organic and tribalThe main principle of the style: the human body has guts, which tend to the outside. Combining incompatible objects, such as internal organs, bones, muscles, teeth with the Yin-Yang symbol. Depiction of the sign in the process of burning, freezing, which seems to burst from the inside, located on the calf or on the forearm.
Treaty and graphicThe drawing is applied in lines and dots. The symbol tattoo is performed only in saturated black color, and has a clear outline. Shadows are applied in the form of shading.
Thrash Polka .Displayed in a combination of different styles: minimalism, realism, lettering and others. The images have a sumptuous and filigree feel to them. The Yin-Yang in this unusual style is portrayed carelessly and unfinished, as if suddenly manifested on the skin. A combination of the symbol of unity of opposing beginnings with skulls, roses, and black crows.
OrientalMajestic warriors and geisha, the beauty of oriental flora and fauna. This style is rarely used, as it is a Japanese, and has no points of contact with the symbolism of the Yin-Yang. However, you can interpret the symbol with lotus flowers, or the sakura tree.
Watercolor and smear.In this style, large bright sketches are performed (e.g., Yin-Yang with animals, opposing landscapes), or small images for girls (flora is used as a sketch). The tattoo looks like a work of art.
MandalaThe Yin-Yang, surrounded by a mandala, is not only characterized by beauty, but is also an amulet. The complex geometric symbol originates from Buddhist, Hindu, esoteric practices.

The Yin-Yang tattoo is attractive in different styles.

Only the image of the drawing and the intended size affects the choice.

Feng shui talismans for love

In feng shui there are effective tips that successfully help in practice. Amulets for a favorable marriage will help: positive energy will forever settle in the house if you use red candles.

Feng Shui experts recommend not forgetting the following symbols:

Gemstones that attract love

The southwestern corner of the apartment is responsible for relationships. It's not hard to conclude that this is the place for magic stones. Crystal, emerald, turquoise, red jasper, and rose quartz have a special effect on couples in love.

An important point - the amulet should not have sharp corners. The round or oval shape is ideal.

To correct the situation and return the loved one, three wonderful stones will help: jade, topaz and moonstone.

Jade brings back sexual attraction, renews ardent passion.

Topaz eradicates wrong desires (adultery).

Moonstone serves as a savior for couples who have begun to forget about romance.


Paired figurines of birds (especially swans or ducks) activate the love attraction and awaken desire. These are useful amulets for a happy marriage, preventing problems from destroying affection and sympathy.


Vases of red or yellow colors collect positive energy and do not let it out of the room.

According to feng shui tradition, such vases should be installed in the Family Zone, namely in the eastern part of the apartment or a separate room.

Moon Fairy

Amulets for further marriage help get rid of loneliness. A couple in love is recommended to use the power of the moon fairy if they cannot conceive a child.

This feng shui moon fairy amulet has a name, Okame. Her statuette should be placed in the Marriage and Love Zone, in the southwestern part of the living room.


The flower has a dual meaning. If there are children in the family, the influence will be negative - conflicts will begin, cheating is likely. Positive results from peonies should be expected only for those couples who are not yet planning to become parents.

Color solution

A significant amount is performed in black and white colors. Less often a stylized multicolored image of the symbol is used.

Yin-Yang tattoo. What does it mean, sketches on the arm, neck, back, leg for couples, men, girls. Photo

Effectively in color looks a combination of fire and water, day and night, and others. With the help of color you can depict and concretize the idea in an original way.

The original details of the drawing, the combination

The symbol is printed on its own and in combination with other designs. The popularity of tattoos is not only in the classic version, but also with various decorations. Most often animalistic additions are used (black and white wolf, cats, dolphins and others). And well-known Chinese motifs (powerful dragons, fierce tigers, delicate lotus flowers and others).

Widespread drawing of an animal with teeth holding a coin with the symbol of Yin-Yang. The original sketch is an intertwining of 2 trees that grow at different times of day.

Yin-Yang tattoo. What does it mean, sketches on the arm, neck, back, leg for two men and girls. Photo

The Yin-Yang does not change its designation when combined with other drawings, so it can be stuffed into a scale image. The combination of life and death (angel and skull) as well as the magnificent combination of fire and water in a cycle looks impressive. Such sketches are executed in the same color scheme.

Icons of patrons of love

The church has more than once been the only salvation for those disappointed in relationships. Icons of saints who protect marital unions and inspire hope can be placed in the home and prayed for help. These include:

Saints Peter and Fevronia. The lives of the saints are a story of true devotion and fidelity. They overcame multiple obstacles and never left each other. Their lifeways ended in different places, but the souls of the saints departed into the other world on the same day.

Matrona of Moscow. Many people are grateful to Matrona for happiness in the family, for well-being, for the health of their children.

Xenia of St. Petersburg. Single girls turn to her with a request to meet a worthy companion.

"The unfading flower" (image of the Mother of God). The Mother of God helps those recently married to find mutual understanding.

Nicholas the Wonderworker. The saint protects family peace and guides on the right path. The one praying gets rid of despair and comes to the right decision.

If you have faith, hope and, of course, love in your heart, an appeal to the Saints will definitely help in a successful marriage.

A good addition to amulets and talismans for marriage is a special prayer.

Sketches of beautiful Yin-Yang tattoos for men and women.

In the classic interpretation, the symbol is depicted in black and white. It has a round shape and is divided into two (black and white) symmetrical parts. Each part, having the shape of a drop, contains a small part of the opposite color. Both parts connect to each other like puzzle pieces, thus forming a single Yin-Yang In a classic interpretation, the tattoo will look harmoniously on all parts of the body, girl or man.

Realistic drawings with fish

In Eastern culture, Koi Carps are associated with strong masculine energy and power. The fish swimming together can be depicted in black and white, or in color. One side of blue is the cold side, the other side is red, hot. Shows the opposite sides of life. This tattoo is printed on the wrist, hip, or shoulder.

Yin-Yang Tattoo. What does it mean, sketches on the arm, neck, back, leg for two, men, girls. Photo

Drawings in the form of two carps will suit everyone who is born under the constellation of fish.

Interpretation with animals

Each animal corresponds to either male Yang or female Yin. Thus, it is possible to display in the tattoo the year in which the person was born. Years that correspond to Yin: Bull, Rabbit, Snake, Goat, Rooster, Pig.

Yin-Yang tattoo. What does it mean, sketches on the arm, neck, back, leg for two men and girls. Photo

Years that correspond to Yang: Rat. Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Dog.

The combination of the black and white wolf - denotes the coherence of wisdom and strength. Yin-Yang cats symbolize tenderness, elegance, femininity. This sketch is more suitable for women.

Interpretation with birds.

The symbol in the center between two owls is associated with unity between close people. It is applied in color and black and white, on the hand.

An image of two doves as a symbol of happiness and harmony with the world. Usually in black and white. Or a graphite version of Yin and Yang with wings on either side - a fusion of angelic and demonic.

Yin-Yang tattoo. What does it mean, sketches on the arm, neck, back, leg for two men and girls. Photo

This variant can be applied on the neck, or on the back.

Options with mythical creatures

A tattoo with an enveloping Yin-Yang dragon denotes intelligence and power. A tattoo with an angry dragon scratching the symbol looks unique. The presence of flames surrounding the dragon and the symbol makes the tattoo spectacular. It also depicts the confrontation between the dragon and the tiger. It looks beautiful. Associated with Chinese culture and mythology. Such sketches are made in color, most often in watercolor style. On the shoulder, as a sleeve, on the hip, on the back. They are suitable for both genders.

Sketch with two mermaids, one of which is faded (or black and white), the other bright, colored, shows 2 sides of the universe, fun, carefree and sad life. Tightly intertwined with each other, they look harmonious on the hip.

Landscapes in a Yin-Yang tattoo

This is a combination of two different landscapes. One side depicts a clear day, the other depicts a romantic night. The drawing is drawn down to the smallest detail and looks mesmerizing.

Yin-Yang tattoo. What does it mean, sketches on the arm, neck, back, leg for two men and girls. Photo

Intertwined roots and branches of trees from different seasons (most often winter and summer) are depicted in watercolor, on the forearm or back.

Drawings with the sun.

In such a sketch, the Yin-Yang is located inside the sun, the rays coming out of it. The symbol illuminated by the rays looks beautiful on a man's back.

Yin-Yang tattoo. What does it mean, sketches on the arm, neck, back, leg for two men and girls. Photo

On a girl's body, the sun is gracefully inscribed on the waist or in the center of the abdomen. The combination of the sun and moon in the Yin-Yang symbol looks harmonious on the neck, arm, shoulder, back, ankle.

Drawings with names

Unusual and individual appears Yin-Yang with a beautiful expression or names written around it. This is a great tattoo design for the female gender, as it looks very feminine.

Yin-Yang tattoo. What does it mean, sketches on the arm, neck, back, leg for two men and girls. Photo

You can use it for lovers, dividing the symbol in half. Picture it on the hands of two, and inscribe the name of your loved one.


The image of Yin and Yang in the style of watercolor can be complemented with floral arrangements.

Yin-Yang tattoo. What does it mean, sketches on the arm, neck, back, leg for two men and girls. Photo

Male flowers that represent the energy of Yang - peonies, and symbolizing Yin - violets.

Openwork .

Depicted in black and white, with a pattern inside.

Yin-Yang tattoo. What does it mean, sketches on the arm, neck, back, leg for two men and girls. Photo

This pattern looks very harmonious on the neck of a girl. Adds femininity and tenderness.

Musical instruments

Music in China is based on a balance between minor and major Yin and Yang sounds. For creative people associated with music, a tattoo with a drawing of intertwined musical instruments will be relevant.

Yin-Yang tattoo. What does it mean, sketches on the arm, neck, back, leg for two men and girls. Photo

For example, the intertwining of dark and light guitars in the Yin-Yang symbol. Such a picture on your shoulder or chest will help keep you balanced in your musical art.


One of the sketches of the Yin-Yang tattoo in 3D is done in blue and gray ink. In order to give the greatest effect, it is pushed back in red, white, and black ink. This design has a shadow, it shines and shimmers.

Yin-Yang tattoo. What does it mean, sketches on the arm, neck, back, leg for two, men, girls. Photo

It is possible to do in other colors, in watercolor or graphic style, in black, white and gray colors. The 3D effect is achieved by shaded shadows.

Symbols for Two

Divided symbols are stubbed on the wrists, or feet of two people. For a girl and a guy in love, tattoos are tattooed on opposite feet. They are assembled for unity into a whole Yin-Yang. You can display one of the halves with the sun, the other with the moon.

Yin-Yang tattoo. What does it mean, sketches on the arm, neck, back, leg for two men and girls. Photo

The Yin-Yang symbol denotes the fusion of opposites into one whole. The universal symbol is suitable for all parts of the body. It is made in any color, supplemented by various decorations, which can be associated with Chinese philosophy, the truth of life, and the universe.

Author: Gomon Tatiana


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